A Twitter user, @moonlightswami, received his Xbox One early due to a mix up by Target. Target has accidentally sent his Xbox One early to him and he’s actually been able to access many of the console’s features because it just so happens that the Day One update is available to download already.

He tweeted an image showing the Xbox One marketplace and it shows that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be a 39GB download if you plan on getting the game digitally.

According to his tweets, here are the following sizes of other Xbox One digital download games:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 20 GB
Call of Duty: Ghosts – 39 GB
Dead Rising 3 – 19 GB
FIFA 14 – 8 GB
Forza Motorsport 5 – 31 GB
LocoCycle – 13 GB
Madden NFL 25 – 12 GB
NBA 2K14 – 43 GB
NBA Live ’14 – 9 GB
Ryse: Son of Rome – 34 GB
Skylander SWAP Force – 15 GB

SOURCE: @moonlightswami

  • Misogynist

    Well someone’s getting fired.

    • Yeezus

      You’re my favorite

  • allah

    Does the PS4 have built in Wifi ?

    • AcePhoenix007

      Yes. 802.11n.

      • allah

        Then im gonna get the ps4 not that im a fanboy i have a xbox 360 right now im just hearing the ps4 is a much stronger console over the xbox one

        • AcePhoenix007

          Pretty much the ONLY difference between the two (in console hardware) is that the PS4 uses DDR5 memory unlike the Xbox One that uses DDR3 memory. I’m getting the Xbox One regardless because I’m an Xbox gamer (I’m not an Xbox fanboy, I have lots of respect for Sony and the PS4. I think the PS4 is an amazing console as well).

          • Ed

            the xbox has dual band wireless and the ps4 doesn’t… that’s a difference that matters to me. i’m still getting the ps4, but it bothered me.

          • Derrick Wingler

            The processors are also different. Basically, the PS4’s processor is bigger, but the X1’s processor is faster. Meaning the PS4 can handle more data at once, but the X1 can process the data faster. Neither is really better than the other. The only thing that makes the ps4 “stronger” is that games are apparently easier to be optimized for the PS4’s soft assets over the X1’s. Like mark rubin said, the reason ghosts is 720p on the X1 and 1080p on the ps4 is because they couldnt optimize it as well for the X1.

  • AcePhoenix007

    I pre-ordered my Xbox One from Target too. Please come early…. lol

  • Victor

    That was a terrible un boxing video…

  • Guest

    The game fucking sucks either way.
    And yes I have played this game since before release date. Awful

    • Ed

      i think your opinion is opinionated.

  • yardis

    i wish amazon would ship my ps4 a couple of days early.

  • Zarky

    Video down now lol

  • Ed

    i almost feel like microsoft told them to do this on purpose. i’m not sure why i feel that way, but then, why would the day one update already be out?

  • Mista Rehab

    this kids had his xb1 banned hahahhaa

  • Ryumoau

    39GB?! I’m guessing the ps4 digital version will be similiar. I hope to god Sony has their playstation network speed improved by next friday.

    • Assassin5150

      they should I downloaded gta liberty city on to my vita and it took less than 10 minutes to download 1.1 GB.

      • tmb

        On my xbox downloading gta 5 took about 5-10 minutes

        • What

          Are you guys dumb or do you realize the system you’re downloading with has NOTHING to do with it? It’s your mommy’s internet speed.

  • Yey

    Most of the xbone games are under 20gb shows ps4 will be better our games will take way more space

    • yey is gey

      How fucking stupid are you? Just because a game takes up more space doesn’t make it better or worse you fucking idiot.