Infinity Ward has confirmed that they are testing out new Ghosts fixes for the spawn system in certain modes. Many fans have experienced some iffy spawns.

We’ll let you know when we hear more.

  • Primey_
    • HenryDF

      That awkward moment when you realise that if anyone on the other team had spawned in a similar situation, you’d be raging… 😛

      • Just like when you rage because someone is headglitching but you do it too

        • HenryDF

          Or when you have a sneaky go with the MSBS… 😉

          • The MSBullShit? ;D

          • Chris Mason

            MultiShotBullShit. According to xcalizorz.

          • ip x Warrior

            MicroSoftBullShit ?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Or when you camp and then get killed by another camper. Rage and scream “What a fucking camper!” Yeah, that’s me every time I try to camp.

    • Francisco Robles

      Imagine if this happens at MLG Columbus. People will be infuriated!

    • Batman

      I spawned on their point too. It was so funny

  • HenryDF

    “..certain maps/modes”???

    It’s not an issue with specific maps or modes, it’s an all-round issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. I really thought Treyarch had cracked the spawn system with BO2, it was impeccable, but now it’s simply awful.

    • errno

      You must not play all modes and maps then, because the spawns are just fine on many of the maps in many of the modes.

      However, hop into a Blitz match on most maps and you’ll be entering into shitty spawns.

      Don’t get me started with Blitz on Strikezone…

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        I spawned point blank in someones sights on Strikezone. When the map gets destroyed by the KEM Strike it appears to affect the spawns also.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        When I was playing Domination, I got killed by a sniper camping in the building on Whiteout, I respawned in his line of sight and got killed immediately. WTF.

      • Captain_Planet

        I’ve spawned beside a player on Stonehaven.. One of the biggest maps in the game. And it was just HC TDM! lol, I felt guilty killing him.. Guilty Kill?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Right and the spawns are fine in Seige for example.

      • HenryDF

        I had a guy spawn behind me in Siege while I was playing Blitz, I was attacking the portal in that metal building and he just came out from behind a wall and took me down,

      • Jerome

        That map is to big

        • Shooter

          No it’s not, you’re just too use to the shitty clusterfucked tiny maps from BO2 and MW3 to realise that. Seige is a great map and it’s about the same size as some maps from COD4, MW2 and BO1. I’m guessing you’re one of these kids that like tiny maps were you don’t need to aim your gun and there is no strategy to it.

          • Jerome

            No, i’m not a kid like that. It’s that whenever you walk trough the map you can’t see anyone. Everybody is at another place. The size is great.

          • Mike

            And those maps are to big for 6 v 6

        • None of the maps are too big – they are optimised for next Gen – I like the maps!

    • exeterman2

      You’re joking about bo2 right?! The spawns in that were shit. You almost always spawned in someone’s line of sight or right next to a claymore. I haven’t played ghosts but they can’t be any worse than that cluster fuck called black ops 2.

      • TheShadowReaper

        do i need to remind you the game that shall not be named? hint, it has the number 3 in green on top of its box. it had the worst maps, the worst spawns, the worst balancing. and you have the nerve to talk about BO2? seriously? what a fucktard.

      • coilover2005

        Sorry but how can you make a post like that when you haven’t even played Ghosts yet? It’s like IW fed miracle grow to MW3’s spawning system and shit this spawning system out. Bops2 spawns are HEAVENLY compared to Ghosts.

    • AverageJoe

      Totally agree, plus MW3 spawning at first was horrific but they got there in the end, you would think it would be easier with massive maps though! I really hope they sort this game out, I miss COD!

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Ever played FFA on BO2? I guess not.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Have you ever played FFA in Ghosts, spawning in that is awful, that needs fixing immediately.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          FF? You mean FFA? If so, i agree. I don’t understand how the spawns in FFA are WORSE despite the fact that Ghosts has bigger maps. An opposing player has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS spawning knifing distances away from me TWO TIMES IN A ROW on FUCKING OVERLORD IN FFA!!!!

      • HenryDF

        FFA spawning will never be perfect, because you “safe zones” where your teammates are. Compared to the state of spawns in Ghosts though, BO2 was good.

  • Sparks

    The spawns in this game make MW3 spawns look amazing. They’ve just got worse and worse with every CoD. 🙁

    • Batman

      BO1/BO2/MW2 spawns are AWESOME, perfect. Just MW3 and ghosts spawns sucks

      • DanDustEmOff

        Ever play CTF or Demolition on BO1?

      • Ed

        bops 2 spawns were really really bad.

    • Work hard, Twerk harder

      CoD4 is only known for spawntrapping for me, whereas I actually thought on BO2 they cracked a “as good as possible” spawn system.

      • Guest

        The spawning on CoD 4 has realism to it though. In real life soldiers aren’t randomly running around a town in hopes of finding an enemy. They way that they made in in CoD 4 at least for team modes were linear. You spawned behind your team, letting you run forward towards the enemy. It was a constant push back and forth in a circle around the map. It was brilliant. Rewarded people who knew how to flank. Not’s it’s just people aimlessly wandering in every direction.

      • The spawning on CoD 4 has realism to it though. In real life soldiers aren’t randomly running around a town in hopes of finding an enemy. The way that they made in in CoD4, at least for team modes were linear. You spawned behind your team, keeping you safe but letting you move forward towards the enemy. It was a constant push back and forth in a circle around the map and reqired teamwork. It was brilliant. It rewarded people who knew how to flank. Now it’s just people aimlessly wandering in every direction. It’s a FFA that doesn’t let you kill 5 other players.

  • Michael

    Well, On PC they reduced Spawn speed to 5 in S&D &R

  • They always say that,but then it just gets worse

  • Assassin5150

    is it so hard to set the respawn a certain distance form the enemy. The maps are big

    enough on ghost

    • Im sure the whole enemy team doesnt runs together

      • Assassin5150

        i’m sure they don’t but the maps are big enough to spawn you a certain distance from an enemy. Not 5 feet in front of them.

        most people don’t care where they spawn as long as it not 5 feet in front of an enemy.

  • Jamie Hudson

    ok so all we need now is, fov slider, stutter fix, server browser, all round game optimization..

    • TheShadowReaper

      maybe 3arc will give you that. the game is made by IW so stop hoping that any of these will happen. i know that i have given up on these. IW was never the PC developer that many other developers were.

      • Jamie Hudson

        they got cod4 right, best cod on pc

        • TheShadowReaper

          well not really. apart from the optimization which was fine, the settings on PC wasnt anything spectacular. just basic graphic settings you’ll find on any PC game. 3arc gives us FOV, a lot of sound options and many more that arent featured in COD games other than WaW, BO1 and BO2. which btw are all 3arc titles. IW could do better. especially this year since they said “PC gets extra love from us this year” which wasnt true of course, but i wasnt expecting it to be true myself. but COD4 best COD on PC, hmmm…i dunno. probably BO1 and BO2 best COD games on PC imo.

  • xSupaScopa

    I might get a lot of hate for this, but Halo has a flawless spawn system. I have never spawned near an enemy. They should take tips from Bungie/343i

    • LegitCryptic

      Halo is also a non-fast paced game mode

      • AverageJoe

        and so is COD now. Give us our COD back!

        • xSupaScopa

          Ghosts is like Cod4, World at War, BO1, and MW2. The maps are a prefect size right now.

          • AverageJoe

            I was talking about the slow paced gameplay due to the forced camping because of lack of health. Ghosts does not play anything like COD4

          • xSupaScopa

            But there is no lack of health. Just better hit detection. I have looked up the stats. This game plays more like CoD4 then Modern Warshit 3 for certain!

          • theTruth

            I keep hearing this better hit detection argument, its just lies! and even if its true at the end of the day you die to quick for whatever reason so the health needs increasing. the game is just not enjoyable at the moment. MW3 was miles closer to COD4 than Ghosts in terms of the run and gun gameplay.

          • xSupaScopa

            Notice that in MW2 you died just as fast as in Ghosts. MW2 had some of the best hit detection of any CoD game. Also do not even try to compare MW3 to COD4. MW3 the guns took 7 hours to kill a person. It is rediculous. Plus all of the maps are TINY! Especially compared to Ghosts or COD4

      • xSupaScopa

        If you play it right it is. I always have encounters. Probably the same amount as CoD and it is only 4v4 (in the main modes)

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Halo will always be the best. The next Halo will become the true competitive shooter since it will be running at 60fps.

        • TheShadowReaper

          really Halo the best? it feels like i’m playing CS that was developed by a 10 year old. so slow, so sluggish. i really wonder why people liked that on Xbox that much. it was the only good exclusive and it sucked. not even close to compete with COD or BF for that matter.

          • Brandalf

            I tend to agree, Halo was a pretty massive disappointment for me. So much hype and great press around it, but the games all felt extremely slow, sluggish and just unpleasant to play. When I got my 360 I decided I would give it a try again, it was just as bad, possibly worse.

            But, we all have our own opinions, and they’re all valid. Hell I hate CS and TF2. That’s right a PC gamer that doesn’t like either of those two :O

        • Ghosts is 60 fps…

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    there is hope

  • Rachel East

    I’ve played all game modes and the spawn points are horrid all around. Thanks for the coming fix.

  • jordanxbrookes

    At least Infinity Ward are listening to us. Thanks Infinity Ward.

  • yardis

    they need to hurry up and fix the spawns. im tired of playing cranked or kill confirmed and spawning in the enemies line of sight. I swear ill kill someone and they spawn around the corner and kill me.

  • asdf

    can i level each character to prestige 10

    • ip x Warrior

      Nop. Each character as 1 prestige. 10 soldier = 10 prestiges

  • FFA sucks at the moment! – I think last night I got owned from both sides while spawning! WTF!

    I have faith in IW but please folks fix it soonest! – Danke!

  • CoD player

    i got killed twice in the same killcam. lol

  • Emre

    big maps still the spawns are bad. -__–

  • Got featured on Machinima!

  • SoulTaker

    Free For All on Strikezone is terrible with the spawns I died and as soon as I spawned I died again saw the killcam and I was right next to the guy he turned around then turned around to me spawning next to him it was funny haha.

    • Mitch

      What do you expect, FFA on such a small map?

  • I have no name oh wait here it

    This is the only time where I see IW has finally worked so hard on this CoD! Ded servers, new things, and a better spawn system! Finally, CoD has been cared for the past years. I feel proud.

  • Jasy

    All the people who are saying that the maps are too big are probably noobs from black ops 2 who search for lobbies that play Nuketown and Hijacked. The reason why they are noobs is that it takes no skill to do good on those maps. You can run around with an SMG hipfire spraying and do relatively well.

  • oldschoolcalhoonfan

    the kills i suffered in a blitz match because my team quit resulted in so many deaths its take 90 days of playin to have a decent percentage again…death at spawn till end of the match….but who cares right

  • Brokengameisbroken

    Trading game in, in march so they have shove it up their ass for all I care.

  • Aaron saunders

    Could the please have 1 team spawn on one side and the other, on the other side.

  • James Reuland-Gunn

    It’s about bloody time. Team death match is getting frustrating regularly because I’ll spawn right next to some enemy and get blown away. You don’t even have to try to spawn kills.