Digital Foundry has posted a comparison of the PS4 version of Ghosts running at the pre patched 720p version and the post patch 1080p version. They report that neither of the versions of the game fixes the frame rate drops. However, Ghosts was actually running at higher than 60FPS at certain points, making the game’s frame rate drops less noticeable.

The difference between the 720p and 1080p is quite noticeable, they report. The 1080p is noticeably different than the 720p and takes the PS4 version up to par with the PC version of the game.

SOURCE: Digital Foundry

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    i’d rather have a steady 60fps

    • Guest

      There is no frame drop problems on PS4 – that was pre launch. Besides, I have literally heard no one say they’ve got problems, and besides, IW said that they will patch it. Its IW’s fault because PS4 has no problem with other games like KZ:SF at 1080p 60FPS. Next-gen isn’t having games at 720p at 30fps *cough* Dead Rising 3 like in 2007

      • Atrocity-_-

        I play on PS4 and can confirm there are in fact fps drops, totally random but they do happen..

        Don’t be a white knight that’s why shit never gets fixed.

        My name on here is also my PSN if you don’t believe me add me up, plenty of my friends gets this issue too and random people I’ve talked to.

        • Assassin5150

          i agree there is random times where the games stutters in MP for a few seconds. it’s a software issue not Hardware related.

          • HenryDF

            IW didn’t make 60 FPS the max frame rate, therefore the game has opportunities to be a bit cheeky and try and go above 60 FPS, then it realises it’s too much and goes down, then it stabilises again.

      • XLKILLA

        Dead rising 3 doesn’t need 60fps. There is 100’s of zombies in a huge world on screen at once. Besides capcom sucks so what do you expect.

      • Blaine

        KZ:SF does NOT run at 60 fps all of the time. The devs admitted it runs “at 60fps MOST of the time” and has frame rate drops frequently and they are okay with this

  • Primey_

    So the problem is caused by the framerate going higher than 60FPS. Looks like IW forgot to max the FPS to 60 if that’s possible.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      They can’t PS4 is like a PC now.

      • Primey_

        But you can cap the max framerate on a PC, buddy.

      • BattleNex

        You can cap FPS on any console or pc

    • Assassin5150

      yes you can cap the frames at 60fps

    • BattleNex

      You can cap FPS on any console or pc….

  • Josh

    Is Ghosts 1080p on PS3?
    EDIT: it is 1080p so why thumbs down at least it’s not 720p like the xbox one LOL

    • aaa187

      That’s all you deserve, thumbs down for your moronic post.

      • Josh

        I don’t understand how that is a “moronic post” – I was just asking a question

        • You Dip SHIT

          Learn to fucking read.

          • Josh

            Yeah, coming from the little kid…..nice user name. I don’t think you can read considering it should say you’re a dip sh*t. Like you dip sh*t makes sense.

  • “PS4 version up to par with the PC version of the game” Hell ya! PS4 baby!

    • worldsfinest554

      Game looks like shit on all platforms. PS4 should never be compared to a PC, ever.

      • HenryDF

        Why not? Ghosts looks better on my TV than it does on my PC, and yeah, I’m comparing it :/

      • You right PS4 is to good to compared to a PC. and my $2,400 Upgraded Macbook Pro is also better. Il go enjoy Ghosts on my 50″ 1080p Tv.

  • vipe187

    Is ghost gonna have 1080p for xbox one.?

    • Josh

      No, it’s 720p unscaled to 1080p.

  • leocooper

    Wow, that’s actually quite a difference!