Chances are you’ve already made up your mind on what consoles you’re getting since preorders ended a while ago and we’re days away from next-gen beginning. Xbox One reviews went live earlier this morning which discussed differences between Xbox One and PS4 versions. If you’re one of the few people waiting to purchase a new console or are just curious how they look, then check out the videos below and make sure you’re watching in HD.

Here’s a video from JayEx23 comparing the Xbox one to Xbox 360:

IGN has posted another video showing differences between the two versions, stating that the PS4 version does look better.

  • Jeffrey Minchew

    Curious to see the PS4 vs XB1.

  • It looks to me that PS4 has obviously higher resolution but the colours are more realistic, with more subtleties going on in X1, although some of the lighting and particle effects are missing.
    However, I’m not one of the BF3 kiddies who gets more excited the more particle effects and screen covers there are…

    • Mitch

      ”but the colours are more realistic, with more subtleties going on in X1”
      Look at my pics, the water on XB1 is green, and the American flag is pink/white/blue…

      • Yeah true, but that’s a lighting error like I said ;P
        Not a raw colour error or incorrect gamma levelling

        • Mitch

          Still, it’s the final color we get to see, and it’s ugly.

          • BF3 all over again, Poklane 😛
            Blue does not equal good graphics, just because people prefer blue over green!

          • Mitch

            True, but the water should be blue, it just looks better. Unless you swim in some dirty river of course, but this is an ocean, blue is the color to go. You can’t deny that blue water looks much better than green water.

          • I don’t know what’s going on in the level, but I assume they aren’t sightseeing in some lovely tropical ocean 😛 so I won’t agree or disagree with you there

          • Take the still from the top video for example, his jacket is black leather in X1, but is slightly off, a kind of yellow in PS4

      • Matt Trumble

        you must be color blind

  • jordanxbrookes

    Both look amazing!

    • HUH?

      Very True

    • Ezekiel

      Pfffft, only if you’ve never played on a real gaming system, the PC has been on 1080p for several years, and looks much better.

      • TheDarkStarter

        There’s always a PC elitist, isn’t there?

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 version looks wayyyyy better

    • Mitch

      From what vid is that?

      • HenryDF

        It looks like IGN, but this guy obviously isn’t running the video at HD.

        • OnlyWar

          Its from the IGN video, and you don’t even need HD to tell the huge difference here. The guy on the XB1 version is missing his right leg!!!!

          • omar_soft

            Honestly i think you might be “BLIND or flat out LYING” Hes obviously not missing his leg, its up behind his body. The only difference that is noticeable is the water color which does not make the PS4 wayyy better because the water is blue… The guy in the video even said he had the brightness turned up on the XB1, explaining the “too bright”.

    • Actually that’s wrong. true, the colour is not blue, but not all water is blue xD some seas/ ocean are greenish. That’s not even the main thing. Anyway, notice the stack of coral, it’s blurred on the PS4 whereas you get the reflections and smoother edges on the x1… Th background has more depth to it where the fish are. It’s just flat on PS4

      • Also, it says “washed out” like that’s a bad thing… It’s underwater of course it’s going to be washed out xD

        • UnKnownLeegend

          You’re just constantly talking about one scene though, The PS4 version clearly looks better on every scene.

      • Renono

        Typical delusional fanboy here. It’s pretty clear the Xbone version has the brightness/contrast turned up. As for rougher edges, you do realize the entire point of 1080p is smoother edges, with the PS4 runs at. Don’t judge the game by this shit screen shot at all. The water is even different for fucks sake.

        • Hahahaha “delusional” that’s a new one I like it xD
          So you’re saying that a 1080p orange rectangle is better graphically than a 720p image of the Mona Lisa? Nice one.
          And yes, I know the water is a different colour, maybe read my other comments??

          • ra

            I’m saying when choosing between Mona Lisa being shown on a 1080p, or it being shown on a 720p tv, it’s not that hard of a decision.

          • Somewhere in that steaming pot of insults, maybe you are…

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        How do you know it’s not blurred underwater effects affecting the coral?

        • That sort of star shape on the right hand side of the stack is in focus on X1 but its a bit messy on PS4.
          Other than that oaghdofgdurg;dfn that’s how ;P The scenes are in very slightly different positions…

      • bala rivasisede

        let me guess you are gonna get an xbox 1 lol.PS4 looks better bro 1080>720p its really simple .

        • I’m not even going to reply to this -_-
          just no

        • Trizay

          You do realize that graphically the PS4 and Xbox One will look the same right? The Xbox One isn’t natively 1080p, but i you have a tv that can support 1080p then it will be 1080p. Basically if you had both consoles on the same 1080p tv then the would look the same. Also graphics isn’t always the most important thing. The xbox controller is definitely better for fps games as well as you get dlc a month earlier. Some people say that the wait for dlc doesn’t matter but as someone who has been on PS3 I will tell you that waiting a month is a bitch.

          • kdawgmaster

            First of all you guys are comparing the consoles in a premature state where the games. If you all want proof that the console can do 1080P go look at forza 5 which is confirmed to run at 1080P at 60FPS solid the entire time while looking fantastic on the xbox one.

    • mega samus
    • Batman

      They make pee in the water in the xbox one version

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 version has special effects that XB1 does not

    • HenryDF

      Your image is awful (the video isn’t even in HD). Both of those look like current gen, and the brightness is ridiculous on the PS4. I’m getting a PS4, but attempts like this to make it look good is pathetic.

      • Mitch

        You’re missing the point here. The PS4 is bright there, because the screen was taken while there was thunder in the air because of the weather, while the Xbox One doesn’t have the thunder at that moment.

        • OnlyWar

          Exactly. The PS4 version is bright because there is lightning flashing in the background…. This special effect is completely absent from the XB1 version

          • Mitch

            Not completely. At the start, there’s still some thunder on the Xbox One version, the PS4 just has more thunder.

          • OnlyWar

            Yup. You are correct…. but its still an extra effect that XB1 is missing.

          • Mitch

            Yup. Graphics and resolution wise, it looks like the XB1 has a huge problem, especially after the news that Dead Rising 3 is 720p, and still can’t on a steady 30fps (drops to 18fps or lower).

          • mega samus

            the picture is fake >.>

          • OnlyWar

            no it isn’t. Its from the IGN comparison video on youtube

    • mega samus
    • Batman

      In this level the lights keep turning on and off dude

  • Mitch

    One thing that caught my eye, are the colors on Xbox One:
    1). In the water: it’s quite obvious, the PS4 looks better. The XB1 is a weird green/blue combination, while PS4 is just a nice blue.
    2). In the city: Look at the building on the right and the gun, the PS4 is just way more colorful. Also, there’s way too much ligt on the XB1, you can’t even make out the patterns on the pylons.
    3). Rorke’s face: quite obvious. Rorke’s face looks better on PS4, just look at the color. And like point #2, the building is better.
    4). Again, the color in the face. Also, look at the American flag and the red (more like pink on XB1) light. Seems strange as to why it would be red on the PS4 (like it should be), and pink on the Xbox One (incorrect).
    Also, like OnlyWar has posted in his post under me, Xbox One has less special affects (thunder).

    • OnlyWar

      PS4 version is better. Anyone who denies that is BLIND or flat out LYING

      • renono

        Exactly. It’s not opinion. 1080p>720p. You don’t dispute that. that’s fact.

        • HUH?

          …but 1080p isn’t the name of the console. It’s called a PS4…And we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a “better” experience through more than just resolution.

      • HUH?

        ….Or they have an Xbox 360 and PS3; so they know that both systems can emulate each other through color, contrast, and brightness management.

    • Drew

      every one of your points comes down to the brightness selected when turning on the game…

      • HUH?

        People seem to ignore this FACT

      • Brandalf

        It has nothing to do with brightness, it’s color saturation and contrast. Which both look better on PS4, even though these screenshots look awful. Multiplatform games almost always looked more washed out and had less rich colors on PS3 when compared to Xbox 360. Same thing in action here.

    • Looks like someone turned up the brightness, alot.

      • Trizay

        They did. IGN turned up the brightness on the Xbox One and didn’t say anything about it making it an unfair comparison in some aspects.

    • TheNuNFanBoy

      Just want to let you know, the Xbox one and Ps4 Graphics are the same, when you use a better TV with consoles, obiously the graphics are going to be the same. Xbox one has 1080P, the same with PS4, but they aren’t going to work on 1080P if you use them on a crappy TV. You need to use better TV’s, the Graphics aren’t a difference. The utility on both though, are WAY different. I have bought both Xbox 360 and Ps3, and I choose always the best. Ps3 is currently better than the 360, but Xbox one is definetly going to kick PS4’s ass.

      • some1exampe1

        are you from earth? have you not been keeping up with gaming news.

        the ps4 versions of all multiplat games run better than every single xbone game, in resolution, textures, you name it.

        you can’t trust gaming sites with clear agenda’s and ad revenue for legitimate reviews.

        common sense dictates that 2 systems, both with very similar architecture, unless there is some sort of sabotaging, the more powerful one will have the better games.

        it’s literally math.

        • greg

          my pc is better than both consoles

          • xXmpmdudeXx

            Yea your computer is probably a lot more expensive then the new consoles.

    • HUH?

      That’s a terrible picture for both consoles.

      • Ziggy

        Then what looks good if neither look good?!

    • xXmpmdudeXx

      Why is there a console war who the hell cares if a systems better than the other what the hell people need to get their priorities strait

  • Anonymous


    • Mitch

      It doesn’t sucks, but PS4 is definitely the winner.

  • The difference is too small for me to notice, I’ll be busy calling in Lokis anyways…

    • coilover2005

      Lokis SUCK in GHOSTS!

  • Ex

    Xbox 1 is green and PS4 is blue.
    This explains why Xbox 1 version has greenish hue and PS4 version has blueish hue.

  • Graphics

    They both look great, there both a step up from previous generation, They’ll both be good systems, Who cares if ones better then the other, The graphics are good enough now days that I’m not bothered with graphics at all. So stop telling each other which graphics are better or what system is better and just get the system you want.

  • Graphics

    both systems will be great, it just depends on what you prefer. You guys haven’t even played these systems either, you can’t say something sucks if you haven’t played it. just go with what you want and don’t say another console sucks without playing it

    • ORB1T4L

      None of them suck anyways, they’re both great. Only stupid fanboys will say one is better than the other. The experience will be different on each of them and that’s a good thing, I think that having just one console when if you can afford both is stupid, as a gamer, I want to play all the exclusives, I’ll just get the PS4 later cause my priority is the Xbox One and unfortunatly, I didn’t shit gold this month ^_^

  • Josiah Johnson

    They both look great, but different. I’m probably a bit of a Sony fanboy and I think that in some ways each looks better than the other! To me the ps4 looks better, but until we have both games- a fair comparison can’t be made. Even though I think the ps4 looks a bit better, I can see how in some ways the xbox one looks better: it just depends on what you are looking for..

    • ORB1T4L

      You’re right, and I think the PS4 version is too blurry, but it also has better colors, though I don’t know if it’s a capture problem (as usual with IGN cause they obviously are Sony fanboys) or just the console doing it, I can’t see how a slightly better GPU could cause such a big difference in colors.

  • Ryumoau

    After watching the videos, i feel confident in my decision to get the ps4 version. Just hope IW addresses the framerate issues i’ve heard about in a day one patch.

  • David Sync

    from what i heard, Microsoft is making devs hold back on what they can REALLY do on the PS4 🙁

    • some1exampe1

      and when people don’t buy this game and start buying bf4 and destiny, you’ll see what the ps4 can really do with call of duty.

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    Aigh look the Battle underwater was in a reef reef water is mostly blue and plus this is singleplayer in multiplayer your not gonna be fishing in water and on the video the xb1 looks yellow and fuck ps4 looks just right that’s why more resolution is better than more contrast and satarrse .

    • BoQuan Ondatpsn

      Not my video*

      • ORB1T4L

        There’s an edit button…

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    PS4 looks better but I am still getting the Xbox One.

  • OnlyWar

    everyone wants a PS4

    • Batman

      Me too, but Im getting an Xbox one just because ITS HALF OF THE PRICE IN BRAZIL!!!

  • Broncosnfl15

    on xbox all they do is turn up the brightness

  • Misogynist

    I still do not give a shit. The Xbox version could look like real life and I simply would not be moved at all.

  • DerpyShowtime

    Can you guys just shut the fuck up and play the damn game?

  • Batman

    IGN is a PS4 fanboy

  • whyuresetme

    XB1 version had colorblind assist on…’s obvious. IGN DID fanboy this one. Go turn colorblind on for yourself. You will notice colors become plaid.

  • Hop off that dick

    PS bandwagoners are pissing me off… just last year you’ve been sucking MS’s balls, now you want to feel all superior… For what? You’re still an Xbox fanboy. Fanboying is dumb any fucking way…. Anything to feel better than someone I guess… this pic made me vomit a bit

    Go back to where you came

    • No shit nigga

      What the fuck is a PS bandwagon? The PS4 is better in almost every imaginable way. That along with MS treating their customers like shit the past couple years, has caused a lot of people to go to Sony. SURPRISE!

    • Jasy

      Dude just STFU. You’re just crying because now you have to deal with the fact that PS4 is a little bit better. (I’m not dissing Xbone, its still a good system.)

  • Tyrant Era

    Xbox One looks better due to the fact PS4 ghosts is too damn colorful

  • Xecho

    Looks the same to be honest. it’s just the lighting and particles.

  • Tyrant Era

    Plus graphics don’t make the game. The gameplay is what makes the game. People always worrying about graphics, it’s ridiculous

  • deekayy

    Wow.. They’re just graphics guys… When you’re sitting behind your console playing a game, are you going to be thinking about the graphics on other consoles? NO! Who cares what has better graphics, they’re pretty damn similar! It isn’t always about “which is better”, each to their own!

  • Josh

    The colouring is slightly off on the XB1 and isn’t as detailed as the ps4 but there isn’t much difference between the two.

  • Everyone knows that:

    1)The game not having a constant frame rate on PS4 (dropping from 60fps to around 30fps).

    2)And 720p (Xbox One upscaling to 1080p). Are game specific, and within the next say 6 months we won’t see those issues anymore, right ?

    Right now the issue is with games that want to be both on Current Gen, and Next Gen.

  • MaRico Spikes

    Everyone will get the same experience the look for in Call of Duty, if no one even mention the 720p/1080p no one would’ve ever thought about it, everyone wants to cry about the wrong things , cry about the lack of uniforms and customization, force them to do better. The 720p is not an issue, they did what they could to make the game great and to be on par for what the game is known for. You want 1080p get a nex-gen console. You kids pretty good at crying, go cry to your parents to go buy you one.

  • dafuq

    pc better LOL

  • babyboyblur

    idk xbox looks better to me and xb1 has a better multiplayer on codghosts then ps4

  • babyboyblur

    u cant tell which one looks better off of a youtube vid u have to see it in real person for your self

  • LegitLoser

    first one goes to xbox space one definitley goes to ps4


    Critics say PS4 has intense frame rate drops in high moments of action. In other words PS4 lags. XBOXONE4EVER

  • HeyItsMast

    seems like the Xbox one has the upper hand in FPS games. the difference is totally noticeably off the very first picture.

  • jooker-jr

    Graphics aren’t everything but with the weakness of the one how it will preforme after 4 or 5 years ??

  • Hiroko Takashiro

    CoD Ghost looks bad no matter the system it’s on, Battlefield 4 is a better game to use for comparisons.

  • Trizay

    Just letting you guys know that IGN rigged the comparison so that the PS4 version would look a lot better. I’m not saying that it doesn’t look better but it’s an unfair comparison none the less.

  • TheWildWookiee

    if you want really HD then get a PC

  • Deelushiousness

    The guy here keeps saying that the PS4 version is more defined… Maybe he got the names wrong in the video? The side that said Xbox one appeared more clear and detailed over-all in this video, at least to my 20-10 vision eyes anyway. I must admit that I’m viewing this on a 720p screen, but the xbox one definitely looks slightly clearer over-all.

  • Jasy

    Remember now, Xbone blew E3 2013. Then about 1-2 weeks later, they sucked up to Sony by removing their Online always feature.

  • Luke

    All of you are raging about what GFX are better on what console and tbh who gives a ****.I am a gamer I respect all consoles as they play games. I will be getting X1 as I like Xbox Live and personally it is more suited for my needs atm in time such as friends. OK now everyone of you are moaning about X1 not looking as good under water as the PS4 on Ghosts but you all are failing to realize that this mission is complete BS as the bullets wouldn’t even leave the god dam weapon. If you want to rage and moan about something keep it on the games and not the consoles as we are all gamers and we should moan about the quality of the games we play and not the consoles we play them on. e.g Servers going down, Small campaign, Hackers not getting punished, Leader boards not being fixed. All of these are problems that effect all of us but yet you want to Bitched about what console is better. F the console war and F everyone who is involved with it.

  • chris

    1080p & $100 less > 720p $100 more

  • Douglas Muller

    So guys…nobody said that but here it is. First of all, I’m not a fanboy! I have both ps3 and xbox 360. I’ll buy a ps4 first but I do intent to buy a XOne eventually. But what caught my eye and that made me very happy with Sony is that, in the previous generation, ps3 and cod didn’t mix so well. Since Modern Warfare to Ghosts, Xbox 360 was a gorgeous version of the game and the ps3 was just a failed copy (graphically speaking) of the 360’s. I get it, PS3 hardware was a pain in the ass to work with, so they went with Microsoft and since COD is a early franchise, they didn’t have enough time to made an exactly copy of the game. But the difference was huge! So powerful that even today, people would rather choose a xone to play cod than a ps4, because of all the history. And then we look at this video! Amazing! Sony did bounce back and present us a Cod so freaking amazing…. a little bit better than Xone version. THIS IS HUGE! A company wich in the past had terrible graphics now rules the consoles version of cod. Kuddos for Sony 🙂

    • Douglas Muller

      yearly* not early sorry

  • SteauaAcumSteauaMereu

    so far both looks amazing. but it’s just the first month. on the other hand i bought the ps3 for the exclusives not for better looking cod, bf, etc.