Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces a new way to unlock all the things you want in Create A Solider for your load out. You have to use Squad Points to purchase the items you want to have in your load out. Many people are wondering exactly how to earn them, so here’s how.

  • You earn 2 Squad Points for ranking up
  • You get 1 Squad Point for the successful completion of a Field Order (the blue suite case with a specific challenge)
  • Operations: Completing 1 operation gives you 1 squad point,┬áIf you finish 5 Operations in those 2 weeks, you get an extra 4, if you only finish 4, you get 3 squad points, and (3 gives you 2 points, 2 gives you 1 extra).

SOURCE: Reddit

  • xmaccabix

    you also get random squad points for seemingly no reason at all when you play

    • John

      Yeah it seems as if I’ll get random squad points after kills.

      • Brad Portzer

        ya i think theres another way to get squad points not listed here, because most of the time i get 2 spuad pts per game at least and i dont always complete field orders and operations. i dont know maybe there are so many challenges i complete a few every match. maybe you get points for gettin certain proficiencies(like doublekill, avenger, triple kill, etc.)

        • Fuji (7GoldGunsGhosts)

          For a camo, say 500 kills, there are many sub challages; 5 kills, 10 kills, 25 kills, 50, kills and so on, they give you 1 squad point. So getting the camo for 500 kills may end up giving you 10 squad.

    • VAQnotVAG

      Its because you’ve completed a challenge/operation (ex: get five kills with ACOG scope)

      The game doesn’t do a very good job of telling you when you’ve completed something unfortunately

      • NiftyGam3r

        The game doesnt do a good job of letting me know ANYTHING. If it wasnt because i randomly looked at the camos i wouldnt have known i had already unlocked 3


    The whole new operations setup is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire life of gaming. I can be doing these hard challenges but not get awarded because the operation isn’t under my ops list at the moment so the uniform or gear item challenge unlock is inactive. This is so stupid almost as stupid as the map chasm.

    • Stupid

      >This whole new operations setup is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire life of gaming.
      >This is so stupid almost as stupid as the map chasm.

      >Stupidest thing I have ever seen
      >Almost as stupid

      • XLKILLA

        Do you have a problem with my stupid comment about the stupid operations?

        • Chris Raybell

          I kinda do because you don’t understand the concept; you don’t need operations highlighted to do them.

          • XLKILLA

            Yes you do. If you don’t have the operation under operations the uniform or gear says op inactive therefor you can’t unlock that piece of equipment until you buy a set of ops that has that challenge in it.

      • xx420xx

        fuck off you cancerous shitter

        • Fuji (7GoldGunsGhosts)

          That escalated quickly

      • stupid2

        stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

    • AnotherAverageSniper

      Yeah I agree It’s just stupid having to have that challenge ‘active’ just to unlock the item.
      And yeah Chasm is pretty bad, nearly as bad as Siege

      • Prestige20Level80

        What?! I think Chasm is the best CoD map ever! Even better than Showdown, Highrise etc.

    • Chris Raybell

      You’re just as stupid for not understanding how operations work. I’m working on over 5 different operations at once, selecting an operation from the list of each sub category is simply for quick reference. Which is why I’m doing more than three gear operations at the same time. Get with the program man.

      • XLKILLA

        You’re 100% wrong. I bet more then half of your uniforms say operation inactive. You can’t complete those till you buy more operations till you see the one you want.

        • The Ken

          On the operations that say inactive, do you have the corresponding perk unlocked? If not, then that’s probably why they’re not active.

  • chuck

    does anyone know why on the character unlocks it says “inactive” ? do you have to be a certain level to unlock the different uniforms and headgear


      No you have to go to operations and keep buying new operations until you have correct one for the gear you have to unlock. This is what my stupid comment was about.

    • semir krcic

      simple it IN ACTIIVE


      You can only have 5 operation cattegories at a time so buy new ops then go check the gear to see if it’s active for the one you want. If it’s not go refresh the operations with another squad point.

      • Rob Schneider

        or you could wait two weeks

        • the Bob One

          yeah i have XBox and I noticed the same thing as Strong Island. All my uniforms and Headgear unlocks were “Inactive”. then one day I downloaded an update and they are all active and I am working on 20+ of them right now.
          Also, I like this loadout system WAY more that BO2. I hated the limit in BO2. How the hell does it make sense that adding a silencer means you have to cary 1 less grenade? and perks shouldn’t do shit to the amount of equipment you cary. BO2 made NO SENSE. the only limit should be on perks, which are much improved in GHOSTS>

      • Chris Raybell

        Five operation categories yes, but you can work on multiple in a single category. For example if your class is configured right you can work on two or more operations of each category, this doing at least 10 operations at any single given time.

        • XLKILLA

          No shit but if the uniform piece he wants says inactive he has to buy a new set of operations.

          • Chris Raybell

            Still kinda confused on what you’re getting at. 5 categories of operations, each containing their own list of operations, all of which you can do at the same time. You’re not limited to just doing 5 at a time if that’s what you’re saying.

          • XLKILLA

            I know that each 5 has a lot in them but that’s not all the operations.

          • Chris Raybell

            On another note- NOT A SINGLE UNIFORM PIECE requires “operations” to be done, or active. They are 100% unrelated. Just looked through every uniform piece, and not a single thing requires any particular “operation”. It’s all get so many kills this way, etc etc, which doesn’t require doing the operations. Hell, not even patches or backgrounds require operations. You know what you earn from operations??? SQUAD POINTS AND XP. That’s it’s.

          • XLKILLA

            You are 100% wrong. Go to uniforms you see they say inactive it’s because you don’t have that challenge. You are clueless. Go to operations and click by new operations. Then go check the uniform till it says active. If it still says inactive buy another set of operations. I’ve done this a million times. Have fun trying to unlock a inactive uniform lmfao.

          • Chris Raybell

            I’ll own up to my own mistake there, yeah you’re right. Sure enough I went for a shotgun challenge for a gear piece and didn’t get a reward. However I see no such status ANYWHERE about inactive anything pertaining to looking at gear unlocks- which is why I thought you were mistaken in the first place, because every single piece of my I lockable uniform items, says nothing like inactive or not active. Would be helpful though for sure.

          • XLKILLA

            Look at your uniforms and headgear under most of them it says inactive

          • Chris Raybell

            Which system do you have Ghosts for?

          • XLKILLA


          • Chris Raybell

            Yeah my twitter account I believe is @General_Smokey

          • XLKILLA

            Check your twitter mentions I sent picture.

          • XLKILLA

            Do you have twitter? I’ll show you a picture of inactive unlocks

          • Chris Raybell

            Yeah so I have it on the Wii U and nowhere does it state anything is inactive. Which led me to believe in the first place that I could unlock anything at any time

    • Unknown

      Dont keep buyin operations by pressin square siply press X nd choose your challenge u want to complete or earn.

  • DemGamez

    1 per 10 kills would be nice

    • AcePhoenix007


    • asif

      but that would only help spineless people who only camp with suppressed automatic weapons

      • Bear Dox

        Because in real wars you run around alone on the battlefield…

        • balaamnaleh


        • Fuck Furries

          But it’s just Call of Duty. Where does realism ever come into play? ‘Nuff said.

  • Francisco Robles

    It sucks that even if you finish more than 5 operations, you’ll still only get 4 squad points.

    • VAQnotVAG

      No those are bonus squad points, you don’t stop getting anything

  • Auptyk

    If you are the first person on a Domination cap point and cap it to completion you get a squad point.

    In addition to the 5 showing operations if you accomplish background operations it seems to give you one as well.

    I also think that 5,10,20 streaks give you SP as well. When I started playing FFA I was getting a lot of these streaks and my squad points went through the roof. Can’t confirm that yet though.

  • Ryumoau

    I don’t think i like the squad point system at all.

    • sudhunter

      BO2 is the best system so to date, Squad Points in Ghosts is ridiculous, so is the Operations system, rotating operations why???? Ive completed loads now and whenever they cycle i always get some that say Previously Completed… wtf!!?? Also quite unhappy about DXP which does not 2x operation bonus xp, Ghosts probably is the worst COD I’ve ever played, who thought this would be fun needs sacking!

  • Matt Trumble

    i think you also get them when you plant the bomb on search and rescue

  • George

    It seems more often than not that headshot kills give me squad points, as well as completing objectives every now and then.

  • i dont give a damn

    my tip: play a few good games of safeguard (15+ rounds), i played like 3 of those and got around 25-30 squad points

    • Ender

      How? It takes forever to get points

    • Sickrick

      Safe Guard is the ticket play it to DEATH

  • DamarisKitten

    I myself have gotten Squad points after Longshots I’ve noticed. so maybe every few longshots, or every few accolades?

  • Nicole Ferguson Masters

    This is stupid..

  • bizerie1122

    I have to say I am not a big fan of Ghosts so far..I held my own on BO 2, but this seems a lot different. Why is there no DEMO on this game. That is all I played on BO 2 and for a good reason, b/c when I played the other games, I didn’t have as much fun. And I hate getting shot in the back 85% of the time I die. This is starting to become stupid even. WTH, I have every single MW game that was made, and I think I like all the other ones way better thus far

  • Grant harris


  • krychek

    Worst CoD to date imo

  • krychek

    BO2 was better

  • Le Peann

    you earn 1 squad point every 3k XP, thatl be why you get them randomly

  • LessonsLearned

    Ghosts sucks.. period. It is by far the worst COD game. C’mon Black Ops III!

  • Don

    All I can say is, your all retarded,

  • Nick

    Is this applicable to PS4? I just can’t seem to get enough points for some reason.

  • Dre

    So I can’t buy them

  • Andre Luiz Lima Barros

    You earn a squad point every 3000 XP you get.

  • Devyn Hood

    Has anyone else randomly earned 6000 XP for dying in search lol every time I die in search +6000 pops up

  • abz

    i’ve been leveling up but didnt get any squad points for that. any advise?