Call of Duty: Strike Team for iOS has received a major update, that comes in at around 964MB, that brings a new game mode as well as new maps.

*Beat the Clock!: In the new “Time Attack” mode, taking down hostiles rewards you with more seconds on the countdown timer. Survive longer and earn more Tokens. Available on all four Strike Ops maps

*New Combat Zone!: Battle the insurgent threat in the Atlas Mountains in both “Survival” and “Time Attack” modes – unlocked for players who have reached XP level 16

*Take Control!: Support for the extended (dual-thumbstick) controller on iPhone 5, 5C and 5S running iOS7 or above.

*Challenge Everyone!: Compete against your Activate and Game Center friends in daily challenges for bragging rights and to earn rewards, now unlocked for all players.

*Active Service!: Play Call of Duty: Strike Team every day to earn big Token bonuses, now unlocked for all players.

*Bug Fixes
– Resolved a UI scaling issue on iPad Air devices
– Several smaller miscellaneous fixes and optimizations

This new update is free if you already own the game, If you don’t the game costs $6.99.

SOURCE: App Store

  • golferboy321

    If only they made the app compatible with more android devices..

  • HenryDF

    I really didn’t see the point in buying this app – I’m far happier just playing a simple game on my phone (such as Angry Birds) and playing proper CoD at home. While I found BO Zombies fun (it’s the only CoD app I’ve played), it just lacked the magic that made it fun on my console or PC. CoD isn’t a game for mobiles, and Activision should realise that. Is it worth getting it?

    • I got it an hour after it released. The game was worth the money, BUT not for mobile, Maybe on ipad. I played it once, maybe twice before stopping. Game is the best looking for mobile (Next to Dead Trigger). But I guess the games lacks replay-ability and is to hard to control.

  • Josh

    It should be made compatible with onlive so we can use a controller with it instead of touching the screen which reduces what we can view on the screen.