IGN has just posted an updated version of their comparison videos of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 vs. Xbox One. Their older video had an issue that didn’t have the PS4 version running at the native 1080p. Another issue they had was that the Xbox One version had color blind mode enabled, which enhances some of the colors. The new video does have the PS4 version running at native 1080p and no color blind option on Xbox One, and you can see a difference between the two versions.

Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p natively on PS4, and runs at 720p natively on Xbox One upscaled to 1080p.


  • Daniel Sims

    You can somewhat see higher detail/better graphics on PS4 but to see the real difference you need to see it running on a 1080 40″+ TV. Having played ghosts on PS4 and the One on a 1080 50″ the difference is much larger than seen here.

    • Brandalf

      The size of the screen doesn’t matter….like at all. It’s all about the pixel density of the display. This is why 24″ 4K monitor is going to look much more crisp than a 50″ 1080p TV.

      • Daniel Sims

        Size does matter unless your talking about something like 4K. Thats like saying that HD is better than SD… In other words, “No sh*t”.

        • Brandalf

          Size doesn’t matter. Distance from the screen however can have an effect on the viewers perception of detail. Like I said, It’s all about pixel density. A 15″ monitor can have the same detail and resolution as a 50″ TV and look just as good if not better. Those are just facts. Don’t believe me, research it yourself.

          • Avery

            All factors matter, pixel density, the screen size, the distance away from it. Certain factors come in play at certain distances and certain screen sizes. Since there are three different variables here, there are optimal viewing experiences for all screen sizes and resolutions, etc. you can’t just throw out the distance factor because if you sit far away from a huge 1080p screen, you won’t be able to see the pixels and 720p and 1080p will look the same, but if you sit 2″ away from it, you will be able to see all the pixels. All factors matter, so why don’t you go do some research before opening your mouth about something you have no credibility in.

          • Brandalf

            The bigger the screen size and/or the lower the pixel density the softer the picture becomes. In effect making the visual fidelity of the picture more along the lines of an upscaled resolution. Of course your average console gamer doesn’t have any idea PS3/360 don’t support true HD gaming and instead upscaled from much lower resolutions. They will argue for days on this type of subject, because they believe marketing hype instead of doing their own research. But, I’m getting slightly off-topic.

            I will say, insulting my credibility when you have no idea what kind of knowledge/experiences I have really gave me a good laugh. Also, IDK about you but I don’t actually open my mouth to type.

          • Josh


      • TheTruth

        FluxHate with another accurate comment…….give up kid!

        • Brandalf

          Oh look, my comment stalker is back, how cute. I can’t say I missed you; but your comments do provide me with a short time of amusement and pity. So there is that.

          • Josh

            Stop trying to sound like you know what your talking about when you clearly don’t – do some research before claiming what you are saying is fact!

      • HenryDF

        “Most people believe what they wanna believe unfortunately. Instead of actually knowing what they’re talking about beforehand.”

        You said it yourself, so maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you start saying stupid shit?

        • Brandalf

          I’ve got nothing to prove to some random people on the internet. What I’ve said comes from extensive research of second-hand knowledge as well as first hand experiences. I’ve gamed on TVs anywhere from 26″-65″ and monitors from 15″-23″ with my current PC and would take the pixel density and response time of a monitor over a TV any day of the week.

          Not to mention the fact that dealing with TV overscanning and blurry text are both direct confirmation of my points regarding pixel density. If you choose to be ignorant of the truth and believe my points aren’t valid, go ahead. No skin off my back. Have a good day!

          Also as a side note, I’d like to add the retina display that Apple has made so popular over the last couple years is directly related to the PPI or pixel density of their displays.

          • Joshua Michael Sherrin

            Dude there is sharing your knowledge of screen pixel density and there is obnoxiously belittling people… You’re somewhere in between atm

    • JDfromNY

      It never ends.

    • omar_soft

      I couldnt agree more, on a smaller screen its harder to see detail differences, but the PS4 does look like more detail is added (xbone looks like its running lower AA also)

  • Super_Deluxe

    This game was ruined by campers and that’s why I went back to black Ops 2. At least people move around in that game!

    • Ed

      the only thing i don’t like about this game is the snipers. half the opponents i face anymore are snipers.
      with that said, though, i still take this over black ops 2, because that game just annoyed me with the way people just ran around without thinking. i felt like i was on crack while playing.

    • bsktballmsu1

      yea thats what im thinking about doing also and playing league play if they still have it

    • fires

      i personally think ghosts is better, Ive had better experience with IW, and I guess am used to how they do thinks, you can make arguments about unbalanced the ACR and mp7 were in mw3, but i could still outplay them, but BLOPs2 was the first COD i dropped mid season because of how strong the AN94 was. My opinion, not looking for any head bashing, or threatens to fornicate my mother over.

  • Carlos

    Ps4 might look better to all of you but I have both consoles and the Xbox one is so much smoother with ten times better connection. The playstation lags a lot from time to time and has framerate drops but the Xbox looks just as good but plays ten times better IMO

    • Ed

      i have both, as well…and i completely disagree. i actually have better connections with the ps4, strangely enough. since the 15th, i haven’t had any host migrations with the ps4. the xbox one version doesn’t looks as sharp to me, it actually seems like it is too saturated with color… for lack of a better description. like if i change my color saturation on tv too high…

      but enjoy, regardless.

      • Vizz

        Ghost runs terrible on ps4 compared to xbox. If you really had both consoles you would know this.

    • joe

      its a fact that ps4 graphics on ghost are better than xbox one graphics on ghost. the most significant difference is on tvs that are over 32 inches

      • Carlos

        I use a 55 inch and there’s not really that much of a difference. Tbh I prefer the way it plays on x1 the dedicated servers are amazing. The hit detection is better than ever and I have never lagged or had host migration. In my opinion I wouldn’t play on ps4 just because the graphics are “better”

    • Plok

      The framerate issues have been fixed I believe in the most recent patch, but probably not addressed since they don’t want to open up the problem to more people. It actually isn’t a PS4 hardware issue at all. Someone investigated, forget who, that the PS4’s framerate was not locked at 60 and would try to go a little too far at times. This is why it would happen in calm moments, especially on stonehaven; the game wasn’t very busy so it tried to overdo it. Simple overclocking issue that the devs could fix by locking the framerate.

  • Cape6

    Let’s be honest Gamemade across platforms usually look-alike is the game exclusives that count

  • Batman

    Still looking the same for me.

    Xbox one runs way smoother with hardly any lag, frame rate drops.

    And the system itself has a powerful multitasking system which takes alot of RAM

  • Cell

    With DDR3 memory in Xbox One Infinity Ward got the same results that PS4 with DDR5 memory. I’m wondering which on is the best. 720p X 1080p ??? Yeah it really doesn’t matter depending on the size of your TV.

    • joe

      no they do not you can see better details and graphics on the ps4its a fact all gaming companies that compare the two have said. but it isnt so a big difference unless you play on a tv larger than 32 inches then its a significant difference. do some research the size of your tv can make a game look better or worse. ignorance at bliss right here.

      • Cell

        Show the facts, at least one article that says that PS4 is the best. Despite of DDR5 memory, I don’t see much superiority.

        • joe

          Read my comment again. I did not say ps4 is better than xbox one. I said the graphics on cod ghost for ps4 is better. But if you want to go there it took ps4 to go on sale for 2 countries to break 1million units sold while it took xbox one 13 countires. if there any flaws on my english let me know this is my 3rd language that ive learned.

          • Cell

            Oh God, you lack arguments. Just says that PS4 is better.

          • fires

            I dont know anyone who will change over just because of graphics, i consider exclusives, network, and mainly, what my friends play, and in my life: is the ps4. Xbox has wicked tech with the kinect

          • Cell

            That’s your personal opinion. For me, Xbox One is the best. What do you mean about wicked tech?

          • kingsx

            Your opinion is invalid. Based on the hardware present, the ps4 clearly outshines the xbox one. Also, based on pricing, the ps4 is much more financially viable. The xbox does have its benefits, but you can’t ignore the superior hardware. I know the xbox one’s kinect is very advanced and that they have exclusives such as halo, but that wouldn’t sway me towards buying an xbox one (for the record, i’m not getting a next gen console). Not only does the ps4 have GDDR5 RAM, but also microsoft underclocked the xbox one’s processor due to concerns about overheating and such. It has been seen that microsoft struggles to prevent its consoles from overheating. The PS4 packs better hardware at $100 cheaper. If I was getting a console for the first time, this would be the one. To be honest, ppl should just get the console most of their friends play on. Gaming isn’t fun when you do it alone.

          • FlamingEagle

            His opinion is invalid? It’s an opinion! It is clear the PS4 is stronger. But look at last gen, the ps3 had the better specs and look how the last gen war turned out. Xbox had sold more.

          • fires

            heartbeat on the kinect is fucking legit dude, my friend has one and it just recognized him walking into the room while i was playing on his xbox one, and it IS my opinion, what im saying is, FUCK people who just buy consoles blindly without weighing personal preference, you would really only recognize power of the console through exclusives, since omni-console games perform just as well.

        • exeterman2

          You’re not going to see much difference in a multiplatform, cross generation game which doesn’t have great graphics on any console.

  • Brandalf

    Wait, wait, wait. By the looks of these videos the “next-gen” STILL doesn’t support anti-aliasing or Anisotropic filtering? Wut?

  • Blaine

    The X1 has way more “jaggies” – it basically looks like the PS4 has 4X MSAA while the X1 has no anti-aliasing at all.

  • IamQuark

    The PS4 looks beter but its almost the same

    • TheTruth

      looks loads different of on my 55 inch tele.

  • Sebastian

    Look at the people and objects far away and you’ll easily notice which one has better graphics. (PS4)

  • Wish Chaos

    Who fucking cares? What is the point of this? They look so much similar that it doesn’t even matter. The content and gameplay matter more then graphics, so stop complaining, seriously.

  • Daz

    There is no difference? I really cant see which looks better.

  • Matthew

    Can’t tell a difference, but the only thing is that the lighting was an obvious difference at some parts.

  • Jose Lopez

    Well i want to say something off topic. well people if you know how the game ends in CoD Ghosts well i think we all know the will have to make Call of Duty Ghosts 2. I will research from the guys how make the game!

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Is there no anti aliasing on the Xbox One or something? Ew, disgusting and people are trying to say it plays better on the Xbox One…

    • Plok

      Well anti-aliasing can’t make it look like 1080p, but it sure can help. Think for a moment, the game on Xbox One has the same definition as on current gen. Compare them side-by-side and the anti-aliasing is obviously trying its best.

  • Guest

    I bought a ps4, have always preferred playstation over Xbox….I have enjoyed several Xbox games in general with not being available on playstation ie kotor but I did buy an Xbox One as well, I prefer my gameplay on ps4, but I enjoy the Xbox one launch titles more. I love gaming as I’m sure we all do, but don’t we game to avoid all the other drama? If we must debate, let’s get to the important question?….what shadowrun was better Snes or Sega?

  • Guns

    I’ve got both consoles and I must say that they both look almost identical and I play on a large TV. You’ll get the people who say X1 looks better and PS4 looks better but honestly there isn’t really a difference.


    With all respect for you all but you are blinds please pause the video when it shows both of them and look at xbox one you will notice that colors are more deep true and image is sharper, I don’t have any of them I played ghosts on 360 and the 360 version is better than ps4 so I think its better if they compare 360 with ps4 :P.