YouTuber ‘synystersk8r07‘ has uploaded two videos showing all the dynamic events that can take place on each of the MP maps in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

SOURCE:  YouTuber synystersk8r07 via DW247

  • just my thoughts

    The “Dynamic” is so bad in this game. Why did they have to change the whole game? The worst Call of Duty I played, I would play BO2 rather. Way better game. I suck at Ghosts, but I wanna play how I am supposed to play CoD: run and gun. Not camp and kill.

    • GetGood NotMad

      Haters gonna hate

      • Josh

        I hate on haters not on the game

    • Dextro_Phoenix

      That is not how call of duty should be played. Cod 4 and MW2 always had a balance of long range mid range and close range maps. This game goes back to this 🙂 MW3 and BO2 just had tiny maps which encouraged people to just use SMG’s. Now all these people who used SMG’s are coming into ghosts and getting owned; Serves them right (Y)

      • just my thoughts

        I always used MSMC and PDW on BO2 until they got nerfed SO BADLY. Since then I used AN-94 and assault rifles.
        Ghosts is just shit. When I try to go for flags, there is some fag sitting there already and then he just boom takes me out. I should give this game another go, but the only weapons I found good was marksman rifles, expect on CQC.
        I wanna run and shoot the enemy I kill. I hate hiding.

      • ccrows

        ^ That pretty much sums it up right there.

        Don’t get me wrong I liked BO2, and if I want “uncontrolled chaos” I can pop in my BO2 disk whenever I want.

        Ghosts kinda went back to simpler “COD4” roots with MW2/BO Maps. If you played COD4, MW2, or BO in the past, it really shouldn’t take you that long to adapt…

      • Dustin

        yeah but they had the MP5 and UMP for run and gun mayhem, the SMG’s on GHOSTS are terrible, and all the assault rifles are ridiculously overpowered! i dont care about realism i care about the enjoyment of the game, ghosts just isnt addictive like previous COD’s.

    • Birchy

      Dynamic maps in Ghosts are basically the same as in the first Black Ops. Like the doors on Radiation, the elevators in Hotel, the rocket on Launch….. They’re the same as that really 🙂

      • the1PR0D1GY

        No they are *slightly more sophisticated (on some maps, not all)

        • just my thoughts

          Wow, Tremor is such a badass map. I’m playing BF4, love when the skyscraper falls. Games are far away from dynamic maps but that is way cooler than some soft tremor..

      • Batman

        But its much more, and it changes the gameplay alot more.

        Ghosts is the new Black ops 1

    • ccrows

      So you’re mad because you “suck at Ghosts”. ADAPT!

      ^ BTW I’m primarily a RunNGun too, and I usually have no problem flanking.

      Just don’t run around aimlessly in the open like a “Nuketown Commando” and you’ll be fine…

      • just my thoughts

        Adapt? How can I adapt to this game when the sprinting time is so small compared to the size of the MAPS? Everytime I played Stonehaven I was just looking up in the sky as I couldn’t find anyone even if I ran middle to the middle of the map.
        This weekend I’m going to dump BF4 for a while and give this game a go. I’ll play it seriously for 20 hours and consider my tactics. If I don’t adapt, fuck this shit.
        Why can’t I walk around the maps and when I see an enemy just blow him up?

        • ccrows

          “Everytime I played Stonehaven I was just looking up in the sky as I couldn’t find anyone even if I ran middle to the middle of the map.”

          ^ Exhibit A of what not to do.

          “Why can’t I walk around the maps and when I see an enemy just blow him up?”

          ^ This is not Nuketown. You really shouldn’t be playing COD Ghosts like Nuketown.

          Finally – If you must run around and kill, then play Infected or Cranked. At least you will learn the “Hotspots”, and then you can look for those when you try playing other game modes…

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          You can rush, as long as you’re flanking. BTW play cranked, seems like your gametype.

        • Josh

          Try looking down for a change- you may see a difference in how to play

  • alex

    I like this game u cant run around like an idiot with their head cut off. it Takes awareness and skill to rush on this game.

  • ccrows

    Pretty much knew most of this, but still a good video.

    I’m definitely looking forward to more dynamic stuff in the upcoming DLC maps… 🙂

  • Tony Rambo

    Ghosts is different from previous CoD’s, it requires more strategy and has a different style of gameplay.You just have to adapt your I love this game and SnR is such an amazing mode 😀

    • Toxic Hogwash

      I wouldn’t say it’s so much different as it returns to the core of CoD. CoD4 and MW2 were similar to this game, long medium ranges with a couple of short range places. That is why Ghosts is great. 🙂

      • Batman

        I love ghosts, its the epic comeback from CoD

        • Toxic Hogwash

          Yeah, all the haters were saying: “It needs a serious overhaul”. Ghosts is an overhaul, it returns to the greatness of CoD4 and MW2, the Two greatest CoDs of all time.

          • As long as they patch the spawns and other issues currently in there – It could be up there as one of the best

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      SnR would be my favorite mode if my teammates weren’t assholes and picked up team tags instead of using them as bait.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Ikr, this COD requires strategy. Now I can’t do this.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    People who hate every new COD are people that don’t like change. They live in the past and want the old games that they are good at. I personally don’t like hiding and killing but because the kills are so quick and the maps are so big you have to adapt if you want success. So you really have two choices. Either be a pussy and quit or dust yourself off and get better. Nuff Said!!

    • Dustin

      see what your saying but disagree. Cod has its fanbase due to its addictive run and kill fast gameplay, change is good but not to the foundation of the game. I personally feel they will patch the health and it may become playable again.

      • Batman

        CoD was always like this dumbass.

        MW2 is like this
        WaW is like this
        CoD 4 is like this
        BO1 is like this

        Only those terrible 2 last CoDs ruined the gameplay

  • Toxic Hogwash

    Actually, I’ve noticed little bits of debris fall on Free Fall during the rumbling. So lame, really hyped it up only for a no show.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      No wonder the trailer was so late.

  • Captain_Planet

    To use an SMG and do well in Ghosts: Dead Silence + Amplify + Marathon + Agility

    Works on any map!

  • Grigori

    Super trained soldier dies by being 10 seconds under water!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      They taught him how to kill, not swim. lol

      • Grigori

        All the millitairy are trained for missions with diving or water, and i think its really annoying how fast you die in Flooded only because of the water

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Does nobody here understand a joke? I was obviously not serious.

  • George

    Yaaaay…I can push buttons and close doors, soooo dynamic. EVERY map should have had a game-changing event like Strikezone, which was obviously IW’s grand vision for this game. The Satellite Crash on Whiteout is significant enough I guess, but they could have made it land somewhere that effects the map more. Flooded should have had an enormous flood like the campaign mission, the earthquakes on Tremor should change the map a little more, the mortars should actually change the map on Warhawk… Endless opportunities were kinda missed here.

  • Adam

    These dynamic maps are a huge letdown

  • MaRico Spikes

    So them fuckers lied about free fall

    • Toxic Hogwash

      Nah, some debris falls during rumbling. They did hype it up way to much though. It is dynamic though, no matter how lame.

  • Epicsand

    The ChainSAW LMG is bad-ass.