Infinity Ward has confirmed that a new patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released next week. This patch is slated to bring the new Broadcaster Mode and new eSports customization options, but we don’t have any information on what else the patch might bring.

As of now, we don’t have a solid release date of when this will be available, but we’ll let you know.

  • So we can block guns in private match?

  • Smokeydogg

    framerate fix for ps4 please

    • Sentrymann

      Oh, have you noticed issues?

    • Troy Norwood

      I thought the New gen system would’of fix this but I see not. Same on the 360!!!

  • amplif1er

    actually Ps4 got a release from 1.03 to 1.04 lastnight at around 2am

  • HenryDF

    Please, just sort out the MSBS and SC-2010 IW. That’s all I want.

    • fsdgasdg

      sc 2010 isnt op.
      the msbs is.

      • HenryDF

        With the right attachments, the SC-2010 can be far more flexible and better to use than most of the other assault rifles.

      • Jon Cameron

        Please give me the loadout for making the MSBS OP. c:

        • HenryDF

          Try it with a Foregrip and a preferred sight/muzzle brake (you can use both if you’re happy to use the Extra Attachment perk).

          • Jon Cameron

            that’s not a full loadout though 😮

          • HenryDF

            Full loadout? Well, in terms of perks, everyone has their preferences. If I recall correctly, I use Steady Aim, Gambler, Off The Grid, a 1-point perk depending on how I feel like playing, and if I have enough points I’ll use Marathon.

      • Batman

        The MSBS is a very powerful gun but FAAAAR from OP.

        Its perfetly balanced, it can´t kill targets from long range, or targets that are taking cover

        • Michael

          Are you kidding me? Use it with a foregrip and you’ll drop people in 2 bursts at long range

    • Jerry D’Erasmo

      That’s all you want? I’ve been shot in the back than in any game ever. That’s all you want…how about sorting out the SPAWNS which are the worst in franchise history.

      • HenryDF

        Spawns are something that I expect to be sorted out over time, it’s not something that I expect to be patched effectively two weeks after launch.

        If IW are using (mostly) the same spawn tech as Treyarch, they should be receiving data concerning spawns 24/7 concerning enemy proximity to spawns and positioning thereafter.

        Knowing what IW can be like, it should take them about a month (or hopefully less) to gather enough effective data that can help them adjust the spawns.

      • Rock4one

        I agree about being shot in the damn back more than any other game! What about the OP Dogs! Freekin bastards!

        • HenryDF

          How can they make them less OP, without adding that dog-wrestling mechanic that was in MW3? In terms of their little doggy health though, that needs to be lowered drastically. Since when do dogs have more health than armored humans?

        • Jerry D’Erasmo

          I’ve grown comfortable with the dogs TBH…at times I get frustrated at the fact they have more health than your human player but it has to be that way otherwise it would be a completely useless streak

          • how bout a guy camping in the cave on whiteout tdm and the dog runs out and kills me every damn time.

      • Batman

        The MW3 spawns are still worst but I upvoted

    • sam

      The sc2010 has the slowest time to kill of all assault rifles at all range except long range vs the honey badger and msbs.

  • John Holster

    i hope they fix my operations i cant even click on them it glitches out

  • nick


    • HenryDF

      You’ll need an expert for that, there should be a repair shop somewhere near you .

    • Emrah Avvurur

      i don’t see anything wrong with your PC, dumbass.

  • TheGamerBeast

    Fix Pc Version Specially, Unplayable for alot of people Specially on High PC setting

    like me i just have really small thing unlike others like i Play BF4 on high settings and the game is awesome

    will in Ghosts Multiplayer while player i have some lags or frame drops i think or connection the game just freeze some frames while playing ( i can’t describe it correctly but this is it )

    but extinction and campain was perfect for me and Multiplayer lobby no lags

    while some people have issues in multiplayer and lobbies frame dropping so bad

    i just need to play multiplayer on smoth and record gameplay not i cant because if i tried to record the frames becomes 1 FPS something unbelievable of course

    please guys fix it hope the patch fix PC

    • Brandalf

      Why in the hell was your comment given a thumbs down? o_O

      • TheGamerBeast

        lool i think he is a Xbox Fanboy 😛

        • 3ARC FTW

          Does every fool like you just blame xbox fanboys on everything? My goodness please stfu with the console wars! Both are great damn consoles. I hates PS until my girls moms bf bought PS3 and everytime I go, I play PS3 and when I am home, i play 360. So now to me, both are great systems. Nuff said.

          • TheGamerBeast

            oh please i dont mean anything i play Xbox and PS3 too am saying at that guy who thumbs down the PC issues and i meant it in fun way and everybody talks about xbox and ps3 go talk to them not me boy

          • Brandalf

            Well considering he was talking about the PC version, the console wars title doesn’t really apply, now does it? I’ve owned the Wii, PS3 and 360. I just prefer PC gaming because of the accuracy of mouse+kb and the freedom to customize your experience, specifically with games like Skyrim and the amazing amount and quality of mods there are.

            I personally just can’t play an first person game with a controller anymore, it just feels so awkward and inprecise. But I’m not everyone and everyone has their own opinions.

            Still it was pretty obvious dude was joking with the Xbonx fanboy comment.

  • Memow

    Fix the spawn places, more health please you die way to quikly. Put more killstreaks in and fix overpowered stuff!

    • Batman

      There is nothing OP.

      The streaks are balanced, fun, and makes the objective more important. Fuck you.

      The health is fine, I mean they want to try this new type of health, so far it is an interesting decision

  • edwardgee03

    Spawns need fixing and Riley way too over powered, he’s basically a death streak. Some guns need patching, Sniping from the hip is way too easy, some guy last night jumped from a building and sniped me from the hip as he was coming down wtf?

    • Mitch

      That’s pure luck.

    • Edwin Cortez

      A deathstreak that requires you to kill at least 4 or 5, i can live with that.

    • tha_online_gamertz

      I get annoyed when I get killed by an IMS every time, but it’s not overpowered. Those things are just annoying, but that doesn’t mean it’s something bad. Get over it.

    • ben wills

      How is Riley OP? Riley tends to get maybe 1 kill (probably slightly lower on average). Being a 5 kill KS, that’s underpowered. RC Cars are more reliable and they were 3 kills (2 with Hardline) in BO1. Get outta here.

      • Chris Mason

        And the RC was cheese as hell, too.

      • boobs

        Riley gets at LEAST three to four kills when he is going back to you .

      • sam

        Infinity ward are all about balance and giving a legitimate counter for everything in the game.

        so the dog needs to die in 3-5 bullets like a human, or it needs to be countered by incog (the least used of the stealth perks).

        the best option though is once the player dies the dog tries to avenge the player and once the avenge is achieved the dog fucks off. so either way once you die the dog is gone.

    • Mimic

      Sniping from the hip is way too easy? Haha, what are the chances of a sniper jumping from a building and sniping you from the hip twice in a row? He was just extremely lucky…

    • Cell

      Dat annoying manic needs a patch.

    • Batman

      Stop crying, Riley is perfetly balanced as everything else.

      They just need to fix the spawns

      • Robin

        I’m sorry you’re wrong how is Riley perfectly balanced it takes three sniper bullets even in the face to kill him and about fifteen SMG bullets so how is that perfectly normal? And no I’m not crying I could say you’re crying about the spawns

      • MrHotShot118

        No he ain’t i have shot him in the head a good few times with sniper bullets no one not even a dog in real life can survive a bullet to the head. P.S. Stop lousing around and playing cod go and fight some crime in Gotham city.

    • HenryDF

      But how do you make Riley less OP?

      • TheShadowReaper

        maybe remove some of his health. that thing needs a lot of bullets to die and its just a dog! no matter how much trained i dont think attack dogs irl can withstand 10-15 bullets in the face from an AR or an SMG.

        • HenryDF

          I agree, he takes more bullets to kill than an (apparently) armored human, it’s ridiculous.

          • Ericp

            Animal instincts

        • JeremyP

          with that logic i don’t think human can die from 3 bullets in the foot and yet they do in cod. They also can’t die when a dog jump on them…its just a game

      • ip x Warrior

        Reduce his movement speed and reduce the lunge when he start to go woof woof rawr !

    • The TRUTH

      If you practice in private mode with the sniper you learn how to snipe from the hip without the crosshairs. So go train fat kid

    • Emrah Avvurur

      it’s possible.
      it’s called a no-scope.
      you just got owned, and you can’t accept that because normally you own people.

  • ip x Warrior

    MORE class for infected PLEASE and add specialist too 🙂

    • Brahm

      Not really dude IW doesn’t really patch guns just look back at mw3 they tried to patch the type 95 like 3 times and it was still good, they never did anything to the ACR or MP7 all they need to do is increase health by like 5%

      • ip x Warrior

        I never ask for patch guns ? I said ” I want IW to add more class to the game mode INFECTED. IN mw3 at least we had pistol,pp90,fmg9.c4,specialist etc !

        Wtf increasing health are u nutz ?

        • HenryDF

          Well they should either increase health or reduce weapon damage…either way, something needs to be done about about that goddamn MSBS 😉

          • ip x Warrior

            Health and weapon damage are perfectly fine, expect for the MSBS..if you die quickly and kill slowly well this has nothing to do with health and damage it’s all about lag, network, etc..

  • Work hard, Twerk harder

    Add a few more classes for infected, either make them like how they did on MW3, or maybe just choose them out of premade classes on infected which happens now >:(

  • Michael

    I want the health to be buffed. Right now its whoever shoots first who wins the gunfight, it should be the player with the better aim who wins. Its almost impossible to turn on someone.

    It would also be awesome if they made some parts of the maps inaccessible on current gen to make them a bit smaller.

    • Mitch

      No health buff, please. You would instantly break a shit ton of guns and make longshots with everything besides Snipers and Marksman rifles impossible. You just need to nerf some guns.

    • Michael

      This is a great idea. Battlefield did it with domination so theres no reason why Ghosts can’t do it

    • Comedic Genius

      yeah it sucks, I can only turn on women soldiers

  • Ryumoau

    hope the ps4 framerate patch is next week too.

  • Josh


  • Korflock

    Lag needs to be fixed, my bullets aren’t getting any hitmarkers.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Try aiming.

  • Moeen

    I have no problems besides the msbs being op spawns are easy to handle

  • david

    They need to make the damage registration more evident and improve spawns balance the msbs and possibly increase the player count.

  • Michael Dobson

    What about the operations issue??Its a pain in the ass getting chucked out of the lobby just 4 looking

  • Shaun

    You die quicker because there is less lag…. you know, that thing you complained about in the last COD . Wait until we get dedicated servers, your going to hate that !

    • Chris Mason

      Dedicated servers do not obviate lag entirely.

    • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

      Ah no, you die quicker because there is MORE lag, the latency causes other player models to be a tenth of a second behind what they’re actually doing, hence the instant 1 shot death, but he’d shot you 8 times in the killcam. It works the same way for you, only it seems like it takes longer to kill people because what you’re shooting at, is again marginally off from where the person’s hitbox is, and he also can’t tell he’s being shot at until he’s dead.

      • KineticREBEL

        I have noticed the one shot thing and its really annoying.

    • Sterling

      No, the health is low. Go to custom games and test out every gun. I used the Honeybadger which is a silenced assault rifle with the semi-automatic attachment only. From an average distance I am able to kill someone with two bullets. Same thing happens with the first pistol.

  • Jacky Liang

    Any one have ANY clue how to dodge IEDs? I die from every. single. one.

    Another fix needed for the PC is the menu stutters and the game performance optimizations. Since the PC architecture is so similar to the XBone and PS4, and at the same time, with the PS4 performance also suffering the same issues the PC has been, I think we’ll be getting optimization fixes.

    And oh god – please. fix. the. spawns. I don’t mind if an enemy spawns near me when within my sightlines. But spawning BEHIND ME with no way to dodge..? Dear lord..

    • Batman

      There is perks to counter that 3 perks

    • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

      My best advice for dodging IEDs is to just freeze and back up as soon as you hear the beeping. For me escaping the blast is the complete opposite of what you’re used to doing with Claymores and Betties, which is usually just try and book it past them or do some sort of hop to evade, but the IEDs start beeping at a longer range than those other explosives I find, so just stay calm and back away or out the door you came in.

      • Tastic

        This.. IEDs have a long trigger but short blast

  • Michael Dobson

    Please patch operations

  • Fading Lee

    Everyone get your camos for the msbs before they patch it XD

    • mile104mc

      Gold haha. It’s going to be the new PDW-57 and become useless.


    fix elite

  • Batman


    Riley is not OP

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i dont want any new features like broadcasting or S&D, i want the PC version to actually work. i cant play at all. fix your fucking game IW.

    • Bob Campbell


  • Batman

    Remove the UAV from infected and the fact that when someone get´s infected the countdown goes back to 2:00

  • Yagermeister

    I’m surprise nobody has complained about the leaderboards.. that seriously needs to be address it’s probably one of the reasons I’m not grinding anymore..

  • dale

    Spawns need fixing and the hackers need to be banned. Sick of seeing guys with 30 perks lined up on the bottom of the screen in kill cams. I run into these guys daily.

  • Brandalf

    I hope they get the issues on PC sorted out, the population is already getting smaller. I’m giving IW a chance to make good with us PC gamers, mainly because I absolutely love the game, but some of these issues make the game unplayable or unbearable for many. You see my issues below, and I’m one of the lucky ones….at least I can get somewhat stable FPS.

  • Shooter

    What about the shit spawns? The Guard Dog that takes longer to kill than an actual player? The Fact that Core seems like Hardcore with this Instant Killing? The OP MSBS? The useless Shotguns? The Oracle Wall Hack? The Hacked Lobbies?
    Fix your game before you add all this MLG shit in it, IW.

    • slick

      Shotguns are useless? Man i’ve played with shotguns since bops1 and I don’t fell any challenge playing with shotguns on this game. The only challenging map is “stoneheaven. Other than that, the shotguns are awesome, if you know how to play with them ofc

    • Michael

      The Oracle does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it’s balanced. Its not constant. It scans every ten seconds. Guns are still 3-6 shots to kill. Just like in previous cods. If you put burst fire on any other AR, (ex. Remington R5) It’s still a one burst to kill above the chest. The MSBS is also made that if you miss your first burst there is a delay between the next burst that someone can still get their shots off if they are a skilled player and kill you before the next burst comes out. Shotguns do the same damage you just might need to adjust how you play to kill with them. There are a ton of long ranges of sight in this game that to use the shotgun you will have to learn to flank effectively. As far as spawns, they can be improved but don’t expect them to be perfect in the first month of the game. I will say I never got put in a hacked lobby on BO2 and found one my first week in Ghosts. It was just fun though. The hacker wasn’t abusing his power and everyone had the hacks available. he also left it at regular xp so there was no bullshit leveling up at 65k xp. MLG Players make their money off this so they need it to be the best possible. Even though Pub Players still account for 80% of this community; eSports is definitely a growing community that picked up tremendously in BO2. Before you tell them to fix all this, think about the people making their money off of this. (Sidenote: Maybe you should try competitive. The OP MSBS is banned and there are no support or assault streaks like Oracle or Guard Dog. And definitely no hacked lobbies.

      • Shooter

        No matter what anyone says about the Oracle, it’s still a freaking wall hack, I remember the days of gaming when the developers would get so much shit for putting something like that in a game, now it seems people accept it because it’s noob friendly. When using a shotgun I play in the tight and close quarters parts of the maps and I still get more hit markers up close than I can count to, it’s just plain silly. The MSBS is like a insta-kill weapon, I begin shooting someone and he puts one burst into me and i’m down, it’s retarded. The spawns are the worst they’ve ever been in any COD game, I got killed from behind like you always do in this game and I shit you not, I literally spawned right behind the person that just killed me and if you think that’s acceptable then there is something wrong with you. As for Hacked lobbies, I don’t give a shit if they’re fun, if the game is hacked already and it’s not even a month into it’s life cycle then I don’t want to be around in this game after 4-6 months. It also just shows how lazy they are to make this game. Pub Players make up 80% of the community eh? Then that just makes it worse that they won’t fix these stupid problems then.
        I like this game don’t get me wrong, I think it’s much better than BO2 and MW3 but the game does need some serious fixes.

        • Mario Rivera

          Vsat > oracle by a million mile margin. Vsat was a constant feed with no counter. Oracle is exactly what a higher up support streak should be.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      the shit spawns are gonna happen in the first month. the guard dog needs to be nerfed, it does seem like hardcore; but that’s because servers don’t lag a lot anymore, the MSBS is actually very bad from long range, the shotguns aren’t useless; either you think you can shoot from 1 km away from your opponent or you don’t have a shotgun playstyle/loadout (marathon, ready up, off the grid etc.)the oracle is not that bad, (unless you have the white permanent glow glitch which is pretty hilarious, but it needs to be taken out) i haven’t seen any hacked lobbies yet.

  • Cedric Jolly

    integrate the studio mode to see the replay, it is essential

  • Skooma Lord

    As a XBox 360 player with little money I hope they add theater mode back. It might not be possible though. If they do bring it back you should be able to turn it off in the lobby if people don’t want to use it.

  • Flutter Filly Shy

    I hope it fixes the stupid thing where you can’t look at your Operations

  • CrazyDog

    I hope this patch is for PC as well as console, and will fix my lag issues. It happens in the first 20 or 30 sec. or until I die the first time, then it’s normally a lot better. Not always though.

  • bsktballmsu1

    patch the msbs, ieds, make me want to play infected instead of only using the damn bulldog, fix the spawns,

  • Rafael

    Thank you for this (:

  • Diego Diniz

    What about the FRAMERATE DROPS??? Stonehaven is almost unPlayable when you scope with a Sniper!!! Octane we have the same issues…

  • Guest

    The spawns need to fix very stressful when you just killed another player then like 5secs later boom he gets a kill fr

  • xSupahN8tivex

    Spawns need to get fixed that’s all weapons are balanced enough but the only kill streak thats OP is the dog but at the same time its underpower

  • John Corrigan


  • javynavarro137

    i cant acces my operations, and more classes for INFECTED

  • Manny

    I wish they would add more assault rifles in the game.

  • Bob Campbell

    How about they fix the freezing issue! I’d like to actually be able to play the game for longer than 2 minutes at a time.

  • twoquiik20

    Hackers ruined this game… I saw one guy get a loki helo pilot gryphon after 13 kills.. the thing is he kept dying every 3 kills wtf?? Assault killstreak works like support killstreaks for hackers?? Also everytime my clan is beating a hacker all of our ps3 seems to freeze before the game ends?? Anybody else seen shit like this??