Lots of fans have been asking for clarification regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts MP servers, and today Infinity Ward has provided one. The servers for Ghosts are a mix of the Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers; you get put into one that provides the best online experience.

Just a reminder that we are using a hybrid system for Ghosts online play to deliver the best possible connection. So sometimes you might be on listen-servers and sometimes you might be on dedicated servers, depending on which offers the better connection. We’re making tweaks every day to improve the experience across all platforms, more updates to come. And yes, with today’s launch of Xbox One, there will be dedicated server support.

This news was announced back in October by Mark Rubin. He said in his post that Call of Duty: Ghosts will use a hybrid system of Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers to provide the best connection possible. There will be some instances where you will be on listen servers – the servers from previous Call of Duty games – or dedicated servers. It depends on connection, and varies by each game.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • Mitch

    So when are the Dedis on for all platforms?

    • Joe JD Apsey

      they already are

  • Tony Rambo

    I really like Ghosts but IW needs to fix the performance on PC…it sucks to have a very good PC and yet and not being able to run your favorite games

    • Ivan Stoyanov

      Same my dude 🙁 I don’t have the best PC but I ran MW3 on max and Black ops 2 on max too and I have problems running Ghosts on Normal settings with no shadows and all off… Have Gtx650 TI Boost and 8 Gb ram

  • Sentrymann

    I haven’t gotten a single host migration ever, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones?

    • xsXex

      Me either, I’m on PS3 and the connection has been the best since MW2

      • Marshall

        I am on PS3, I have over 24 hours of game time and never have had a host migration. I only get weird lag once every maybe 20 games. Like very little. I did Digitally download it so maybe when I am not on dedis i am host?

        • xsXex

          I also digitally download it too, I’m not sure if it’ll make a huge difference mind. I always used to pull host on BO2 and it was terrible, same for BO1 and MW3.

    • yardis

      me neither, but i have had bad lag to the point that the game is unplayable

    • James K

      The only host migration I got was on extinction.

    • Mitch

      I had 1 on MP (ps3) but numerous in Squads and Extinction.

    • HenryDF

      I digitally downloaded, and basically because of that, I’m normally the first person in the game – I’ll get a timer countdown from about 50, rather than 15. I assume that because I connect first and because I have good internet, I’m always the host. 🙂

    • VirtualWarTV™

      same here..not once in this game and have played 200 games

    • VirtualWarTV™

      and only once or twice has it been laggy…no hit detection probs either. shoot someone and they die—quickly.

      • Love the game, hate the lag

        Thats odd. I am having a very different experience. I can dump a whole clip into a guy by the time he raises his gun and puts one bulett in me and its done. Its very irritating.

        • richard longhurst

          Same here sick of these stupid dodgy hybrid servers got good fibre optic n low ping n still get rediculous lag on many games bout time they sorted it out! How cum people with shit internet speeds always end up with host! Im really considering binning the game. # stressed 2 [email protected]$k

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      I’ve gotten two. But all in all, the servers are the best ever in a CoD game. Bo2’s servers were pretty goddamn awful for me, but these are just brilliant. Except for some Squads severs, which are crap.

  • Roxas3510

    Classic IW; announce dedicated servers, inform consumers after launch that it’s not exactly what they made us think it is. I’m still wondering how DICE manages to have dedicated servers on all consoles and PC, but Activision with all it’s money can’t do the same.

    • Shardlotte

      They announced it would be like this well before the game came out.

      • CoDforever

        Eactly, difit0r said that month prior as well

      • Mr. Nerve Damage


        Actually they very much said that ACTUAL dedicated servers, i.e., the ones that the pc community wants, are supposed to eventually be released. Also, in the multiplayer config file… these lines of code can be found… these are only needed when used with an “actual” rented dedicated server system.

        seta ui_browserShowDedicated “0”
        seta ui_browserShowEmpty “1”
        seta ui_browserShowFull “1”
        seta ui_browserShowPassword “-1”

    • The players buy and host the dedicated servers in Battlefield It’s not DICE who host them.

      • Roxas3510

        There are dedicated servers that are hosted by DICE. The ones that say [DICE] in the title are not hosted by players. Also, players hosting their own servers was introduced halfway through BF3’s release, before then it was all DICE servers.

        • Shooter


    • alex

      Before the game launched. Its was announced that they would use this hybrid system

    • Jeremy

      The thing you should be wondering is DICE has dedicated servers and still tend’s to have more lag then COD.

      • Roxas3510

        That sounds like a personal connection problem, I don’t lag nearly as bad on Battlefield as I do on CoD. There are plenty of times where I’ll skip across the map or get shot around corners on CoD while that never happens on Battlefield. When I shoot at someone on Battlefield, the hit detection is excellent. Sometimes it’s the same for CoD, but more than usual the hit detection will be off because they gave the host to someone with a terrible connection. Regardless of how great my connection is (50/10), it all depends on who the host is, whereas in Battlefield that isn’t the case.

    • The ghost

      The PC version is getting absolutely rubbish
      Lagg on nearly every game lots complaining within the game. IW took our money and do not care for PC users

      • Roxas3510

        That’s what I’m saying, they just don’t care anymore. Well, the way I see it, they never did, all the people that DID care are probably the ones who left and went to Respawn. All They care about now is raking in the money, and they’ll continue to do so until a better arcade shooter comes out (which is possible) or until everyone realizes how bad the games are now and stop buying them (which will probably never happen).

    • youlikeicecream

      “I’m still wondering how DICE manages to have dedicated servers on all consoles and PC” — They don’t they ditch them and make customers rent servers after the first DLC is released.

  • Skeeboe

    I specifically bought Ghosts on PS3 instead of upgrading to Xbox One for one and ONLY ONE reason…..Dedicated Servers. This is what was advertised and promised by Activision representatives with the knowledge and authority to speak on the company’s behalf (Activision is a public company btw). This is not only misrepresentation, but outright fraud when Activision doesn’t deliver on a promise large enough to influence consumer purchase decisions. I’d love to see Activision support the twitter reply in the post above in a court of law!

    Long story short……I’m very disappointed with Activision’s lack of focus and follow through with their latest Call of Duty effort. Anyone who says dedicated servers won’t make “that much” of a difference is either biased by their own P2P gaming experience and/or grossly misinformed.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Actually, Xbox One has dedicated servers, and so does PS3. Read the post – it’s explained clearly. Even in Mark Rubin’s original announcement he said the same thing: Ghosts uses both Listen and Dedicated Servers. Listen servers can be good for you at certain matches; dedicated might be better. It just depends/

      This is not fraud by Activision, it’s just the fact that so many people took the original announcement incorrectly. It was clearly stated you might be on either server, but so many people took that as it’s dedicated only. It’s not.

  • iAmEFFeX

    How can yo possibly not get linked up with a dedicated server living inside the US. Where are they all located? In a single state? I don’t believe their explanation.

  • Batman

    Is Xbox one dedicated servers only for ghosts? Atleast 65% of them must be dedicated

  • MegaMan3k

    Ghosts is unplayable. The most attrocious, unresponsive, BS, ever in any MP game I’ve ever played.


    I blame then netcode and or server infrastructure for 75% of the problems. There’sa a good game hiding in there somewhere. Not like we’ll ever see it.

    • golferboy321

      I think they just updated their servers starting an hour ago.

    • Paul Thomas

      What internet source are you playing on? A phone? Satellite internet? Because I know i’m on a Wireless and I rarely ever get any lag, That says a lot in the US south.

    • HenryDF

      I get no lag, I’ve never had a host migration, and I’m enjoying it. My internet speed is 60mbps, and I downloaded the game, which makes it run flawlessly. It isn’t a universal problem, so don’t act like it is.

      • MegaMan3k

        No, it’s not a universal problem. Just one that affects me and everybody I personally play with, which is a diverse group of people from all around the country. Don’t act like it’s not a problem just because you either don’t have it or are not observant enough to notice it. See, it goes both ways, kiddo. Don’t try to squelch legitimate complaints – that’s a surefire way of having everything turn to shit.

        And because my internet works just fine on other Call of Duties and Battlefields and Halos and etc, I’m blaming the game. Fairly. Critically. Logically.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • HenryDF

          I’m not trying to squelch your complaint, it’s just annoying how some people act like their issue applies to the entire game and how it should be rated (ie. you gave it 0/10).

          It’s what gets me down about the Amazon star-rating system – Ghosts has 2 and a half stars, because there are about 40 people like you (no offence) who give the product one star and complain about an individual issue that doesn’t reflect how the game acts universally.

          People could see that you’ve given the game 0/10 and think “oh, ok, that game’s shit and I’ll get internet issues.” when chances are they wouldn’t. You rated it 0/10 on what, the Multiplayer? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in the campaign…it just seems harsh to me.

          Buddy, I’m no kid, though I do act rashly sometimes. I’m sorry if I annoyed you with what I said, it wasn’t my intention, it’s just comments like yours, on a whole, that annoy me. Sorry.

          • MegaMan3k

            How could I judge the game in any context other than the context in which it exists for me? My experience is that the game is in an unplayable state. If you give it a good review based on your good experiences, you’re not evaluating it “universally” anymore than I am. A universal reflection of the game would have to encompass all experiences.

            The closest you can get to a “universal truth” would be a compilation of experiences. An examination of the size, shape, and spread of the responses. If the average on Amazon is low because of “people like me,” then maybe that’s because it’s much more widespread problem than “people like you” like to believe it is.

            That said – because the game is in such a poor state, my connection works elsewhere, and none of my geographically diverse group of my friends have any better experience, I think it’s absolutely fair to rule that the game is, for lack of a better phrase, a disgusting pile of steaming crap.

          • HenryDF

            The only reason there’s a huge amount of the 1-star reviews on Amazon is because people are complaining. The people who have a good connection don’t see the need to say “I have no lag. I have no issues. Good game.” because people have already done that in paragraphs already.

            However, the disgruntled customers see the need to complain because they think people care. And frankly, I don’t care, and neither do the 100,000+ people who are online at the moment care either. Why do you see the need to share stuff like this with us?

            I don’t believe that it’s a tiny issue, but nor do I believe that it’s an issue that’s affecting the majority of the people who have bought Ghosts. I’m sorry if you can’t play Ghosts online, and I’m sorry that you’re upset. But the majority – the people who can play online – really don’t care. Take your issue to Activision support, they should care; there’s gonna be very little help for you here.

          • MegaMan3k

            You seem to miss the part where I mention it’s not an isolated issue to myself.

            But, whatever, keep on trucking, kiddo.

          • HenryDF

            I never said it wasn’t an isolated issue? When did I once say that it was an issue exclusive to you? Surely me referring to the 20 or so Amazon reviews mentioning a similar issue shows that I acknowledge it’s not isolated.

            I merely said that the majority of players weren’t experiencing your issues, which is fair and justified. I accept that you are having these problems, and I accept that other people are too, but why do you expect the “majority” to care?

            And, please, I’m not a kid, so stop calling me a kid. It’s making you look like a bit of a prat.

      • fastramm .

        I downloaded the game as well, have a nice rig, well over the listed specs and have had several migrations, a few crashes and the hit detection just flat out sucks a monkeys ass! I purchased the game with the expectation of the dedi’s, still not seeing anything that resembles a dedi’s performance. Ive seen crack whores more responsive than this game. There isnt shit for HC game modes that any one wants to play. I sit in a lobby for 10 minutes looking for a match. Impossible with a true dedi as you would see no one is playing there and move on! Ill go play BF4 more, rent my servers and let the kick backs benefit dice for allowing me to play a game that is worth playing! YA, thats right, they get kick backs or each and every server rented!

        EAT shit COD, your dead now! Only the console kids will play your games now, youve eliminated the PC community where you got your start!

        • HenryDF

          There’s a reason both PC and Wii U receive less dedicated support – because Activision make less money from them. Battlefield is more popular on PC than console, however it’s the other way round for CoD. You can’t seriously expect a company to waste money funding a cause that isn’t giving them as much as it should be in return, can you?

          I’m not saying PC is a lost cause, it’s far from it, but the original Ghosts build for PC was poor. It’s being patched as we speak, and already has been at least three times.

          I couldn’t care less about DICE and their kick backs, I play console happily and I enjoy it. I never experience lag, I never experience crashes, and Ghosts serves me well. I don’t see why you’re yelling at me expecting me to be interested, when I myself can enjoy the game. Ghosts is worth playing for me, I enjoy it and I have fun. Don’t hold that against me at all, and don’t make it look like Ghosts is poor and is broken when it evidently does.

          Also, I’m trying to work out why you use the term “console kids”, when you evidently are a kid or at least take no effort in acting like a mature adult. If you want me to take you seriously, don’t go calling people kids and then act like one. If you are an adult, act your fucking age man.

  • King

    Can someone please fucking explain to me why IW has not put ground war on the game, but has put two game modes already, SnD and Hardcore Domination, when they clearly said they had “no more” space left? Plus no one plays Hardcore Dom, there’s only like 1110 people…

    • golferboy321

      I don’t know why they couldn’t slip in GW. I really hoped they would’ve put it in instead of both s+d and s+r. (It’s pretty much the same thing). But I was wondering why they didn’t have hc dom. Now it’s the 2nd most played hc mode on ps3, s+r only has 1000 people playing on it (for ps3).

      • Trizay

        There’s a post on charlieintel that explains it in depth. Long story short they said that it was possible to have ground war but because they introduced so much new stuff in Ghosts the game would perform so poorly that it would be almost unplayable.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Hi “King”, Ground War is not coming to Xbox 360 or PS3 for Ghosts at all. Explained fully here: http://www.charlieintel.com/2013/11/08/ground-war-didnt-make-it-to-current-gen-due-to-limited-resource-space-available/

      • King

        but they already added two more game modes and there are rumors of another game mode coming….

        • DanDustEmOff

          Current gen machines can not handle 18 players. Ground War is on PC and next gen systems.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Yes, game modes that feature 6v6 are coming to current generation consoles and next-gen. But, Ground War is NOT coming back to current-gen, sorry.

          • King

            Ah I see now! thank you very much! 🙂

  • Abhishek Jain

    i always get host migration

  • ed

    i’ve never gotten a host migration even once on ps3 then on ps4…

    all i know is i need more people online for ps4. i can’t even find matches for a lot of playlists, still.

    • yardis

      in the next couple of months the ps4 launches in 30+ more countries so there should be more people soon

  • Xecho

    anyone know the amount of people online on the ps4? same with xbone?

    • Mitch

      probably less since PS4 is only out in the US.

    • Keshav Bhat

      PS4 has 35,000 online last night. Xbox One had 28,000.

      • Xecho


      • Mitch

        That’s a surprise since XB1 is available in a lot more countries than PS4.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Lotta people bitching here…

    1. I have never once gotten a host migration for ghosts on ps3 (this was a regular occurrence for both blops2+mw3). So, I really can’t complain about anything server-related for Ghosts. Maybe I’m just lucky?


    2. As usual, there’s some shady shit going on here- why/how would a p2p server ever be better than being on a dedicated server? Unless of course you’re going from PA to CA, then I get it. But something still seems amiss.

  • Raph


  • SmashDog

    On PC I didnt get a host migration but the servers still lagg as fuck,especially on Strikezone at the beggiining and a few other maps,and its not just for me

  • TigerBurge

    Does the fan boy shit not get old. Both do what they do.

  • ZakiSayyed

    The connection in Ghosts is the best connection ever 🙂

  • CP993

    Is there anyway to know whether your on a dedicated server or P2P??

    • You can’t even know how’s your ping.

  • SoulTaker

    The ONLY time I ever have lag is if someone in my house is using the internet or downloading something. I love the connection in this game!:D

  • Yeezus

    Connection on PS4 and hopefully the rest of the platforms is amazing.

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Please have a server browser. :/

  • BHCMax

    where are the “Dedi” servers located, are any of them OUTSIDE new Jersey?
    are there any in Europe?

  • mad

    what about the true dedicated on pc?


    Level 17 World Class Clan VVyB a few spots left for members that fall alsleep with controllers in there hand and beast player to boot. Not for the faint at heart. Message JIMMYPWTT ASAP. 3 World Champ Badges in 3 weeks in October. JIMMY

  • Kail300

    I on the other hand experience the same lag from bo2. I’m constantly being shot around corners, and being killed by people that seem to have saw me way before they have even come into play on my screen. I run wired connection 120/35 and a 9 ping to New York.

  • this game does not have dedis. host migrating since day one. clan wars may have them how league play did but public does not

  • George

    so this answers none of my questions

  • I can understand the merit of having more power used to boost hillbilly connections, but there’s still the issue of host migrations and dashboarders.

    I’ve told people many times that dedicated servers in pure form is too expensive for multiple platforms, especially on the consoles. When I heard about dedis on all platforms, I knew there would be a catch, and this cost effective method is that catch.

  • Captain_Planet

    I haven’t had a Host Migration, and I’ve got nearly two days on the game. BUT, I have been completely kicked (along with my party) from multiple matches due to the connection of the host mid-game (ps3).

    Also, has anyone else on PS3 been noticing how “choppy” the menus are from time to time? It freezes my console! Other than that, no complaints.

  • chaseinvincible

    There may be no host migration but its still crap that theres players out there with a latency advantage almost every game based on their slow internet. These people have no idea that they arent even playing on everyone elses time and get a second of decison making time over the other players. The lag compensation must go away before i buy another call of duty game, and im about as a serious cod gamer there is. Its just not fair to reward players who cannot afford decent internet. Make everyone equal already. Please, Its the fair thing to do.

    • C B

      Do you really understand what ‘lag compensation’ is? If you are a “as a serious cod game there is” you might want to learn a bit. Don’t take Youtube videos as gospel….just because there is information out there doesn’t mean it’s correct.

      “..not fair to reward players who cannot afford decent internet.”

      I know you, and MANY others, want to believe this to be true….it’s simply NOT true.

      EVERY multiplayer game has LAG COMPENSATION. The game would not be playable without it –

      Here’s just a quick recap of someone else’s SIMPLE explanation:

      “Lag compensation IS NOT the throttling of a connection so everyone is playing “on the same level”. It’s the prediction of a players location to make up for the time lost during the physical transfer of packets from one’s PS3 to the server(host). For instance:

      At 10.5 seconds you shoot someone at point ‘A’ and that information is sent to the server
      At 10.6 seconds the information arrives at the server and the information is processed by the server, the target has now moved to point ‘B’
      Lag comp kicks in and rewinds the time back to 10.5 seconds when the target is at ‘A’ to determine whether or not the target was hit”

      • chaseinvincible

        Okay, you seem to know or think you know quite a bit about it so please list why i should just take your word for over say, joe blow. As i said before, on the mw2 server, bops1 and halfway through the mw3 servers cycle i basically could win any game i was in when i chose to run and gun. It didnt matter who was in the lobby or what package they had. I could put on my game face and win. Then, sometime in april 2012 there was an update to the game which changed my whole connection rate, etc. I am now always the games host and now that is a bad thing. Rarely do i get in a game where i dont host but wh,en i do, i can instantly tell. I start winning gun battles, can knife somebody again and dont feel like im getting dropped by a sniper every time anyone sees me moving like a snail in their screen and shoots me with any ole gun they happen to have. So u can say that the game doesnt back up my speed all you want but i know better. I dont dominate one game and then forget how to play the next bro.

  • xCodeRedx

    i have had the game since the day it came out. i have had a host migration maybe 2 times. i love the servers on ghosts

    • chaseinvincible

      Oh yea, forgot to mention , I have great internet and am host every game and I’m penalized for it. That’s just not right.

      • xCodeRedx

        i agree with you. That is not right

      • Jason

        This is absolutely true. I have a good connection but am getting DESTROYED in this game now. I typically run around a 1.5 to 1.75 K/D ratio and in Ghost with the Xbox 1 and these new servers I am barely above a 1.0. There are times where I get killed before I even hear a shot go off and in the replay it shows the person unloading a full clip into me. There are also times where I can feel the lag where my player doesn’t move smoothly and then I get killed by someone snipping or shooting long distance. And in the replay I can see the person looking at me through a scope before they start shooting and that is the exact time I felt the lag occur. This game is almost unplayable at this rate.

  • xCodeRedx

    Who loves ghosts here?

    • chaseinvincible

      I like the game but like I said, you either have a crap connection on it or a good one. There’s almost no in between. Nobody should have a connection advantage every game and there are those who do. It’s frustrating because I know I’m a better player than the game lets me be. I can’t even shoot a dog or knife anyone after they come about within 30 feet of me and I know it’s not right. I run a 2.0 kdr still and win about 1/4 of my FFA games but there was a time on MW2 and 3 that I rarely ever lost and I’m twice as good as I used to be. There is intentional lag compensation so weaker players don’t get crushed and stop buying and playing the game. The sooner COD/3ARC/IW admit it, the faster we can move on to a more manageable solution. I am sick of it.

  • xCodeRedx

    In Ghosts, has anyone ever knifed a dog? is it even possible?

    • devin

      Yes but it takes like 2 I think. I know you can’t kill with 1 knife. I knifed it and then died, it seemed to just injure it as I wasn’t able to give it another try because it killed me.

  • Brandie Black

    I haven’t noticed any problems with this either. I did have problems with a website, but I solved that problem by getting a dedicated server for hosting it and worked like a charm.

  • adam

    iv got ghost and it wont let me play the campaign ! just gets to 7 % when loading and tells me that the server has been lost so iv made room on my card and harddrive but still wont let me play … can anyone help

  • BHCMax

    BS, why not provide server search and ping numbers, so players can choose where to play, also please list details of where these “dedi” servers are located, seeing is believing, and when are iw gonna wake up and see that p2p DOES NOT WORK ON PC MP.?

  • Chris

    So basically this is their way of saying “we lied”. A server is a server. Matchmaking is matchmaking. I know how they work and these bastards have just used clever word-play to avoid saying that they would be using matchmaking. IW. I hope you realise just how many gamers this will cost you. This is the second game in which you have lied about servers and the third where the servers were not worth shit.

    And may I remind you that one of your guys already tweeted saying that the reason your matchmaking sucks is because the game was designed for servers and that matchmaking was just a stop-gap until the servers were ready. Trying to suggest that your comments were referring to the servers that handle matchmaking now doesn’t make sense and shows you up for the liars you are.

  • slick

    I can’t find a match evee why?

  • devin

    Prove that we are on dedicated servers. There’s no way of checking to see that we are in one. The only way you can check is like in the previous call of dutys. For example, right as you connect to the game you would hit select and who ever had 4 bars first while everyone didn’t, was the host. Now ghosts doesn’t show the connection bars. (Thanks a lot) The only way you can tell you’re in a dedicated server is if everyone leaves except you and if you didn’t get a “host migration” then you were in one. But how likely is that going to happen? Never. They can say were in dedicated servers with their “hybrid” system but once they can prove it and let us check and make sure we’re in one, I’m labeling them as a liar and I believe I can say its “false advertisement” on you’re “new” servers? I’m sorry I don’t mean to be that guy but when you promise us something as gamers we expect it. We rely on the best connection ever. How can we play a game where I put 5 bullets in a guy as he turns a corner and I die. I watch the kill cam and it doesn’t show me even shoot. Ya “best quality connection” my ass.

  • devin



    i for some reason, i cant connect to the server. im on ps3, my internet is perfectly fine. but for some reason it wont even let me get to the main menu of the online section. could someone please let me know why?

  • Killingfetish

    Are the dedicated servers for xbox one down for maintenance or something? It’s ran almost flawlessly up until around Christmas and since has been a lag and host migration fest. I didn’t have a single one up until this point. I’ve also noticed “finding best host” in between matches which I never saw before and indicates I’m not playing on dedicated servers like I was prior.

  • Brandon

    Right now I’m struggling to sign in it continuously, it always just says error

  • Samuel Machizmo Miles

    i havent got a host migration on ghosts yet either

  • Matt Khourie

    For about six weeks from XBO launch I was having a blast with minimal lag. Was bragging to friends who hadn’t upgraded yet. A week before Xmas it all went to shit and felt like crappy MW3 all over again. My guess is there are far fewer dedis than they want us to believe.

  • Jimmy Mack

    For ps4 the game is fd up it has it where u get shot and die and than u see the kill cam and a different scenario takes place also it has host migration constantly 6 7 times a day in a 4 hr play period when I’m host it’s fun but it’s bullshit a lot of the time my internet is 60 mbs and I used Ethernet was bad used wifi it got better played with Netflix running got better seems the worse your connection the better u do its fd for next gen I don’t see any dedicated servers which is bull not to mention all the hackers 10 prestige one day played shit is annoying no love for next gen from cod go figure they only care about the main source of money

  • tiredofCOD

    Why not have ping displayed if they’re not hidding something, an yeah maybe they announced both but I never saw that. I did see 20 different commercials of janitors shooting mops, and people being cod-napped but no easily found commercials showing server setup. I’ve played cod from the begging, had it with blops2 but only got ghosts to give it a last chance, now I don’t even play it because the connectivty is so bad I don’t even enjoy it. So no more $ from me COD, sorry, fix your trash

  • martim

    how can i play online

  • War-Peace101a

    Guys…I wait forever in ”find a game” and it never finds one…it just tells me how many potential games there are … I bought this game 2 weeks ago and never played MP once !!!! Please guide me ..

  • ihatecrackhead .

    listen-servers or Hosts is NEVER a better connection!(PERIOD)
    Dedicated servers MEANS NO HYBRIDS, No Extra NOTHING, Just Dedicated to the GAME ONLY!
    The point of saying DEDICATED is so nothing else is added, NO HYBRID< NO NOTHING

    You said DEDICATED so release the server files or pay up yourself you cheap lying bast ards

  • tomget

    i only play PC why can’t I setup so I am always the host..period..forget the best conneciton or whatever just make it me..there must be a way..because it doesn’t appear random..some players seem to host a lot