The Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will also require a 49GB install, similar to the PS4 version. This install is for the entire game, meaning you must install this before playing.


And other things: Xbox One will also support Ground War playlist, and as it says, all the Kinect features that Ghosts has are optional; you don’t have to connect your Kinect to play.

SOURCE: @trvswilliams14

  • Mitch

    ”Xbox live: Co-op 2-6” Would this be Extenction?

    • Derrick Wingler

      Most likely the 6 is referring to the squads mode where your squad can be played by other people rather than by AI’s

  • Daniel Sims

    Seams like just about every Next Gen game is around 50GB which means around only eight games? Yikes.


      No it’s 50 required. It doesn’t actually take up that much space.

      • Daniel Sims

        Games normally run around 5GB within the download required.

        • Yeezus

          It only takes up that much space while you are playing the game. It sounds pretty weird but yeah

      • Work hard, Twerk harder

        I’m getting confused with this. So it needs 50GB spare space on your console, but you’re not actually using that space up all the time like not actually on the game?

        • XLKILLA

          It just says required 50 but only actually takes up 39 gigs. When Hard drive space is required for something they always add extra for whatever reason idk.

  • Mista Rehab

    i was going to by this as a day one download, good job i never now…

  • Erebdraug

    I think I might wait until the better versions of next gen are released, with the amount of mandatory installs needed 500GB just isn’t going to do.

  • Cell

    These guys are doing shit !! Man I’m a huge CoD fanboy, but this shit is awful. The worst CoD ever!! EVER!! I don’t want this shit in my Xbox One!! So much disappointed with IW. 3arc you have my money for the next CoD. Come on soon 5/11/2014.

    • Misogynist

      It’s probably because you suck at this CoD game. That tends to happen with new CoD’s – The players aren’t able to adjust to the pace and then “wow dis gaem sux”

      • Cell

        I’m sorry u r a badass!!

      • Baedra

        that fucking scared the shit out of me thank you!


      Seriously? I thought the same thing the first day now I think the game is awesome. You just have to adapt its way more tactical now. You can’t just run n gun anymore. Blitz is the best thing to happen to CoD in a while.

  • Yey

    Wait, does PS4 have ground war?

  • Noxiosus

    It seems like it says 2-6 Co-Op? so you can have 6 people in Extinction and Safeguard?

    • 6 in Squads mode. 4 in Extinction.



  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Thats 1/5 of my console lol.

    • Guess im buying another hard drive lol

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        We don’t really have a choice hahaha.

  • AirWolf302

    I wonder why…why would they require such a big window of memory? 50 GBs is a lot of space..

  • xboxoneFTW

    HA i’m already holding the Xbox one version in my hands. Gamestop


      Sure you are.

  • Adam

    And still only 2 player split screen. :/

  • John

    So do we have to install this? Or can we just play it off the game disc?

  • rusty

    can I play the game off the install disc

  • Fran

    How oong does it take to download ghost if you dont have the disc cause ive been waiting fuking ages and i want to play it.. Been waiting over 4 hours now and its only at 30 something percent!!!????

  • james braselton

    hi there hughs net has max 40 gb per month 20 gb per month 20 gb bonus bytes i am on 25 gb data plan 10 gb per month 15 gb bonus bytes soo nintendo wiiu ps vita 3ds 3ds xl 2ds are only consoles that will be playable on satliets very limited banwith

  • joshua

    Mine stopped at 87 percent on installation and wont let me go dither.. help place