As mentioned by some reviewers, Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 has some issues with maintaing the 60FPS, and drops occasionally. However, that may not be a problem for long at all. Giant Bomb is reporting that Infinity Ward is working on a patch to fix the PS4 issues, and that the patch will be out ASAP.

I’m told that Infinity Wardis working on a patch to correct the performance issues. Currently, I’d call it a toss up between the Xbox One and PS4 versions–the Xbox One version has a smoother frame rate, but I’d rather play the game on a Dual Shock 4. Getting that frame rate pegged would definitively swing things in the PS4’s direction, even over the PC version, which is sort of a mess.

SOURCE: Giant Bomb

  • Yeezus

    I know 3 people who have it and are playing it for ps4. None of them have said anything about frame rate issues. “Reports”=BS

    • Sentrymann

      I’ve heard the same, regardless, even if there was a problem apparently they’re fixing it!

    • Primey_

      Maybe they can’t feel/see the issues? Why would the giantbomb reviewer lie about framerate issue? He wouldn’t. Why would Infinity Ward mention they are fixing the issue if apparently there is no issue?

    • HenryDF

      I’m just waiting to see it for myself.

    • Work hard, Twerk harder

      Conspiracy right there, Microsoft pay them to scare PS4 sales by saying that, but infact at launch of PS4 it’ll be perfect. So evil if so true!

    • Avery Horton

      3 people dont have an issue, so that makes it BS?

  • ccrows

    I’ve already seen the fanboy wars elsewhere. Basically just a bunch of the “720P vs Performance” bickering.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy with my 360, and won’t go next gen until “at least” next year… (when most of the console launch bugs are fixed)

  • Tony Rambo

    What about the performance on PC???

    • Primey_

      lol fat chance mate. They don’t care for us pc gamers.

      • G H O S T

        It’s fkin unfair lol… I hope they’ll fix our performance issues 🙁 btw where are dedicated servers for PC?

        • Primey_

          They are rolling out slowly for all platforms.

      • Tony Rambo

        In Nov 15 a patch is coming which adds SnD in public playlists along with fixes they said…pretty stupid to have a PC which can easily run BF4 at ultra and not Ghosts 🙁 other than that I enjoy CoD Ghosts a lot except from that shitty map called Flooded :S

  • TheGamerBeast


  • please fix the PC version

    Jesus IW. Avid Call of Duty fan, played since the first Call of Duty. I took all the shit from MW2 onwards on the PC versions from you, FoV changer from AgentRev saved the PC version but really. Number one priority for Ghosts should be optimazing the game for PC. I can play it, yes, but I want my 60 FPS with zero stutter. That’s what I played these games for, fast great gameplay with static FPS and no engine lag.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Don’t worry, PC version will be fixed. I don’t know when or how long it’ll take, but I was told it will be as soon as solutions can be implemented.

  • Ryumoau

    really hope the frame rates are addressed before the second double XP weekend for next gen versions of ghosts.

  • Jacky Liang

    Can the PC performance get a fix as well..? Too much to ask for?

  • Stay Classy

    So um… Since all developers create their patches on PC, why the HELL would they do the patch for PS3 first… Am I not seeing something here?

  • Mayhewww

    i have frame rate issues on mine and it is definitely noticeable

  • Erik

    There are some “glitchy” parts. I have been playing it for 20 of the last 30 hours.

    There is a bug with the xp gain addition though. You only get the amount you earned not the match bonus or the doubling. It says you do, but it isn’t reflecting it in the leader board.

  • Gunnersmalc

    Anyone having problems connecting to friends??