Infinity Ward has officially put Search and Destroy back onto the playlists on public matches for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The playlist update was released for all platforms.

Search & Destroy was originally removed because Infinity Ward wanted fans to try out their new twist on that mode, Search and Rescue. But after all the feedback, Infinity Ward has decided to add Search and Destroy back to Call of Duty: Ghosts. Up until now, it was only playable in private match.

Infinity Ward has also confirmed they lowered the respawn timer in HC TDM from 15 seconds to 5 seconds.



  • GarethWasher

    Not on PS3 yet

  • Stick Man


  • Stick Man

    Got it on PC

  • Sentrymann

    You know the funny thing is, I hated search and destroy, but was actually interested in trying search and rescue. The idea that you could potentially be revived made the gamemode more appealing to me, gave the whole thing a new dynamic. I can totally see why hardcore SnD fans would be disappointed however.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      I was the same way. But it turned out to be like Kill Confirmed. No one plays it the way it was intended to and only goes for kills.

      • Sentrymann

        Ah, well that’s a shame.

    • Mitch

      Same, but nobody seems to go for the tags. So many times while I’ve been dead, I see a teammate 5 inches away from my tag, not grabbing it…

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        lol happens the whole time too me to. Then they just say it strategic, but i just say bullshit to that. If they are so close they can grab without being noticed easily.

    • Guest

  • ElseAndrew

    Meanwhile on PS3…

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Yay my picture. haha.

    • Ryumoau

      lol what?

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        FamousIsLIVE. Check the lobby picture.

        • Ryumoau

          oh i see it now, cool.

  • Louis

    At least in SnD you wont spawn with the enemy shooting you in the back like ALL other game modes!

    • Mitch

      No, you’ll get shot in the back after searching for an enemy for 2 minutes -_-

    • john

      No one cares about SnD where are all of the good game modes. That is why only 1300 people are playing SnD on xbox right now. Buy battlefield.

      • Anonymous

        If you had looked, ever since the game has come out, a time least 250000 are always online. Day and night. Thanks.

  • turtlesack

    Team Tac SnD?

  • Mitch

    Looks like IW is looking into a glitch since kills only give 250xp.

  • Axia

    Can someone tell them to put SnD without perks??? I mean theres a community out there mostly from cod4 that plays SnD for real..and the fk%$# perks just makes pubing crap.. U will see yourself playing against someone with dead silence, silencer, and run like fk hell perks…call it SnD promod if u want lolol..

    • Dave Johnson

      You can play versus on esl with promod rules

      • Axia

        Sure we can..but i mean, u cant pub with those rules..its just boring..

    • Edwin Cortez

      I belive because it doesn’t have a lot of demand from the community.


    But WHY have re spawn time in HC TDM AT ALL. just give us HC players the normals spawns maaaaaann.

    • #NotChangingRespawnTime

      Its been like that since forever…Why would they change it now?


    will it be for Wii U or will they discriminate against Nintendo again?

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      I just went and checked and it is not there. I tihnk they will update it!

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      Yeah! I just checked again and the list updated, So wii u has it also now!

  • wtflolsmh

    Its out on Xbox then a month after PS3 will get SnD.

    • Mitch

      You know it’s on PS3 right?

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I think all spawn game modes should have a delay of 5 seconds. It rewards people that don’t die very much and doesn’t allow spawn traps to start.

    • No way it would be too slow paced…even more than it already is with the huge maps.

      • Shooter

        The maps are not huge, you’ve just been playing MW3 and BO2 far too long with their shitty clusterfuck styled maps. The maps in Ghosts are about the same size as the maps in Cod4, MW2, Black Ops 1 and WaW, which were the best CODs. I’m glad they’re going away from this 14 different types of Nuketown maps in a game.

        • Stonehaven is the largest map in Call of Duty history. And I happen to love BO2, not so much MW3.

          • Stick Man

            I often think about Derail from MW2 for large maps. Now I don’t know how to compare that to these newer maps (mainly cuz I cant remember exactly how big it was). But it was never hard to find guys in Derail. Even though I hated Derail.

          • We3kEnDWaRrIoR-_

            There were many bigger maps in World at War which was the best COD they’ve came out with. That and COD4 because the games were simple with no bullshit

      • ip x Warrior

        Huge maps can be nice too.. Stonehaven is huge but it’s one of my favorite map. I go there with my USR thermal and boom i can get 40/10 in domination.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Now that they put in SnD IW can now give everyone that is capturing flags in domination a point instead of the first one that gets to the flag.

    • golferboy321

      I support this ¹oo% (phone keyboard wont let me use normal numbers : / )

    • Shooter

      Yeah this is so stupid, if I help my team mate capture a flag then I expect to get awarded for it aswell. It just makes people not bother helping team mates out anymore, becuase they know they won’t get a point for it towards the KS, so they just stay sitting in a corner.

    • patrickolson

      Ah, well that makes so much more sense now…

  • Sparks

    Is it me or is the XP only 250 per kill?

    • Mitch

      It is, they’re looking into it

  • AcePhoenix007

    Why is S&R still there? That mode sucks.

  • Edwin Cortez

    Maybe in another COD without instakill and better maps this game mode would be beast…

  • Gary

    No HC search and destroy though…….really? is that too much work for IW?

    • casimirrx

      Couldn’t agree more. I was super excited to hear SnD was back… only to see its not on HC (yet?). If they want people to try more game modes all they have to do is offer double xp exclusively for the modes they want to promote. Thats what they did a number of COD’s ago…and how I got into Hardcore in the first place.

  • Emrah_007

    They should add in hardpoint like in BOII

  • James hall

    Wow i love BLPS 2 HC Respawn is 0! Makes for the best XP Games!

    • Chris Mason

      Best XP games? Every time I’ve played hardcore TDM I feel like I should have brought a tent. HC KC has no delay, BTW. Edit: HC KC requires some movement to win, however, so I get its not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • ip x Warrior


  • The Best Gamemode returns! Even tho I just got the game for PS4 and technically I never was denied SnD! Why am I still typing!

  • Chris Mason

    SnR is awesome for Squad Assault. When all you have to deal with is one sound whore/wannabe Optic/Faze nerd and 5 AI it is amazing.

  • Andy

    Have the changed the stupid 15 second countdown timer in S&R yet? I hate waiting 15 seconds after every round to play, i’ve got enough time to make a cup of coffee, take the dog a walk and fuck the wife in that amount of time.

  • Tyrant Era

    so many people on here crying, learn how adapt to the game!

  • jonny

    they need too put team defender in this game would make it 10x better

  • Trips97

    Meanwhile, in the Team Defender fan club…

  • Alex Kraßnitzer

    250 XP is a joke…

    • evenstarsdie

      seriously.. they did the same thing in blops 2 when it came out. hopefully they change it back to 500xp like blops 2 did

  • Emre

    give us groundwar they are lying its not possible.
    maps are made for pc xbox one and ps4!

  • J Stewart

    After 7 years IW still hasnt stepped up their game… Damn shame

  • Edward W.

    No hardcore SnD though, which is quite disappointing and the experience compared to the previous Call of Duty’s is also rather low, I just went 5-0 and only received 2600 experience. =[

  • Nick

    this is bull shit, they need to add S&D to hardcore!!

  • Minecraft Greek

    I wish hardcore had a random objectives playlist. Just lump demo, dom, CTF and S&D in one playlist and let people vote on the game types.

    Like this:
    HC Team Deathmatch
    HC Objective
    HC S & D

  • Nick

    This update is pointless as long as they haven’t added it to the hardcore playlist. They added Domination to hardcore instead, Infinityward is made up of retards, Treyarch will always make the better game.

  • Couga12-

    put hardcore search and destroy on the playlist. know one i play with including me likes search and rescue. and its the only game mode that gives you free loses

  • alex

    we want hardcore search and destroy.. why only in core and not hardcore?

  • Hiway

    Why there is a respawn timer in TDM boggles the mind. What objective are you “winning over” to justify holding off the enemy for some set time. If anything, the respawn timer should be objective based modes like Domination. Only IW could program such nonsense.