When Infinity Ward started development on Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision gave them the option to make the game a next-gen only, and if they wanted, have another studio port the game down to current-gen. But, Mark Rubin said that the studio wanted to make all 5 versions.

Mark Rubin: Activision. Activision came to us and were like, okay, next-gen is launching within your time frame. Do you guys want to work on next-gen and have someone else do current-gen – a port? Do you want to work on current-gen and have someone port the opposite way? It didn’t take us more than three seconds to decide we absolutely wanted to do both.

We want the next-gen title to be really strong and good and stand on its own, and we wanted current-gen to be better than any current-gen game we’ve done in the past. So we instantly said, we want both. We want to do both. We got this. And then we looked at the work and were like, oh god.

It was almost a perfect storm. We are doing current-gen and next-gen, plus PC. We have a new story, a new world, new characters. That’s a whole lot of new thinking you have to do, and new designing and a lot of new work. Then on top of that we have a new engine. Then on top of that we have a whole new mode, Extinction.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    “New engine”

  • zHaKy

    They were so busy they couldnt implement volume sliders for music and effects and to choose from which device you wanted to hear the game. Ghosts will be my last CoD

    • Which device to hear the game? Is it even a thing in video games?

      • kraven911

        For PC it is. Basicly some has built-ing sound, as in integrated on the motherboard. Other is perhaps USB soundcard on certain headsets. So yeah.

      • TheShadowReaper

        yes my ignorant console guy friend. it is for PC. many options like sound settings and graphics settings that we had in BO2 arent present in Ghosts. well they have never been in an IW game which is usual, but what bothers me the most is that they said “PC get extra love from us this year” which is untrue and i really wanna go to the IW office and shove these words up their asses. these guys lied, lie and will keep lying and still have no shame. i never liked this new IW team.

        • No need to be offensive, I’m a PC player too and I havn’t seen any game that let you do that.

          • TheShadowReaper

            is Ghosts your first COD? or you havent played a game that has these options? i mean, its not possible. what do you play on your PC? Dora the explorer? wtf.

          • //[email protected]”””//

            yep black ops 2 PC had : dedicated servers, FOV slider, graphic options that actually do somthing, nice amount of sound options and it was decently optimized. Only negitive was no server browser or ping count.

          • TheShadowReaper

            exactly…thank you.

          • No, just none of the games I play has it. And why would you need it?

          • zHaKy

            You need it when you have multiple sound devices connected at the same time…anyway the worst thing is to play SnR and hear that loud music when the round is about to end you cant even hear if someone’s shooting next to you. Gamebreaking

          • You just put the device you want as a default device.

  • The amount of work that had to be done was colossal…I’m sure those guys are proud.

    • Chris Mason

      Forget them being proud. I as a consumer am proud. That’s a lot of work and this game is not a train wreck. Kuddos to IW.

  • I wish they would’ve made it Next Gen only. They could’ve done more

    • Super_Deluxe

      Hopefully they’ll have everything we expected in the next gen. 9v9 regular matches and 16v16 ground war. That would be epic.

      • They already confirmed 16v16 isn’t in next gen ghosts

        • Chris Mason

          I think he means the next CoD on next gen. Not Ghosts.


    The thing with all this BS is that IW didnt even make the multiplayer, Raven Softaware did and that is why it feels like a cheap knock off pretend version of CoD.
    They used IW as the “Name” the gamers would recognise, another Lie spun by Activision in the web of lies that has been Call of Duty Ghosts.

    See for yourself.



    • Dextro_Phoenix

      Raven software made Extinction mode. Get your facts right.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Haha check your facts right, Neversoft made extinction mode, lol check my sources before you make up facts..

  • lMattW

    Wow, Driftor’s original leak is incredibly close to the truth. I doubted it at first because part of his story was that Ghosts would be next-gen only, and what was likely lost in translation was that IW might have made only the next-gen version.

    • TheShadowReaper

      who would have thought…i hope 3arc makes the next COD next gen only and not give a fuck about current gen. they have slowed us enough these 7 long years. its time for them to die.

  • Caleb

    I’ve been reading a lot lately that people really dislike this game. I think that it actually take SKILL. This is due to the maps being large. You actually have to think about what your next move is going to be and can’t just run around aimlessly with a SMG spraying people. I was good at BLOPS 2, its your typical run and gun game. But something about this one is refreshing because it is actually a little more difficult.

    • the1PR0D1GY

      That statement is very true. When I first started playing I came in with a typical cod fast paced mindset and got owned. Then I started being considerably more careful and tactical and I started hitting top of the leaderboards on every game, this game really does require thinking and skill to win, spray and pray doesn’t cut it anymore


      110% agree with this statement!

    • NiftyGam3r

      Nah badically you have to have good eyesight. I keep getting owned at long range bc i cant see, but i win close range battles

    • Xecho

      I agree of this too. I have noticed lately I rarely use a SMG now.

      • fires

        I dont know about you, but the MTARX is like my favorite gun ever.

        • Xecho

          Vector K7

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I agree. Once everyone unlocks everything and gets used to the maps then they’ll stop complaining.

    • iKushtyy

      The only people complaining are the people who don’t like difficult.. Bigger maps and strong weapons mean it’s all about gun control, map knowledge and generally using your head.. Also, now that the connection is almost flawless, people can’t jump on the lag comp advantage that BO2 had, and all of a sudden they are doing really bad.. Strangely, many people on my friends list who got 3KD and 3WL on BO2 can barely hold a 1.5Kd and a positive WL on ghosts..

      • Johnny

        I have seen quite a few times where the connection was the cause of deaths already, but I believe that in a few weeks it will be impossible to complain about connections (especially when the dedicated servers are up)

      • SPAWNST4R

        you are wrong in your generalisation, I have a KD of 3.25 in Ghosts at Rank 35. I play mainly TDM ,similar to my stats in all previous CoDs so I couldnt be classed as someone who thinks its difficult. I think this is a bad CoD from the off. Crappy P2P and skilless instakill weapons, They took the Arcade out of their arcade shooter and a slowed the pace down to a crawl. the maps are far far too big for the type of game it is. It plays and feels like a Free2Play game. Snipers are far too OP and more so because most of the maps are huge and designed for window camping. There is awful spawns, pointless overcomplicated and out balanced perks, Stupid and over all boring killstreaks (Nice troll with MartyrDog btw Raven) .Overpowered support streaks, the list of what is bad with this game far outweighs the small list of whats right.

    • Johnny

      There are several issues that lead to disliking the game. The overly large maps make 1 v 1 ridiculous (I had to do a 1 v 1 tournament when the game came out…) Also, people can and have camped out and sniped across the map, it is very possible to die upon spawning (this actually is my biggest issue) and people have already found ways to spawn trap on massive levels leading to extremely bad K/D s being common. Although, at this time the people online are either extremely new at the game and really not good at ghosts yet/don’t care/are throwing a fit because of x, y, or z, or they have watched the videos/played the game for awhile now (since a lot of people got it well before release) and they have already learned the maps so well that they can camp out in all the best camping areas. I’m still a bit new to the game (it was just released on Tuesday after all) so the maps still baffle me with how huge they are, I personally have had issues finding people for over half of a game on a constant basis (lots of runs and guns and/or campers in odd places) which is leading to a very low score per minute. When all of my friends from BO2 can move over to Ghosts I know the game will be immensely better, but at this time it is kinda rough to say it’s a likable game with how people play. Admittedly this game will be a lot funner to all whom complain in about a month (that’s how long it took for me to memorize BO2 maps and I figure most people will figure it out sooner) so, the reviews on it will probably change by Christmas. It does take a lot of skill for this game, but it also takes strong concentration and a good eye with how huge the maps are now.

    • smayo

      If they fix the spawns it will be a good game, I am getting the hang of it now, found my best class setup, but the spawns prevents me from getting killstreaks higher then 5 or 6 most of the time

  • Batman

    IW is back

  • Batman

    The only CoD that truly takes skill

  • iAmEFFeX

    This is exactly why I give IW a lot of credit this time around. These guys stayed dedicated and put in a lot of work.

  • Epicsand

    This game plays like butter. All of the maps are well designed, the game play is the fastest it has ever been, the frame-rate is smooth, the weapons are distinct and feel great, everything is well balanced, and the new modes like “Cranked” and “Blitz” are smart.

  • falahcod