The first ever Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament starts today. MLG Columbus takes place in Columbus, Ohio, and will last through this Sunday, Nov. 24th. The tournament is starting at 5pm EST with an All-Star game.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be played on Xbox 360 for this tournament.

This tournament will be streamed live on, and it’s also the debut of Broadcaster Mode in action for the very first time. Tune in to the action all weekend long, and follow us on Twitter for regular updates about the scores.

  • DroidZap

    Anyone here cheering for OpTic, nV, tK, and Complexity? More talk on Reddit!

    • xx420xx

      kill yourself

      • Misogynist

        Says the guy with the name “xx420xx”

        • pupascupa

          maybe he was gonna kill himself……..and then he got high lul.

  • Captain_Planet

    Go Optic!

    • Josh


    • PsychOutGaming

      they alreeady lost. HA

  • TepidBlack

    why are they giving up on Twitch and using their own god-awful streaming service?

    • Guest

      Because they don’t give a shit about their fans, they just want more money.

      • Epicsand

        They care about CoD’s fans, but like every other company, they want money.

  • Josh
    • Quit spamming that, because PS4 has its share of problems. Also, I consider a broken disk drive better then a WHOLE CONSOLE being broken to a point it has overheated BEFORE it came out of the box.

      • Josh

        Overheated before it came out the box? Overheating can be caused by technical faults but that is only in rare cases. If they are overhearing the most common cause would be that the console is too close to the wall preventing enough air circulation that causes it to heat up. You might want to read the instruction manual before assuming that it was a hardware fault. Look at the xbox one it’s covered in fans-why is that? Because it is more likely to over heat!

    • ccrows

      ^ & That’s why you wait until year 2 people…

  • Epicsand

    I responded to this comment: “Myth: Call of Duty Ghosts is shit. Confirmed´╗┐” with this: “Said the idiot who plays mostly Minecraft on their channel, has probably never played this game, and is saying it is shit to get attention. People enjoy CoD, because it has fast paced multi-player, tons of customization options, competitiveness, and cinematic campaigns, which Ghosts expands upon. Ghosts is a good game, but if you don’t enjoy it, nobody is forcing you to play it, and if it is ‘shit’, explain why, and tell me a better alternative. Boringfield 4 and KZ:SF are not them.” and somebody responded to me saying: “Ghosts is by NO means a fast paced game, or competitive in the slightest.” It proves how clueless some CoD haters are.

  • Dean

    >MLG prevents ad block.