All PS4 games will be available on the digital PSN Store on Day 1, but the file sizes for these games are really large. PS4 version of Ghosts is estimated to be a 49GB download on the PlayStation store, but we don’t have the exact size yet.

To make the process easier, Sony has confirmed that users will be able to choose whether they want to download the multiplayer portion only first or the campaign portion, so you can play what you want first, and the rest of the game will download in the background.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on Day 1 on the PSN Store. If you own the PS3 version currently, you will be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for $9.99 if your PS3 game box is tagged with the blue sticker.


  • I heard that if i purchased CoD ghosts on PSN store (on PS3) i will be able to download it on PS4 for free, is that true?

    • Labib

      You’ll have to pay $10 USD to get the next-gen upgrade. What i’m doing is i’m using the free $10USD voucher that comes in the box of every PS4 to upgrade my copy of Ghosts to the PS4 version 😀

      • PSN EXPERT

        Well, actually The Playstation store had a promo if you spend over $50 you would get $10. The promo’s over now, but essentially you could have gotten Ghost for PS4 free, and still have the extra $10

      • Mitch

        Pretty sure this deal is America only, isn’t it?

  • Would be funny if MP says you need to download Campaign too in order to play it 😀

    • Ryumoau

      I think alot of people would be upset if that was the case. But i like campaign, so i don’t mind downloading everything.

    • coilover2005

      You “forgot” to put NOT in between (Would ___ be) 😀

  • Bigi345

    If i redeemed my code, will i be able to download the PS4 ver for $10 thing even after 31st of march? Or will it expire just as if, if i didn’t redeemed it?

    • Mitch

      It will expire (pretty sure it says this on the voucher). You have to redeem the code and buy the game for 9,99 the 31st of March or earlier.

      • Bigi345

        Well that’s kind of stupid. I was hoping to not upgrade till june or something around that

    • Bingo81

      if you redeem your code now you will be able to download it whenever you get a PS4

      • Bigi345

        Even after 31st of march???

  • TheGamerBeast

    Just Like PC 😛

  • Ryumoau

    So it is 49Gb. Dang, oh well. I’ll probably download campaign first and just play that while multiplayer downloads. I just hope Sony juices up their network speeds on friday.

  • Trips97

    Could just have been a hot fix. No need for a full patch.

  • George

    So where would Extinction and Squads modes fall in with only those two categories?

    • haqashaq

      u look like a faggot emo

      • George

        So I totally deserved that after my not-necessarily-negative comment… :/

      • Nick

        And you highly considered as one would call, an “asshole”?

    • Ryumoau

      probably be lumped in with multiplayer, though you need to play campaign first mission in order to even unlock extinction.

      • Marshall

        Actually you can rank up in MP and unlock Extinction too. I jumped straight into MP and then it was unlocked already when I went to play Campaign.

      • George

        You don’t have to play Campaign to unlock Extinction. YouTube player iCONBOY said he just played some multiplayer and it was unlocked, and I did the same before even playing Campaign and got it. I don’t know why we don’t just start with it really.

        • Ryumoau

          oh i see. cool.

    • Mitch

      I would be guessing MP: Squads uses the same loadouts as MP, and leveling in Extinction unlocks things like backgrounds in MP.

      • George

        that makes sense

  • Misogynist

    What’s even better – People who bought the game on Psn on PS3 get a free $10 voucher… basically, the ps4 version is a free upgrade 😀

  • tibido

    how long does it take for call of duty ghost take to download from ps3 to p4 when u start the installing from disc process

  • Trev

    Ghosts is taking forever to download for me also not letting me play until fully downloaded it seems.Help plz

    • Jordan

      same here. I chose to download multiplayer first. and either i can’t find the option to play while downloading or simply… there ain’t one haha. guess i can wait the 20+ hours to download though…. -__-

  • Callum Mullett

    How do I play multiplayer then cuz it just comes up with the story mode downloading when I click to install it? URGENT