MLG and Infinity Ward have just announced that the new eSports “broadcaster” feature along with other esports “options” will be revealed at the MLG Championship in Columbus Ohio which starts on November 22nd.

As always, we’ll report all the new features as soon as they’re announced. This could be what the eSports community had been dying for ever since Ghosts MP was revealed. We’ll keep you posted..

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.11.55 PM


  • HenryDF

    I hope this is more accessible than being a “shoutcaster” in BO2…there was such a big deal made about that at events, and I never saw anything about it at all in game.

    • Mitch Barnett

      Thats because there is no need to shoutcast when not at events really

  • Sentrymann

    I’m glad they’re implementing this. Not because I’m a fan of competitive, but because I’m tired of hearing the competitive community complain about being ignored. Okay, that’s a little mean.

  • Duffnez

    is broadcostermode maybe theater mode? :O

    • HenryDF


    • George

      It’s Black Ops II’s CODcaster basically

    • Keshav Bhat


  • Josh

    I still want theatre mode…… Arrggh!

  • guest846

    Better late than never? after, of course, all pros share their frustration on YouTube.. IW either didn’t have intentions to include MLG, or they ran out of time.

  • Yay finally, Competitive features.