EuroGamer and Digital Foundry have posted a lengthy comparison between the Xbox One, PS4, and PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game features 1080p natively on the PS4, while running at 720p upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One.

EuroGamer notes that out of all the version the PS4 version does in fact look the sharpest, with the Xbox One suffering from rough edges and choppy cut areas due to the console trying to upscale to 1080p.

Owners of Microsoft’s new console aren’t treated to the same level of quality in this area. 720p – also featuring the same post-process anti-aliasing – is confirmed, which is then upscaled to 1080p by the console before arriving on your TV screen. On top of that, a strong sharpening filter is also applied over the entire 720p image, encompassing both in-game imagery along with the HUD elements and even the main menu screens. Based on the fact that we’re seeing something very similar in Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3, we have a feeling that this may actually be part of the Microsoft upscaling solution – and we don’t like it.

The end result isn’t a particularly pretty sight: harsh edges are further accentuated over the additional jaggies created by the upscaling, while fine details, foliage, and the surface of water all appear quite grainy in comparison to the PS4 and PC versions. It’s a crushing step down from the PS4’s much clearer 1080p presentation, taking away some of the finesse expected from a next-generation product, but thankfully it’s also something that you can opt out of.

In the performance analysis, the three versions are all locked at 60FPS, but both consoles do suffer from frame rate drops. At one point, the game hits a low of 30FPS on the Xbox One. The PS4 version suffers from occasional drops in MP and SP, but the lowest it’s hit is 40FPS.

In fact, some of the more graphically intensive stages see the appearance of noticeable frame-rate drops and screen tear – the latter coming as a particular surprise bearing in mind how the series has historically relied on the visual consistency of v-sync. At one point we even see the Xbox One game drop close to the 30fps mark, but this lasts for only a brief moment during a point where the player’s interaction with the game is limited.

On Xbox One, we only really see performance impacted during the heavier action scenes in the single-player campaign, mostly occurring when the player has reduced control, with regular fire-fights mostly going by without a hitch, giving us the fast, precise gameplay we expect. By comparison, stability isn’t achieved to quite the same degree on Sony’s next-gen console. This is particularly noticeable during a beach-front assault in an earlier stage, where we see a locked 60fps on the XO but several frame-rate drops on the PS4 along with pockets of tearing. These short but noticeable dips in smoothness result in some judder appearing on-screen along with a quick reduction in controller response, which can very briefly impact your ability to make split-second precision shots.

So, what’s their verdict? The PS4 version looks the best, but the Xbox One version plays smoother.

Each next-gen console version has its strengths and weaknesses, but clearly it is the PS4 game that offers a superior experience overall. The advantage here comes in the form of cleaner and sharper visuals that help to better realise the extra next-gen spit and polish on display over the 360, PS3, and Wii U versions of the game – something that Xbox One’s upscaled 720p presentation fails to do in quite the same way. However, the Xbox One version has its own charms in the form of a smoother, more consistent frame-rate.

SOURCE: Digital Foundry 


  • Derrick Wingler

    Graphics don’t mean a whole hell of a lot to me. This is the important part of the review for me: “but the Xbox One version plays smoother.”

    • HenryDF

      So…you’re disregarding Xbox One’s weakest point?

    • rwr

      And you do realize IW is already working on a patch to fix the FPS drop in the PS4 version. So when that happens, it will be no contest.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        They’re likely doing the same for Xbox.

        • AverageJoe

          Yeah but they cant fix the 720p graphics can they!

  • Dextro_Phoenix

    I don’t hate Xbox users, but it is funny how the majority of Xbox gamers last generation (xbox 360) were always saying “look how crap the ps3 graphics are compared to xbox.” Now all they can say is, “I don’t care about graphics as long as it plays smoother. :L

    • thepope2

      ps3 had better graphics though…

      • There we go again..

        • Primey_

          It never ends

          • Tyrant Era

            Too be all honest I think Ryse graphics beat any game out on next gen. they are REALLY good

          • TheShadowReaper

            no. Killzone: Shadow Fall has the best, sharpest graphics we’ve ever seen in any game yet. and its not debatable. Ryse has amazing graphics too, but just not better.

          • TheOpinionater

            Not trying to be a douchebag, but killzone shadowfall is not the greatest looking game ever, especially not when compared to pc. Maybe as the best looking console game, that may be debatable

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes ofc on consoles! PC has Crysis 3 and BF4. (and many more tbh)

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Killzone is a decent FPS, but doesn’t stack up to CoD in my mind. It’s just Sony’s attempt at a future FPS.

          • Markdg23

            Killzone is irrelevant… No one plays it!

          • exeterman2

            Apart from loads of people on ps4 who realised how good the killzone series is…

          • Shooter

            Killzone: Shadow Fall looks good but apart from that it is a mediocre game that most people will forget and get bored of pretty soon.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes its a shame that so much time and effort was invested in graphics and the game just is mediocre or above mediocre at best. it reminds me of BF series. graphics and nothing else. graphics alone make a game bland and a bore to play.

          • Ftok

            Can you please STFU about BF being boring? It’s a lot better then cod.

          • TheShadowReaper

            nope its not. and yes its a borefest. i can easily take a nap after playing a BF game. well at least its useful for something. 🙂

      • Guest

        I agree – just look at the Last of Us or Uncharted 3 and compare it to any on Xbox’s exclusives on the 360 – they’re not even close!

        • xSupaScopa

          In gameplay or graphics. Because for good gameplay we have Ryse, Titanfall, DR3 and many others.

          • Ryse?Man its almost about pressing buttons

          • xSupaScopa

            Have you played it? Obviously not. By your logic, then every game is just pressing buttons.

          • I think you didnt understand what i mean…

          • xSupaScopa

            Oh I do. You are saying it is not fun because you just press buttons but if you played it then you would realize it is not true.

          • TheShadowReaper

            Ryze sucks cause it just mindless button mashing over quick time events. you’re welcome @rileywoof:disqus.

          • xSupaScopa

            Then you obviously have not played it.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i dont need to, the videos on YT are convincing enough.

          • xSupaScopa

            A YouTube video is not playing it. When I saw Call of Duty Ghosts in videos I thought it was the best thing ever. I was mistaken.

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          Incorrect. The Xbox is well known for it’s better exclusives, such as Forza and Halo, to name a few.

          • TheShadowReaper

            Forza sucks.
            Halo is meh,
            GoW is ok if you like oversized buffons running around like idiots.
            Fable – i dont even need to say it.

            so where are your “better” exclusives? i play on PC and dont have a PS3 or PS4 but i doubt there are games on Xbox that can rival Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. have a good day sir.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            I’m prepared to by my metaphorical hat that you’ve never played half of those games you’re talking about. Anyone worth his salt knows that Forza sh!ts all over Gran Turismo, and that Need For Speed is for 9 year olds.

          • TheShadowReaper

            Gran Turismo > Forza anyday. anywhere. fact. period. and whoever has played both knows. have you?

            Need for Speed is an EA game which explains why it sucks so bad, but thats a conversation for another time.

          • td90uk

            Halo is dead, Forza is pretty cool, Gears is another dead series.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Yeah, I can’t deny that Halo is dead.

          • will

            he is talking about the graphics not what games are better.

          • Misogynist

            No it’s not lol

      • Misogynist

        PS3’s exclusives had better graphics. Multiplatform games always looked better on Xbox, and yes, I am a Sony fanboy.

    • Poplur33

      Hey they just said it was better never mentioned that they cared. The butthurting worked that’s all that matters

    • Unreal

      its not about graphics here if they would make the game the good way we would not have this trouble either with ps4 and xbox one i think the true start for call of duty will be next year for next gen…

    • td90uk

      “It’s all about gameplay” is the excuse used to defend the system. I think each next gen console will have its advantages, but as of right now, PS4 has the better games, Xbox DID have better games last gen, but as of launch the PS4 has more quality titles.

  • thepope

    i dont know why xbox 360 players think that they have better graphics than the ps3 . in truth the ps3 has better.

    • thepope2

      lol, do you even research anything before you say shit? or do you just say what you want to say

      • thepope2

        ps3 has blu ray and almost all games come in blu ray meaning that there can be more data stored so better HD.

    • Guest

      I would disagree. Have you looked at the 360 vs PS3 comparison? Both are extremely similar but IMO the 360 wins but only just. That difference is hardly noticeable so if I was picking it up for 360 or ps3 I’d chose the console which most of my friends play on and not worry about graphics especially when both are just as bad as each other

      • thepope2

        this is cod though, it is made for xbox so it is optimised for xbox. and i said it had better graphics as a statement for almost all games(multi platform)- ps3 does have better graphics. ps3 with blu ray> xbox graphics

        • Primey_

          How is it made for xbox? No where has the devs said that.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Brian, it’s developed primarily for Xbox. They then port it over to PS4. It also gets DLCs first.

          • Primey_

            No it isn’t. You have zero proof

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            It’s fairly obvious.

          • TheShadowReaper

            you want proof? any game these days that is launching in all platforms is being developed in the weaker platform so its easier to port over to the stronger platforms (or in case of PC, in the open platforms) , so any cross platform games (like COD) are being developed mostly on the Xbox360 (yes, that piece of shit) and then ported over to the rest platforms. here’s your proof, stop being an ignorant fuck. good day to you sir.

          • Revasetä

            Well the devs have showcased every new COD playing the Xbox version and the Xbox gets all the DLCs a month earlier.

            While they may or may not be made initially for Xbox, there is definitely a disturbing amount of favoritism towards that way.

          • Primey_

            So? Microsoft has a deal for all the advertising and dlc. They announced this ages ago.

          • td90uk

            I hate to bring up Battlefield 4 here, but the DLC etc for that is made available for Xbox One first simply because Microsoft pay EA copious dolla to. BF4 is made for PC and ported down, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Xbox is the primary platform.

      • Guest

        I’m sorry you are wrong – the PS3 first part developers knew how to utilise the PS3’s CELL power to its full potential breeding stunning looking games like Uncharted, The Last of Us or Killzone 3. Those PS3 exclusive games look better than any other Xbox 360 exlusive out there. That’s the truth. The reason why PS3 version looks slightly worse on CoD Ghosts is because the 3rd part developers and many other developers found it complicated to code for the PS3’s hard CELL archituecture.

    • iFlinflux

      I agree: PS3 had much better graphics especially on the exclusive side of things like The Last of Us. I don’t know why the xbots are in denial – I guess many developers found it too difficult to utilise the PS3’s CELL power unlike the 1st part devs of Sony who knew how to code for it breeding spectacular games. Just compare any 1st part developed PS3 games to the 360 – PS3 wins no doubt!

    • exeterman2

      I have a ps3 but cod always looked slightly better on Xbox 360 because of the ps3’s weird architecture, but exclusives always looked better on ps3 because it had more power hidden away under the complexity of programming for it.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Again, PS exclusives are crappy indie games. The big brands like Halo and Forza are all Xbox exclusive.

        • exeterman2

          Yes because The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, Gran Turismo and DriveClub are all crappy Indy games. Get yo shit together!

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Gran Turismo is still crappy. The Last of Us IS an Indie game [And a very stupid one. The only good zombie games are open world], Killzone is just Sony’s response to Call of Duty, and is bad. As for Driveclub, that’s just Need for Speed, and I’m fairly sure it’s on Xbox too.

          • exeterman2

            You clearly haven’t played any of them. TLOU is a not an Indy game, DriveClub is not on Xbox and is not like Nfs, saying that would be to say all racing games are nfs, killzone is not like cod it’s more akin to halo.

          • Misogynist

            You aren’t very bright

  • sb

    these are day one launch titles on both consoles. give it some time and each console will work out the quirks. i game on the xbox because i like the system and service, plus my friends use it also. both systems are great. everyone needs to stfu and just play their game.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yeah. Next year all Xbox One games will be 1080. Same for the PS4 games..

      • Sam

        You’re going to be sorely disappointed – the One will continue to trail the PS4 regardless of more refined dev tools and better understanding of the hardware. The ‘bone just doesn’t have the tech to achieve parity this time around.

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          That’s the perspective of a Playstation fanboy. The Xbox is geared up and can easily compete with the Playstation.

          • TheShadowReaper

            they are both medium end PCs this time instead of different techs altogether. how is the XboxOne gonna top the PS4? with cloud gaming? seriously people are so ignorant on how a piece of tech works, let alone a whole console. PS4 has already won this 5 year battle vs the XboxOne. big deal. it doesnt affect me as a PC gamer at all, and thats why i have no reason to lie about it. stop being such console fanboys and accept facts for once.

  • Hoss

    On the xbox 360, I notice frame rate drops when I scope in with a sniper on stone haven. It’s such a big map, so when I look far away with my sniper, it gets a little choppy.

  • Josh


  • BHCMax

    and where is the PC info? apart from half a sentence? another whitewash as to just how crappy the PC(xbox360 portover) really is..

  • Chem

    PEECEE 4 Life!

  • CoD

    I’d rather have a smoother gameplay then a little bit better graphics… just saying. And no I’m not a fanboy… I have played both next-gen consoles

  • If you read around a little bit you’ll find that Infinity Ward is mostly responsible for the Xbox One only running 1080p…not Microsoft.

  • Frog8989

    Why do people care so much about graphics? Good and smother gameplay is much more important then graphics

  • Bob

    Why can’t we just have the X-Station Computer and please everyone? I’m not going to say what platform I play but I don’t want to know if one console or computer runs at 1 pixel better than another one or 1 fps better than another. We can’t we play on whatever platform we want and not complain about something on the internet? To be honest I really don’t care at all about most of these opinions. “The Xbox One’s better” “The PS4’s better” “PC is better” “The Wii-U’s better (Unless you are talking exclusives and your favorite games are secretly about drugs I would kinda confused)”