MLG has revealed the official ruleset that will be used at MLG Columbus next week.

Game Types

  • Blitz – Freight, Octane, Warhawk
  • Domination – Freight, Octane, Sovereign, Strikezone
  • Search and Destroy – Freight, Octane, Sovereign, Warhawk

Settings (Bolded Settings are those that have been changed from the default)

  • Restricted Killstreaks

All Assault

All Support

Specialist (All Restricted Perks, See Below)

  • Restricted Primary Weapons

MSBS Assault Rifle

All Marksman Rifles

Riot Shield

  • Restricted Secondary Weapons

All Launchers


  • Restricted Attachments

Grenade Launcher


Rapid Fire

Select Fire


  • Restricted Lethals



Canister Bomb


  • Restricted Tacticals


Motion Sensor



  • Restricted Perks







  • Blitz Settings

Time Limit = 5 Minutes

Score Limit = Unlimited

Number of Lives = Unlimited

Respawn Delay = 5 Seconds

  • Domination Settings

Time Limit = 5 Minutes

Score Limit = Unlimited

Number of Lives = Unlimited

Respawn Delay = 5 Seconds

  • Search and Destroy Settings

Round Length = 1.5 Minutes

Bomb Timer = 45 Seconds

Plant Time = 5 Seconds

Defuse Time = 7.5 Seconds

Multi Bomb = Disabled

Score Limit = 6 Points

Round Switch = Every Round

Number of Lives = 1 Life

Respawn Delay = None

  • Player Options – All Game Modes

Max Health = Normal

Health Regeneration = Normal

Create Default Loadouts = None

  • Team Options – All Game Modes

Spectating = Team Only

KillCam = Enabled

Radar Always On = No

Wave Respawn Delay = None

Force Respawn = Enabled

Friendly Fire = Enabled

  • Gameplay Options – All Game Modes

Perks = Enabled

Hardcore Mode = Disabled

Headshots Only = Disabled

Killstreaks = Enabled

Field Orders = Disabled

Loadout Restrictions = Enabled

Custom Loadout Restrictions = None




    The wording is a little weird; does it say that Specialist will be banned?

    • Lunar

      No, but you cannot use any of the restricted perks with Specialist, if I read correctly.

      • STEEZ

        ah ok, makes sense now. thanks!

    • clock

      possibly but that would be pointless to ban bc half of the perks are banned anyways the rest are useless i doubt the full effect of specialist is the 3 u choose nd 2 others. might as well ban it.

  • Domination? That will be boring as hell to watch…

    • Owen Anderson

      Better than hunted or TDM…

      • They should have something like Hardpoint.

        • Mitch

          Yup, but that isn’t in the game…


      No it won’t.

  • curi0us

    Basically – No fun allowed.

    I admit a few of these are understandable, but still.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Because there is money involved and it’s more serious.

      • curi0us

        So? You can be serious and fun.

        • Super_Deluxe

          True but tournaments are mostly skill based and no overpowered stuff which will give you an advantage over others. For example the MSBS and Amplify are highly overpowered.

          • curi0us

            MLG is what gets things nerfed.

            KAP-40 in BLOPS2 is a clear indicator of this.

          • Super_Deluxe

            Yeah but there’s a reason why they’re banned. The MSBS for example wouldn’t have been banned if it wasn’t so OP which means they’re already aware of it right.

          • Do their solution is Ban every Single DMR and Semi auto weapon mod? I’m sorry but I don’t see a lot of skill with every player running a Vepr.

          • Crap this game blows

            people use remingtons, arxs, fads veprs vectors so far all ive seen people do good with

          • Well I grew up with the Original Call of Duty’s, so I’m very proficient in Semi Auto Rifles and burst rifles. Which, in a way I perform better with Battle Rifles and Handguns better than, say the MP7 in MW3. And for people like me, who tried to better myself as a player by handicapping myself, are now punished. MLG: Skill not required. Just throw on the most powerful weapon and dropshot like a bitch.

          • LgR_Ferocity

            When a burst-weapon is one-burst in like 90% of the cases, it’s pretty obvious they ban it. Anyone who hits their shots can use the MSBS in EVERY situation, which excludes the other guns.

          • I can understand the MSBS being banned. I agree 110% that it’s overpowered and needs a fix pronto, but the 3 round mod on all AR’s as far as I know requires all 3 hits to kill. Which is fair in my opinion. It’s a one burst kill in short range, but ALL 3 rounds need to hit their mark, which isn’t east for a lot of players. And it has a cool off timer, it balances out.

  • Owen Anderson

    Friendly fire on will be interesting

    • Guest

      friendly fire was on in BO2

    • ThatGuySconter

      Friendly fire is always on for competitive rules! This is not anything new.


      Friendly fire was always on in Bo2 also.

    • Mitch

      It’s always on, you rarely see team-kills in MLG competitions.

    • James K

      I came by to tell you that friendly fire is the standard for competitive rules.

    • PsychOutGaming

      They are correct, Friendly Fire was never not on in competitive

  • Super_Deluxe

    Lol I don’t understand why stalker would be restricted, it only gives you the ability to move faster while ADSing. I don’t remember it being restricted in older CODs which makes that decision odd.

    • curi0us

      Stalker was powerful OP in MW3 and it’s just as good in Ghosts.

      • Super_Deluxe

        I use it and it’s not OP. It only does what it’s supposed to and it’s no like u can you run while the ADSing so I’m not sure what u mean by it being OP.

        • LgR_Ferocity

          Stalker makes AR’s a lot better, because they are already OP in Ghosts it’s necessary they ban it. This way they balance the guns and they make the Sub’s also useful. An AR is nothing without Stalker.

      • lMattW

        How is it different from adj stock in BO2?

  • Just ban everything new, why don’t you.

  • CoDforever

    Great job IW, you have officially killed competitive. Watch as the views go down, and 3arc depressed that they worked so hard on esports and now its gone. IW, why dont you understand that no matter how much you focus on pubs, most people will always hate/quit your game by march ? Whereas with esports, the game is played all year long. The last BLOPS2 tournament was 2 days before ghosts came out, says a lot really.

    • Paul Thomas

      How have they killed competitive? These rules seem pretty fair and very similar to MW3’s rules.

      • TheShadowReaper

        MW3 was a disaster for both pub and competitive. says a lot really.

        • Paul Thomas

          I know the game was, I’m referring to the MLG rules for MW3.

    • Dextro_Phoenix

      IW will always be the best call of duty developer, seen as though they made COD 4 which we always ALWAYS be the best call of duty. Ghosts is the closest we’ve got to COD 4 in a long long time, me and my friends are more than happy playing this game 🙂

      • FluffyMcSnuggles

        are you retarded? IW might have killed competitive. they have just ignored the competitive community, which is a huge part of their audience. Competitive keeps the game alive through the entire “season” of the game, like Codforever said, people pretty much quit pubs by at least March.

        • K.E.M

          i use competitive as my ass scrubber 😐

        • Nick

          How about you play a REAL sport and just play pubs in Ghosts for fun? Damn.

      • Common Sense

        Respawn entertainment made cod4. The activision you see now is a lie. Titanfall is where you will find the people that made cod4. Please don’t spread your misinformation, it does harm to people.

    • Markdg23

      EnotSports does not and will not ever dictate what IW does with THEIR game, because the majority of their community don’t give a rats ass about competitive CoD.

      • patrickolson

        You might be surprised…

        • Markdg23

          What is surprising about a few thousand people in comparison to millions

          • patrickolson

            Where are you pulling your numbers from? I’m not saying that 80% of CoD players care about competitive, I’m just saying that CoD competitive brought a whole level of excitement to CoD. While I don’t have numbers either, I think you would be surprised to see the number that actually do care.

  • K.E.M


  • zHaKy

    They forbid 9bang but allow Stun Grenade…logic?

    • LgR_Ferocity

      9Bang lasts longer

  • bsktballmsu1

    no more using the riot shield as a strategy on snd. 🙁

  • patrickolson

    I have zero interest in watching competitive ghosts. Cheers to waiting a year for a new 3T game! #ghostssucks

  • Unreal

    how can they ban stalker from perks ???? wtf i can understand why amplify is banned but stalker how are we supposed to move without it …..

  • Common Sense

    Why the heck can’t they bring back headquarters? It’s basically the same as hardpoint.



  • Rogue_x7x

    Why the hell would you ban Marksman Rifles? They aren’t OP and actually are outclassed by almost every gun in the game. I enjoy using the Mk14 but get outgunned on a regular basis by ARs, Snipers and LMGs. Why remove the entire class??? Plus no Stalker Perk? Slow movement much?