A user, @syncohboyy, has sent us an image from the PC version of Ghosts that lists ‘dlcweap’ in multiple lines of the code.

Lots of fans want Call of Duty developers to have weapon DLC. The first time we’ve gotten weapon DLC was the Revolution map pack for Black Ops 2, which included a new SMG. For MW3, Mark Rubin said that there wasn’t enough space left on the game files to bring weapon DLC, but it’s something they would consider for the future.

It’s possible that IW has found a solution to implement weapon DLC into Ghosts, but all the new tech they’ve added has taken up a lot of space. The resources used on current-gen made Ground War not possible, but maybe IW has space allocated separately for possible weapon DLC.

We don’t have any information regarding DLC for Ghosts, other than possible map names that were leaked a couple days ago. DLC is expected to arrive in 2014.

  • Ivan Stoyanov

    …For Crist’s sake ! IW you so stupid and obvious just name dem files with other names ,SPOILERS EVERYWHERE !

  • Primey_

    First the dev playlist and now this. I don’t think they know what their doing.


    IW really sucks. BF4 has much more content way larger maps vehicles you name it and tons of weapon DLC Vehicle DLC and more I don’t want to hear no bullshit like they couldn’t fit ground war or weapon DLC. The people at IW are really pathetic IMO. They lied about removing quick scoping it is easier then ever to quick scope. They lied about current gen dedicated servers. What’s next all they do is lie lie lie and we are tired of it.

    • HenryDF

      We are tired of it? I’m certainly not tired of it. In fact, I’m not tired of anything. I’m enjoying Ghosts far more than I enjoyed BF4. I’m perfectly happy, and a lot of other people are too.

      Do you really want CoD to turn into BF though? Because every so often, I keep on seeing comments like “BF4 can do weapon DLC” and “BF4 has bigger dynamic shit”, and in saying this, people are oblivious to what Ghosts has. Multiplayer isn’t everything.

      BF campaigns are notoriously shit, and BF4 is no change. Even my friend, who is a hardcore BF fan and hates CoD, thinks the BF4 campaign is awful. The Ghosts campaign, however, has received a good reception. If anything, be happy that you have a game that’s primary focus ISN’T just Multiplayer.

      Just be grateful for what you have. IW really don’t suck – they’ve delivered, in my opinion, the best CoD game since MW2. It’s pathetic that you’re comparing Ghosts to BF4 – just because BF4 can do something cool, doesn’t mean that CoD has to do it too and is able to do it too.

      People like you really depress me. You don’t appreciate a game for what it is, you hate it for what it isn’t. And that’s pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

      • XLKILLA

        I’m talking about the lies we are tired of the lies.

        • Yeezus

          You are tired of these “lies” that you’ve made up

      • XLKILLA

        I’m not comparing maybe your pathetic self should read my comment again I said BF4 has tons of weapon DLC compared to IW who lies about not being able to fit it.

        • HenryDF

          When did they lie about not being able to fit it? Did you even read the article?

          “For MW3, Mark Rubin said that there wasn’t enough space left on the game files to bring weapon DLC, but it’s something they would consider for the future.”

          That’s MW3. This is Ghosts. And, we know that weapon DLC is possible. And, if you look at the picture that this article is about, you’ll see that we have game files implying that there will be weapon DLC.

          You’re in no position whatsoever to be calling me pathetic, when you obviously can’t even be bothered to read the article you’re complaining about.

          • XLKILLA

            Just like they lied about death streaks in MW3. All I’m saying is they lie all the time.

          • Keshav Bhat

            They didn’t lie about death streaks in MW3. They said that it was coming back at COD XP. Bowling, when he worked at IW, said that LAST STAND wasn’t in the game as a PERK. He never said it was gone completely. I can’t believe people still haven’t gotten over that. Incredible.

        • Relentless

          You just contradicted yourself. You said you weren’t comparing BF4 to Ghosts, and then you say “BF4 has tons of weapon DLC COMPARED to IW”.

    • Sentrymann

      A. They never said they were going to remove quick scoping, only change the way it was done. And no, it is not easier to quick-scope it is nowhere near Modern warfare level bad. B. Larger maps make a game better? C. Believe it or not, the current generation does have it’s limitations, there are things they can’t do. And finally, don’t compare Battlefield and Call of Duty. They’re two totally different games, the only real similarity is the fact that they’re both modern military shooters, it pretty much ends there.

      • XLKILLA

        Another moron. All said was Bf had tons of weapon DLC and there was no reason cod couldn’t. Second of all. They clearly said in a interview quick scoping has been completely removed from final version of the game and what about dedicated servers for current gen? What’s your BS excuse for that.

        • Guest

          Clearly said that it had been “completely removed”…?

          “…such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional “quick-scoping” has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was.”

          Please man, fuck off. You’re spewing bullshit that isn’t backed up at all, you’re just trying to have a go at IW because I guess you’ve been disappointed. And I’m sorry you have been, but the rest of us are perfectly happy playing Ghosts without you being a twat.

        • Sentrymann

          Well you’re a bit saucy. Resorting to name calling to win an argument seems a bit immature no? To address your comment about quick scoping, this is the official statement Mark Rubin gave “Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was.” Doesn’t sound like a clear “yes” to me. In terms of weapon dlc, you do realize you’re commenting on a article claiming there may be weapon dlc in the future right? And lastly, I’m not afraid to cede a point. I have no idea what’s going on with dedicated servers and I won’t pretend to have some sort of explanation for that. Until they release an official statement or time frame all one can really do is speculate.

          • Stuffandthings

            I love how you called him immature when YOU’RE the one whining about how battlefield is better and YOU’RE the one who came all the way here to a discussion for a game that you don’t like… That’s how battlefield people are I guess… They sit on their shitbuckets and go to call of duty articles to hate on. I’m just saying that cod players don’t go to battlefield stuff and bitch about how their game is better.

        • kris

          well the reason cod has more limitations than battlefield because cod runs at 60fps and battlefield runs at 30 fps so yea that means cod has double the limitations of battlefield so just shut the fuck up strong island.

        • Keshav Bhat

          There’s no BS excuse, if you can actually read. IW said that on ALL platforms you will get a combination of both dedicated servers and listen servers. Listen servers are the servers for every previous Call of Duty game. It says so clearly, that it depends upon which one will provide you the best connection.

          Also, BF has tons of weapon DLC because DICE builds their game like that – give fans a small number at launch and save space for more. COD devs didn’t do that in the past.

          • mechcell

            “BF has tons of weapon DLC because DICE builds their game like that – give fans a small number at launch and save space for more.”

            There are 130 weapons on current gen/last gen consoles version of BF4 right now. Last time i check 130 weapons is a LOT. In two more weeks, DICE are releasing China Rising DLC with 5 more weapons, if leaked is right.

            You want to know the main problem for call of duty not having more weapons? The problem is the coding. Both IW and treyarch, their game coding are poor writing. The coding are poor optimization and not optimization like DICE game code for BF4.

            I will show you two set of codes, both code do the same thing. First code is not optimization and less efficient version.

            int i, sum = 0;
            for (i = 1; i <= N; ++i) {
            sum += i;
            printf("sum: %dn", sum);

            second code is optimization and more efficient version.

            int sum = N * (1 + N) / 2;
            printf("sum: %dn", sum);

            If you writing code more long and use more lines than you need too and you're making your code use more memory.

        • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

          Well actually if YOU dont know…ded’s are rolling out. U just need to shut up. Dont Get on Charlieintel. Get on Bravointel is you gone talk sh*t about Cod

      • XLKILLA

        Here is the interview where the IW developer says quick scoping has been completely removed.

        • omar_soft

          oh jeez another bf4fag

        • Keshav Bhat

          The video interview? Yeah, that’s a Raven Software dev, not IW.

      • TheRealGamer

        How about we all shut up and play games that we actually enjoy?
        You all sound like little bitches fighting.

    • bsktballmsu1

      yea cause how long was bf3 out before a new release. you have to add that stuff when you don’t make a sequal for like 3 years on a video game

    • Yeezus

      If Battlefield is so great, then why are you spending all this time on this COD blog saying how great it is instead of actually PLAYING BATTLEFIELD??? You must have gotten so bored of playing this godly game you speak of that you decided it would be more interesting to talk about how great it was on a COD blog.

      • XLKILLA

        When did I ever say Bf is great? I probably play cod more then all of you. All I said was BF is the same size as CoD and they have a lot of Gun DLC. Never did I say anything about BF being good.

        • Lance7

          You are definitely in need of some attention. You seriously need to stop taking about Battlefield if you don’t think it’s good. Just don’t. They have stuff that CoD doesn’t and vice versa. They’re both good games. They’re both different. They both have pros and cons. Now, for the sake of this article, shut up and move on with your life.

        • TheDarkWaypoint

          You have to remember it all depends how the game is made…

    • Uzair Chief

      Cod runs 60 fps.
      BF4 runs 30 fps.

      60 fps takes a lot to achieve on the current gen

      • AcePhoenix007


    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Wrong website, you might want to go to http://www.nobodylikesawhinybitch.com

    • Misogynist

      Then go play BF and get off this website lol

      • XLKILLA

        Are you slow to? I don’t play BF and I don’t like BF please tell me where I said that? Lmao retard

        • AcePhoenix007

          then just get off this website then

        • TheDarkWaypoint

          I don’t get what you were trying to achieve here? Mission failed.

          • XLKILLA

            That IW are a bunch of liars. Mission success!!!

          • TheDarkWaypoint

            But everything you’ve said here has been false… So… Who was the liar again?

            It’s not that IW deserves defending… In my opinion Treyarch has always been the leader and IW is going down hill…

          • XLKILLA

            Not one thing I said is false. I said IW are liars. Everything I said they lied about they did lie about. Mw3 death streaks Bowling lied about. Quick scoping would be harder and more realistic in ghosts another lie it’s easier then it ever has been. Dedicated servers for all consoles for Ghosts another lie. Not enough room for weapon DLC another lie. This is where my BF statement came in. All I said about BF is that they have tons of weapon and other DLC and huge map DLC and they have no problems fitting these things so obviously IW is lying cause they said they can’t fit it. That’s all I said about BF I never said BF was good or that I like BF at all I was only comparing the DLC that’s it and all the CoD fanboys jumped down my throat cause I mentioned BF.

          • TheDarkWaypoint


            “such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional “quick-scoping” has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe.”

            Note MAYBE.

          • XLKILLA

            Not FALSE!!! There was many different explanations from different IW devs one of them even said quick scoping has been removed completely.

          • TheDarkWaypoint

            I thought you said that IW is lying? Sounds more like missinformed employer…

          • XLKILLA

            I did say they where lying do I have to explain myself again about all the lies. Holy shit.

          • TheDarkWaypoint

            Ok… So the weapon DLC. The way the game was made and packed (MW3) There was no room for it… But for ghosts they re did A LOT because the current gen (old) should’t be too different from next gen (current) thus they made room while they had to redo coding and everything for next gen.

          • XLKILLA

            That’s False about mw3. Which brings me back to my BF3 point. “No I don’t like BF”. BF3 has way more maps that are triple the size. The same length campaign and vehicles and triple the weapons. So explain to me how they have room to continually role out weapon dlc and IW said they don’t have any. That’s a lie period end of story.

    • Zaryab

      They said dedicated servers will be on next gen
      Mark Rubin said quick scoping is still there but you have to re-learn it
      Large maps are crap people just camp
      And no-one except your dumb ass wants vehicles in COD. The only reason Battlefield has vehicles is because your to bad to build a kill streak.

      • XLKILLA

        Re learn it?? Quick scoping is easier then ever it’s a joke and next gen is here and there’s no dedicated servers still.

    • Drillz

      Why come to a COD site to discuss BF if you KNOW good and well you’re gonna get bashed. GTFO.

      • XLKILLA

        I play cod more than any of you I was comparing one thing to cod and all you fanboys start crying your eyes out I find it pathetic lmao.

      • XLKILLA

        You’re clearly a complete moron I wasn’t discussing BF. I hate BF all I was doing was saying BF has no problems fitting a ton of weapon DLC so IW was lying saying they couldn’t fit it. I hate BF never did I say I like it at all. Learn how to read nerd.

    • jesus

      you’re a little white boy aren’t you?? haha it’s pathetic how much you kiss DICE’s ass.

    • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

      u suck have you ever made a game…No ..I didnt think so.. So shutup Newb

  • HenryDF

    I really hope they do. We now know that weapon DLC is possible, and I especially feel that Ghosts could do with an extra Sniper Rifle and/or Marksman.

  • Adam Nord

    DLCweapon4 seems to be an LMG? If I remember correctly, aren’t the LMGs the only weapons with ROF attachments? please correct me if I am wrong.

  • UMP45 pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    I hope hope HOPE they don’t put ridiculous weapon DLC in this game. Cod 4 and MW2 never had it and they were 10 times better than BO2. I don’t care if they balance it properly they shouldn’t be micro-transactions in this game. Please IW don’t copy Treyarch, you are the true COD developer. Make better map DLC, just don’t start adding weapons and stupid camo dlc, it will make the game cheap like BO2.

    • HenryDF

      The Peacekeeper wasn’t ridiculous. If anything, I applaud Treyarch for not adding a ridiculously OP gun as weapon DLC.

  • Batman

    All guns are already strong I don´t think we need gun DLC.

    But I hope it is like the peacekeeper = balanced, and unique.

    Hopefully we will get some TAR-21 from MW2 it would be a one hit kill LOL

    Intervention would be nice too

    • Kate Upton’s tits

      Batman? More like Blackman, cuz he’s black… or Niggerman! He’d be like “I’m Niggerman and I’m here to save the day!” and all the black people would awkwardly stare at him.

      • James K


  • yay

    yea, and they couldn’t add the ak 74 from SP to MP in MW3, but if there are weapon DLC, obviously these have to be added in xbox and ps3 and this time there is magically a way to do this with the limitatons of ram they mentioned in MW3

  • Man

    Probably not gonna make it to the current-gen(soon to be last-gen)…So i am like -_-

  • Rated-R619

    Maybe old weapons or campaign weapons. I hope it will have AK-47 (MW3), AUG A3 and Famas (like MW2 but automatic)

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    A flamethrower, that’d be extremely fun. Sure, it’s ineffective and probably weaker than most (if not all) weapons, but it’ll be incredibly fun. There should also be a patch called Scorched for when you get 50 kills with the flamethrower, that’d be nice.

  • Fading Lee

    lol the actual reason they don’t have ground war maybe? so they can give you the guns that should have been in the game for more money later X-D… still better than camos…. which lets face it… are coming :-/

  • truth

    what happen with the double down perk

  • Yudeku

    I’d Like To See The G3 As A Marksman Rifle, The Intervention, Ak74u, Maybe The Aa12 the Game Lacks A Full Auto Shotty!

  • AcePhoenix007

    “vzscope_purchase, shotgun_purchase”
    Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle/Sniper confirmed.

  • Ryumoau

    i’m not sure i like the idea of buying weapons as dlc. They just don’t feel as worthwhile as new maps. But more choices is always better i guess.

  • UMP-45 and Intervention would be nice.

  • Captain Obvious

    UMP and M4A1
    I predict the future.

    • The Operator

      Thank you, Captain Obvious…

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      They likely won’t put on old guns.

  • jnjnjnj

    take this with a grain of salt… anyone else remember the rumored ak74u and rust dlc that never happened?

  • ViTaL_Blue


  • Gallion

    I think to make more room for multiplayer they should make a disc for multiplayer amd campaign like BF does. This way we can have more features.

  • Aaron

    Well, they should have more content than just “4 multiplayer maps and an extinction map”. That’s been done to death.

  • Emre

    UMP in the picture.

  • Ronnie

    -_- it’s fake notice that it says ch_dlcweap01FMJ there is no FMJ in Call of Duty Ghosts only Armor Piercing

  • lolface

    DLC03 looks like a marksman rifle, and DLC04 looks like an assault rifle.

  • The Man