We’re getting multiple reports that a new patch, version 1.03, has been released for Ghosts for PlayStation 3 users. The patch size is around 165MB, and we do not have the official patch notes released at this time. The patch is currently available in the US, and hasn’t been released elsewhere yet. (update 11/10: patch is now available in Europe). 

But from what we’re hearing, (update) that the Operations page is now showing total kills required, instead of showing certain level requirements, and in private match, you can add 6 rounds in SnD, and make the timer 1.5 minutes per round. This feature was requested by many of the eSports players. The  “devgru intimidator” operation has also been increased from from 150 to 300.

Overall, it appears this new patch brought lots of fixes for the Operations.

Twitter user @CrownThePedro and @GBP480 has spotted another change: a new mute screen, which now allows you to select specific players to mute, or mute all.

UPDATE: A new patch for Ghosts on PC, around 199MB, was also released yesterday. Twitter user @_Primey0 reports that the PC patch brought the same features/improvements as the PS3 patch. He also reports that IW has fixed the issue where players weren’t able to change the person they were spectating in S&R. The Operations things have also been changed – you need to spend squad points to unlock certain ones, and thus it shows exactly what you need to unlock certain items.

UPDATE 2: This same patch has now been released for the Xbox 360 worldwide.

  • HenryDF

    Ghillie Suit has gone to 850 kills? That’s fucking ridiculous, if anything I expected it to be lowered. At least it looks like we can mute all in lobbies now.

    • Xecho

      There is a reason why it’s in the special catorgories

      • HenryDF

        Fair enough, but 850 kills with a Chrome Lined barrel is a bit over the top. 😛

        • Xecho

          Should be higher. Like 1k. Wilco. it’s special mate. There is a reason why it’s very high. If it were at 100 kills everyone would have it and it wouldn’t be special anymore. Look at the reasons.

          • HenryDF

            Yeah…I guess it is a Ghillie Suit. If they had called it “Price’s Ghillie Suit”, I’d be more than happy if that was 5000 kills, let alone 850 😛

          • TimTam3

            Dont you have to get 850 kills with variable zoom and chrome lined barrel to get the ghillie suit?

          • XLKILLA

            850 is not a lot of kills at all.


      That’s a special item once people get those the camping in bushes and shit especially on the hill in prison break map is going to be out of control.

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      It should be 1000. So little kids like you wont fucking hide in a video game.

      • killasapo

        Your being to kind 5000 bare min.

      • HenryDF

        1) I am not a kid.
        2) I wasn’t planning on hiding.
        3) I was simply planning on looking fucking awesome.
        4) It really isn’t a good idea to go making assumptions about both who I am and how I play my game when all you’ve seen me do is complain about the amount of kills needed to unlock a weapon.
        5) To be technical, the only map you could properly hide in with a Ghillie Suit in Ghosts is Stonehaven, because that has grass in it. The other maps are mostly buildings or towns. Just saying.

        • Brandon Cruickshank

          Really pretty sure i can hide in all the maps even without grass wow you obviously do not know cod at all

          • Monty

            /Closes eyes
            “I can’t see them so I must be hiding successfully”

    • ShadowMoses

      It Isn’t his fault that you cant look in grass and see a body moving with a rifle

    • Robert Ryan

      It was already 850, it just only showed the last challenge which was 500 before, this is just clarifying things now that is says 850

  • fsdgasdg

    PC got the same settings patch for snd in custom games.

  • Bornitalian Iz Live

    They also made it so if you want to unlock headgear or anything like that that it shows the operation is inactive cause it isnt selected under operations and they gave how to get body count uniform and headgear, also incereased the amount of kills for domination headgear “devgru intimidator” from 150 to 300 which is messed up because i already completed it and it now shows i captured 300 not 150. Oh well lol whos complaining right? Also it provides support for dedicated servers which will be released around the time for clan wars.

  • Mack Miller

    It has always been 850 think about 1st challenge 100 2nd 250 3rd not sure but the all reset for each challenge

  • Anonymous Gamer

    I can’t download it
    It just says error

  • ElseAndrew

    No update for me in the UK.

    • ‘The patch is currently available in the US, and hasn’t been released elsewhere yet. We’ll update when we hear more on that.’

      • ElseAndrew

        My brain skipped over that part for some reason, probably due to the amount of beer I drank last night, cheers.

        • Haha, so did mine, I restarted the game and didn’t saw the update. Then I read the article fully.. 😛

  • CoDforever

    Just increase health !

    • Mitch

      God no. I know why you want more health: some guns kill quick. The keyword is SOME, not all! If you would increase health, you would immediately break a lot of guns, like shotguns (they are quite shit IMO unless you get in knife range). They just need to give some guns a damage or fire rate nerf, but increasing health would only add more problems.

      • CoDforever

        I know but it seems like cheap deaths .. i want some time to react you know . I feel if they increased health by 10% and reduced all gun damage by 5% this will be the funnest cod game.. I thought that the health in BO1 was perfect.

        • Work hard, Twerk harder

          Thing is though, if it takes say exactly 2 bullets to kill someone in the torso before any patches, then this patch of yours would make it 2.10, which has to be 3 bullets instead since you can’t have fractions of a bullet, it’d make only a difference when weaker damage happens, like small fall damage

        • HenryDF

          Maybe CQ combat isn’t for you then, if you’re having problems with it? Because I’m not having any problems and I’m enjoying it, I don’t really see what you’re moaning about.

      • Josh

        What they need to do Is reduce bullet damage for all guns apart for the shotguns which need to have better range. EVERYONE seems to drop like flies.

        • Well I can see you were one of those noobs that relied on shotguns infinite range, and high damage in Black Ops 2, have fun adapting to this new cod. 🙂

          • Josh

            I didn’t use shotguns actually I prefer assault rifles and sub machine guns but IMO the game can be bettered by adjusting the guns in this way. I guess your a noob just assuming that’s the way I play, I’m pointing out how the game can be balanced. Your just a kid loving using overpowered guns that will be nerft at some point LOL

          • Actually I don’t use ARs, Smgs, Lmgs, or Shotguns, for the matter of fact I snipe, and they aren’t OP.

          • Josh

            I never said you used any certain type of gun, if you can actually read. Snipers are ment to be 1 shot 1 kill anyway so that doesn’t come into the matter.

          • “Your just a kid loving using overpowered guns that will be nerft at some point LOL”

            Suggests I use a certain type of gun, and actually lowering or making any element higher has to pertain to the likability of a sniper getting a hitmarker.

          • 1337Soldier

            You’re both noobs. Period.

          • Josh

            You must be a noob to say that, slightly immature don’t you think?

      • I am considerably happy about the shotgun part. 🙂

    • Misogynist

      At first, I hated the fact that you died so fast.. but it just meant I had to play a lot more cautiously. If you can’t adjust your gamestyle, then maybe Ghosts isn’t for you.

      • Guest

        not really it just feels cheap ..

      • HenryDF

        I agree, and given that the maps are larger, it doesn’t make much of a difference. Yes, at CQ,deaths can seem quite fast, but the game’s been out for less than a week. Guns will get nerfed, and it will get “better” over time, though personally I have no problem with it (apart from the SC-2010…that thing’s a fucking machine, even when I use it it feels OP :P).

        • Misogynist

          Have you not tried the MSBS? There’s a reason why it has BS in its name!

          • HenryDF

            I have to admit, the MSBS is the only gun I’ve been using for the past day. And, with great shame, I fucking love it. 😀

          • Misogynist

            That’s the gun I use when I start going Negative >:)

      • TheShadowReaper

        tbh its not the fact you die quickly that bothers me rather the fact that most maps are badly structured. there are over 9000 points in the map that someone can see you from and thats not an exaggeration. i really feel like that this IW will never make good maps in their games.

        • HenryDF

          Not an exaggeration? Pahahaha.

          The maps are perfect. They’re everything that BO2’s maps weren’t, and I like that. They don’t always follow a specific, symmetrical Nuketown-esque layout, and they’re actually realistic (which is something I’ve always loved about IW maps) – they feel like they’ve literally just been taken from where they are, rather than being adjusted to suit spawns etc.

          IW maps are the best maps. Their maps are realistic and don’t try to adjust themselves for a specific type of gun, they try to suit all. Take Seatown, Terminal, Stonehaven, Rust, Favela, Warhawk…whatever you like. They are all realistic and are fun to play. While Treyarch maps are mostly fun, they always feel like rather than taking a specific context (such as a Scottish castle or an airport), they take an idea and then mould it to fit a map. Treyarch maps just feel artificial.

          Specific structure isn’t necessary – a good player should be able to make the most of any layout and do well, whether they’re using a sniper rifle or SMG. To rely on structure to do well is just a bad way to play.

          To say there are 9000 points in the map that someone can see you from, and then say that it’s not an exagegration, and THEN say that IW don’t make good maps simply tells me that you’re one of those pathetic players who can only do well when he’s running and spraying with an SMG.

          If you can’t appreciate the brilliance and innovation of IW maps, then please go play Nuketown 2025, Hijacked or Slums, and have fun leveling up your MSMC.

          • TheShadowReaper

            you do realize that this is a game and not a “who’s gonna make the most realistic maps” contest, right? 3arc maps are fine. they seem a little bit more artificial in BO2 because most of them are artificial since they want to resemble more futuristic areas rather than irl ones. if you want “real maps” as you call them go play BF. the maps in there suit your taste. but i dont wanna hear bullshit like “the brilliance of IW” and such since these maps are very poor made and dont belong in a COD game. COD4 didnt had realistically made maps but its one of the best FPS games out there. maybe that will tell you something about COD and its maps. moron.

            edit: also BO1 had maps that were as good as COD4 or even better and they had very realistic set ups. Ghosts has maps like MW3. they try to be realistic but not only they fail there but they fail in making a good map too.

          • HenryDF

            Poor made? How, in any way, are the IW maps poorly made?

            Honestly, when I saw you call me a moron I was laughing so much. Because you’re only calling the IW maps poorly made because you prefer other maps, and because they don’t suit your playstyle.

            By “realistic”, I’m not asking for huge BF maps, I’m asking for maps that haven’t had whatever they are twisted out of context just to suit a playstyle. Take Dome, for example – that’s small and will suit your shitty playstyle, and it’s realistic. Then there’s Rust. Then there’s Hardhat. And the list goes on.

            Maps don’t have to be big to be realistic. But the way some of the BO2 maps were made, they felt like Treyarch had just built them from the ground up to suit SMG play and symmetrical spawn.

            The Ghosts maps don’t fail – please, list me ways in how they fail. I enjoy them, and many other people enjoy them. They present a different style of play compared to BO2’s constantly close-quarters action. Let me tell you something that I’ve learnt: BO2 was the game that gave the players what they wanted, Ghosts is the game that challenges the players. If you’re afraid of being challenged, then maybe you should just play BO2 instead.

            You are in no place whatsoever to be calling me a moron, let alone telling me about “CoD and it’s maps” when you obviously know nothing about them and only enjoy the ones that you can play well in. Like I said before, just go level up your SMGs and stop moaning about something just because it makes you look bad, because that’s beyond moronic.

          • TheShadowReaper

            my god…*sign* you become more stupid with every comment you make. do you even check what you type?

            i’m not talking for “big” maps rather than “realistic” as you like to call them. although, how in the name of the flying fuck IW makes “realistic maps”? i’m pretty sure they havent ventured more than two steps from the chair and the PC they on which they are developing the game. best examples are Stormfront, Chasm and Sovereign. not only unrealistic but poorly made as well.

            it has nothing to do with smgs. it has to do with correct map layout. BO2 maps arent my fav but they follow a pattern of the 3 lanes we are used to in COD4, WaW, MW2 and BO2. what does Ghosts do? except the “realistic” factor you’re trying to sell to me? (which btw isnt real) chaotic maps, with no layouts, multiple levels and generally non-stop MINDLESS action for the casual gamer. you see? you are talking about my smgs and stuff but these maps are made for casuals and not devoted gamers. they are spiting in your face and you ask for more.

            if you dont want to hear it from me, maybe you’ll hear it from one of the biggest COD YTbers.

            if you dont want to see the whole video, skip to 3:00 minutes to see what he has to say.


          • HenryDF

            You’re calling me stupid, and yet you think that a big YouTuber is good back-up for reasoning (because, somehow, in your world, being a big YouTuber makes an opinion vaild and more right) and that maps have a “correct” layout? I was never aware of there being a correct layout, unless you’re talking about the symmetrical spawn thing? Because the opposite of that is what I mean by realistic.

            You’ve had plenty of time to work it out, but you haven’t, so I’m going to explain – by “realistic”, I mean that the map doesn’t abide by a specific layout. I mean that it isn’t artificially twisted to make it symmetrical or to make it suited to a type of play.

            Even if you did mistake what I meant by realistic for a more BF-esque realism, your opinion is still invalid – you went on to say that IW maps are not realistic…ok then, let’s take a look.

            In Black Ops, for example, a set of two houses made to test a nuke is realistic, and an airplane terminal in MW2 isn’t?

            That’s just one example. But I really don’t see in any way how a map that’s both realistic in terms of layout and situation is not realistic?

            Can you explain to me what you mean by casual gamer and devoted gamer? Because the way I see it is that a casual gamer is someone who will use a gun that is easy to use and run around spraying, and rely on a “correct” map layout to do well. A devoted gamer will be able to utilise all different types of weapons and maps and put them together to do well. Being a devoted gamer is what Ghosts relies on, surely? You probably have completely different meanings though.

            Your points are ridiculously invalid, and once again you made me laugh when you called me stupid, when you blatantly ignore the meaning of “realistic”, and you think that a YouTuber’s opinion makes your opinion right. You’re the one ignoring what you say…you seem confused really. You call IW’s maps unrealistic, when they are in fact the most realistic. You call the maps poorly made, and yet they’re not build ground-up off one, single “correct” layout. You’re confused, my friend. How about you think about presenting your points in a better, more plausible, more sensible manner, then come back and present me with them.

          • TheShadowReaper

            meh. you are such a waste of time. best part is that you’re talking about MW2 maps when i was talking about MW3 and Ghosts. enough. i wont waste more time in you. i didnt even bother to read whatever bullshit you typed there. go rot in your stupid corner along with a cockroach cause there is no one that thinks these maps are good. you are on your own. good luck with that.

          • Cody Cravens

            These are the best maps of any call of duty so far. just because u cant avoid bullets doesnt mean the maps are bad. we finally have some room to move around and dont have to deal with spawn traps all the fuckin time like hijacked. and for the record, and plz vote up if u agree, nuketown is the worst map we have ever had. ppl sit in spawn with sniper or LMG with FMJs and just spay. i also hated the basic bo2 layouts, there was a path to the left, to the right, and up the middle on just about every map excluding the final map pack. and i know its off topic but the #1 reason ghosts is better than bo2….NO “TARGET FINDER!!!”

          • Zachary Lynn Wood

            Did you just say no target finder? Have you seen the tracker sight? They just took it and improved it to make it even more shit lol.

          • HenryDF

            Improved it? It’s far harder to use than the Target Finder – it’s awful using it long range, due to both the way the orange outlines work and the resolution of the sight.

          • Zachary Lynn Wood

            Idk. haven’t used enough to really give an accurate opinion. I tend to avoid stuff like that. But I can say to me seeing an entire body is a Lyle mor helpful than a red box

          • HenryDF

            You haven’t used it much to give an accurate opinion and yet you say it’s more “shit” than the Target Finder?

          • Maps in Ghosts are the better maps. Also, if your lazy ass would look, then you would see that they are suited enough for “devoted gamers” as you call them to get a K.E.M. Strike. If you just walk over to Pamaj’s channel then you could see him get them with snipers. Hell I prefer these maps because the different layouts.

          • TheShadowReaper

            different layouts? there are NO layouts in these maps. these are barebones maps. wtf…

          • Yea, different layout, Hell anything set up in a certain way is a layout. I’m pretty sure Infinity Ward set these maps up a certain way.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah. they are all shit. i guess thats the certain way IW set up these maps. they are really bad for SnD, except 1 or 2 of them and just are not that great for pubs if that was the thing they tried to accomplish.

          • HenryDF

            What do you mean by layout? I’ve never understood what you mean. All the maps have a layout. Layout is defined by “the way in which the parts of something are arranged or laid out.”

            So, you’re telling me that the Ghosts maps don’t have parts arraigned or laid out? That they’re just flat? Because last time I checked, they had a layout.

          • TheShadowReaper

            layouts, lanes, lines, whatever you wanna call them. they are non existing whatsoever. instead they have infinite line of sights and are competitively shit! when a map is made from the ground up for pub matches you know something’s wrong.

          • HenryDF

            What do you mean non existent? Because they are there. Listen kid, you’ve been playing too much BO2. There is no such thing as a layout or a correct layout. There are no rules that a map needs to abide by. These maps aren’t made for pub matches in any way – if you want an example of a “pub match” map, go take a look at Nuketown or Hijiacked.

            Don’t you ever realise that everything you say is just…wrong? Or at least, your definition of what things might be is wrong? Because last time I checked, pub matches are casual matches on an easy map (Nuketown). Last time I checked, a map with a layout wasn’t flat. Last time I checked, a map that was “competitively shit” was one that was symmetrical and boring, rather than one that challenged the player.

            There are no Ghosts maps whatsoever that are symmetrical or boring. So I really don’t know what you mean.

            Just look at what you say before you say it, because it doesn’t make sense.

          • TheShadowReaper

            it doesnt have to do with BO2 you fucking moron of a human being!

            every COD, and i mean EVERY COD (except the shitty MW3) had “symmetrical maps” as you like to call them. you can make a huge map i dont care. i love huge maps, its easier to snipe old-school style. but when a map doesnt have line of sights and just is an omelet thrown into a game then it sucks and makes gunfights be less skillful and more who noticed the enemy first. most big COD maps before MW3 and Ghosts always had a huge line of sight for snipers, some small lanes for smgs and shotguns and medium to big areas where ars reigned supreme. if Ghosts is your second COD ever (cause i see you talking about BO2 alot) and you think that Ghosts has good maps think again. these are some of the worst maps i’ve ever seen and are just made for pub matches. hell, even pub matches dont deserve such maps. they are atrocious. go play COD4 and BO1, see how really good maps are designed, then come back and see how ignorant you are.

          • HenryDF

            I’m not the one being ignorant…you’re the one being ignorant to what you’re saying.

            And BO2 isn’t my first CoD game, I just assumed you would love it so much since you appear to love these symmetrical “correct” maps and many of those appear in BO2. Please forgive me if I was wrong.

            Honestly, what is a pub match? You spoke about pub matches and competitive matches, and here is what I know about what would suit these.

            A pub match is a casual match. It does not require any skill to compete in, and therefore the map does not require any skill to work well with. Therefore, I think a symmetrical map would be suited for this because they are easy to move around and navigate. A symmetrical map is what you think Ghosts lacks, and yet you call the Ghosts maps “pub match maps”

            A competitive match is a match that requires skill to compete in. Therefore, it also seems right that a map that requires skill to do well in is required. Therefore, a map that is not symmetrical and requires good player knowledge is required. Such as a map like Stonehaven, or Terminal, or Favela, or Seatown.

            You speak about how maps before Ghosts have parts suited for every gun…ok. Take a look at Freight, Flooded, Octane, Whitehout, Prison Break, Warhawk…take a look at every Ghosts map – every Ghosts map has “a huge line of sight for snipers, some small lanes for smgs and shotguns and medium to big areas where ars reigned supreme”. Do you even know anything about these maps that you’re viciously tearing to pieces for practically no reason?

            Please, please ShadowReaper, look at what you say. Because logically, it doesn’t make sense. I honestly can’t take you seriously when you’re spewing out inaccurate nonsense about “pub matches” and Ghosts maps that simply doesn’t make sense.

          • I agree 100% with you. These maps are set up for a more competitive style of play. They have many different routes, many different styles are able to be used because of this. The fact is that all these maps you can really use almost any weapon in. Take Octane for ex. The buildings are great sniper view points, the areas around the buildings are great for SMGs and Shotguns, and ARs rule the paths from the middle of the street towards spawn.

          • HenryDF

            I don’t know what Reaper is going on about to be honest, Ghosts maps are far more flexible than they have been in any other game.

          • I don’t understand either, just noobs being noobs I guess. The maps shouldn’t be set for a certain set of guns, the truth is if you can’t adapt to this new cod then it’s probably better off without ya. I’ve saw people tear apart what is wrong with the game because it is just set to a more competitive side this year. I hope it stays this way.

          • TheShadowReaper

            what Ghosts maps have are huge lines of sight. where are the small areas for smgs and shotguns? or the medium areas for ars? i dont think that every map has to be like that but in Ghosts NO map has that. they just have HUGE lines of sight. you literally play pick-a-boo with enemies. is that the great maps you’re talking about?

            and you got it all wrong. symmetrical maps needs skill cause you can actually have map awareness cause of predictable lines of sight. in case you didnt knew, map awareness is 50% the skill you need in competitive and the rest you know.

            in Ghosts however, the maps have so huge and so many lines of sight that you cant have map awareness due to the unpredictability of the maps. thus, the maps are badly structured and probably have little to no competitive play, so they become public maps. so in Ghosts you either move like a chicken which makes the game very slow and in maps like Stonehaven a game can take like 10 minutes, which is a lot, or you can run around hoping you will get a kill and your enemies wont notice you running. which never happens cause when you run in the middle of the map due to so many lines of sight everyone sees you.

            now that you got it explained i hope you realized how ignorant you were and come to your senses. COD has had these symmetrical maps since COD4, games like MW3 and Ghosts can go to hell and rot wanting to change the already perfect map recipe for something stupid and inferior. i dont play competitive, but good competitive maps give you incentive to become better whereas the asymmetrical stupid chaos bullshit of maps that MW3 and Ghosts have just make you forget how to move on a map and promote camping.

            edit: please, please Henry, we’ve been into this for a long time. come to your senses already and realize what you’ve been supporting is stupid. Ghosts is a great game but these maps…

          • I actually like the more realistic feel to the game. They made it faster to kill, bigger maps, and not symmetrical. Hell, If you go join the Marines, or other forces, then will the battlefield ever be symmetrical. I highly doubt it.

          • HenryDF

            Please, don’t be mean to my cockroach. He is very sensitive.

            You really didn’t read what I said, because everything that you said was wrong. I used MW3 as an example too, and I don’t remember ever saying that I have a dark corner.

            And please, read down below your comment, you’ll find people opposing you who aren’t famous YouTubers. If you go to the comments page on the Review, you’ll find people opposing you.

            Listen kid, you obviously never read what I say or what you say yourself. So please, if you’re going to reply, at least reply maturely. Because you’ve done a real good job of making yourself look good by backing out of the conversation and telling me to go and spend some time with my cockroach.

            I am evidently not on my own in what I say. But you are alone, in looking like a complete butthurt noob who can’t behave like a rational, mature and sensible person. Kid, next time, just stick to the simple games where you don’t feel the need to make points such as “correct layouts” when obviously none exist.

            Good day to you, enjoy BO2.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah. fuck you too.

          • HenryDF

            Honestly, I admire your maturity. Maybe a site like this where adults, and even sensible kids, can have conversations maturely isn’t for you?

          • Zachary Lynn Wood

            And I think I should put my two cents in. I personally believe ghost maps are shit but they just don’t fit my style of play. Now in no way did I run around and spawn trap with an smg in BO2 or whatever it may be. I disliked about every smg they just weren’t me. I don’t like the ghost maps because I feel it encourages camping- and here’s why. Because of how the guns work and you get melted so fast very, few people are going to just run around and utilize the maze like structure of the maps. They are going to just sit in corners because running through the middle to get somewhere will almost certainly get you shot from a bazzillion directions. I also don’t like the triple Lane setup though. I believe the problem isn’t entirely the maps but the health problem. But that’s just me:)

          • HenryDF

            The health problem/gun problem is affecting people’s opinions – they think they’re not getting a chance to retaliate because the maps are too long range, but it’s ultimately down to the guns and the way people are acting because of the guns/health.

          • Cody Cravens

            then run around the outer layer of the maps, with true tactics, thats what the game offers just use it

          • NvMike

            In Black Ops, for example, a set of two houses made to test a nuke is realistic, and an airplane terminal in MW2 isn’t?

            Just to let you know when Nevada did nuclear testing they did set up homes like this. They would have a full block of homes and set off a nuke or have one home even some trailers. Just saying so for the example of houses to test a nuke not being realistic it is and has been done alot. You can google Nevada nuclear testing and see videos of it. But my question is who’s playing any cod and thinking its real?

          • HenryDF

            Sorry, I couldn’t find anything, could you give me a link because I’m actually really interested? One of the Treyarch devs said that they got the idea from Indiana Jones, I never realised that actual towns existed. 🙂

        • mathMaticks

          Move, Move, Move,, I like the fact ,, the guns are so powerful, almost like guns.

        • Too many flank routes is right, but that also means little to no chance of spawn trapping.

          • TheShadowReaper

            if you need to make such shitty maps to prevent spawn trapping then you’ve lost the ball.

          • In all truth I think that the best option for them to stop spawn trapping would be just to take out LMG’s all together. They should atleast lower the clip to only 40 or so. However, on the bright side of things LMG’s aren’t as OP as they were in Black Ops 2. Along with the bigger maps though it lowered the number of people using shotguns, and made it seem like they didn’t have infinite range.

      • It has the same Health as MW2, and MW2 was the greatest CoD to date

        • Mitch

          10/10 would laugh again

        • TheShadowReaper

          i really wanna laugh but its so sad that i wanna cry instead.

      • Hugo Valente

        the only reason people are die so fast it beacuse there isn’t an search preference option , where you can choose if you want connecting with people close to you .

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It’s not that bad once I got used to it.

        • Misogynist

          Yeah, I have a friend who is used to the small, in-your-face maps that BO2 gave (granted all he did was gloat about how he had an 100+ kill game in fucking Objective Bootcamp l0l). Now it comes to a game where getting kills is easy, but getting a positive KD is not, and he rages about how he doesn’t like the game and how it sucks… and I’m just like

          no, you suck dude lol

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I’ve gotten better. In BO2 I was the rushing, in your face guy. In Ghosts, I play it more smart. Not camping, but flanking. Ex. It’s super easy to get behind the enemies on Stonehenge and just get a quad feed on all the campers in the buildings because you are behind them. Off the grid helps, probably the most useful perk as EVERYONE runs the satcom. In BO2 I had 30-60 kill games on average. Now it’s usually 20 kill games, and I’m surprisingly on the top of leaderboards with only 20 kills.

    • Batman

      Ghosts requires skill, don´t increase health IW

      • Josh

        Yeah….when a noob gets a lucky shot on you and your on a high kill streak, you’ll think different LOL

        • Jeremy Silver

          XD Happens to the best of us

        • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

          I feel your pain

        • Mewmew

          a noob? The game has been out for like a week. Everyone playing is a newb.

    • Xecho

      The health is perfect. Dieing too much? Doesn’t that suck for you? It’s no longer about run and gun anymore it’s about skill and tactics. Or just playing smart.

  • CoDforever

    What about Broadcaster mode ?

    • Keshav Bhat


  • M.o_the_cat

    It already was 850 kill….it was a 3 level challenge… level 1 -> 100 kill, level 2 -> 250 kill, and level 3 -> 500kill…..the total was 850…now they just write the total of kill instead of the number of kill of the last level of the challenge……I just verified it a second ago.

    • Keshav Bhat

      We fixed it.

  • coilover2005

    Hey at least they’re showing signs of fixing shit early in the release. MW3 hardly had any fixes so I’m hoping for the best with Ghosts.

    • Keshav Bhat

      MW3 had 24 title updates, so it did have lots of updates.

      • Mitch

        It did, but in terms of weapon balance those did jack shit. Everyone was and still is running the PP90, Mp7, ACR and Striker.

        • coilover2005

          This is true!

      • coilover2005

        Exactly… Updates. Not fixes!

        • Keshav Bhat

          Huh? Title Updates is what it’s called. Those contain fixes.

          • coilover2005

            MW3’s “Title Updates” were mediocre in quality is my point. 24 updates/ fixes or 100 of em… It doesn’t really matter what the # was. Too many things could have been fixed that never were. The game was trash compared to what Ghosts is in less then a week, and that’s a good thing. Shows a bit of growth in IW.

            I’m just simply HOPING they keep the game solid and balance some of the issues like the spawns. Stonehaven for example has the worst spawns ever. A huge map and the guy I just killed spawns 10 feet behind me and melts me at least 3-4 times a game. That’s the shit I’m referring to man. It shouldn’
            t have taken them that many times to f”ix” MW3 in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      They aren’t really fixing anything that people are complaining about

      • Primey_

        Well people complained about the no SnD and they fixed that and people in the competitive scene complained about the time and round limit and they fixed that. The game has just came out. Patience

      • Tactical_Vaughan

        The game is mint, doesn’t need fixing.

        • Mitch

          They could definitely fix some things. Spawns or some maps are absolute shit, and some weapons kill way too quick.

      • coilover2005

        It’s only been less then a week since launch. After all the shit IW got for MW3 they have an option to either regain their fan base or piss on them again. With all the hype 3arc brought for MLG with league play and having CTF available and Hardpoint which saved the MLG community IMO…

        IW kinda screwed up not including something like this at launch. 3arc did that part right. MLG is a huge part of COD whether people like it or not. It’s not easy making everyone happy but hopefully they fix some of the shit like bullet damage, and buffing some of the higher killstreaks. Smaller DLC maps would be a plus too. Again it’s only been less then a week. If after a month some balancing isn’t done then that’s a sign of what’s to come for the entire year.

  • OMG so now you have to spend your Squad Points on stupid Operations where you get something like 1 Squad Point rewarded? :/

    • Xecho

      And a patch and maybe gear. Quite simple really

  • Primey_

    I didn’t exactly explain the operations thing clearly blame the 140 character limit on twitter therefore your explanation in the article isn’t very clear.

    Before the patch you could see what operation you need to do in order to unlock a certain item and what that operation wants you to do. After the patch you now need to have said operation in your list of operations before you can see what you need to do.

    So say for example I want to unlock the gillie suit. Before the patch I could see what I have to do then I’d reset my operations until I get the operation to unlock the suit. Now if I don’t have the operation and I went to the gillie suit all it says is the operation is inactive, the operation required name but it won’t show what I need to do. Quite confusing but it really doesn’t make a impact on the game.

    TL;DR: The patch makes it so if you don’t have the operation required to complete for a item reward the text when you go to a item won’t tell you what you need to do in (e.g kill X amount of people) order to unlock said item

  • NokANikka

    i dont understand why we have to use a squad point to unlock operations why couldnt they just make them like challenges where you could see every single one, thats the one thing i hate about this game, operations. they suck.

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    Anybody think they need to patch the series spawn issue? No reason I should be insta-killed by the same guy on a map like Stonehaven after I just killed him. Other than that I am fine with every thing the game offers

    • coilover2005

      Good point. I left that out in my other posts. The spawns are HORRIBLE!

    • George .Bishop

      I completely agree, definitely need major fixing with the spawns, I’ve watched many kill cams where someone watches me spawn and kills me, and I’ve killed people who I’ve watched spawn

    • Mewmew

      I agree. It was bad enough in Black Ops/Black Ops 2, but now we have maps that are 3-4x the size of older COD games, but I can still somehow spawn six steps away from the guy who killed me.

      • HenryDF

        I never found any problems with BO2, didn’t they use some special technology that Vonderhaar liked to talk about in loads of vids? I’m not sure if they’ve implemented that in Ghosts or not, but spawns are definitely an issues at the moment.

        • Mewmew

          With BO2 the problem was with game modes like Demolition where the spawn points were not randomized in any significant way. People pick out a spot and shoot you the moment you spawn, with no chance of getting away before you’re killed again. The only places you could spawn were within five or six steps of a certain spot so you’re basically out of luck unless one of the spawn shooters misses and someone gets away.

    • Misogynist

      Lol, just last night in a game of Dom, a guy spawned – and I shit you not – directly in front of me. I saw him appear and everything. Poor kid left the lobby after I melted him

    • Robert Beach

      absolutely agree… big fan of ghosts, but this seems worse than any other mw or bo ive played

    • Shooter

      Yeah the spawns are the worst that has ever been in a COD game imo. I wouldn’t even bother playing FFA until they sort them out because I was getting spawn killed left and right and I even spawned on top of people at times.

    • Devon Mclean

      100% Agree with you. If they fix the spawns it’s actually a pretty good game.

  • Steve

    What About the spawn locations

    • Plokijuh

      That takes some time to fix. Devs need lots of stats available to them on when “bad” spawns occur and why it happens and seeing as how the game came out, this is not so easy. In the first week players’ tendencies on where they navigate the maps are a bit more random as they are not as familiar with them. Give it until the end of the month or if we’re lucky, the release of next gen.

  • Fleeced

    Of course they didn’t fix things like the FOV, the memory leak, or any of the other semi show stopping bugs…..

  • TachyonicPack

    How many people play on PC? What’s the population?

    • Tariq

      Around 26,000 during the night and 40,000 during the day in Europe

  • ccrows


    Getting individual mute back IMO is HUGE since I enjoy doing call outs.

    None of us want to hear your TV, your music, or your Aunt Hilda screaming at the dog to stop licking his balls!…

    • reamerb .

      Brilliant LOL

    • Devon Mclean

      LOL Aunt Hilda

  • Ryumoau

    Sounds good. I’m glad Activision is big enough that they can allow IW to patch games on a timely manner, instead of taking months like other games.

  • codeman9028

    I want Infected in private match to be more costomizable as in I can alter the classes. Please?

  • Cary O’neal

    They also made it so the 6th create a solder slot is only 3 squad points instead of 100. I had like 80 squad points and thought it was dumb that I had to spend them all on the last slot so I could actually have a squad instead of a load out picked. Now I have like 60 squad points and can customize my entire squad using them 🙂 Thanks IW. I wish they would make it so you could do operations and unlock customization, patches and gun camos in squads mode too that would be awesome 🙂

  • Choose your complaints

    All the bitching you guys are doing about the game makes me want it even more. Half are complaining about things that changed from things they complained about in Black tops 2.

    • Gena Yevtushenko

      Its a new Release dumb tard! What do you except from people them playing the game and fuk the half of the unusual things like (DAMAGE,ERRORS,HEALTH Etc.) or should you agree that we need to complain for them to fix because we spent our money on a game that we expect good shit to come from it!?

  • F1maniac

    i cant see anymore like the other CODS the player eblem down to the screen when you do kill…FAIL!!!!!!!!

  • Edwin Cortez

    The time to kill is too fast, it looks like hardcore. people say adjust, thats what are we doing but that means camp con XL maps, that are only 6v6. Ghosts is a good game and i like it, but if they dont fix the health is going to become a camp fest and a lot of people are gonna quit this game for that reason.

    • Gena Yevtushenko

      And i do agree

  • Gena Yevtushenko

    They need to Fix the spawns, the damage because the guns are way to accurate therfore we die quicker witch is plain stupid to play, and they need to increase the health because you die quicker once again in core TDM or “CORE” IN general. Its almost like core is Harcore now!

  • Steveii

    Wish they would bring demolition back thats the only game type i used in bo2

  • FreddyJames93

    when will the patch come to eu as i want to play with my friends in america and i cant because they had the patch and its been a full day and its still not out for eu

  • cheer eazy

    Hey guys has anybody else noticed any issues with unlocking patchs in game?? Im playing alot of ffa and have around 4000 kills 97% of which have came from silenced weapons, but iv not even unlock the patch that says 500 kills with the silencer attachment fitted? Iv also noticed a few others i should have unlocked and havnt?

    • Mitch

      Pretty sure they have to be listed in Operations to unlock them

  • Nick Olivera

    Wow, way to totally avoid the major problems. Spawns need fixing, bad. I am constantly shot in the back from spawning in to gunfire, as well as a guy I just killed spawning right behind me for the easy revenge kill. Also, snipers are still OP, as well as the marksman rifles. Always a one shot kill, and quickscoping is easier than ever. I should not get 4 hit markers on someone, just to be quickscoped. Not okay. With these things fixed, I think the game could be great. Definitely too many campers, but that’s always the case with new cods.

    • “Also, snipers are still OP, as well as the marksman rifles. Always a one shot kill, and quickscoping is easier than ever. I should not get 4 hit markers on someone, just to be quickscoped”

      I agree with everything but this part, QS actually takes skill in this game, not just bunch of eight year olds running round with snipers.

      • TrymHimself

        What? QS is more OP than ever! Seriously, even I myself quickscope great in this game and i only do it in hunted. And hitmarkers are non-existent.

        • In all my time playing I’ve only seen about 4-5 people, and only 1 or 2 of ’em were good. Plus, you have to actually get the thing on ’em no aim assist from what I’ve seen.

      • Nick Olivera

        I have to respectfully disagree. All the snipers aim in too fast, and the lucky quickscopes are everywhere. I’ve never quickscoped before, but I can do it now, because it is that easy. We were promised an end to quickscoping, but they simply made it easier.

        • I guess we just have to disagree on opinions, but I haven’t seen near as many eight year old FaZe wannabe’s that just get lucky every now and then.

      • Nick Olivera

        Please tell me you’re kidding. Marksman rifles are banned in MLG for being too OP, and I, who have NEVER quick scoped in any call of duty game, have picked it up extremely easily in this game. Sniping takes no skill whatsoever. It’s a means for casuals and bad kids to get kills against anyone with AR skill.

  • Inforza

    only usa had this patch so far, europeans not.. and now we cant join any of the games from usa players cause ours isnt updated

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i dont care about patches on the PC about the kill counter or some shit. what they need to fix the the enire fucking game. i cant play it at all. the entire screen gets cut off by some gun texture glitch, and the framerate one second is 60, then the next second it is 3. FIX YOUR GAME IW

  • AP_Noir

    The new patch wont let me view the operations mode at all

  • Reidsterrara

    You Need To Add S&D Online Its The Best Game Mode

    • Mitch

      They are doing that November 15th.

  • Arno

    it has been released in belgium today for the ps3

  • Mr Sylux

    Please make to where we can edit the private match infected loadouts! I’m not a fan of using the bulldog or not having slight of hand. Fix this and I’ll be pretty sastisfied. 🙂

  • Micha

    I really hope that they bring back theater mode in cod ghost. I know that you can record with nex gen console but it would be nice if you can record right now

    • Mitch

      Well, I believe someone found coding for Theater, like things for a record button etc.

  • Justin

    You need to fix map size, spawns, in S&D the bomb sites and how close they are to spawn , health we die way toooo fast

  • Diego Diniz

    PC players having: MENU LAG, ANTIALIASING ISSUES, SERVERS DISCONNECTING every time, and SUPER LOW FRAMES at Smokes (Stoneheaven) and Dust (Octane)…

  • Tim Vikouski

    hell yea until they do will not infect my ps4 with this garbage ,its so awsome you can go on a 10 kill streak then die and die and die next thing you know your 10/10 know thanks to the broken spawn system

  • cookestir

    i believe it also made it harder for hackers to host modded lobbies

  • Tjcjr88

    Just got a 104MB update for XBox so it appears that you can add XBox to the update list.

  • ShadowMoses

    The operations really suck considering i had been working on my variable zoom mastery for the first gillie suit you could earn with VZ getting 250 kills with the attachment this patch comes out and operation is inactive now i wasted so much time with Variable Zoom trying to finish it so i can have it but now i have to wait a week? thats bull

    • chadd

      I don’t understand why hit says operation inactive on my game but my buddy’s shows the required kills to unlock stuff! I also had already got the required kills for the first gillie suit but it didn’t unlock it then I assumed when I downloaded the update it would fix it but it not only didn’t fix it but now over half my items show OPERATION INACTIVE I’ve seen other players running around with the gillie suit on yet my game still won’t fix! How do I get it fixed because I’m really getting passed off at the whole company!!!

  • cjw199712 .

    PC needs a big patch

  • Tim Vikouski

    the only game since maybe BF2 that you can be spawn killed ten times in a row oh yea needs fixed bad

  • Justin Frenzel

    so you dont think i am fucking eating air

  • killzoneisdaone

    considering IW tried to fix the spawns in mw3 through patches im pretty sure they will do the same with ghosts. lets just hope IW do a good job patching

  • Robert Thompson

    anybody having issue with there operation screen not pop up and taking you back to the online screen

  • Robert Thompson

    if so hit me up on here my gamer tag oxxxsamcroxxxo

  • frankie boy

    The camping in ghosts is unbelieveable,it’s because the maps have to many places to camp at,i would run around the map looking for someone to kill only to be shot in the back with idiot kid campers,the maps are way to big.

    • Play cranked, I am gonna try it out tonight. Logically you can’t camp in that game mode or you’ll go BOOOM!!!

      • Halfnatty

        you can still camp

        • Really? Never saw that but guess I may have been running round seeing more people to a point I didn’t notice.

  • CodFan

    Fucking everything is overpowered thats what gets on my nerves…I mean just a slight health increase would make me happy…not everyone has lightning fast reflexes.

  • Brandon Cruickshank

    Honestly the game is shit for the pc it still has major frame drops and shutter galore i can’t even have my vifdeo card overclocked to 1100 mhz front clock and 6.5 ghz back clock or it freezes none of my other games do and I have a high end video card 7970 sapphire vapor x i do not blame iw i actually blame activison letting the worse company knowing as raven to help with the game epically after the destroyed quake 4 trust me ID Softworks kicked them to the curb for it and i was also sure that the IW engine 6 is very similar to ID tech 5 engine in codecs and physics that works perfect in every way honestly my opinion is activison needs to die and IW needs to be on their own or work with treyarch studios not these shit low end companies like activison ,raven or nervesoft a fucking skateboarding game devoplment team give me a break great games but it is a fps not a third person ride a fucking board and do tricks IW you are awesome please you and treyarc leave activison and go on to your own collaborative company you would do better and as prime example would be that activison shit heads made the lead development team quit cause they scammed them from a proper cut in money activison ,ea and raven not including IW,Treyarcand nervsoft great skatboarding tony hawk games they are the worse fucking companies ever and need to rot for life time for these underbelly companies to be on their own and they would beat the piss out of them they all they have the money unless activison rip them off and i can see it.

    • The Decline

      it’s Id software, not ID softworks (no capital d), quake 4 was good unless you played it on a console. You don’t even use sentances let alone paragraphs, your wall of text hurts my eyes and your spelling is awful.

      All of that wouldn’t matter enough for me to comment back but all you do is bitch and it gets tiresome. The world only sucks this hard if you let crap get to you.

  • Brandon Cruickshank

    These are all the companies and every day things that need to go bye bye and fucking burn:
    1: Activison
    2: EA Games
    3: Microsoft
    4: Raven
    5: Amd Graphics Driver Programers

    6: Nvidia Graphics Driver Programers

    7: Microsoft Xbox
    8: Rogers Canada
    9: Intel Due to the outrages prices
    10: Sony for selling them self to the states

    11: Lucas Arts Games

    12: Western Digital
    13: Any Solid State Hdd That are Built by companies

    14: BestBuy
    15: The Government every where in the world
    16: Disney
    17: Nickelodeon
    18: The fucking FCC
    19: Muskin

    20: Cash Converters
    21: Cibc
    22: Scotiabank
    23: The people that take and never give back companies and normal day lifes
    24: Religon and its fucking stupid push on people to make them obey lies
    26: Avast
    27: Norton
    28: and many more

  • Brandon Cruickshank

    And if any of theses companies and ever day life things want to make a statement towards me be my guest i will let you know what you are like you are smart enough to get my email and my number that is on it please do i would love to put you down into the ground 600 times i see what the world has come too brain washing and lies i hate it here so much but im stuck till i find a way off this damn planet and hopefully soon

  • blackcravin

    change the spawns this is the same issue as mw3.. wish there was a patch for the damn campers too

  • KoolAidMan

    This update does’nt fix any of the issues on the PC version. Great!…gg IW!

  • pirocada na bunda

    The patch also improved performance on PC

  • OnlyWar

    I’m skipping COD to play Killzone Shadowfall on PS4

  • Toxic Hogwash

    Am I the only one who’s noticed that: the dog is easier to kill; the Maniac is harder to kill.

    Maybe I’m just crazy but that’s what I’ve noticed while playing.


    every time i try to go on the operations it takes me back 2 the online menu of cod ghosts it started after playlist update yesterday anyone else with this problem?

  • Mike A

    IW really shot themselves in the foot with the multiplayer. Since the maps are just big arenas without teams having “sides” there’s no real safe territory for a spawn, every game feels like FFA since working as a team to control parts of the map is impractical. To fix it IW would need to modify a lot of the maps, and since we all know that’s not happening, lets just hope the first map pack has some classic style maps

  • chadd

    I loaded the new patch about a week ago, and since then when I try to change my character a lot of the camo and other items are locked and it says operation inactive! How do I fix this issue so I can unlock my items?

  • dan

    Why is their no more weapons on Infected?

  • nitrousbeef5

    Spawning is the worst yet. They should fix spawn and also add a new tactical piece of equipment for control spawn like in battlefield 3. That would make the game more interesting and challenging