A new video posted by TWiiNSANE is stating that the first map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to release on Jan 28th. In the video, he says his source is someone who works on the entertainment side of printed media TWiiSANE was accurate at informing the dates for the third and fourth map packs for Black Ops 2.

As of this time, the release date is just a rumor. We don’t have any official news regarding what Infinity Ward plans to do with DLC. A few PC leaks have suggested that maps from previous Call of Duty games could see a return to Ghosts.


  • Kyle Evans


  • Daniel Sims

    Normally it would be very flusterating to see that old maps are returning but Ghosts maps are so bad I don’t even care. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of dynamic elements they will bring. Highrise from MW2 could have some great dynamic elements if done right.

    • Classrobbie

      Crane can come down and crash onto the map, block pathways etc.

      • Grigori

        That is a fking great idea

    • Sentrymann

      Apparently I’m in the minority here, but I do like quite a few Ghost maps. Octane, warhawk, prison break, strike zone, Freight, and Flooded are all great! Freight is even becoming one of my all time favorites out of any game. Chasm and Overlord can rot in hell however.

      • king

        Best maps in the game because they’re small

        • Sentrymann

          I wouldn’t classify them as small….but they are the perfect size, no bigger, no smaller. That’s what she said.

        • Batman

          No, I absolutely hate strikezone, flooded, and free fall.

          My fav are warhawk witheout and stonehaven

          • Bob

            Is this sarcastic? Warhawk, Whiteout, and Stonehaven are the worst maps I ever played. Warhawk has too much places to camp in buildings, Whiteout could be cut in thirds, and Stonehaven’s size is meant for a 16 on 16. I rather play Drone and Aftermath on BO2 even though those maps suck. Strikezone is easily the best map, but it’s still not great especially with the horrible spawns. At least I don’t get killed from the back every time by campers because small maps with choke points force gun battles. Mostly all you see on maps like Stonehaven are people hiding with snipers, which is extremely boring and frustrating for people that don’t like to camp. I don’t understand why people like these huge maps in Ghosts because in BO2 everyone voted for Raid, Standoff, Slums, Hijacked, even Nuketown over Drone, Turbine, and Aftermath every single time.

          • Adamant Flux

            small maps with choke points allow any idiot to do well at least bigger maps require some intellect on how to take down a sniper from afar and not just run aimlessly hip firing around every corner like in black ops 2

          • Bob

            I bet you sucked at BO2 because you couldn’t win gun battles. That game actually took skill not like Ghosts. You can kill someone with a MSBS in 2 bullets out one burst and I watched a guy go 10 and 0 in search and destroy with a chainsaw shooting people half way across the map. You cannot just hip fire good players in BO2. Sure people camped in BO2, but this game is where the campers shine because it takes no skill to kill anyone. I saw kill cams where the person who killed me just sprayed me after I ran past them and hit me with 3 bullets of a silenced, fully auto weapon. At least if someone did that in BO2, you have a good chance to turn on them. If there was score per minute in this game, it would be extremely low because people only camp. I bet you never had a SPM above 300 in BO2 because you just either sucked or you were a camper.

          • Adamant Flux

            if what you are saying is that only noobs complain about a game that look at yourself please and realize how you just shot yourself in the back

          • Bob

            When did I ever say that only noobs complain? They are the people that love Ghosts, obviously you don’t read well. I rush in games because camping is boring, but I understand that’s the only way some people can get kills and that’s why I get shot in the back. Ghosts tried to make the skill gap between good players and average players smaller, which is why you can kill someone so easily and they have big maps with a lot of places to hide. I hope you do realize that killing someone from the back takes very little to no skill. BO2 tried to widen the skill gap so that good players could actually do good and average to crappy players got destroyed. This is why the majority of people hate BO2, because it took skill and most players don’t have it. I’m going to say it again, less choke points promote face to face battles, which takes gun skill to win. If you watched pro players talking about Ghosts, they really don’t like it because it’s too easy for the average person to get lucky. I’m just stating facts, you’re just trying to make yourself seem like you’re good haha.

          • TheDarkWaypoint

            Always remember that people like different things and have opinions… And I too like the bigger maps.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Flooded is the worst.. I can’t stand getting hardscoped every step I take.

        • Lol now it’s damn hardscopers. I still QS but lots of hardscoping done, bet you wish they wouldn’t of changed anything ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Personally I love these new maps. Especially Flooded, Strikezone, Whiteout, Freight, Prison Break, Warhawk, and Octane.

      • Jon Cameron

        What’s wrong with Overlord? I agree with Chasm though.

        • Sentrymann

          It’s actually began to grow on me a little, it’s fine for domination, the B flag battles are really interesting. For TDM or FFA the map feels a little contrived.

      • Brandalf

        I enjoy all the Ghosts maps aside from Octane, Flooded, Freight and Siege. Octane, Flooded and Freight because they bring back the terrible BO2 memories. Too few sightlines, too much clutter, too simple and too small. Siege is just too big and too campy. The rest of the maps I really enjoy. Which is kind of funny considering there were only 2 or 3 maps I enjoyed in BO2.

        Oh and I almost forgot about Free Fall. GOD is that an absurdly terrible map. I can’t say one single good thing about that map. NOT.ONE.SINGLE.THING.

        Ghosts map design is quite nice in general. Good variety of gameplay and not geared towards specific playstyles, unlike BO2.

        I mostly play domination and I gotta say my favorite maps are Stormfront, Whiteout and Stonehaven.

    • Dextro_Phoenix

      I love ghosts maps. Breath of fresh air from the crap treyarch spit out. Having all types of engagement lengths is what makes a great map. Close quarters areas for SMG’s, middle areas for AR’s and long range areas for snipers. Every map should cater for all these types of guns. BO2 and MW3 had the worst maps in COD history, it was pretty much SMG at all engagement lengths and you couldn’t snipe at all! While every ghost map doesn’t fill this criteria, ghosts has the most balanced maps since MW2 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • VAQnotVAG

        I agree 100%. I think a lot of people didn’t play the older COD games so they don’t realize that it’s more like it use to be. I LOVE having larger maps again, it’s the way it should be

    • Jon Cameron

      the cranes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • omar_soft

    I would love to see some returning MW2 maps. and DLC guns, hopefully many of those

    • VAQnotVAG

      MW2 had my favorite maps.. I don’t really want to have to pay for them again though

      • omar_soft

        Yeah, I wish they could let you migrate the MW2 maps over if you already have MW2

    • I want an Intervention ๐Ÿ™‚

      • omar_soft

        I want the MW2 ACR, and the UMP45.

        • TheDarkWaypoint

          Those were plain op and easy to use… I want something new…

      • TheDarkWaypoint

        Wont happen… They wouldn’t have two very similar snipers in one game.

  • Justin Meyer

    Bring back cod 4 maps! Backlot, countdown, ambush, crossfire, and showdown…damn i miss that game

    • Daniel Sims

      Don’t forget Crash!

      • Justin Meyer

        i didnt add it because it was already mw2 dlc:p

    • Sentrymann

      I often wish I had owned an xbox when that game came out. Apparently it was the golden age of Call of Duty, although I’m sure people might be romanticizing the past just a little bit.

      • Justin Meyer

        i was using my brothers xbox when that came out and guilted my mom into buying me it even though i was like 14. The memories I have with that game, between the countless hours of online, the number of times i beat campaign, doing glitches in private matches, and of course mike myers. everything in that game was just about perfect. I wish call of duty would go back to the simpler days; 3 killstreaks, limited number of perks that were completely balanced, great guns, and amazing map design.

        • Sentrymann

          I’ll never forget when my grandma bought me Turok without realizing the game was rated M for mature. She freaked out when she realized what she had done! I think I still have the game somewhere, good time.

      • Chris Mason

        A lot of it is romanticizing the past. COD4 was great, don’t get me wrong, but it had some flaws.

  • Maztho

    I don’t care about old/new maps, I want new Faceoff maps ! 3vs3 !

    • AcePhoenix007


      • jordanxbrookes

        Faceoff didn’t suck, it was a cool addition for you and a friend or friends to play together instead of playing with random teammates or people you weren’t communicating with. I hope they do bring it back cos I definitely would play it. PLUS it had it’s own maps too which I loved.

        • TheDarkWaypoint

          The thing is the maps were too small and thus very easy to spawntrap ene in 2v2…

    • VAQnotVAG

      Yeah faceoff was awesome, that farm map was one of the best maps of all time IMO

  • mgab

    this guy the only thing it does is asking more shit he wants to be really famous i think

  • fjaklk

    Terminal again? lel. I hope that IW will just bring back the old maps instead of just reskin and charge us. But since the rumors tell us scrapyard and dome might be coming, free is something i highly doubt, CANT WAIT THOUGH.

  • TheGamerBeast

    just like BLACKOPS 2 First DLC was 28 Jan also and always first on XBOX 1

  • Batman

    It canยดt be worse than BO2 maps

    • TheDarkWaypoint

      I rather liked BOII maps… They just worked…

  • Batman

    HighRise, Favela, Overgrown would be welcome

    • TheDarkWaypoint


    • Jon Cameron

      Why the hell do people find Overgrown so much fun? It’s not a bad map but it’s boring as hell. If it’s because it’s a big map, then I’d much rather Wasteland or Derail. Or some older maps from CoD2 or CoD4. Carentan’s 2nd return? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Auptyk

        Derail wouldn’t be bad but Wasteland is the worst. No cover. Just 10 people playing dueling snipers. I liked Overgrown. I say bring back Pipeline or Downpour from CoD4.

        • Jon Cameron

          Sadly, I hate both of those maps.

  • Stick Man

    These maps make Derail look like God. Derail was the shittiest map in Mw2 cuz it was so big and stuff. But I have a WAYYYY easier time finding enemies on Derail than on something like Stonehaven or Siege.

    Crash, Terminal, Favela.

  • unknow

    http://allgamesfor.me/?id=432667 to get ghost for free!!

    • VAQnotVAG


  • Mysterious

    The day after my B’day ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • VAQnotVAG

    I just hope they don’t do a ton of “reimagined” / “reskinned” maps. That shit really pissed me off with BO2. It felt cheap, unoriginal, and uninteresting. One of the things I like about getting map packs is NEW MAPS that I can learn. If I’m playing a reskinned map and already know all the spots then it’s really just not worth my time or money

  • Ryumoau

    I just really hate the fact that us playstation gamers have to wait a month because activision wants to be greedy with the pointless microsoft dlc exclusivity. ๐Ÿ™

    • Chris Mason

      Maybe. But enjoy native 1080p.

    • omar_soft

      Its not pointless, more people play CoD on Xbox compared to the play-stations, so they try and get the stuff to Xbox first so customers stay with them, also making them a butt ton of $$$

      • Daniel Sims

        The whole more people play CoD on Xbox and thats why they do that is completely wrong. It’s only because Microsoft gives Activision a ton of money for the early DLC deal.

        • omar_soft

          Not really, look at the preorders for ghosts on Xbox and then the playstations. Sure Microsoft probably pays activision but by now its been 4+ years of Xbox first, it boost sales of Xbox and it helps activison out too. Just because you think something is right doesn’t mean it is…

          • Daniel Sims

            It’s gone on for 4+ years because Microsoft continues to stuff money into Activisions pocket. People at Infinityward have even said that they don’t agree with the deal but it’s Activision’s decision. They are doing it for business and extra money, it’s DEFINITELY not for the consumers favor.

          • JACKASS

            So I guess you have a list of preorder comparisons around the world to talk like that ? Else you are just doing the same thing as you explained so well, thinking something is right and spreading it on the net

        • StarLeek

          You coudn’t be more wrong.
          CoD is played on Sony Playstation 3, much much much more than on X-box (sisie-gamers)
          Microsoft is Paying Activision to have the reales first, cause Xb-players HAVE to pay in order to play online, so they want to give something back.
          Sony Ent. don’t care, cause they know that there machine is better and there players will stay no matter what…. PLUS… PS users don’t have to pay any extra in order to play online.
          Soon, they don’t even need to have a console in order to play. Sony is launching the new way of playing… Streaming-

    • Kyle

      That’s because Xbox pays to get it early. Also one of the perks of paying $40 a year for Xbox live.

  • Matthew Del Corso

  • ip x Warrior

    In my opinion previous CoD map should be free just like terminal in MW3 now Please give us Dome,Mission,Highrise,Favela ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ryumoau

      agreed. They should release a free separate map pack containing five previous modern warfare maps for everyone.

  • SC Demon87

    All anyone is doing is bitching about map size and snipers. They made the maps bigger and more realistic, they did this to make it closer to real life. Which most of you wouldn’t know because you have never been to combat. oh and to the guy that was bitching about dieng in two shots that’s life! ether suck it up and keep playing or return your game. This game brings gaming to a whole new level, huge maps, great camos, better graphics, faster refresh rates. Finally consoles are getting to the same level as PC’s. If you have ever played MLG or Game Battles you would see that no moron just runs around the map, im sorry if you actually have to think to play. Ie: not just running out in the middle and hoping for a kill. Im not a sniper i only use my honey badger or a marksmen rifle. my kd is 1.85 with over 8k kills and 900 caps. Its not that hard if you actually play with your head and have a good clan to play with. http://www.shadowcompanyhq.com

  • Guest

    I’m sorry that xbox is better then the ass sucking playstation

  • cris

    I know thats duck

  • Danker_429

    How they gonna spawn somebody right behind you, lameo

  • Faded Off Hash * Xbox

    The point is people pay for quality on xbox. More people steal net n use hotspots on ps3 cuz its free and xbox can pay for people to scan for hackers better.

  • Dylan

    The blue one is a ice a season pass camo