Call of Duty: Ghosts was released earlier this week, becoming the 10th Call of Duty game to be released since the game’s inception in 2003. Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers a ‘new engine, new world, new story, characters, and more.’ I’ve been playing MP now, since launch on Xbox 360, and as a hardcore Call of Duty fan, the game is what a Call of Duty should be. Ghosts delivers fresh feeling for a Call of Duty game. It’s not similar to any game before it, which is good.

Create a Soliderย 

Call of Duty: Ghosts shines with the new Create A Solider feature. This new feature is one of the best additions to a Call of Duty game ever. Being able to fully customize your character is fun, and it allows you to be an individual in the game. There’s tons of options available to customize – over 20,000 combinations. The load out selection is also great. It’s a big improvement over MW3’s, and personally, I prefer it over Black Ops 2’s Pick 1o system. The Pick 10 is integrated in a new way into the Perks. Ghosts puts a strong emphasis on the perks. You get up to 8 points to use, unless you remove your secondary, then you get 11. Each perk has a value based upon it’s usefulness. The perks I’ve come to use a lot is Marathon (yes, unlimited sprint from MW2 is back!), and Scavenger. I change the rest up with every class.

Strike Packages return from MW3 to Ghosts, and that’s a good thing. Strike Packages is the one of the best implementations for a kill streak system. It allows for different selections within each class, and different variety based upon your play style. Yes, Assault, Support, and Specialist return; but this time around, Support streaks are kinda of useless. MW3’s were really overpowered, and in Ghosts those are really underpowered. Assault’s are little better, although some streaks don’t do much to help your team out. Infinity Ward has taken fan feedback and reduced the amount of air support available. It’s nice to have limited objects in the air – makes focus on gun action. But, if someone does get a Helicopter, those are insane. It shoots missiles, follows the enemies around the map, and targets everything it sees.

Game Modes

Call of Duty: Ghosts is sort of lacking in game mode variety. Every Call of Duty to date has had more modes than Ghosts. Some really good modes, like Headquarters and Demolition, are gone. Those modes were very popular in MW3 and MW2, so it’s very interesting as to why they would remove them. Search & Destroy was also removed, but after fan feedback, IW’s adding it to the game again on Nov. 15th.

The new modes are more of the same. Blitz replaces Capture The Flag. I thought CTF would stay, as it’s a popular competitive mode, but no, it’s gone. Blitz isn’t the same as CTF at all. You just keep going through the enemy portal. First team to 16 wins. One thing Infinity Ward really needs to add is a spawn timer. That would change the mode, and possibly make it more appealing to competitive players. Cranked is a take on TDM, luckily TDM stayed in Ghosts. Cranked is made for people who hate campers. It’s the solution to people sitting in corners, and it forces you to move around and find the enemy. You get 30 seconds after every kill to get another, or you’ll explode.


Infinity Ward completely redesigned the HUD in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is the first Call of Duty to get a completely redesigned HUD. The new mini maps is a great new addition; it takes up less space on the screen and shows more than before. You can see more “3D style” objects. The new leaderboards is very confusing. Although it does implement a requested feature – ability to show objective counts – it’s hard to understand. The leaderboard only appears in the top right – it doesn’t cover the screen. But, the font makes it hard to read. Sometimes you can’t even read it depending upon where in the map you are. The 6 and 8 look very similar, so it gets mixed up. IW also moved the kill feed up to the top right, which is really confusing. I keep looking to the old position, and think that the kill feed doesn’t exist.

But, out of every single thing, the most annoying thing about the HUD is the fact that, if you get hit by a tactical grenade, or a grenade explodes near you, the entire HUD shakes. I mean literally the whole thing. If you’re hit with a 9-bang, it makes it impossible to know if there’s enemies around you. The mini map shakes, and you can’t see much at all. It’d be okay if the bottom – gun ammo, etc – rumbled, but the whole thing isn’t okay.


There’s 14 maps on disc for Ghosts (15 if you got Free Fall). These maps are overly colorful, way too big, and not as fun as I’d thought they would be. Some of these maps are way too big for current-gen. Playing games on map like Stonehaven takes forever. You feel as if you’d play three games in the time it takes to finish one game on this map. With every Call of Duty, there’s always one map that I’ve quickly connected to, and liked a lot. With Ghosts, one of the maps that brings fun action is Free Fall. These maps deviate way to much from the fast paced action gameplay that should be in Call of Duty.

Dynamic Map Events

When Infinity Ward announced dynamic maps, I was really excited. I thought this would change Call of Duty completely, and the maps would have dramatic differences from start to finish within a game. But, that didn’t happen. The events are subtle, some I don’t even notice, that this isn’t a big feature. Tremor has tremors every now and then. Octane, the gas station keeps falling in the same way every single time. I can’t seem to lockdown what exactly the events are on certain maps.

The two maps that really show off what dynamic events could really be are Strikezone and Free Fall. These maps deserve the name of ‘Dynamic Maps.’ Free Fall, as the name suggests, is a falling map. Free Fall pits you on a skyscraper that’s about to fall apart, and you are playing in between. The map itself keeps shaking, toppling over, sliding down. If every map was similar to this, then that would’ve been cool.

The new Call of Duty App

The new app that Beachhead Studio released is a big step forward for second screen and Call of Duty. You have the ability to change your load outs, and for the first time, you don’t have to back out of the lobby to receive the changes. As soon as you send the load out to the game, you get the option to accept it in-game (if you’re in the menus only, not in-game). Clans are back in Ghosts in a big way. The app lets you manage all the clan activity, roster, applications, clan tag, and more. You can design your emblem for the clan. If you’re on an iPad (iPhone support for this feature coming soon), you get a full second screen experience. You have the ability to pick which load out you spawn with after every death. The new app takes Call of Duty a step forward, but it’s nothing compared to Battlefield’s Commander Mode.

Overall, Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer isn’t exactly the best Call of Duty game. When Activision touted that Ghosts is by “the creators of the Modern Warfare series”, you take a step back and think that really isn’t true. The first thing you think about is “Call of Duty 4”, that’s how it all started. Call of Duty 4 was made by the original Infinity Ward. Today’s Infinity Ward can only be compared by name. So much has changed, and the gameplay in Ghosts shows that. There’s things Infinity Ward could and should have done differently in Ghosts. The new Create a Soldier feature is the only feature that really stands out as one of the best features in Call of Duty.



Second Opinion…

Ill admit, at first I had a ton of concerns when I started playing Ghosts, but after putting a few hours into the Xbox 360 and PC version I started to come around. This game has a lot of potential. DLC, title updates, and playlists changes could probably get it to the level that fans want it at. So without further ado, here is my pros and cons list:


  • Character customization is a nice addition.
  • Every perk you can possibly think of.
  • Brand new and fresh U.I. (User interface/menus)
  • Dynamic maps (the maps that actually have them)
  • New sliding feature is awesome
  • Every single gun is available to purchase right away.


  • Ranking up is too slow.
  • Squads mode is a cool addition that most people will never use.
  • Extinctions mode doesn’t quite capture the terrifying co-op experience that Zombies had.
  • Map variety (too many destroyed urban maps)
  • Not all maps should be called “dynamic”.
  • Lack of MANY fan favorite game modes.

You’re probably wondering why I left “maps are too big” from the cons list. Well it’s because Im one of the few people who are actually happy the maps are bigger. I dont enjoy getting in gun fights every time I spawn. I prefer the slower gameplay that CoD4 had when I could actually be a bit more tactical in the slower/larger maps.



  • ccrows

    I’d easily give it a 4/5.

    ^ (Sporadic spawns are my ONLY complaint, & that can be fixed)

    For the people/reviews that are complaining about “the changes” – ADJUST!

    “Maps to big?” OK well how about “Maps too small in BO2”. I easily got tired of Nuketown, Nuketown, Hijacked, Hijacked, Nuketown, Nuketown, *lobby migrates* *Nuketown.

    Don’t get me wrong “I LIKE BOTH GHOSTS AND BO2”. (and I’ve done very well in both games) I’m just tired of the “Nuketown Commando’s” crying about maps being too big.

    TL;DR Version:

    BO2 was a good game, and so is Ghosts.

    For the whiners out there –> ADJUST!…

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      I agree wholeheartedly!! The problem that all developers are going to have is trying to please everybody. I think people are trying to relive old games but still want something new. In most cases you can’t have it both ways. I think IW focused on bringing new and fresh elements to the game and spent way too much of the resources on character customization and squads. Although this may be a cool addition right now I do believe it will be irrelevant in a month. I think what would of been really cool for squads would of been the idea of having a controlled team(like rainbow six vegas) for the campaign. Character customization on paper is a cool idea but it really is useless for the simple fact you can’t see yourself while playing. Treyarch played with this idea in BO and discovered it wasn’t useful. Back to my point, i do agree with you that the whiners out there are not and will not adapt to the changed play style. This is the same reason IW fanboys hate Treyarch games. Personally if I am going to spend money on a game I am going to try to adapt to get my monies worth. The only thing I do hope is that they scale back some on the maps when the dlc’s come out. SMG’s are hard to use in this game for current gen at least for 6v6 modes on these gigantic maps. Ground War should solve this on next gen.

      • Zpr4y

        I play SMG all the time… It’s how you play the game! SHOTGUN, SMG works VERY well! And ofcourse not on all Maps! Thats WHY i LOVE GHOSTS! All Maps ha e different kind of playstyle, i have 2 character sand i have 4 classes on both and i use them all cuz the game keeps changing!! It’s SOO much FUN atleast for me! I’m trying to adapt to the new changes and i hope demolition is coming back!

      • Jgalfano

        I think people keep asking for too much of the old Call of Duty modes and play styles and whatnot. Whenever the developers actually give them all the old stuff they want, they complain about the games being exactly the same. Either stop complaining about the new shit they try to add or get used to it being the same game, different maps.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Well is not about adjusting to big maps, is about having huge maps and only 12 players. Sometimes i run around the whole map twice without finding someone, then i het killed by someone who spawns behind me

      • +1

      • Guest

        Your lies make me giggle.

        • Super_Deluxe

          It’s true, this happens to me on some maps but not all. So just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t make it untrue.

          • StarLJAJ

            I agree. You can eventually adjust to them but I didn’t get the game yet but by all the reviews I’m seeing about maps being too big or too dark and they all look alike, I think this game will be alright if they made it a tad bit similar to black ops 2 and mw3. Bring back the original game modes dammit. Give the people what they want.

      • Mario Rivera

        story of my life. god forbid u get stuck playing cranked on these maps… its terrible

    • Eric

      If we keep “adjusting” then some vital things we want will never happen. If us competitive players don’t complain a ton to IW they just ignore us. This makes us have a bad reputation, as we complain every IW game, but every IW game, they ignore us. Sometimes you just can’t adjust, sometimes you need a change.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      BO2 wasn’t a bad game. It just wasn’t a good CoD.

      • Super_Deluxe

        It’s bad because the developers ignored the fact that the guns were unbalanced. And also the notorious connection problem.

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          Honestly I think Bo2 had some of the most balanced guns of any CoD. The only OP ones were the AN-94 and PDW. Most other strong guns had a balancing effect, whereas on other CoDs, such as Mw3, there were several guns that 99% of people used, such as the USAS-12, PP90M1, and so on.

          • Derrick Wingler

            From what i understand, the OP weapons in MW2 and MW3 were intentional. IW had this idea in their head that there SHOULD be OP weapons, the thinking being that the noobs will use the OP guns until they get good at the game, and the skilled players will be too noble to use them. What actually happened was that 99% of people care about winning not challenging themselves, and thus they used only OP weapons

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            BO1 was the most balanced CoD IMO. Nerf the Famas and the AUG and remove second chance, BAM, you have a balanced COD.

          • Felipe Rios

            I also believe the balancing was great! There wasn’t a single gun that really stood out to me! On every one of my ten classes I have a different weapon and k used each of them on a regular basis.

          • Super_Deluxe

            And the PDW was patched right away but the reason I found the an-94 balanced was because it had a kick to it. It’s not like it had no recoil or anything. It was eventually patched which I saw no difference after. What was terrible was the pistols and LMGs. Yes the LMGs should be that powerful but it also had to have recoil. I don’t know how theythought it was Ok for the LMGs to stay recoil-less which is why they were heavily used. It was easy to use and get kills with and not to mention when you throw a target finder and FMJ on them. They were pretty much deadly at that point.

            As for the pistols. In no way should pistols be as good as Assault Rifles. You should not be able to dominate with them. Yes you need to have good accuracy but it still shouldn’t be that powerful. Pistols are meant to be used as a backup and not as primaries. The tac 45 was basically a mini FAL. Two shots and your done. Let’s be honest. BO2 had the worst gun balancing and anyone who played the game enough would say the same thing. It also had terrible connection but I doubt it was because of theatre mode. Idk how that would interfere with the connection since all it does is record gameplays to the hard drive. I’d give it a 3/5 overall. The maps were good and the visuals were also good but the experience wasn’t so good. All it did was ruin your mood and just make you want to smash something a few games later because of the non stop bullshit deaths for example getting killed around a corner or an LMG noob sitting in a corner and spraying everything in sight.

          • Mario Rivera

            u said ”several” guns were used. that means balance. in treyarch games 1 or 2 guns dominate the game so much it makes the other guns irrelevant. in mw3 u had a ton of guns with a good reason to use it.

        • Bob

          I agree with you on the connection, it was horrible in BO2 if you weren’t host. But BO2 guns were extremely balanced compared to this game. There were guns that were strong, but they took skill. The m8 was extremely accurate and usually a 2 burst, but most people have terrible aim and wouldn’t be able to use it anyway. The AN-94 after patches was not OP because it kicked different ways. Compare that to the guns in this game like the MSBS, which is a 1 shot burst across the map or the Remington with grip, which has the power of a AN-94 with the accuracy of a m8. I think the guns in this game are extremely unbalanced.

          • Super_Deluxe

            And the PDW was patched right away but the reason I found the an-94 balanced was because it had a kick to it. It’s not like it had no recoil or anything. It was eventually patched which I saw no difference after. What was terrible was the pistols and LMGs. Yes the LMGs should be that powerful but it also had to have recoil. I don’t know how theythought it was Ok for the LMGs to stay recoil-less which is why they were heavily used. It was easy to use and get kills with and not to mention when you throw a target finder and FMJ on them. They were pretty much deadly at that point.As for the pistols. In no way should pistols be as good as Assault Rifles. You should not be able to dominate with them. Yes you need to have good accuracy but it still shouldn’t be that powerful. Pistols are meant to be used as a backup and not as primaries. The tac 45 was basically a mini FAL. Two shots and your done. Let’s be honest. BO2 had the worst gun balancing and anyone who played the game enough would say the same thing. It also had terrible connection but I doubt it was because of theatre mode which is why they removed it in Ghosts. Idk how that would interfere with the connection since all it does is record gameplays to the hard drive. I’d give it a 3/5 overall. The maps were good and the visuals were also good but the experience wasn’t so good. All it did was ruin your mood and just make you want to smash something a few games later because of the non stop bullshit deaths for example getting killed around a corner or an LMG noob sitting in a corner and spraying everything in sight.

          • Bob

            I really don’t think if you ask anyone they will say BO2 had the worst gun balancing. Everyone I know says that it was the most balanced game. Sure there are people that use LMGs with target finder and crap, but most of those people are the people that sucked at the game. Also, there is a variant of the target finder in ghosts, which is just as bad. If you played league, you would see that pretty much no one runs LMGs because they aren’t a competitive gun as you move extremely slow with them and better players can kill those people easily. I’m pretty sure the tac-45 is not a 2 shot weapon and it has a very limited useful range. If this was the case, you would see everyone in league using tac-45’s, but they don’t because its not that great of a gun. There were 4 main guns used in league and all of them took skill to use, but gave a high reward. I explained the m8 and AN already. The other two were the MSMC, which wasn’t the easiest thing to use if you weren’t close so you had to pick your battles and the Scorpion, which has the biggest vertical recoil so you definitely had to pick your battles and know how to control the recoil. If you played ghosts you would realize that there is much more bullshit kills with the terrible spawning and how fast you can get killed from a noob hiding in a corner with the weakest gun in the game because it still kills almost instantly.

    • HenryDF

      FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me about the maps! The maps in BO2 were far too player friendly…in fact, the entire game was ridiculously player friendly. The CoD community needed to be challenged, and that’s what Ghosts has done. People just aren’t adjusting to the fact that people can now snipe without quickscoping and that SMGs don’t work long range ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        I think that atleast 2 subs should have a decent range on them. On Ghosts they’re all pathetic. Same with shotguns. On Bo2 the sub’s were awesome. The MSMC or Chicomb could be used effectively on Drone without being OP

        • Derrick Wingler

          My only complaint about bigger maps is the way shotguns work. They’re now more worthless than ever since their effective range is about 10 feet lol. They need to switch to Battlefield logic on the shotguns and make them have a realistic range.

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            The FP6 and Tac 12 are great on FFA on the right map.

      • Bob

        How are they player friendly? Most maps in BO2 had 3 choke points where people challenge each other and show their skill. Maps like Stonehaven are way too big with no choke points so most of the time you get killed from the back after running around that map multiple times. You think we should adjust to this game? I have never seen so much camping in my life because of this game. This game is player friendly because it caters to the average player that likes to camp around a lot and shoot people with 1 burst of the msbs when they walk by, if you get turned on, you truly suck because these guns are much too powerful. This forces better players who run around the map a lot to start camping too, then the game gets boring. Also, you still can quickscope and it’s way more OP than before and I have ranged people with SMGs much farther than I could with the MSMC or any SMG in BO2.

        • HenryDF

          The BO2 maps were symmetrical, close quarters and not challenging to navigate. That’s pretty player friendly if you ask me. Compared to maps that require skill to make the most of and actually do well in…well, just work that out for yourself.

          And yeah, I agree with what you’re saying about guns like the MSBS, but this game hasn’t even been out for a week. These guns will be nerfed, trust me.

          I’ve found less campers in Ghosts to be honest – the larger maps encourage people to move around more. In smaller maps like Strikezone though, camping is too easy.

          What I meant before about sniping was that in BO2, quickscoping was virtually the only variations of sniping you saw because there were so few long lines of sight. Now, sniping is more suited to the larger maps.

          • Bob

            I didn’t know you meant easy to navigate, my bad. But still getting killed from behind 4 out of 5 times isn’t that fun because there are no choke points unless you are playing an objective game.

            I really do hope they patch weapons, that would make this game much better.

            I agree that larger maps should encourage people to move around more, but right now the guns are so OP that you can easily kill someone across the map so people still camp. Also, the snipers zoom in much too fast, which pretty much makes it a 1 shot assault rifle with a scope. And yeah people love to camp small maps because it’s too easy to kill.

            I see what you mean about few long lines of sight. But don’t you think on big maps like Stonehaven that everyone will start using snipers and the game will be really slow?

          • HenryDF

            There are some problem maps, like Stonehaven. And something needs to be done about spawning, I actually thought they had it cracked in BO2.

            And yeah, some of the guns are ridiculously OP, but the game’s been out for a week. I hope IW have learnt from Treyarch and are prepared to nerf guns more often, because if guns like the MSBS and SC-2010 haven’t been changed by the end of the month I’m gonna be pretty angry.

            I admire Treyarch for being so ready to nerf guns, because by June/July BO2 felt like a really well balanced game. The guns were easy to use and you didn’t really need any skills to do well with them, but there were very little guns that everyone would be using.

            The sniper rifles are easier to use as sniper rifles rather than a quickscope-machine, but the maps complement them too much to be honest.

            I’m gonna give them a month to get the guns right, if they don’t I’m gonna start playing Squads and Campaign far more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Put on agility and marathon and the maps don’t seem too bad. Overall, i’m not going back to BO2 after playing Ghosts.

  • I agree, they should make ALL maps dynamic, that’s more fun. And ranking is too slow indeed, I like it to unlock things early but earning Squad Points is a pain in the ass… And they should bring back the popular game modes. I think most of the maps are big, which is good but they had to put in some map variety indeed, so some are big some are small. The only small ones are Octane, Strikezone and Free Fall (which are my favourites)

    • ccrows

      Freight is a small map too. Warhawk is borderline “small/medium”.

      The other maps, plenty of times people just run to hotspots (just like they did in MW2). Overlord is a good example (from my experience) where everyone just runs to the middle building.

      As for leveling up, you get a lot of squad points in Squad Mode. Play “Squad vs Squad” or “Wargame”. If you get Domination in either one of those, that’s a guaranteed 2 SP or more.

      ^ Plus after you prestige, you could keep playing with the same soldier if you really want, and just keep throwing the points into the new soldier class.

    • jack100

      when you get past level 35 squad points are given to you for almost anything you do, im level 55 and have 309 squad points, and not including the ones earned before then

  • Mitch

    The biggest problem with this game is IMO the map sizes, they are just way too big for a CoD game… And some of the medium sized maps still feel quite big because there’s a lot of pathways in the maps. I’m hoping they’ll add smaller maps with DLC, or even some old Modern Warfare maps for free like they did with Terminal in MW3.

    • i’d say most maps are fine, but a couple are way too big for 6v6 (these maps should be only allowed on the ground war [9v9]).

      • Eric

        I don’t agree with 9v9. Maybe if there is a seperate 9v9 playlist, but 9v9 default proves this game a battlefield wannabe.

        • Brandalf

          COD has supported up to 50+ players in the past…You do know BF doesn’t have a reserve on having large playercounts right?

          • Eric

            Yes, but I feel like CoD was built on 6v6 and then 9v9 ground war. Ghosts has many new things that resemble battlefield (the mantle system, dynamic map elements, etc) so I feel like if we increase player count we will become too much like battlefield. Battlefield makes their game better than CoD can, so if CoD tries to be like battlefield, people will switch over to battlefield because it is a better version. That is just my opinion, you may disagree.

          • Brandalf

            I’ve sunk about 70-80 hours into BF3, it was an alright game but I wouldn’t rank it anywhere near my favorite COD games. BF just isn’t my cup of tea. So I do disagree. BF and COD games are still very different at their core. BF tries to be somewhat more realistic and COD is completely an arcade shooter. BF’s big thing is vehicles, I hate the vehicle whoring in those games. if I’m an class that is specifically built to take those vehicles out it shouldn’t take 3-5 launcher hits to take them out. I get bored with BF games pretty easily, but not a good COD game, which IMO Ghosts is one of the best.

    • HenryDF

      Although they’re big, as long as you’re a flexible player you can use them to your advantage. Being able to snipe is far more important than it was in BO2 – IMO, sniping just felt pointless in BO2 when you could easily dominate with an SMG or AR.

      The changes in maps are a big shock compared to the close quarters, symmetrical maps seen in BO2. But in reality, they’re not that different to maps such as Seatown, Terminal, Afghan or Favela.

      The thing that’s good about the Ghosts maps is that you can do well with practically any weapon class, you just need to be skilled to use the weapons well. It’s far better than simply having noobs running around with the PDW or MSMC in BO2. Although, there are some guns, like the SC-2010 and the MSBS, that feel like fucking machines…I kinda feel bad when I use them.

      I agree though, I hope smaller maps are added when the DLCs come, because at the moment I haven’t been able to put any of the SMGs to good use and that’s just frustrating really.

  • kieran

    what i like about these games is usually dlc or title updates fixes most of its problems. for example they already plan to put snd back into the game which is good. i never play these games consistently i play for a week and then thats it until DLC arrives. i am not big cod player. however this game in my opinion is good not great but a good cod. title updates that bring in fan favourite game modes could easily make this a great cod and im sure they will listen to the community. next gen copies of this game will have ground war and dedis which can only make the multiplayer better if done correctly.

  • I am enjoying the game, but I am really waiting for clans to work, currently is the only thing annoying me that I cannot rank up the clan while we are grouped together.

  • Bigi345

    I’d give a 9/10 all the problems i have are pretty much fixable.

    • Graygandald


    • Mitch

      Same. If they had kept Scorestreaks and combined them with Assault and Specialist (fuck Support) and better maps, I would give it a 9.9/10 (I never give 10/10)

      • Mitch is a Bitch

        score streaks are stupid

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Score streaks mean people play the objectives. Try playing Kill Confirmed or (especially) Search and Rescue, where tags don’t count. Nobody gets tags. It pisses me off that teammates are right next to my tag and they run past it, then we lose the round.

          • Zpr4y

            It worked in Bo2 for the first 2 months then the campers and the CoD we fear came back! They cant remove the campers and NO-Objective-playing players…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yes, they can’t remove campers and non-objective playing players, but they can try to minimize them and reduce camping by giving players incentive and rewarding them for playing the objective.

          • Zpr4y

            very true! From my perspective I didnt see much better with the scorestreaks after the 2 first months but i agree indeed i hope they find a way that works forever… and people need to understand the difference between “campers” and “area controllers”! campers sit in the corner killing everyone he see cuz they cant fcking see him until they are dead, are controllers run around in an area and try to keep enemies outside it! well I rly hope they find a way to fix them, and i hope the old gamemodes come back like SnD will do! Demolition was my favorite gamemode so i really hope they bring it back!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Exactly, to do good in Ghosts, you have to play smart and control an area. You can’t just run around guns blazing. As long as you’re not in a corner with a shotgun or head glitching with an LMG or a sniper, you’re not really camping.

          • OldBrazy on PS4

            find some friends…

          • DemGamez

            Back in Black Ops 2, whenever i got a kill in KC all of my teammates would run like crazy towards the dog-tag. It was annoying as hell.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Back in MW3, whenever I got a kill in KC all of my teammates would camp like hell and use the tag as bait. It was annoying as hell every time I lost a game because of this.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      That doesn’t matter. Diablo III and SimCity had ruff launches due to errors (FIXABLE, errors) But that didn’t mean shit. A review is based on the version that was released with the game (v1.0). Not post-patched. That’s why there aren’t post-patched reviews.

  • Daniel

    The maps kill the game. If you want boring, large, campy maps go play fucking Battlefield. I miss the days of CoD4 and BO1 where almost every map was perfectly sized and flowed beautifully.

    • Karl Mathis

      One of my first thoughts when I started playing some of the maps was they got too much Battlefield in my CoD.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Fair point. Honestly I don’t like rushing into constant intense gunfights. I prefer to advance with my Marksman Rifle. But yeah, the maps share more in common with Battlefield [Except IW put effort into theirs].

    • TheManlyHe

      I didn’t preorder (nor did I buy the game yet) because of the tiny little crap maps that the last 2 CoDs had, I’m very glad to hear that they’re larger. Granted that doesn’t mean that they were laid out terribly great, but it’s a start.

      I’ve seen Stonehaven gameplay, it wasn’t even that large compared to MW2 and BO1, in fact as far as shear size goes, it would fit in those games quite nicely.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Stonehaven is the biggest map ever on CoD

        • TheManlyHe

          Is that a fact or opinion? It’s not all that long, granted width might make up for that, but from what I’ve seen it looks like maps like Derail in MW2 and Silo in BO1 would be bigger.

        • Chasm

          I’m think Derail from MW2 is bigger

        • Brandalf

          Stonehaven doesn’t touch Fuel from MW2, which was coined as the largest COD map ever pre-DLC by the devs.

    • Brandalf

      The beautiful thing about IW map design is that their maps are designed with all playstyles in mind. So you may have these massive maps like Derail, Wasteland, Stonehaven or Fuel but all of these maps also allow you to play a CQB style if you’re smart. This is where BO2 maps failed, it was all CQB all the time, aside from a few overlook spots on a few maps.

  • MuscledRMH

    Luckily the fan favorite mode SnD will return next friday ๐Ÿ™‚

    They are listening and I have a feeling they will add more smaller maps in DLC.

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    Second opinion is much more accurate to me. I love the big maps. Treyarch maps such so much ass. You have to be basically using an SMG on every map and you pretty much can’t snipe (unless you count quickscoping) The game honestly does have a COD 4 / MW2 feel to it and I love it ๐Ÿ™‚ I do agree with the lack of gamemodes though and I can understand why they’ve done it, to encourage people to try them out, I just hope that they implement some kind of “classic” playlist that brings back all the fan favourites – HQ, Demolition, Sabotage and CTF ๐Ÿ™‚ One more thing, I miss the Gold Titles mann, they were good to aim for, there are literally like 16 backgrounds and no Gold emblems or titles for 1000 headshots and stuff, they really need to implement them somehow. Overall a great great game though ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Xeroh

    The game is *alright* IMO things could change with next gen consoles coming up. Idk what it is about this game but as a huge call of duty fan i find myself getting bored only after playing for like 30 mins and that shouldent be. Black Ops 1, MW3, & Black Ops 2 id play everyday & those games has no where near as much customization as ghosts has.

    Multiplayer – 3/5 (Could change for Next-Gen)
    Campaign – 6/5 (Fun & Action Packed)
    Extinction – 4/5 (Had potential but didn’t deliver the epicness gameplay like Zombies)

    And yes this might sound crazy, but i AM excited to see what Treyarch has in store for the future. Just imagine! Zombies on a next gen console = Whole lot of epic gameplay & Easter eggs will have a lot more big and better stuff. And + With new consoles Treyarch has a LOT of options & better ways to innovate.

    • killasapo

      Zombies + Nextgen = Epic


      Can’t wait little over 360 days to go…….

  • Misogynist

    I’d give it a 4/5 for the time being.

    I’m thoroughly disappointed in the fact that a lot of fan-favorite game modes are out, but I’m going to be completely honest: I expected this game to suck major ass, and this game wowed my expectations by far. The hit detection is amazing. The lag is almost minimal, and for the first time since MW2’s release, I’m legitimately having fun with a CoD game.

    This game’s far from perfect, but again, the game has been out for less than a week. The spawns are God awful. The game NEEDS 9v9 to be standard now just because of the sheer size of the maps. Some of these maps are less than impressive (I’m look at you, Chasm.) But that is to be expected within a new release of a CoD game. I’m looking forward to seeing how much better this game will be when Friday comes around.

    • VAQnotVAG

      I’ve noticed the lag is (almost) gone and that was one of my biggest issues with MW3 and BO2. Overall the hit detection is VERY balanced

  • Tyrant Era

    I’d give it a 4.5/5

    The only thing I would have to say is that I dont like how someone loses connection in your party, it takes you with them.

    I love the slow leveling cause it gives you more to play for.
    I like the maps and everything
    The only map I hate is Siege and Octane

  • Sam

    Cant wait to play this. Was supposed to get this game the day it came out but the Royal Mail are shit cunts who lost it.

  • Game Start Stores

    We know why the maps and modes were left out…. They will be “sold” to us later!


    The only thing i dont like are the assault killstreaks, the battle hind for example gets like 1-2 kill, I wish it was more like the pave low

    • Brandalf

      I was also disappointed with the battle hind, but overall I am glad the killstreaks aren’t overpowering. This is a much more gun on gun game and that is great IMO. Brings back the COD4/[email protected]/BO1 feeling.

  • Sovereign has a very cool dynamic aspect. You can sabotage the map and can cover it in very thick gas. Very hard to see

    • Eric

      And why is that cool? You can’t see anyone, so its very hard to get kills. I understand it looks cool but the playability of that feature is very bad. I always blow up in cranked because I can’t find anyone when the gas comes.

      • VAQnotVAG

        make a class with thermal scope then

        • Eric

          If you expect me to create a class that uses a scope I hate for one stupid map element, then you are delusional. I agree with you, thermal scopes are a good counter to the smoke, but I’m not gonna waste a class just to counter the smoke.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Perfect for the tracker scope. It’s designed to turn the tide of a battle into the hands of whoever has that scope

        • Eric

          I don’t like that scope, as it hurts side visibility when aimed in. Therefore I never use the scope, so when the smoke comes in, it pisses me off. Its just my opinion that the smoke is stupid, you may disagree

        • Brandon Glasser

          That scope is horrible, far too narrow and no peripherals…i miss my target finder for killing campers cause this game is just full of em

    • Alex how old are you?

  • Troy Norwood

    The worst thing with this game is BROKEN SPAWNS…….This makes the almost unplayable and you didn’t mention it!

    • Super_Deluxe

      Agreed. Yesterday I spawned right infront of an enemies face. I even saw myself spawn on his killcam. I don’t know how they didn’t realize this as they were testing it and also at public events. But oh well they better get this fixed soon.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yeah. But that’s the kind of issue they need to iron out over time. I remember some pretty dodgy spawns on Hijacked, and some disturbing spawn traps on Nuketown

      • Brandalf

        Hijacked and Nuketown spawns never got fixed…..they were bad because of the map sizes. As long as you didn’t push all the way into an enemy spawn, they were trapped the whole game if you had a good team. Hell that applies to a lot of the maps in BO2, that game had absurdly simple design when it came to guns, maps and spawns.

  • DanDustEmOff

    I think that the review should have noted the quality of the connections. IW have done a great job with the netcode, which was the worst thing about the last 3 Call of Duty games.
    My one complaint is that since the first patch for the PC the shadows are awful on my system. Nothing other than turning them off seems to work, anyone else having this issue?

  • MissileCrisis21

    I didn’t like the game initially and I didn’t have that same reaction to MW3 & BO2. I was doing real bad when I’ve gradually gotten better each COD. But I embraced the challenge and gave it a chance, I’m glad I did. It runs real smooth and although you die quick it goes both ways. Atleast, you don’t get like 4-5 hit markers and the guy doesn’t drop. I just don’t understand the spawn logic when the maps are so big. BO2 was supposedly catered for the pro gamers but this game is even less catered for the causal gamer. It’s not for everyone that’s for sure and with 10 years strong it was a risk they had to take.

    • Eric

      This game is not catered for competitive gaming at all. In fact, it is almost as though infinity ward ignored competitive.

      • cwatz

        I dont think he was saying it was catered to competitive play, he said it wasn’t necessarily made for casuals, and that is true to a point.

        Competitive does not equal skill. It has far more to do with balance and having it be entertaining for spectators. That sort of stuff. Ghosts actually rewards skilled play significantly more than BO2 ever did.

        • Eric

          Competitive players are the best in the world. Just had to point that out, but I agree with you. At first I was just rushing around mindlessley trying to learn maps and head glitches and stuff, and I did bad. But after a day or two, I slowed down my gameplay and now I’ve gotten 25 KEM strikes off kill streaks, not care packages. I want to end with saying that compititive takes more skill than any other type of COD, so in a sense, it does equal skill.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Anyone else has problems reading scores on the top right side while playing? And other situations? The writing to me is so small! Could barely understand it…

    • killasapo

      Yea they used a really bad font type they should have left that alone

      Select was perfectly fine with pulling that info up

  • Xecho

    Stormfront is dynamic. It usually starts to rain hard while in game.

  • Zach


    • Raging since 1996

      NO PLEASE, DOMINATION ALREADY HAS BAD ENOUGH SPAWNS!!! Demoition was fun, but the spawns would destroy the game mode…

  • Ivory

    please fix the 3 round burst gun to OP

  • Aaron

    I can’t give my opinion on Ghosts, because I haven’t played it. But what I’m gathering from reviews and the comments make me optimistic for the game.

    Big maps sounds great to me personally. Maps were way too small in BO2. I don’t want to see an enemy two steps from my spawn. I like the idea of methodically working my way through the maps, as opposed to just running and gunning.

    Apparently, the spawns are bad, which worries me. But the bigger maps should help with this issue, when they get it figured out. Spawns have always been an issue. Nothing like shooting a guy, then having him spawn in your back pocket and kill you. So, hopefully they’ll fix it. Maybe they should take notes from MOH Warfighter. It wasn’t the most popular game, but spawning was never an issue. I loved that game.

    • Shank

      In specific gamemodes, such as Cranked, you will literally see enemies spawn at times. But in modes such as domination if is a very rare chance that they spawn in front of you. It all really just depends what mode is on what map.

    • cwatz

      The maps are far better than BO2, but in some cases they went too extreme. This coming from a player who prefers longer lines of sight and a bit more room to hunt people.

      The problem is two fold. First the games can slow down to a crawl sometimes. Secondly with the map sizes, and *some* of the maps having way to many rooms/paths/corners, camping is a bit of an issue. This game is insanely camper friendly.

      As for the spawns, you would think big maps would help, but its not coded like that. Even on the biggest maps in cod history, the game will spawn people directly behind you from time to time, its absurd.

      • some1exampe1

        bigger maps destroy camping. if someone chooses to camp the entire game in some obscure corner of the map, they can be there for 10 mins and not see anybody.

        let the campers have fun adsing at a door in a hut hoping someone goes by before the game ends.

        on smaller maps, it’s easier to camp, because you know there’s going to be people going your way constantly.

  • Shank

    Call Of Duty Multiplayer is usually always a work in progress, balancing is put into play and other hot fixes. So I’d give it a strong 8.5, as its not the best but it can easily be fixed.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Agreed. If some things get fixed, I’d easily give this game a 4.5/5. In it’s current state, however, 3.5/5 is all I can say.

  • Nitro Splicer

    I was so disappointed in BO2 that I really don’t want to take the chance on another CoD again, only to eventually hate it. The only thing that interests me about Ghosts is Extinction and even that seems boring compared to zombies.

    • Brandalf

      I was almost finished with COD, MW3 and BO2 I hated with a passion. I absolutely love Ghosts though. Good variety in maps and gameplay all the guns have a distinct feeling, unlike BO2. Also Extinction is much, much tougher than zombies and the higher rounds are so extremely fast paced and hectic. I loved zombies in BO1, it was okay in BO2 but I love Extinction.

      If you liked COD4/MW2/BO1 then you will likely love Ghosts.

  • Haaan

    First thing they need to do is fix the fucking spawns

  • Kosmic

    Stop complaining guys this is a great game yes the maps might take you a little time to get used to me I’ve already got used to them and I can average 35 kills on them and the gamemode just try some of the new ones like hunted I love that gamemode as long as you don’t get stuck with campers

    • Keshav Bhat

      It is a great game, but there are things IW should have done differently.

  • cwatz

    My biggest gripe is the spawns and some of the maps.

    I love that most of the engagements are back to a longer range as they were from cod 4-> bo1. With that said some of the maps are a bit to big. It both creates issues of slower games, and excessive camping. Some of them just need to be shrunk a tad.

    I also find it hard to identify targets with all of the clutter and other awful effects in the maps. Tying into that point, all the maps are blown up urban environments for the most part. Not only do most of them look awful and boring, but it helps add to the problem of too much clutter on the maps.

  • Becker

    respawn is too bad D:

  • I wonder how many times i got killed…

  • Karl Mathis

    I agree with the second opinion, I don’t think the maps are too big. As Victor stated larger size maps can make the game more fun. The problem with the Ghosts’ maps is that they have no flow. There are pathways all over the place, multiple elevations, not many choke points to speak of.

    CoD gameplay is generally pretty similar from game to game. It’s the map design that sets them apart for me. Since the downfall of the original IW, I feel the games have been falling shorter and shorter on maps that I enjoy to play.

    • cwatz

      I agree with most of what you said, minus the downfall of original IW. BO1 had the best maps in the series imo.

      Perfect variety of range of engagements. Small enough to keep the action up, but large enough to give players the ability to flank/hunt. There is also enough structure that you can usually identify areas that may be threats, as opposed to clusterf*** areas where its RNG as to where you are moving/looking and where people pop out of.

      • Karl Mathis

        Now that you mention it, I agree. I really liked BO1’s variety of maps. They had quite a few decent sized maps that managed to keep the action up.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yeah. Bo2 maps stuck to their tried and true method of 3 lanes, whereas IW has chaotic maps with pathways all over the place

  • J

    I’m actually so tired of hearing people complain about the game. Some people don’t understand how hard it is to make a game like this one. IW actually took on the challenge of making the game on multiple different platforms, including Next-Gen. They had a hell of allot of work to do in the time they had. Now shut the fuck up, pay the game, or fuck off and play your fucking DS or something

    • jgg

      agree with yu and yu sound like treor.

    • jgg

      agree with yu and yu sound like trevor.

  • J

    And 3.5 out of 5? That the same as 7 out of 10, which is pretty good. Your argument makes no sence

  • VAQnotVAG

    I think a lot of the people who are bitching about map size don’t remember games like COD4, WAW, and MW2.

    One of my biggest complaints on MW3: Small maps
    One of my biggest complaints on BO2: Small maps

    To me this game feels more like “classic” COD, and maybe too many people
    have gotten use to “run and gun”. I like that this game you gotta switch
    out your guns for the environment

    With that said, I agree that some of the maps are overly complex and need more choke points. A few more smaller maps would be nice but I know IW has stated they are listening to the fans, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with map packs.

    • Brandalf

      Exactly, when did people decide COD needed the ADHD design that MW3/BO2 brought us? COD4, [email protected], MW2 and BO1 all had a lot slower pacing and larger maps than MW3/BO2 did. Classic COD is back with Ghosts, it’s been far too long since I’ve enjoyed a COD game this much.

  • Addison is a bastard

    they need to fix infected, more players and more weapons they only have one which is the bulldog and it boring after a while

  • Jesper Mรธlby

    Something i miss from BO2 is the medals. For example i could be nice to see how many times you’ve got the KEM strike. And other things.
    Also i don’t like that you can get a KEM strike from a care package/field order.
    And yeah the spawns are s…
    If you could play more than 6v6 on current gen. i wouldn’t mind the big maps.
    And also i think most of the maps are not that great….
    But again all of this are first impressions, and i like it more, the more i play it.

    • Brandalf

      Ya, MW2/BO1/MW3 and BO2 all had those medals, I did like them as well. They will be missed, but not a ton, they were just a nice little thing to check out.

      • Jesper Mรธlby

        All right thanks man, BO2 was my first COD. So didn’t know it was in other games to ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brandalf

    I can’t believe people seriosly criticize the map sizes. I think they’re perfect, Stonehaven being a tad on the large side. After MW3 and BO2s clusterfuck maps COD needed to deviate from the ADHD design philosophy and IMO this is the most fun COD game since MW2.

    I play on PC and there are a lot of optimization and technical issues at the moment, still it’s my favorite COD game for a long, long time.

  • dick twister

    i hope infinity ward is reading this and actually do something about it

  • MathewM7

    The problem with me is the lack of gamemodes. Can’t wait to see future DLC, and Extinction is a little bit on the boring side.

    • Brandalf

      Just out of curiousity how far have you gotten into Extinction? It starts off slow but eventually it is absurdly hectic and fast paced, it puts zombies to shame IMHO.

  • Ryumoau

    I hope i get used to the big maps when i play it more on ps4, with ground wars. But i have to say this game felt like a major step back from black ops 2. So i’m looking more forward to what Treyarch has planned next year.

  • Adam Nord

    I have Zero complaints about this game. I absolutely love it. Granted I’m not super elite at it, I greatly enjoy it. I have noticed frame rate drops on the 360 when sniping on stonehaven, however being on current gen consoles, it has exceeded my expectations.

    I absolutely love the huge maps. ( I am a sniper at heart) I really don’t like to run and gun so these maps are perfect. Can’t wait to see what DLC has to offer.

    This upcoming friday I finally get my PS4 and I can’t wait to play this on it.
    @InfinityWard killed it. Great Job guys! I’d give a 10/5

  • King

    There are some pretty big maps for 6v6, like stonehave and seige. Those maps are waaaaaaay to boring. Fast action packed maps like octane are what we need!

  • Adam

    Map variety (too many destroyed urban maps)

  • Pros:
    -Guns seem balanced
    -Maps are colorful and not gloomy like MW3
    -Support Strike Package isn’t overpowered like MW3
    -Character Customization
    -Cranked is a great game mode that needs to stay in future CODs
    -Squad Points

    -Maps are WAY too big except for Strikezone, Octane, and Free Fall
    -Leaning feature is useless
    -Clan Wars does not compare to League Play
    -There is party chat in Search and Rescue
    -No S&D (I know it’s coming), Demolition, Headquarters, Hardpoint, or Ground War
    -Ranking up is VERY slow
    -TDM and Domination are too slow because of the maps
    -You can’t YY
    -The custom games features from BO2 aren’t there (blocking guns, perks, etc.)
    -Spawns are crap

    Forgive me if I missed anything.

  • Condemnt

    The only real dynamic map is strikezone, free falls “dynamic” feature is useless and just plane annoying, i find myself in a gun battle and my ligns of sight are interrupted. At least on strikezone the transformation is quick and im back to playing on a redesigned map. Also i believe the maps were headed in a more detailed direction, but all they have done is put rubble and debris in every possible place and there ideas of large maps have went out of proportion. I considered terminal a large map, and the smallest map in the game *excluding freefall* is still larger than terminal. Infinity ward got their games confused, this is cod not battlefield. I would rate this game 7/10 for infinity wards lack of connecting with the community to build a better call of duty.

    And plus the noob tubes in this game are ridiculous!

  • Work hard, Twerk harder

    Really silly question to some, but do some game modes on Ghosts (like cranked) only feature a handful of the maps? I ain’t got the game, but from all the livestreams of people racing on cranked, I ain’t seen stonehaven and other maps at all yet…

    • George

      No, all the modes should feature all the maps. I’ve just noticed in playing things such as Squads Wargame that the game prefers picking some maps over others…

      • Work hard, Twerk harder

        Wow, that’s a real bad feature in my opinion. I like some maps more than others, but the fact I’ve watched like 4+ hours of livestreamed cranked, and have only seen 9 or 10 out of 14 maps is ridiculous…

        Thanks anyways, really couldn’t find an answer elsewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    My Review:

    -Guns are balanced
    -Maps are colorful
    -Support Strike Package isn’t overpowered
    -Character Customization
    -Cranked is fun
    -Lean and slide feature can be good if you know how to use them
    -Dynamic maps
    -Smooth game
    -Fun game plays
    -Good score streaks

    -Maps are too big
    -Clan Wars does not compare to League Play
    -There is party chat in Search and Rescue
    -Non of the most loved game modes
    -Ranking up is far to slow
    -NO COMPETITIVE SUPPORT!! (As you can tell im pissed at that one)
    -No custom games features from BO2

    -KEM Strike on some maps is crap
    -Blitz is a VERY VERY VERY bad game mode
    -Die too fast for a competitive game
    -Not the best experience in extinction

    Ways to fix the cons:
    -Up the health
    -Bring back re-worked fan favorite maps from past games (That work in competitive)
    – Make Extinction easier and longer yet scarier in new DLC
    -Add more game modes maybe in DLC as a business idea for example 3 DLC maps, 1 extinction map and 1 game mode
    -Make the KEM more op so its worth it
    -Make ranking up easier
    -Give a league system more like League of Legends (that has a beast ranking system, In fact the best ranking system)

    • xx420xx

      my review:
      you are shit nobody cares about ur shit opinion

      • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

        ahahah i know my opinions isn’t as amazing as a total 420 bad-ass like you. Are you 9? xx420xx… really you must be so cool.

        • xx420xx

          kill yourself

          • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

            You scare me so much little boy! Please dont get the rest of you ‘YOLO 420’ Crew to kill me

  • Johnson

    This game is a rehashing of bf3 sucks. Wasted 60 dollars on this crap

    • Stick Man

      Please no sir.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 will at least have Ground War and S&D

    • So does Xbox One…and current gen is getting S&D on the 15th

  • greg

    maybe t=they were unable to put most of the stuff hey wanted in current gen

  • Zpr4y

    I VERY much dissagree… I play this on PC and the killfeed has never existed without pressing a button before so i dont know what he is talking about, i play on pc and the flow is SOO good! On stonehaven the matches takes sometimes shorter cuz people run around like crazy in the open so i can LMG them down with the “chainsaw”! I dont know what this guy is talking about when he speak of the font is hard to read… Either he needs glasses or a bigger screen… Never had a problem and the Maps are SOO good! They are all so different, close combat, long combat, Objective Styled maps, closed Maps and just overall difference, thou i dont like that they removed demolition wich was my absolute favorite gamemode! But as they can get back SnD maby they can do that to demolition! This game is SOO good on the pc and i hope it will be the same for next-gen! Love the game just love it! These reviews man… Seen SOO much shitty reviews about new games… Dont know whats going on…

    • Brandalf

      Ya, I’m not sure what they’re goin on about with the scoreboard either, I have absolutely no issues reading the text, I am also on PC btw. Another thing to keep in mind though when it comes to the maps and gameplay is on PC it’s always a more fast paced experience. With the accuracy and camera speed of mouse and keyboard people aren’t afraid of rushing around as much as they are on consoles, because if you get caught with your pants down you have a much higher chance of at least challenging whoever caught you.

  • VeteranPlayer

    I am really enjoying this game. I love how many of the weapons are equally balanced, along with the perks. The maps are perfectly sized, bigger maps are what I love, more space to to breath and not just die every month. The maps kind of remind me CoD 2 ones. Nicely sized, with multiple layers. All the guns have their own areas to dominate. I wish Ground War was in the game, but I can live. There are a few Minor bugs, but they will be fixed. Im happy Ghosts is here, since BO2 was just terrible. Should be a fun year.

    • George

      I was perfectly set to like your comment, but then you had to go and say that BO2 was bad :/

  • Yeezus

    9.5/10 I don’t have a problem with much of anything

  • platinumwarrior121

    this game is horrible on current consoles,i miss the old cod games

  • Captain_Planet

    The maps are not too big. Even on Stonehaven, if you know where to go, you can find the enemies very quickly and constantly using a fast SMG class.

  • George

    I actually prefer the bigger maps too. I always hated maps like Nuketown because of how hectic they were, and in this game Strikezone is kinda like that. A TDM I played on Stonehaven was well-paced and left me happy.

  • sdfdsff

    I agree, the maps once again have unnecessary garbage and are way too big. If they decided to make such large maps why would they not implement GW in current gen as well? I know Mark Rubin stated that character customization took a lot of resources, but who the fuck cares about the character models…

    • George

      A lot of people care about character models. Likely more than the amount of people that care about Ground War.

  • Brandon Glasser

    Does anyone else get the feeling they are playing a third person shooter in this? The camera doesn’t feel right to me….anyway, maps are far too big and turn the good old one man army run and gun cod that I know and love into a camp heavy, slow, boring…I can’t even call it a game at this point…sigh

  • Abraham

    There needs to be a variety of knife versus weapons in infected and it should be limitlessly customizable in private matches. The infected also need Fast Hands. Infected is no where near as good as it is in MW3. On another note, as annoying as they are, tactical insertions should be available in all modes to keep for rushing and fast paced gameplay. I find myself, spending most the game traveling across the map just to be shot by some sniper. Better yet, allow an option to spawn closer to your teammates who are advancing across the map.

  • Diego Diniz

    Sorry my bad english cause i’m Brazilian, but I have some graphics issues here. When I turn AA on, I have many many slowdowns Specially on “Stoneheaven”, “Octane” and “Chasm” Maps. i’m waiting a new NVIDIA Driver and a Patch to fix it! That SUCKS because my Rig is OK:

    i7 [email protected]
    EVGA GTX 760 SC
    8GB 1600Mhz
    120hz Monitor

    When I turn AA on, the Gameplay is very bad here. FXAA, or MSAA or SMAA.
    When i Turn TXAA on is IMPOSSIBLE to play.
    Are you guys having FPS Drops with a good VGA too???

  • Anwar Gordon

    There are problems in the game i hope they fix… first of all… the guns…. i have a target in my sights and i shoot him with my assault rifle but he manages to survive and shoots me withhis pistol and i’m dead… it is crazy…… the gun damage is not balanced according to guns… and i swear the dogs are bullet proof….. i almost emptied a clip in a dog and he survives… he bites me once and i am dead…. that is just annoying….
    Big maps promotes camping…..and even the camo challenges promotes camping …… which makes a good game annoying.
    I love most of the changes though…

  • Christopher Kerr

    Im already getting sick and tired of this game. Players online take the fun away when they have no skill what so ever. All night I have to spend being shot in the back, players who havent any skill need to use SAT Com alllll the time. I just said to someone just now online that if you need SAT Com in hardcore the whole match? Why are you playing hardcore? Thats the point, having no mini map, I guess I could use the perk where I wont show up on the SAT Com but come on I aint no noob. And sadly im not impressed where the servers are just like black ops 2 where I am literally already shooting the enemy before he sees me then magically he kills me before my 4 shots hit him. -__-. At least in battlefield 4? You can both die at the same time when shooting at the same time. The other problem I have is all the camping and hiding in corners.. if you dont want to die so much? you too have to camp and I just cant do that, been playing online call of duty since cod 3 and even then the servers were way better.. Not happy and its sad because I got this game for my birthday from my family and I am hating the game. I am playing more battlefield 4 now due to the stupid noobs on cod.

  • Azakaru

    lol this review is joke, “i like the bigger maps because i don’t get into a fire fight every time i spawn… about u more often than not spawn next to a person who decided not to take the time and get good at getting off his their ***. this game is all about camping and its sad because there is so much potential if people would move, since i have had the game since midnight release i would say 85% of the match’s have ended from timeout’s. They need to fix the spawn system, and they need to either have more people allowed on teams or make medium maps mainly, couple large, and a couple small that would be the only way to make both sides somewhat happy.

  • yeadudeyea

    They should remove hardcore, they made it unplayable for players who don’t like to camp

  • HiHowAreYou

    Perfect statement on the maps. Wayyyy too fucking huge. CoD2 and CoD4 are the kings of CoD because of their Small to Small-Medium to Medium sized maps. If they EVER want another CoD as good as those two, they have to tone the map sizes way the fuck down. Great review.

  • lol

    Every single gun is available to purchase right away is a pro? i HATE that. you can rnak up 3 ranks and unlock op gun. it sucks. black ops 2 > ghosts.

  • Pissed off customer

    Online sucks. I pay a lot of money to have a good internet connection for my online games. I was so excited to get ghosts but now I find myself wishing I never had. I am absolutely pissed that they used the same online server that BO2 used except they had to be [email protected]#%heads and take out the ability to change your search preferences. Every game I play either comes with so much lag comp that I have to use an entire clip to even get hit marker, I get killed by the enemy’s bullets before He even walks around the corner, or aiming down the sights snaps me way to the side of the enemy player. I cant play a single game on live its so bad. Infinity Ward is now a wasted company in my eyes. I regret buying this game and know i will never buy another IW game unless they seriously fix this problem. There is absolutely no reason why I should be experiencing lag comp and the people who have bad connections should get the advantage. Im tired of this “third world priority” crap. Change your server or do something to fix it IW!


  • crybaby

    Stop crying. I’ve played just as effective on every single one of the games.

  • Nono

    More tactical = camper

  • Mac0369

    Does anyone know what the gold medal with a number in it at the experience screen at the end of the match means?

  • Green Paid

    i hate Ghost I’m a fan of all modern warfare games they all were the best….until i wasted money on ghost…HEADQUARTERS i gone….and maps are all to damn big n now u can buy perks….??!! the hell i rather earn them them buy them fukin disappointing

  • Xlarge Evony

    This game is horrible.

  • Nik

    I agree the maps are quiet big, but my biggest problem with this game is all the walls, windows, random blocks, etc. that every player can hide behind. I’m the type of player that cannot waste the game away and sit behind a wall and wait for an enemy to run by to kill them. Ghosts caters to campers HEAVILY. It seems on every map I am always running into people just sitting behind corners. The random spawns are quite aggravating as well but this issue can be easily fixed. I also love the new game mode search and rescue. It’s a better search and destroy pretty much. But I do wish they would have kept some of the old game modes like demolition and also brought back the party game list as well. The field orders are pretty cool. I somewhat have a problem with all the perks offered. I feel like there’s a little bit too much to choose from. Besides all the things I’ve complained about, i do enjoy ghosts and am doing pretty well in the game. I’d give the game a 4/5 or so. Not the best call of duty but it’s not as bad as world at war haha.

  • Mike Whissell

    Ghost is good. I don’t find too much wrong with the game. what I DO find messed up with COD Ghost is the huge inconsistency every time you log on to multiplayer its different. one day I will log on and get killed in the back 18-25 times per game, and other times I can log on and get 25-34 kills and 2-4 deaths EVERY GAME. COD has just been getting worst every year since activision did some shake up at infinity ward during development of MW3. past COD games my K/D ratio has been 2.24ish now on ghost I’ve dropped to .94 we know something is up. ever since they introduced Lag compensation in Black ops 1. activision wanted to even the playing field so kids and rookies can feel like they are just has good. I have a super fast internet connection and we all know they punish anyone who has a fast connection by slowing us down to make it more fair. not only that they do that, they also slow you down by 10%. sort of a punishment for having a good connection for soo many COD games.

    I am all for fairness and have never cheated on COD. hell I never friggin camp but it should also be fair for us too.

  • ZeusiQ4

    All of you are in over your heads, this is by far the worst Cod ever released. Nothing is original except the slide which is another attempt to stop drop shotters. The only positive thing I can honestly say about this game is how easy it is to turn off. Thank you IW for ruining your franchise. I never thought I’d say this but, I can’t wait for a treyarch release on the Ps4.

  • jon

    I can’t join anyone’s game that I’m friends with has a lot and when I get invites from friends that are on my playstation to play Call of Duty ghost it will not let me join their games please fix it do your part

  • FueledBySeth

    The maps are too big. I keep dying by getting shot in the back…

  • Jnicks

    If you like slower gameplay with bigger maps that’s what battlefield is for. Close combat is why I play COD. The large maps with 100s of places to camp sucks.

  • Cod ghosts Hater

    I give it a 0/10. Over all a horrible game. I’ve already broke my disc. Way to many overpowered lmg’s and snipers.

  • Game Smart Stores

    I cant get enough of this game.