Toyzmag has just revealed a new line of Call of Duty Mega Bloks that are currently in prototype phase. The new additions will be from Modern Warfare 2, and they are:

  • Price
  • Soap
  • Ghost
  • Juggernaut

*click to enlarge

SOURCE: Toyzmag via Toyark

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    I may actually get the ghost one :/

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox
    • HenryDF

      I love Pointless so much 😀

  • HenryDF

    Why are they making these? I mean literally, why are they making these? Do they expect kids to know about characters from an 18-rated game that involves an airport massacre? Do they expect kids to play CoD? Selling these is an awful message to be sending out to both kids and their parents.

    • y9ungc4p

      you know Adults(even CoD fans) could buy this and set them in their collection and not play with them, they don’t made this for kids, they for any age

      • exeterman2

        Because mega blocks ARE for kids; Lego, air fix kits, etc are for adults AND kids. No actual adult would buy megablocks

        • Brandon Stone

          I’m 17 and have them

          • exeterman2

            Oh dear…

          • Tien

            Whatis the problem when an adult play toy , do you want your adult children play on their phones everyday ?

    • Because they are extemely awesome for us collectors. Douche.

      • HenryDF

        You collect fake LEGO? Wow…ok.

  • Who wants Mega Blocks anyway?!

  • I would rather have proper models than mega blocks if I were to buy these :/

    • Crystal

      I agree but i’m impressed that they’re actually finally making them.

  • Crystal

    May seem “pointless” to many people but I’d love to get my hands on a John MacTavish toy. Only collectors would understand. GG.

  • BHCMax

    Ghost, Soap, and Price ARE BACK, all on our MW4 mod for cod4, also Harrier and “BlackHawk Gunship” return.. plus a new weapon..The Takedown , We also have “Juggernaught Maniac” Killstreak… Play as YOUR fav character on our cod4 mod server {BHC}MW4 ip

  • xPwnZwnHD

    Hey can i talk to someone in charge on the site? I have half a box FULL of these i got and would like to giveaway to fans

    • milo1612

      Hay my kid loves cod an wants some but they r to out of buget If I could get. One site that wood be great

    • Brandon Stone

      How can I get some?




    I want ghost so cool+ ghost not dead

  • Tien

    When ?