The second Clan Wars for Call of Duty: Ghosts has officially kicked off! This time, the location is Oahu, Hawaii on the Clan Wars map that lives within the mobile app.

Activision has also revealed what sorts of rewards and achievements you can get if you place a certain way in the Clan Wars.


Pirate Booty, unlocked via the Sea Legs Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Oahu Clan War



Body Count Reaper, unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement

Win 2 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher




Triad, unlocked via the Taste of Victory Achievement

Win a Clan War



Body Count, unlocked via the Make Your Mark Achievement

Win a Clan War in Gold Division or higher



Dusk ‘til Dawn, unlocked via the Platinum Division Achievement

Qualify for the Platinum Division in Clan Wars



Honorable Discount, unlocked via the End Game Achievement

Finish a Clan War holding 5 nodes



Undead Rising, unlocked via the Unwavering Achievement

Hold a node for 3 days



Fashionably Dead, unlocked via the Surveryor Achievement

Capture 5 nodes during a Clan War



Eye for an Eye, unlocked via the Committed Achievement

Hold 4 nodes simultaneously


Gnome Problem, unlocked via the Gold Division Achievement

Qualify for the Gold Division in Clan Wars

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • James K

    Skulls, skulls, and more skulls.

    • Dean

      These guys must have a skull fetish, lawl. :3

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Even the prestige emblems…

  • brucebonus

    Real shame app on windows 8.0 and 8.01 is not working, doesn’t get past login screen, just crashes.
    Want to check nodes and things, please fix on windows and android (on screens larger than 6 inches.

    Very frustrated chap

  • SmashDog

    Why did they merge PC and Console clan ranks now PC has to compete against console clans as well -.-

  • Bad @ss

    Just wanna put it out there. I live in the back part of the world called South Africa. I belong to a clan that wants to participate in the clan wars. Only one little snag. We don’t get/find games online to play and there is not even a whisper of dedicated servers here. Sometimes we are six gamers lobbied and waiting for up to half an hour and still a whole lot of nothingness. So either the pairing engine is up to @#$%^& or there is no players in SA willing to play a broken game. What to do and where to bemoan the situation?

    • Ralics

      I’m also a South African player, and during peak hours I find maybe 4 potential games, I only ever find players in TDM, and most of the time those games have quite a few good players in them. I’m not saying I’m bad but sometimes my ping is noticeable compared to others because i live in Durban, and for some reason when my PC lags it amplifies the weird ping effect with bullets no registering etc. I’d love to be part of the clan wars but i just don’t think its worth it, well not with this games lag on PC anyway.

  • Chris

    NO LIFE GAMERS (NLGx) is recruiting players for our gaming
    clan. Our primary focus is clan wars on Call of Duty: Ghosts. We are a platinum
    level clan in clan wars and have progressed to level 16 in the clan leveling
    system. We are only recruiting XBOX ONE players, for the ease of communication.

    What you need…

    XBOX ONE w/ mic

    Call of Duty App (android or ios) – we use the app for

    K/D ratio over 1.300

    Legit leaderboard stats (we can talk if you “accidentally”
    joined at modded lobby)

    Be online 5 nights a week (no life gamers) 😉

    Be team objective based, play to win the game

    If you are interested in joining NLG or have any questions
    please message fliiips (3 i’s) or Take Notes ii on xbox one.

    Thanks for your time.

  • SplitSecond

    How long does it take to receive rewards after a clan war ennds? We just won one and i got nohting

  • Helpyyyyyyy

    When do the unlocks become active?.. We won a platinum division… And no unlocks have appeared….