Mark Rubin has just tweeted that Search and Destroy will be returning to Call of Duty: Ghosts public matches on Nov. 15th. Rubin has also confirmed that the team is listening to all of our feedback and is working on many updates for all the things fans have been reporting.

Hey everyone! Just got back from a long time on the road for work and there is a lot going on, obviously. We’re still in launch mode at the studio as PS4 and XboxONE are still to come. But I did want to say that we are listening to all of the feedback and are collecting it all together to address internally. We’re working on fixes as fast as possible, (which can still take some time with the submission processes) so hang in there. We know one of the biggest requests has been adding S&D to the public playlists which is something we had planned on doing but have decided to up the timeframe, so we’ll be adding it to the playlist on Friday, Nov. 15th. Thanks again everyone for a great launch and I will try and keep the updates flowing. Be sure to check out @infinityward for updates as well.


  • Sentrymann

    I’ve never played SnD so I didn’t care about the change, but it’s good to know that they’re listening to feedback.



  • Mista Rehab

    i’d like to see dropzone

    • Mitch

      Me too, but IMO other modes have priorities. First I think more people would like CTF (Blitz sucks unless you play party vs party). And maybe HQ or Hardpoint. Both aren’t in the game, and there isn’t really a mode similar to it.

      • Grigori

        Blitz is awesome

        • HenryDF

          The thing that annoys me about Blitz is that I always have to be the lonely shit who’s defending my portal, while all my other big-headed teammates think they’re gonna go and get in the enemy’s portal.

          • Grigori

            Well, i’m always attacking. You should try that too, it gives an awesome feeling when you are finaly into that portal!

          • HenryDF

            So you’re one of the big-headed teammates who thinks that getting in the portal is the only thing that needs to be done?

          • Grigori

            Well, if you are calling it that way than.. Yeah i am one of those. You get points and alot of kills

          • HenryDF

            It’s thanks to people like you, and the kids who are going 1-18, that my win/lose ratio is only 0.7 😛

          • Grigori

            You’re welcome

    • MrHotShot118

      Drop zone is basically hunted isn’t it?

      • Alex Mason

        Not at all its like hardpoint from black ops 2 (capturing objectives) but when you capture one care packages will drop until it despawns and a new objective is spawned in. It was a really crazy game mode and I hope they bring it back.

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    Great News! 🙂

  • *incredibly feminine voice* Hooray!

    • Lightning1432

      *high pitched mouse voice while on crack* YAYYYYYYYY (Everyone’s ears starts bleeding.

      • BSOG

        Could of just payed a squeaker to do it for you.

  • Batman


    • TheCheeseWeel

      not on the PC version. the PC version basically needs one huge patch to change everything about the game. i love Ghosts, but it has to be the shittiest PC game i have ever played

    • Yeezus

      There’s no lag. Get a better internet or something.

    • Josh

      People drop like flies in this game. It doesn’t really matter what gun you use. They need to nerf all guns.

    • ip x Warrior

      Hey Batman go back into your cave..

  • Edwin Cortez

    I belive if they fix the insta kill… It would be perfect.

    • lolwut

      True this.

      Hit detection is the best ever in a COD game.
      Guns seem balanced, though on the flip side quite similar to each other.

      Just need to give it a HP boost so you can actually have contests not just he-who-sees-first-wins.

      • That nigger’

        You mean so you can have some kid eat lead and then some how kill you? No thanks, I think it is great how it is.

  • Primey_

    I love how quickly they gave up shoving SnR down our throats.

  • ThatGamer

    they should put that mode grind in there it sounds interesting and i would like to try it out

  • Super_Deluxe

    Hope they fix the spawns and improve the speed when bringing up gun on the Ready Up perk pretty much instantly like in BO2.


    And also the SNBS (or what ever that 3 round burst gun is called) needs to be nerfed big time. It kills faster than the SWAT in BO2

  • NikkathatNokkzNikkaz


  • cRi7iCaL

    Fast ADS for Sniper Rifles must be nerfed, damn Quick Scopers. -.-

  • omar_soft

    uhhh, demolition anyone?!

  • AcePhoenix007

    Create more Infected classes
    Fix the snipers so quickscoping is not an option
    Downgrade the shotguns’ range
    Create better spawns
    Patch knifing (the knifing system can be pretty retarded sometimes in Ghosts)

    Add more.

    • Avery Horton

      I agree with all the points except for the shotgun one, I can’t even gets single hitmarker from more than about 10m away. It’s perfect and not overpowered, the assault rifles need more recoil, they are all ACRs and M16s from mw2, either that or nerd them a little, because nobody uses anything else. Quick scoping is just as good as it’s ever been and needs to be removed completely! It was just another ‘fuck you last stand!’ For mw3, IW needs to stop it.

      I heard the serves should be rolled out when the next gen consoles launch, so probably early December.

    • Bigi345

      The shotguns are already weak

    • Would you rather me go 15-10 running around quickscoping or have me go 30-5 hardscoping from a window the whole match?

      • AcePhoenix007

        It’s impossible to go 30-5 hardscoping without assholes flanking you every 30 seconds.

        • Mimic

          And it’s impossible to do well quick-scoping considering how OP the AR’s and SMG’s are. Funny how you didn’t mention that as a problem…

          • George

            Then use an AR or SMG and quit trying to use a Sniper rifle :/

          • Mimic

            No, because unlike a lot of the people who complain about quick-scopers, I snipe because I enjoy it. I could care less about my K:D. I got bored of using AR’s and SMG’s because it was too easy getting kills, sniping while rushing actually proved a challenge.

    • philip

      I would say otherwise with the Shotguns. All of them except the TAC-12 need a range buff.

    • akording2my50cal

      down grade the shotguns? hell no im tired of losing range at 2ft id like it if they kept it how it is now.the shotgun range from the other cods was beyond unrealistic

    • George

      Agree with everything except the shotguns.

  • TheGamerBeast

    please guys don’t forget the PC players they have alot of issues and frames dropping because i run BF4 on high settings and getting lags in ghosts multiplayer

  • You think this will impact the population for Search & Rescue? It is kind of counterproductive to be adding Search & Destroy back this early…

    • James K

      Might as well throw the weigh off early.

  • Misogynist

    But why the hell is Grind not in pubs? How the hell are you going to add a game mode that people can’t even play lol

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Does anyone else think its bullshit that all team members don’t get a point when capturing a flag in domination? Only the first one to arrive at the flag gets the point. Please fix this IW!!

    • James K

      Yeah, it’s way too extreme to award only the first person on the flag a point. I don’t see a problem of players joining in late capturing a flag. At least they are near the proximity of the flag.

    • Shooter

      Yeah they need to fix that big time.

    • George

      Hasn’t it always given credit to only the first person?

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        In mw3 everyone capturing the flag was awarded the point. Thats how it should be so everyone is enticed to play the objective. I can’t understand why iw stopped this. They must of had a reason.

  • What about the “NEW” game mode Grind, and Party Games? (like Gun Game, One in a Chamber etc.)

  • Gc

    Mark rubin , please give the ps3 and xbox 360 ground war !!!!n

  • Gc

    Add ground war !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    there is no traditional type objective mode… you know, take a point and hold it… there’s dom, but, that’s 3 points. i need some headquarters or demolition!

    plus how bout the party games?

    i actually like search and rescue. i always hated search and destroy, and will not play it. i’m glad they are adding it in there for the people that, for some reason, don’t like snr, though.

  • Jamie Aubrey

    Rubin has also confirmed that the team is listening to all of our feedback


  • Michael

    I’m really not a big fan of the crazy damage. It’s almost impossible to turn on someone. Gone are the days where the guy with the better shot won the gunfight, now whoever shoots first, gets the kill!

  • Ryumoau

    i love that they can add gametypes to the game in a timely manner like this.

  • igorm

    Capture The Flag ??

  • Doug

    Drop zone please

  • Elektrobanq

    Thank you IW.

  • Shank

    FOV Slider for consoles.

  • George

    You win this round, butthurt fanboys…

  • Bryan Ferry

    I hope Mark Rubin is proud. The only reason Ghosts got the sales that it did is because of the AMAZING job that was done with BO2. I feel BO2 is superior to Ghosts. The graphics in Ghosts seem to be better than MW3 but the maps are thoughtlessly large. Hardpoint and CTF removed. IW are liars and Mark Rubin obviously has something against cometptive gaming. The only thing Ghosts will accomplish is destroying competitive. I know I’ll be playing BF4 and BO2 for the next year. The only logical reason I see for them getting rid of CTF and Hardpoint is to destroy competitive.. they even got rid of demolition just so MLG didn’t try to play that. So now MLG is left with one game mode, S&D, which has to be readded. Activision should drop IW.

  • DogStreet

    I wish they would put drop zone in ghosts