Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studio have posted a blog post on the official Call of Duty site discussing how the Clan War Node Mechanics work. Many fans have been confused as to what you’re supposed to do, and how.

The primary objective of Clan Wars is to earn as many Capture Points (CP) as possible throughout the Clan War. Capture Points are earned when your Clan captures any of the 10 nodes or locations on the Clan Wars map. Your Capture Points continue to add up as you capture more nodes and you will not lose them if you lose control of that node.  The winner at the end of the Clan War is the Clan with the most Capture Points.

If you capture a specific point on the map, your entire clan gets +25% XP bonus in that specific playlist, and all other clans have to fight to try to get that capture point.

 Any other Clan’s previous capture progress will be frozen. If Clan JoeSchmoe currently has 12 Kill Confirmed wins at the time your Clan locked down the needed 40, JoeSchmoe will stay locked at 12 wins until your Clan loses that node and it becomes available to capture.

For example, if their Clan Members attain 10 wins individually or together, your Clan win total is reduced to 30, down from 40, and so on all the way down to zero. Your Clan can fight back by continuing to get wins in Kill Confirmed, but it’s an uphill battle as all seven other Clans are fighting against you together until the node is freed. There is also a maximum number of wins that your Clan can attain for each node to ensure the battle for each node is competitive. Once you reach that point, your win total cannot go up even if you keep winning matches although your in-game XP bonuses will continue.

SOURCE: Call of Duty 


  • Work hard, Twerk harder

    So correct me if I’m wrong…
    Say the clan just captured a place, which is maybe 20 wins there, the 7 other teams can take down that 20 wins as a whole group (so maybe 1 team only gets 5 win and the 6 other teams get 15, the zone is then free)?
    Once the zone is free though, it’s a race again to the 20 wins for each team to capture it yet again?

    • CharlieIntel

      No, 1 team would have to get the 20 wins, it doesnt stack, if a team has 6, they still need 20 to capture it. If it’s free, it will be whoever gets the wins first in order to capture it.

    • Sharpy

      yes but you start from the amount of wins you had before the first team captured the node

  • ip x Warrior

    Uncharted 4 will be a good game.

    • Ryumoau


    • Yes! It will be.

    • Soarnox

      too bad it’s not coming out till 2015 lol, Just saying

  • Edwin Cortez

    I got paired against 40+ active player clans… Mine its only 15 its worthless you try and the big clans come in and conquer.

  • I don’t even know what’s going on in my clan really. Hopefully we have a decent clan level before I get Ghosts and start really leveling up the clan.

  • Ediz

    This idea just seems so bad in my opinion.

    League play was 10x better and made more sense.

    • Darvald

      This isn’t the league play alternative for Ghosts. You can progress with this minigame by playing the Core playlist gamemodes, the hardcore gamemodes, but also the 3 gamemodes within the separate Clan Wars playlist.

      I think the LP alternative for Ghosts will be that separate Clan Wars playlist (with the 4v4 Blitz, Dom and SnR). Over time they will also add MLG rules in that playlist, pretty similar to LP from BO2, since LP was pretty similar to Public Matches at the start of the game.

      At least: that’s my prediction, I don’t work at Beach Head, IW, Raven, Neversoft or Activision.

      Having said that: I think this is a good idea, it is way better than the Clan Operations we had in MW3 and BO2. This thing keeps going all the time and is for more gamemodes at the same time, it gives something to play for, even when the game has been out for 6 months or more and when you already hit 10th prestige.

      • xbl:boosticles

        Clan wars and the clan vs clan playlists are 2 completely different things. While your wins on any given game mode in the 4v4 clan v clan will count towards your clan wars wins, (example: if you win a S&R match it will count for your S&R Node in clan wars an so on) they are 2 different things.

    • Thoughtful Discourse

      League Play was a great idea executed poorly because you were forced to play mostpit instead of each game type individually. Being forced into objective game modes with a bunch of strangers who don’t have mic’s and aren’t interested in working together and don’t have a coordinated strategy equals a big mess.

      I would have much rather seen a LP for objective modes and one for just TDM or KC.

      • Jeremy Silver

        Someone get this Man a fucking Cookie!!! T^T Someone who makes sense

      • rrandomnamee

        they had one for TDM, no one played it and they took it out.

        • ManicRUSH©

          Also true

      • ManicRUSH©


    • ManicRUSH©

      Not true

    • ghostoperator

      Eat shit you all suck.


    My clan is level 10 and were number one on xbox 360. Team Envy Pro

    • K.E.M


    • eatadick

      shut the fuck up fag nobody cares

      • ManicRUSH©

        Well said, actually made me laugh. But ‘XBOXONE4EVER’ – save your stats for someone who actually cares. Like someone who actually goes out their way to see who is on top, not us guys!

  • K.E.M

    I’m tina palacios.
    I thought of clan wars when I was taking a shit 😐

  • CoDforever


    • Matthew Del Corso

      Here’s a tip kid:

  • JD

    I have made a clan to play in clan wars but it won’t show clan tag. But it says no clan tag why is that

    • Sean Schwab

      Having the same issue ..we can play clan wars but it doesnt show flags and say were not registered

  • porkater116

    But how many points do you get when u cap a node,

    • ManicRUSH©

      varies depending on how many points the node is worth. i.e you will general get more points for capturing a node that required 60 wins as opposed to one that required 15 wins

  • Sean Schwab

    I think it helps out your clan alot but the thing is i dont understand it you have to play on a specific time and day to earn the rewards or

    • ManicRUSH©

      It runs the full course of a season (Like league play off BO2).
      Download the Ghosts app for a clearer understanding

  • Bhorna

    So let me get this straight. The object of the clan wars is to capture a node, let the enemy take, recapture it and repeat. So no points for holding nodes for days on end. Hmmmm sounds a lot like Vietnam war Andrew US modern wAr plan. Play to lose how fun. Come on guys that is not war that sucks. My clan held six nodes for two days and did not win because one team bounced on and off a node throughout the week. I call bull on clan wars. Last I heard giving up a territory means you lost. Whatever. My clan got third and we gave up cause we find it silly to give up what we have to get more points. No strategy take and give up. Thanks for bull rap clan wars

    • ManicRUSH©

      Everyone was made aware that the first season was a ‘trial’ season and that changes would be made. Clan wars now incorporates earning points for ‘holding’ a node. Just not sure how many but supposedly it’s 4 CP per day per node you hold.

  • wraith

    charlie intel do you know what happens in a tie? is it whoever has more nodes?

    • ManicRUSH©

      That would be a very safe guess to make

  • cMc_Dominator

    well we have just finished our 2nd clan wars and i think they’re great, we just won the platinum division for the 2nd time, closely beating Team As, a very exciting war if you ask me, maybe you should just give it a chance and see.

    • ManicRUSH©

      Team A’s?
      I think the concept is very exciting as well but for the smaller sized clans further matchmaking fixes need to be made. I have a close knit team (my clan) of around 7 players and we’ve been paired up with at least two clans each with 20 members.. This has happened both seasons.

      • cMc_Dominator

        Ok, I agree, that is unfortunate and should definitely be taken into account with division placements, Team As and AtroX (who I play for) are about the same size and just as active so that made for a very exciting war which actually came down to the last 2 hours in which we have to use real tactics to let certain nodes go then win them back and defend certain nodes to the death, there was less than 10 points between us at the end, I hope it gets fixed so you can enjoy the wars as much as I have.

        • ManicRUSH©

          Cool bro ;D When my clan grows with the members I’d like, hopefully we will someday get to battle it out in the same division. I’ll give you a run for your money haha

  • ManicRUSH©

    I love the mode but it still has a few flaws like the matchmaking:
    A clan member who joins a clan mid-season should not have there clan wars wins count in my opinion.
    Otherwise the initial matchmaking becomes void. i.e If there are two teams in a division, One has 12 members with a combined KD ratio of 2.5 and the other clan having 16 members with a KD of 2.0 then this could be seen as fair.
    But what happens if one of those two clans then adds a further 20 members to their clan roster mid-season and dominates clan wars with their total of 30+ members. is that fair?

  • ManicRUSH©

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  • MindsetDSF

    How do u know what the node is or what to do to capture. I’m really confused by this. Is there a way to see what the requirements are to capture a node.