Just a disclaimer about about my opinions on the current(last)-gen so you know where I’m coming from… I hated the PS3 controller and PSN online service. I primarily played on the Xbox 360 and recently PC when I couldn’t wait for next-gen games to arrive. I always felt Xbox Live was better and thought the PS3 controller was too small. Theres also the fact that Xbox 360 is first to get DLC thing that won me over… Having said that, I will be playing Call of Duty Ghosts on the PlayStation 4 for the next 12 months.

Now I dont want to turn this into a PS4 review, I just thought I would lead with that so I didn’t keep you in suspense. For me its like this… 1)the resolution makes a difference. 2) The new PS4 controller is larger, more comfortable than the PS3’s controller. 3) PSN is so simple, easy to navigate, and clearly made for gamers. (Number 1 is the main reason though…)

In case you’re wondering, I have my consoles hooked up to a 60″ Sony Bravia 3D LED TV. This is where most of my gaming takes place. For testing purposes I hooked up both consoles for a little bit to my 27″ Samsung LED PC monitor to see if I would notice a difference in graphics. The Xbox One’s resolution was far less noticeable on a smaller screen but it was still there, however I think only hardcore gamers or tech geeks would notice the difference on a smaller screen.

Clearly my opinions are my own and not for everyone, so what I wanted to do was make a list or FAQ on what gamers might want to know before they put down $400-500 for a new system, so here goes..

If your TV is 32″ or bigger:
You’ll notice a HUGE difference when it comes to graphics. The PS4’s native 1080p resolution difference should be apparent to anyone with 20/20 vision. The PS4 version looks nearly identical to my high-end PC rig, where the Xbox One version looks closer to the 360 version with enhanced graphics.

Framerate issues:
For the PS4, I would say there’s framerate skipping maybe 1-3 times during a match and last a second if that. In my opinion, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t effect gameplay. The Xbox One runs just as smooth as the Xbox 360 version.

Xbox One Brightness:
For some reason, the Xbox One brightness is off the charts. Colors looks washed out and faded as if the game was on it’s highest brightness setting. I ended up turning the brightness all the way down in the options but it didn’t help much.

What Console should you buy?
Golden Rules:
1) You should buy the same console your friends play on.
2) You should buy which ever controller feels more comfortable to you.

  • If you’re really into multimedia and want to do more than just gaming, get a Xbox One.
  • If you play on a 32″ TV or above, get a PlayStation 4.
  • If you’re looking forward to Titanfall, Halo, Gears of War and other Microsoft exclusives, get a Xbox One.
  • If you’re looking forward to Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous Second Son and other Sony exclusives, get a PlayStation 4.
  • If you really care about DLC and need to play them right away, get a Xbox One.
  • If you dont care about DLC, but are really excited for Destiny and want that early DLC or access to the early beta, get a PlayStation 4.

YouTube comparison videos:
YouTube does NOT capture the graphical difference between both consoles when it comes to Call of Duty Ghosts. Im not a YouTube expert but Im sure something gets lost when capturing and uploading the footage. The graphics comparison MUST be seen to believe. Don’t take our word for it though, if you just bought an Xbox One, find a friend who has a PlayStation 4 and compare. Trust me.

Battlefield 4:
Same as Ghosts. BF4 on PS4 looks and runs as smooth as my 8-core PC with a Nvidia 660 Ti. BF4 on Xbox One looks like the Xbox 360 version but with 60fps and slightly better graphics.

The Future:
Its no secret the Xbox One was off to a rocky start. Marketing wasn’t the only slip-up, rumor is the main reason the Xbox One launch titles fell behind the PS4 in terms of graphics was mainly due to the Xbox One’s development software prior to launch. The tools for developers were rushed and kept changing right up to launch which probably made it difficult for devs to optimize the graphics on Xbox One.

I’ll always consider myself a Xbox fan. I prefer their exclusives over Sonys. I’m really into Halo and Gears of Wars not to mention I’m counting the days to Titanfall. Which is why this was all upsetting to me. I actually canceled my PS4 preorder back in September but once I found about the 720p/1080p debacle, I was scrambling to find a PS4 so I could compare at launch, I’m glad I did.

We probably have another 12 months before the next Call of Duty comes out. Something tells me Microsoft will get the dev tools up to speed so developers can maximize the hardware on the Xbox One and get it up to par with the PS4 version…we hope.

  • Maderox

    Xbox 🙂

  • Still prefer Xbox because contrast and detail on Call of Duty and BF 4 is better. What I’ve seen on youtube. Still the Xbox controller will always be better than the PS4 and more of my friends play on the Xbox. My opinion 🙂

    • errno

      Contrast and detail? Sorry to break it to you but PS4 has increased texture detail. As for contrast, that is because Xbox One is crushing blacks and ruining the image when upscaling to 1080p.

      This is not good. It is bad.

      If for some reason you actually prefer crushed blacks and lost detail then you can incorrectly calibrate your TV to do such a thing and then you’d get the same effect on a PS4.

      It is also stupidity to suggest that one controller will always be better than the other. You do not know that.

      You’re free to spend $100 extra and go where you friends go, but don’t lie about it during the process.

      • guest

        Lol I agree man. Some Xbots are really stupid. As I said before to the person above me, high contrast does not equal crisp or vivid. It tends to deteriorate the overall image quality a bit.

        Notice how all detail is lost in the shadows on the XBO version. While the PS4 version preserves more detail in shaded areas in a similar fashion to the PC version. Same with bright areas that are just way too bright on Xbox.

        On the PS4 version, the character’s hand and head cast a shadow on the weapon and shoulder respectively. XBO version lacks this.
        PS4 also has better Anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion,

        • AverageJoe

          Xbots, LOL

    • Guest

      High contrast does not equal crisp or vivid. It tends to deteriorate the overall image quality a bit.
      Notice how all detail is lost in the shadows on the XBO version. While the PS4 version preserves more detail in shaded areas in a similar fashion to the PC version. Same with bright areas that are just way too bright on Xbox.

      On the PS4 version, the character’s hand and head cast a shadow on the weapon and shoulder respectively. XBO version lacks this.
      PS4 also has better Anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion,


      • Sentrymann

        Interesting, I wonder why they changed the camo on his arm for the different systems…is that a player choice?

        • Guest

          Probably a player choice I guess…:)

          • Sentrymann

            That’s probably it, I think I heard something about Battlefield having customization.

          • Daniel Sims

            On that mission there is no player customization. They may have made it different for each console but it likely gives you a different random camo at the start of the mission.

      • rickrhymes

        Lol…the power of the cloud is not present in the XO version – the irony. The cloud is the most over hyped, pack of lies, biggest pile of shit!

    • Daniel Sims

      One of the most biased comments I have seen for awhile. Better Contrast and detail? Is that what you call the brightness levels on extreme and to top it off you got this from YouTube when it says SPECIFICALLY that YouTube can not be used to judge graphic differences. Theirs finally an article that doesn’t favor either console but there has to be someone like you that can’t hop off their fanboy pedestal.

  • Work hard, Twerk harder

    A really nice review I have to admit. Answered all my questions and wasn’t really biased even though you said you’re playing on PS4. Glad to finally come to a conclusion about how different the graphics are, and more importantly how effective on the size of screen (32″ here, so I should notice the 1080p difference).

    • HenryDF

      I was always going to get the PS4 – I’ve always had a Playstation since the PS1 – however before we knew any details or prices, I was open to either. I knew that if the Xbox One was noticeably better or cheaper, I would get it rather than the PS4.

      I’m getting a PS4, however when people ask me why, I just reply “everything” – the graphics will suit my 39″ TV, it’s cheaper, it’s a Playstation, it’s very slightly better in terms of power/speed, and it’s more suited to what I want.

      Putting aside the fanboy gamers who will just buy a PS4 because it’s a Playstation or a Xbox One because it’s a Xbox, one things that’s often overlooked in reviews from gamers is, to put it simply, the title of the Xbox One. It’s called the One for a reason – it is everything in One. A TV service, Skype, a gaming platform…it’s an entertainment system. However, as Sony have not hesitated to remind people in their adverts, the PS4 is for the gamers.

      I’m a gamer, I already have a Smart TV and Sky, I don’t need an entertainment system. I’m looking to enjoy my games at the best price with the best system for doing so – the PS4.

      • PS Gamer

        Just because the Xbox One can do all those features, doesn’t mean it isn’t for gamers. It just goes above and beyond.

        • theTruth

          haha love that you put your name as PS Gamer, yeah right!

        • HenryDF

          But like I said, I don’t need the features of the Xbox One. The PS4 is the cheaper option, and the best system for doing what I want – play games.

          I’m not saying the Xbox One can’t do that, but things I love things like Indie games and PS4 supports them massively.

          It’s just what suits me, the Xbox One isn’t bad in any way.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          Above and beyond whilst hampering game performance/experience. No thank you.

    • Dat name doh

  • John

    Hell yeah. PS4 for the win.

  • Guest

    All this weight put on the 720/1080 debacle, as you put, is very annoying. It’s ONE launch title for the xbox one that isn’t at true 1080. The other launch titles look amazing on the xbox one, and i’m sure all titles going forward will be 1080.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Huh? Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3 aren’t 1080p. All 720p

      • Guest

        Sorry, i stand corrected…. you are right, but BF4 doesn’t run 1080p on ps4. Most of the complaints i’ve heard were about Ghosts, and i should have educated myself better before posting.

        • xjumper

          Its higher on PS4 and has more effects going on…

        • Blaine

          it runs at 900p with medium settings on the PS4 while it’s stuck at 720p and lower settings (no anti-aliasing) on the XBone.

    • seba

      PS4: 900p
      Xbox one: 720p

  • mega samus

    XBOX ONE COD:GHOST 1080p upscaled

    • Guest

      Upscales just stretches out the image and is just as worse.

    • Blaine

      yeah and guess what? COD4 was also upscaled to 1080p on the X360, from 600p. Upscaling doesn’t magically add free polygons to the graphical models.

  • Justino Ventura

    I’ve owned almost every system but this time around I’m going with PS4 for next gen. I only play on large TV’s and enjoy the higher resolution and graphical power. I still will probably get the Xbox One in the future but will continue to play my 360 for now (Titanfall). And it’s true about getting the system that all your friends are on.

  • Darren Ramm

    Will probably get a PS4 when they have some games to play (I don’t play indie games). Infamous has me interested, but Titanfall is a week before that… I don’t care what anybody says, Xbox Live is just better, both in scale and reliability.
    Xbox One is the better console for online gaming.
    Dev tools will be out in time for the next run of games, so 1080/720p doesn’t bother me for now. Titanfall on 360 will be shit, so waiting around for that is stupid.

  • Guest

    first great review that gives pros and cons without trying to tell people which console people have to buy

  • drwashyass

    some people might not know this but you have to turn 1080p on through the display settings on the Xbox one, when you first get it it’s on 720p

    • td90uk

      It upscales to 1080p, same as Xbox 360, it runs natively at 720p where PS4 runs it natively at 1080p

  • 3ARC FTW

    I hate how everyone and this review was pretty mich about graphics/resolutions and how they appear to me on TV. I dont give a damn about that. I go for Xbox because all of my friends literally have that and family too. PS4 and Xbox One are both great systems ok. Nome suck at all. True gamers wouldnt rage console wars and blah blah. True gamers love the system and games. Thats me however. Look forward to future games for both systems.

    • You’re right, the graphics were the main difference between both which is why I focused on it. I didn’t really want to review the consoles but wanted to give tips on how to choose.

      For the record, the Sony’s new dashboard and PSN service has come a LONG way. Nothing like how I remembered. It’s so easy (and fast) to check which friends are online as well as notifications now.

      The is NO CLEAR winner though. Both consoles are just different enough to be trailered to different audiences. It’s all a matter of what you prefer.

      I was just trying to say if you’re a tech junkie or pixal counter then you should probably get a PS4. If all of your friends play on Xbox Live still then definitely get a Xbox One.

      • AverageJoe

        can i just ask has PS4 introduced anything like Xbox party chat because that was one of the previous main differences for me.

        • BotMw

          Yes, like the Vita and Xbox platforms, PS4 does have party chat.

    • noel

      “Golden Rules:
      1) You should buy the same console your friends play on.”

  • xjumper

    Dev tools wont change the weaker GPU in the Xbox One…

  • eggfriedrice

    Good article. I agree in most of your points – all my friends are getting PS4 because we all care about games because in my opinion I think PS4 is more about games in comparison to the xbox one. I think Sony has more of a pro-gaming focus, whereas Microsoft has more of a Entertainment focus which is not for me as I have a TV/PC to do that. (not hating on xbox one just saying my preference)

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      i was gonna get a PS4 first but honestly all the good games aren’t coming out till spring that im interested in anyways like Infamous is the one game im most excited for. The PS4 launch lineup wasn’t very special resogun looks like a blast but not enough for me to get first.I’m just glad i got a X1 first cause i get to play Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 and Ryse and Forza.

  • Axel

    Was going to get Xbox One because I had my 360 and PS3 (although 360 online was slightly better because you paid for it) but I don’t want Microsofts Xbox one because it undermines the gaming focus (eg. many games running at 720p as the CPU is more focused on the software side of things, and what put me off is the Micrsosoft attitude towards gamers especially after E3 with the anti-consumer policies like the DRM and no used games).

  • Sentrymann

    Great review! I do have to disagree with one thing however, the “golden rule” of choosing the controller that feels best to you shouldn’t influence your console choice. Both controllers feel great, and it’s actually not that hard to adjust. I went from the Xbox 360 controller to the PS4 and was comfortable with the change after a few hours of gameplay. That’s just my opinion, great assessment otherwise!

    • Splashynes

      Well they reversed the drm and used game policies after e3 because of all tje complaints. You should probably stay up to date before you post it 😉

      • Sentrymann

        I think maybe you replied to wrong comment? I was only talking about controllers, I didn’t mention any policies 😉

    • bsktballmsu1

      thats cause the playstation controller got bigger. if you played the xbox 360 then the ps3 you would be very upset with the controller

      • theTruth

        not at all! ive done 30 days on both platforms (ps3 and xbox 360) and id actually say i liked the ps3 better, although it really didnt matter.

    • theTruth

      yeah the controller isnt an issue in my eyes. I was a massive PS3 fan and then converted the 360 and it only took a week of gaming and i didnt even notice after that. Great review though.

  • oscarm1ike

    Had PS1, PS2, PS3 and going with PS4 because I love sony and although xbonekinect looks cool and the software interface looks cool, it doesn’t interest me as I don’t want something forced down my throat and spend an extra $100 on something i’ll never use. Sony has always been about gamers – better games, better controller/pad (especially PS4) better online service now that you pay for it, and in general a powerful next gen beast!

    • Michel

      I had PS1,PS2,PS3,X360,Wii,WiiU & now PS4 to(going to get a Xbox One next year :P).
      WiiU to be honest is the console with the most potential, the problem is the internal hardware & Third-Party Support.

  • Josh

    I have both xbox 360 and ps3 and online is better on the ps3-the xbox always has connection issues. I also prefer the ps3 controller as although it does not fit in you hands as well it feels more comfortable and the analog sticks don’t make your fingers ache after hours of gaming.

  • Andy

    Who even games on a 32″ TV or above anyways lol?

    • Michel

      I always game on a 32″ TV.
      I gamed on 47″ TV for a year because my TV broke.
      But if you don’t want to play on a mid size screen, you should not buy a TV anyway its worse then a Monitor for gaming.

      • Andy

        If you’re playing on a TV that’s 32″ on above, games feel delayed and just horrible to play on. That’s why most people game on smaller screens and it’s also the reason why competitive players play on smaller screens at competitions. Most hardcore gamers would agree with me here. I’ll be getting both consoles next month and I can tell you right now, you won’t catch me playing on a 32″ TV or above.

    • HenryDF

      I play on a 40″ and love it, biatch 😛

    • I got a 50″ 1080p any smaller and it ruins your eye sight.

  • MattM1974

    Sadly you completely skipped over the most crucial detail. Ghosts on ps4 does in fact use the “hybrid” system of dedicated and listen servers (p2p) while Ghosts on Xbox One is 100% dedicated and it’s awesome. The devs won’t admit this though as they don’t want to undermine Sony.

    • xjumper

      All Platforms use hybrid, listen or dedis…

      • Xbox One is 100% Dedicated Servers.

    • Ciaran

      seems like someone needs to read over IW’s info regarding dedis on next gen consoles again……..

      • MattM1974

        Yeah, I’ve read it and they’re not being 100% up front for obvious reasons. Do you really think they’d come out and say, “For the best experience and 100% dedicated servers, play on Xbox One.”

        • Ya they would, microsoft controls what they say. Why do you think it took so long for every other system to get dedis announced? One word, Microsoft.

          • Honestly, you are on of the most uniformed, ignorant, and douchiest people on the Internet.

          • Lol dont get butthurt Xbot. Your not from around here, leave before we show you the door, the hard way.

          • Your intelligence level makes me want to cry.

          • Because its so high? Don’t degrade yourself because of your imperfections, embrace your inner stupidity young padawon.

    • Keshav Bhat

      We didn’t skip over that because we have had zero issues with connection on PS4 version of Ghosts. It wasn’t a differentiating factor at all for us.

  • Shooter

    “Same as Ghosts. BF4 on PS4 looks and runs as smooth as my 8-core PC with a Nvidia 660 Ti. BF4 on Xbox One looks like the Xbox 360 version but with 60fps and slightly better graphics.”

    Are you sure you were playing on the Xbox One’s version? I’ve played BF4 on 360 and now i’ve got it on my X1 and I can tell you right now, it’s not “slightly” better, it’s a huge difference just like BF4 from PS3 to PS4. BF4 on the X1 looks really similar to the PS4’s version except it’s a little brighter. The only way you can notice a difference is if you had both versions next to each other and you would see that they’re the same apart from X1 is brighter.

    • Blaine

      BF4 on PS4 has anti-aliasing. BF4 on XBone has NO anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing takes a ton of processing power and makes the image much cleaner/smoother.

      • Nerd

        Processing is done through CPU , both have 8-core AMD . BF is a CPU heavy game , not GPU !

        • BotMw

          You’re a little off there. The CPU and the GPU are both processors. Look it up, some super computers use only GPUs and anti-aliasing is done in the GPU. I’m not fanboying, just here to educate.

    • plasser

      Clearly you have not played BF4 on a Playstation 4. Once you get used to that, the Xbox One version looks more like the Xbox 360 version than the PS4 version. Its just relative.

  • Felipe Rios

    Am I the only one who likes both consoles? I think the PS4 looks awesome! And it seems great! I also think the Xbox one is awesome! To me the resolution doesn’t bother me because I’m usually playing on a 24″ TV. I’m getting the one for a few of the features (Snap, Skype, I can get my fantasy scores while watching or playing football) I don’t understand why everyone has to be so prudent. I actually really prefer the xbox system over PlayStation’s, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. Chill out people lol

  • Ryumoau

    Great article. My friends being on ps4 and it being $100 cheaper were the main reasons i got the system. I already had ps plus, so trasitioning wasn’t as bad as if i had gotten an xbox one, where i would have had to spend an extra $60 for xbox live on top of the $500 console.
    Only bad thing now is that annoying microsoft dlc exclusivity, that i’ll never understand the reason for except maybe pure greed on Activision’s part. They already make a billion dollars on the franchise itself, so theres no reason for them to alienate sony and pc CoD gamers with this favoritism.

    I have a feeling it will end next year though, after they saw how much more successful the sony next gen product was with its launch in just 2 countries over Xbox one’s 13 country launch.

  • Adam

    The DLC first on XBL was a big selling point.

    • Assassin5150

      if the ps4 leads in sales the timed dlc will be moving to ps4 first next time around. That’s how those greedy companies work. I don’t like timed dlc. I’m not gonna buy a consoled based on that either.

  • MazeMatik

    Yeah, same here… a really nice review! Much appreciated!

    CharlieIntel is my favorite and most trusted source whenever it comes to Call of Duty. Keep up the good work!

  • Matthew

    I feel like the changes from PS3 to PS4 vs XB360 to XB1 were greater on Playstation’s side, making it look more advanced. I feel like the XB1 is less upgraded because the 360 was already closer to next gen, you could say. Both consoles are nearly identical, but PS4 seemed to have taken a bigger leap to get where it is.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      I agree but a lot of people are also forgetting that Microsoft also has the cloud computing as back up and once Dev’s learn how to harness that power all the games will look a lot better at least that’s what it says in most of the research I’ve done anyways on cloud computing.It’s similar to nividia’s grid. I got a X1 first because of my friends all got one but i can’t wait to pick up a PS4 around income tax season and i’ve played both Xbox 360 and X1 and PC and my X1 and High End PC looks almost similar to my X1 version on a 32in high res monitor. The only thing that bothered me about the review is they said that they looked like upgraded versions of the Xbox 360 versions which is a bold statement considering BF4 looked like trash on the Xbox 360 and BF4 on X1 looks amazing and Ghosts looks amazing on X1 the textures and lighting are so clean and smooth so trying to compare a game to last gen is a bit much when they look and run a 100% better then last gen.

  • exeterman2

    Great review, really unbiased. I already preordered a ps4 and just bought a new 42 inch tv, can’t wait.

  • Crenshaw

    serious guys..give the shit a rest..just get whatever console you want and stop this stupid dorky debate. both consoles are good. get what u want and be happy. i have a xbox one myself and i love it. my girl has a ps4 and she loves it. shit buy both if u want..games run well on both consoles and they look awesome. end of discusstion

  • Boomboom

    All i know is that i have a xbox one and i love it its amazing

  • exeterman2

    Just bought a 42 inch 3D tv ready for ps4 this Friday! Can’t wait, allons-y!

  • cole

    Yes great review. Your answered the one question I have had. Which console has that washed out look? Every YouTube vid I watch contradicts the next. One shows ps4 washed out. The next shows Xbone. Very aggravating. I could care less which I play on. Just want the best experience possible. Thks

  • MegaMan3k

    Make sure that you switch your Xbox One to RGB-Full. That helps some of that washed out “ultra bright” look.

  • dZ

    Does Xbox get Battlefield DLC first too?

    • Guest


    • Keshav Bhat

      They only get Second Assault DLC first, and its for Xbox One. Rest of the DLCs come to all premium members first.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Yeah they do but premium get them 2 weeks earlier then the rest of the xbox one users.But Xbox One gets BF4 DLC first this time around

  • James Baxter

    I have a 73″ mitsu and all the xb1 games I have look badass! The best part for me on the xb1 was on Sunday I was playin ghost multi and watching football at the same damn time:) pretty sweet if u ask me.

  • MaRico Spikes

    Xbox one all the way, their will be other 1080p games

  • Captain_Planet

    Now.. if only I can find a PlayStation 4 somewhere..

  • Tim Storecross

    I have a 32″ TV but it’s only 720p and I don’t plan on upgrading my TV any time soon. When I’m on youtube, I watch videos in 720p because my MacBook has a 720p screen. But when I watch a video in 1080p, it looks a lot more crisp and less grainy. So my question is, will this be a similar effect between the difference of the two new consoles, so will the PS4 look better on my 720p TV. I’m really not sure whether I should keep my Xbox One reservation, but all my friends are getting the new Xbox for christmas. HELP?

  • H8rs gunna h8

    Guys it’s not all about the graphics. There isn’t a huge difference. When you are playing an fps game you aren’t really taking notice of the graphics. Why all the hate, it’s up to you what console you would preffer it no one else’s decision. Go X1 and Ps4!!!

  • siteobserver

    I received the Xbox 360 version of Ghosts and was shocked at the washed out graphics. I kept playing with the settings thinking something had to be corrected. The menus are grey and even on my 50 inch Samsung TV it’s hard to read the tiny menus. Really frustrating after BlackOps2 which I have continued playing instead of switching to Ghosts because I heard so many bad things about Ghosts. My wife and I tried to play Ghosts last night but the washed out graphics finally made me so frustrated, I couldn’t play any more and had to go back to Black Ops with the rich, vibrant graphics.