The first ever Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Wars have officially kicked off! Clan Wars is the new meta game, that lives within the Call of Duty App. For a detailed overview of Clan Wars, check out our post here. 

Beachhead Studio has also posted how the divisions work for Clan Wars. The team at Beachhead determined your clan’s division this past weekend using the clan’s stats.

To determine your Clan’s skill, we’re running a placement weekend from November 22nd through the 24th. Stats on your Clan and its multiplayer personality will be collected in order to determine which other Clans you will compete against across one of four divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Beachhead has also detailed some of the achievements and unlocks your Clan can win in Clan Wars.

  • Emblem: Gold Chain – Capture 3 targets within a 24-hour period in a Clan War.
  • Weapon Camo: Body Count – Win a Clan War in Gold Division or higher.
  • Reticle: Triad – Win a Clan War.
  • Patch: Bling Bling – Finish in the top 3 of the Los Angeles Clan War. The Gold Grill Patch is exclusive to Los Angeles (location on the clan war map).

SOURCE: Call of Duty App

  • Wish they had this for computer instead of stupid mobile because I don’t have any mobile device.

    • HoboNinja

      They have it in the Windows 8 store, but it’s really buggy and half the stuff doesn’t work.

    • Toxic Hogwash

      I know, it’s so dumb. Plus, they don’t even have access on the Kindle Fire, huge fail to start. Although it has promise, it needs to make it accessible on PC.

      • Yeah, because I want to view how my clan is doing on Call of Duty Ghosts because I don’t have it yet.

        • Ashraful Kamalee

          If you have windows 8, you can download it from the store. It doesn’t work great but its there!

      • MrsParadox760

        I agree it sucks! However for the PC you can have but you have to have 8.1 windows. or something.. Lame Sauce.

      • buddhabbuddhism

        I have a kindle fire HD, and it works well. I had to root my kindle fire first, download the google store app .Apk (Rooting takes but a few minutes, Google it). Then download the Ghosts .apk and install it. I gots all mines from xda-developers. Hope this helps a lil.

        Edit: I currently can’t download to phone. Download to computer first then transfer everything to kindle. I’m trying my phone tonight.

      • Quinton Aj Stevens

        You can; there’s an app for it in the Windows 8 store.

    • Zack

      You that poor?

      • No, I could afford a mobile device but I choose not to because if I get one then I have to pay for the phone bill and I know my parent’s won’t pay for my phone bill. And I don’t really need one because I wouldn’t have anyone to call or text.

        • No

          Considering this game is Mature rated, they assume it’s gamers are of age to buy the game there fore have a mobile device like any other device. Quit you’re bitching.

          • Fires

            ~passerby grammar nazi

          • American

            – American that killed nazis

          • Perry Latour

            Have you ever considered that some people may just choose not to purchase a mobile device? Are you saying that if I simply do not want people to have more ways to reach me I should still buy a mobile device just to be able to enjoy the game I already paid for? Not to mention I barely play any other games, so I paid for XBL, the Xbox, and my awesome internet connection already just to enjoy this game. Which is basically impossible due to the excessive modding that they still can’t seem to figure out…

          • Sorry, but I don’t have one. I rather prefer using it on the computer rather then a phone.

          • A lot of people would use it more if it wasn’t on a mobile device. They would mostly use it on the website. I know it would be good for me since I an check how my clan is doing but I can’t now because it’s on mobile.

    • Trizay

      I have a mobile device and even I think it’s stupid.

    • K.E.M

      (too poor for phone.)

    • bsktballmsu1

      couldn’t agree more my ios isn’t high enough

    • Edwin Cortez

      they shouldnt force fed something to the community. the app is ok when it works but for management browser based is still faster and better.

    • Noodleman

      If you have windows 8.1 you can download the app from the marketplace.

      • I don’t have windows 8 on my pc. I have windows 7 plus I heard that Windows 8 sucks.

        • David Payton

          windows 8.1 works great! The best windows os to date in my opinion.. and I’ve been using windows since 3.1…. (that was the one before 95)… (with the exception of 98 i you could crack any hard drive with that os lol)

    • Trent (AK_4_D7)

      If your on windows 8 there is a APP to do it on your computer

      • John Blue

        Doesn’t do much good to people with older Win OS or a Mac

        • zRA1Nz

          Bluestacks program lets you use the android version of the cod app on your computer, it’s how I’ve been doing shit. Although I could of just used my iPhone.

          • John Blue

            Now this is more useful information – thank you!

            Edit: yeah, ‘cept BlueStacks does not suppor the latest version of the app x(

    • Unreal

      there is a windows app search for it in windows store and you should find it if not visit ghost website for it… i was surprised to find it but it works fine

    • Tom

      They do for Windows 8, but it’s really buggy and constantly erroring. 🙁

    • Rei

      try windows 8 on desktop

    • Michael

      You don’t have a phone?

      • Yup, I don’t have phone.

    • Aaron V

      Welcome to the future.

    • MrsSryshot4

      if you are talking about the Call Of Duty Ghost App, They Do Have It For Pc, Or At Least They Do For Windows 8

      • I don’t have Windows 8.

    • David Payton

      The app is available for pc… windows 8.1 for sure… just look for it in the market. another thing you might do ( just a guess ) download google chrome and see if its in the chrome apps (nope its not on the chrome app market)

    • Chris Pleasent

      is on windows 8 store

    • Metachii3

      You can download it’s a great app for PC or Mac , and you can download mobile applications on it. And you can use COD app on it too. You welcome ^_^
      If you need a new clan add me on xbox 360,
      XBL: Metachii3

  • CoDforever

    RIP league play 🙁

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Anyone on Xbox One looking to do some Clan Wars?


      Statik Theory
      add me on xbox

  • Cristian

    1st Place in Silver Division
    MSG Clearr Talent

    • Dylan Woodworth

      If anyone is looking to join a clan, message me on Xbox. My GT is “KILLED by DYLAN”. My clan is:
      Level 10, almost has gold clan tag
      In platinum division
      We all have over a 2.0 W/L ratio
      We are winning in clan wars

      Please just have over a 1.0 K/D.

  • KiNkY DuDe 09

    Platinum Divison, wdf, the other half of our clans k/d is negative, talk about being pulled along

    • C B

      Look at your clan’s total play time. Take total play time of ALL your clan members then divide by clan members – then look at win / loss ratio.
      K/D has nothing to do with WINNING unless it’s stricly FFA or TDM

  • K.E.M

    So…if people in my clan unlock body count uniform for create a soldier,do I get it too??

    • Captain_Planet


  • curi0us

    Glad to see Clan Wars open finally.

    Tired of being pubstomped by a group of people flaunting around their K/D and W/L ratio. The only reason it’s so high is because you’re coordinated.

    I usually just leave those types of matches anyway, but still.

  • PissedOff

    I have no idea how to work this shit so fuck it with that shitty iPhone app that crashes everytime. Fucking IW. You had one job.

    • Epicsand

      It was Beachhead’s job.

  • This won’t change anythings. Most of “clans” out of there are nothing but pubstompers. Playing against randoms is what they’re looking for.

  • Boobs

    CoD fans are fags.

    • You are obviously not a ‘fag’, your name is Boobes! You are a manly man!

  • Uzair Chief

    I am looking for a clan to join (xbox 360 player)

    • Jayhawk v2

      message me

  • Mysterious

    IW should of just done something similar to League Play. atleast that was worth playing

  • Ryan Gormanley

    NBOA Assassins recruiting for clan wars platinum division pm me on my GT if interested in joining Thug 4 Life RG on xbox 360/one

    Totally agree its again in the ass would be so much easier just doing it all through whatever console you play rather than downloading the app which was terrible to start with

  • Captain_Planet

    My clan and I were playing the Hardcore Team Deathmatch “clan war” and have been stuck at 35 wins for hours. While the top team ahead of us keep going up and down from 46 to 43 to 42 to 55 wins. Meanwhile, we’re like 40 confused individuals just staring at the app going, “WTF IS GOIN’ ON?”


    • C B

      The first team to capture the point (say 30 wins) HOLD THAT POINT until another clan GAINS enough wins on them to get them to ZERO. Then the point is open. Then your WINS would start going up again, if you get to 30 before anyone else, your clan gets the point and they have to do the same to you.

      • Captain_Planet

        So, say it is 50 wins. Some other clan, gets to 50 first. You have 35. In order to take over, we have to get the clan that is in first place (which probably has more than 50 wins by the time you get to 50) back down to 0? That’s, our 35 + 15 to get the 50 wins then however much to get the first place clan to 0. That could be 100 wins for some clans! I’m confused on where the reality is in this.

        Also, none of our wins moved passed 35 last night. WHY?

        • Wrongfulleaf

          I don’t know why my first post didn’t go through but here we go. You were more than likely at 35 wins when the lead team took that location. In order for you to take the lead you (and the other clans in the division) will have to bring them back to 0 before you will gain any points. It is designed so that you don’t have to do all the work, and you are welcome to play other game types too to take more locations. The clans wars is designed for well rounded players not just the best TDM players. Cap the locations quick because they are a whole lot harder to take back than to get the first go around.

          • Darren

            So right now in my war I had 72 wins for TDM and the target was 60. I check back today and I see that it’s 66. The second place team has been on 41 wins for a while now. Why did we drop? How can another team bring us down to 0? This is what I’m unclear about. We are definitely trying to hold down other territories to secure more CP and there are a few that we have no chance at.

          • Wrongfulleaf

            Ok so in your situation…. You took control of that target when the team in second was at 41 (hence why they have been there awhile). So once you have taken control of that target ALL other teams that get a win for that target takes yours away until you lose the target (back to 0). YOU have the target and it is your to defend. Think of it that way not just get it and think you have won because a lot of our targets are at 10-12 wins in our platinum division.

          • Darren

            Interesting, that’s a TON of wins! LOL I now see the importance of grabbing that top spot.

            I posted this on gamefaqs but I’m assuming what you said applies here:


            This team was at 18 wins last night now 14 wins, they currently control it but why are their wins at 14?


            How does this make sense? They also hold this territory but have 1 win? I just looked again and now my clan is in 1st.


            These imgs don’t make sense, one says I’m in the bronze division and the other says platinum. Which one is it?

          • C B


            There are 10 nodes on the Clan Wars map.

            Each of these nodes corresponds to a game mode type to capture that particular spot on the map (node).

            It requires a certain amount of wins to capture each node.

            Any clan member (partied up or solo) that wins a match in any of the game modes in your current clan war is worth 1 WIN.

            So if you have a party of 6 clan members and you win a match, that equals 6 WINS.

            When the clan war starts, all the nodes are open and available to be captured. That simply means the first clan to get the number of wins required to capture that node, they get the CP (Capture Points) for winning that node, or spot on the map.

            While your clan and clan members get XP bonuses while holding a node (example you get 25% XP Boost in Hardcore Kill Confirmed – meaning while you HOLD that spot on the clan wars map your clan and members get a 25% XP boost WHEN PLAYING Hardcore Kill Confirmed) the ONLY WAY to win a clan war is to get CAPTURE POINTS (CP). You ONLY get these when capturing a spot on the map.

            NOTE: Each game mode or node is worth a different amount of CP. The creators of clan wars have stated they WILL NOT announce how much each game mode is worth in CP. Clans have to figure it out and strategize accordingly.

            So let’s say 3 clans are battling for control of HARDCORE KILL CONFIRMED. The first to 30 wins (with the node open and never captured) captures the node and gets the CP.

            Clan A gets to 30 wins first. They capture the point. When they capture here are the standings:

            Clan A 30 wins Clan B 20 wins Clan C 10 wins

            AFTER the point is captured, EVERY WIN by the other clans playing HARDCORE KILL CONFIRMED does NOT add to that clan’s win total, it TAKES AWAY from the clan who currently holds that spot on the map.

            KEEP IN MIND – if the team currently holding that spot or node (Clan A in our example)is STILL getting WINS at this game mode, that will help them hold their lead.

            CLAN A gets 10 wins in the next hour after capturing CLAN B gets 15 wins in the same time frame CLAN C gets 15 wins in the same time frame The Node would now look like this:

            CLAN A – 10 wins (They still HOLD the point) CLAN B – still shows 20 wins CLAN C – still shows 10 wins MATH: CLAN A got 10 WINS in that hour. CLAN B and C got 30 wins in that hour. So that means the other two clans GAINED 20 wins on CLAN A. So subtract 20 wins from the 30 win total that Clan A previously had. The leaves Clan A with 10 wins, but still in control of the point on the map.

            Clear as mud?

            Once CLAN A gets down to 0 WINS, the point on the map becomes OPEN TO CAPTURE AGAIN and we go back to where we stood when they captured it.

            CLAN B – Back to the initial 20 wins they had when the point was first captured CLAN C – Back to the initial 10 wins they had when the point was first captured Clan A – They are set back to 0 wins.

            The first clan to get 30 wins, captures the point, wins the CP, and the whole thing keeps going for the entire clan war.

            While the creators of Clan Wars has not released what each node is worth in CP when capturing (REMEMBER: The ONLY way to win Clan Wars is to get CP. The ONLY way to get CP is to CAPTURE a point on the map) if you pay attention to what CP points each clan gets when capturing a node, you can figure out what each node (game mode) is worth in CP and concentrate efforts as needed.

            The clan with the most CP at the end of the clan war time frame wins.

          • Captain_Planet

            “AFTER the point is captured, EVERY WIN by the other clans playing
            HARDCORE KILL CONFIRMED does NOT add to that clan’s win total, it TAKES
            AWAY from the clan who currently holds that spot on the map.”

            Thank you, so freaking much for explaining all of this.

          • C B

            No problem – I sent an email to the admin here to see if they wanted me to submit a write up on all this – seems there are ALOT of people looking for this info

          • Young young yang

            What do you get if you win in a division ?

          • David Payton

            it only looks like the other team is at 41 because their clan points froze at 41 when you took the node… now they are still playing and every time they win, each of their members that wins, gets a clan point which erodes your clan points. If they get you to zero then you lose the node… btw their is a cap on the max number of cp’s you can hold for each node

          • David Payton

            yep what he said

        • David Payton

          actually you would have to win 50 more games if you are the only other clan trying to take that spot. but say all ather clans are trying to take that spot then your clan could get say 10 and 4 other clans could get ten and the leading clan would be down to 0… then the attacking clan’s points would start moving up again

    • David Payton

      every time you win a match it takes a match away from them… thing is it goes back an d forth until the war period is over or their clan goes to zero then everyone vies for top spot again… the trick is to pick an open territory and try to get the needed points first.. then defend it, or if you have a huge clan get everyone on at the same time and attack each node over and over. every time you win a match you get a clan point for each player playing… overwhelm them with numbers or attack a single node by playing that game mode over and over….ps once a clan reaches the alotted number to take a node all the other clans points freeze in that node until you “erode” the top teams points to zero by winning in that game mode…

    • MeBeNation™

      if another clan holds the node u need to take however many wins they have left from them and then get the the wins to put on ur board eg. rivlal clan that hold the node ins on 45 wins and u on 35 wins u need to win 45 games b4 ur tally will increase

  • razzleghost

    currently in first for platinum division on ps3/ps4 – Message EPIC_Razzle_ if you are interested

  • TheCODKnowledge

    I hope that the best, smaller maps in this may become DLC maps

  • Aodhan

    I do need clan for clan wars… Inv me for clan on Xbox 360. GT – xAodhan

  • Tom

    The Call of Duty Android app isn’t even compatible with my 2013 Nexus 7 running Kit Kat 4.4. WTF?

  • Darren

    anyone looking to join a PS4 clan add me ShaDoW-SlaYa and leave a message saying SYAU

  • Zach Sharp

    My clan is level 13 very close to 14. We have 26 members. And we are number 1 in the gold rank.
    And we are going to win this weeks gold rank.
    If you want to join add me on xbox.

  • this is a good thing expect more time to be spent by most gamers that are clan members.

  • Taylor

    Im happy we are clan level 11, we have 5 nodes and we are 1st in platinum division, we still are asking for people to join, add vertic_ethtay and message me you want to join, thank you!

  • Taylor

    our clan is also called SHIELDGAMING! ADD ME TO JOIN

  • FeaR Clan

    if anyone would like to join a great clan message official Fearr we are a Platinum.clan and we are holding 9 nodes you must have xbox and a 1.0+ K/D

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    Clan wars is really bad.
    Im in platinum and its just the same old win games with no competitive element at all
    I think im going to do my last 2 prestige and go back to BO2
    Disappointment 🙁

  • AdroitxAssassin

    If anyone wants to join [GTE] GetTheExcellence, send me a voice message on XBL.
    GT: AdroitxAssassin
    We’re level 7, we are placed in the highest division in clan wars (Platinum)
    We are currently second with 66 CP, 1st place has 73 CP.
    We are doing very well with only 4 active members, but we need more strong players.

  • John

    Up to how many nodes can you capture on clan wars

  • OMGnanerpus

    If anyone want’s to join PikaPew, we’re in first and accept everyone!

  • L4S Trix 17

    My clan is 1st gold division and plan on going to mlg columbus this spring. If you need a clan look me up L4S Trix 17

  • Perry Latour

    It’s disappointing that they are shoving this app down our throats after Elite failed so terribly. Not to mention the leaderboards issues, modded lobbies, etc. Major fails on this CoD tbf.

  • Choppkilla

    I’m looking for more people for my clan I want to win clan wars I need people that play a lot and good at hardcore as well as core. I play all nite. Look us up clan name is Americas Outlawz. My psn name is choppkilla.

  • Simon Hale
  • Spc Hooey

    they do have an ap for a computer but you have to have windows 8.

  • jonathan

    Join my clan syco alliance

  • UnboundedPapa

    My clans in platinum right now yeahhhh.

  • A rock

    My clan was placed into gold division. is there anyway to get it to platinum?

  • Dillion Feist

    Our clan is in the platinum division on 360 and we have won a ton of games but it won’t even show that we have won any and we hold no nodes. I looked at the leaderboards and my clan is dead last with zero total wins. Its stupid. SanctedFreedom.

  • Riley

    Our clan won the gold division

  • zebit

    Won a clan war on gold but nothing unlocked

  • Steve Tabaluyan

    Our clan finished 1st in gold division but I don’t see any of the achievements unlocked. Anybody experience the same issue? Is it not rolled out yet?

  • Cody

    We won and got none of the unlocks

  • Michael Holmes

    Me and my clan own clan wars silver with 197 cp. second place had only 58. !!! Clan S.I.A Soldiers In Arms!!!!!!

    • gagunner

      Our clan won platinum and all my achievements were unlocked…..ooooo…im so cool bragging to everybody and nobody all at the same time on a blog

  • Sathan

    I have been trying to access clan war, but it is locked. Can anyone provide me some assistance?

  • cape6

    Why cant they just do this on a computer… I hate the application on my iphone screen.

  • logicalmeans

    I couldn’t not agree more with most of what people are saying. As a disabled vet my funds are limited with having 2 kids, even if I could afford a mobile device I would not buy one as I have absolutely no need for one. I have PC and a console, I would never use it anyway. If this is something beachhead is really sticking with (the no browser support) then it will be my last CoD sadly, Some will get on here and say, ” So what, others will keep buying.” Well, it is only a matter of time before they start experiencing losses and an industry looks for capitalization and profit, when profit starts to drop, you have to make changes.

    Decisive Action is looking for more members for Clan wars. We are a chill laid back clan that likes to have fun, we don’t look at KDR we look at teamwork. If interested message ZaneOsaks or oOwashingtonOo on PS3.


    I’m looking for a few new clan members, if you have a decent kd and want to play clan wars add THEONEANDONLYMG

  • Noix

    I can’t login, I keep get this message: play your first call of duty: ghosts multiplayer math, then log in…. I need help to log

  • elliott3910

    My clan and i have recently came first in our platinum clan war, and dominated it with a frequent 9 nodes held. Our cp is at 286 with second place on 95 and the clan war has ended with us having no patches or camos or anything. What have we done wrong ?

  • Nick

    We won our first clan war comfortably and earned the body count camo for all guns. We then participated in our second clan war and narrowly lost but still earned the body count mask coming second in lo latinum division. If I’m reading right, doesn’t the challenge say WIN 2 clan wars in gold division or higher? We’ve won only one clan war but still have it. I’m not against having it, I absolutely love it. But is this some sort of bug or were we meant to have it? Thanks 🙂

  • smartguy101

    If you have a pc you can emulate a phone on your computer and run it through that