DefendTheHouse is back with their Mythbuster series for Call of Duty: Ghosts! They have released episode one today.

  • Guard Dogs will fight each other…confirmed.
  • You can score a Blitz point while dying…confirmed.
  • You can shot and kill a player whose controlling a helo scout…confirmed.
  • You can kill another player with your Cranked explosion…busted.
  • You can ricochet sniper shots of a riot shield…confirmed.

  • Tony Rambo

    Fix the lags in PC!!!

    • Fading Lee

      You do know Charlie Intel isn’t affiliated with Infinity Ward or Activision right?

      • Toxic Hogwash

        What!?!?! Then how do they post all this info!?! 😛

        Some people seriously don’t understand that.

        • Batman

          Charlie Intel staff are badass legends, ghosts. But they are not affliated with Activision

          • mangojuiceFIEND

            f*ck toxic hogwash hes so stuped

          • Toxic Hogwash

            Says the guy who can’t even spell stupid…

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah cause misspelling something totally makes his comment invalid right?

          • Toxic Hogwash

            Yes, If you are going to insult someone use proper spelling.

          • xx420xx

            ur a fucking retard m8 be quiet

          • stfu m8 1v1 qs only

        • who voted this down? why? dicks.

      • Tony Rambo

        Thanks captain!

  • Ryumoau

    Wow didn’t know that the dogs could attack each other. cool.

  • Andreas S Hidle

    Vikkstar123 have had the same concept since BO1

    • Mitch Barnett

      DTH has been doing this since MW2

      • Andreas S Hidle

        Ah, only saw the series from mw3 in their list.

    • xSupaScopa

      DTH has been doing this since Halo 3 and MW2

  • ip x Warrior

    You capture a Domination Flag faster with a dog ?

  • M-Varley

    yep guard dogs do attack each other, they go nose to nose and it looks like a HP based MMO fight with attacks not having an impact to the actual sprite until one dies. Found this out as one of my two theories. 1: my dog is well fed before i call him out and has no interest in munching the enemy. 2: my dog is infact Chop the Dog (GTA V) and has more interest in other dogs than hunting out enemies

  • Michael

    I guarantee you Vanoss or someone will do that last one when search comes out