The Call of Duty Clan Wars will officially start on November 25th, bringing a new meta game within the app for Call of Duty: Ghosts fans.

Complete in Call of Duty® Clan Wars – Battle for territory against multiple Clans of similar skill. Earn exclusive Call of Duty® Clan Wars items and XP Bonuses by dominating your opponents.

And, the new Call of Duty App has some second screen functionality, which will be activated in December, according to OneOfSwords.

Second Screen functionality is there to enhance your experience, and not get in the way. Pre match, you can edit your squad. In match, you have one-touch access to swap your loadout for your next spawn.

SOURCE: OneofSwords

  • Bigi345

    So december is the time when CI clan is going to be active?

    • Josh

      I guess so, but I’m not sure what’s happening with the ps3 clan as keshav has an xbox now.

      • ORB1T4L

        Clans are multiplatform, right ? So what’s the problem ? 😉

        • Josh

          There are already three existing clans for CI: two for xbox 360 and one for PS3. They are not all connected as one they are separate. A new CI clan needs to be created to be multi platform or people can just join one from one of the existing CI clans from a different console.

  • Predator132914

    Is this app available worldwide? Hopefully they can!

  • Jimmy

    I bought this game so I could use all the features they scammed me with when I saw the commercials. Not wait a month… 130 for this crud?