If you plan on buying Call of Duty: Ghosts digitally for the Xbox One, you can get access to the Free Fall Dynamic Bonus map. This offer expires on December 5th, 2013 according to Microsoft.


Xbox One is available Nov. 22nd in 13 countries. You can download Ghosts on Xbox One digitally on the Xbox Games Store for $59.99. The file size is 39.5GB. If you have the Xbox 360 version and want to upgrade, visit http://callofduty.com/ghosts/nextgen for more information.

SOURCE: Xbox Games Store

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Not bad I suppose.

  • l3lance

    How can i get free fall when i purchased it in the psn store? Yes i preordered online

    • CoDforever

      Exactly i need to know too

      • Thefutureiscampops2

        Yo what u do is go to ps store search cod ghost than press download and it either say free or something else pick free and download in background go to download management n cancel the ghost download because u need to download it agian

        • Captain_Planet

          Yeah, what he said.. It’s like when you download a game’s “dynamic theme” while purchasing a game, you will also download Freefree right then as well.

          • Captain_Planet

            lol, Freefree.

  • TS

    the map sucks big time. Id rather wait till dec 6th to not get this map with the purchase.

    • TheTruth

      I’ve not played it but looks good visually. Will be taking up that offer if I bother getting the xbox one

  • TheTruth

    I’ve got my Xbox One pre ordered ready for collection tomorrow but after the dissapointment of ghosts I’m not sure whether to get it!? Any other reasons to get it!?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Not sure whether to get the Xbone or Ghosts?

    • Shardlotte

      Did you play Ghosts? If no, get it and play it with an open mind. This ain’t Blops. This ain’t Em-dub. This is a new CoD that don’t play like the others. If you have already, and didn’t like it, then no.

      • AverageJoe

        Yes I racked up two days playing time on ghosts on the 360, hate it currently but still hope they might patch it. But I only play Cod so thinking what’s the point in getting XbOne tomorrow?

        • TheTruth

          That was my point! I’d probably get if Titan fall was a launch title

        • Trizay

          Do you hate it because it’s too slow paced and the maps are too big? If so then get it for next-gen and play ground war.

    • Batman

      Ghosts is the only CoD that requires more skill than luck, more thinking less spraying

    • Captain_Planet

      Don’t let people tell you that Ghosts is too slow-paced! You slap on an SMG with Agility/Marathon/Ready-Up/Amplify/Dead Silence and you’ll be zipping around any and all maps listening for footsteps and flanking the hell out of entire teams (because everybody online is also expecting a slow-pace match).

      • Erik Kennedy

        nobody cares. shuddup. go be annoying somewhere else. nobody cares about your classes. go away.

  • Brandalf


  • Xecho
  • rtret

    I have the FreeFall bonus map and I haven’t even played it once. I mainly play Domination and it hasn’t even popped out once. I’m going haywire.

    • caspants

      me too 🙁 where is this map!

  • Kyle

    I have the freefall map but xbox one keeps telling me it is unavailable to download

  • Callum

    Can anyone help me I have Xbox one it says I can download a free map pack when I got to download the map it says unavailable help