A new patch for Xbox One players on Call of Duty: Ghosts has been released. The new update comes in at 719MB.

Infinity Ward has now released the official patch notes:

-Improved performance issues caused by spamming.

-Fixed issues that would occur after resuming from suspension.
-Improved backend multiplayer stability.
-Fixed rare crash that could occur when using a guest account.
-Fixed issue with calling trinity rocket at exact same moment as an enemy’s jammer left the player in laptop view.

Additional fixes
-Fixed a variety of map specific spawn issues.
-Fixed Blitz freecam bug which caused Ghosts portals to always be blue and Federation orange.
-Fixed a freecam bug where the friendly team on the minmap could change color between rounds.
-Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
-Fixed dog’s extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
-Fixed lobby migration closing the create a class screen.
Improved controller pairing functionality.
-Added a lock in multiplayer round start/end to prevent game from ending incorrectly.
-Added hardcore option for Domination leaderboards.
-Fixed overlap bug with the spectated playcard and the spectator map.
-Fix to set a default reticle when switching a weapon’s sights.
-Fixed an FFA specific issue where players didn’t spawn into the correct version of Strikezone.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • SoulTaker

    Is it me or are the patch notes the same as the last patch for X1? Seeing as they have to patch for about 6 different platforms (PC,Wii-U,Xbox 360,Xbox 1,PS3,PS4) it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

  • TheTruth

    give up! ghosts is boring and camp friendly. Bring on TitanFall by the real COD4 developers!

    • Brink, now with mechs.

    • Ryumoau

      do you really have to come here and troll? especially using a game that isn’t even out yet as an example.

      • TheTruth

        Yeah sorry my bad. Im just so frustrated with ghosts and dissapointed! i remember black ops was terrible at launch until a patch around mid December, was really hoping IW could match it but think its just the way they wanted the game to be.

        • fires

          I really dont mind, its like the community is telling IW to just shut up and give them the cliche, stereo-type for cod, rush, fast, i like that Iw is forcing us to slow the crap down. Its also really satisfying when you know a camp spot and just get the easy bullet penetration kill

          • smayo

            Cod is known for its fast paced rush style gameplay, and many like it that way, ghosts is the complete opposite of that and I personally don’t like it at all, I hope a return to the mw2 and bo1 playstyle for future cod’s so they are actually fun for more then two weeks

    • TheTruth?lolk

      Not trying to be, “that guy”, just because the “Real” cod4 guys are making it, doesnt mean it will necessarily be good, i hope it is, but we just cant assume, since its a first release from them since when they were in IW.

  • Rated-R619

    “-Added hardcore option for Domination leaderboards” Leaderbords by game mode on Next-Gen ? And not core, hardcore… ?

  • Guest

    Since this article is in reference to IW’s patching, I thought that I would post this here:

    Whatever member(s) of the I.W’s team that thought it was a “good idea” to add the I.E.D to this game must be camping extraordinaires. Many of I.W’s thoughts have been satisfying over the years, but the no skill camp kills piss me off to the core and all the people I play with agree. “Let me just cover this doorway with an I.E.D, I’ll also stay in this room and not move at all the entire game making this game borrrrrring for everyone.” No wonder it’s hard to find people, they’re all hiding with
    their I.E.D’s in a room the entire game. (See COD Ghosts :: The Assault Juggernaut is Garbage! – one of 402thunder402 latest video’s about ghosts for some of his thoughts on the I.E.D if you don’t know what I’m talking about. (I.E.D) “It’s like a C4 and a claymore had a baby” – Thunder. Camping is ruining the fun of this game for me and for many others. I know we all are glad that they are addressing the spawn issues with patches like this one so maybe they can address this as well. One thing BF4 does not have is this I.E.D camper BS, so I find myself playing that more and more. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to argue the graphics of BF4, but I actually prefer Cod’s original fast paced gun on gun game play just a bit more than BF4 “IF” I can find a good lobby. But it’s definitely harder and harder to find a game now that is fast paced. Campers should explode like cranked if they stay in a room with an I.E.D that would be true “camper justice.” “Camped…” I.W should at least consider trying to save this game so myself and many others buy the next I.W game and as such they should patch the I.E.D… At least give us a chance like the bouncing betty in BLOPS 2… And okay for the smart A’s out there, I’ll put sitrep on wasting precious points to counter a one point explosive. Great idea… Please feel free to tweet this thought to I.W if you agree. I do apologize only slightly for my rant and vent here, but I just want to assist in saving the longevity and fun of this game because Cod is or it was my favorite 1st person shooter. I’ve seen a few YouTube video’s about this, but I’m hoping/expecting to see more. Nothing frustrates me more than half of my deaths in a game play being from I.E.D’s. I have to believe I.W looks here as well as at YouTube to keep their money maker grossing revenue. G.G.

    • Juicyjuice

      It’s not just sitrep you can run, but also stalker, delay explosive tripped traps, or blast shield, more resistance to explosives, IED’s are annoying, but there is more than just one counter to an IED’s right?

      • Guest

        Yes, you are correct that there are more ways to counter the I.E.D such as with the additional perks you mentioned above. (Of course I’ll have to use even more points to counter a one point explosive). Even so, that will not stop people from camping in rooms for the entirety or most of the match… Dying by an I.E.D is annoying, but not seeing certain players the whole game because they are sitting in the same room is more annoying IMO.

        • Assassin5150

          stalker only works if you are running by it. if you are walking then hear it and try to run you are dead. I agree the camping has really gotten bad and it’s because people really suck at this version of cod. They do need to come up with a mode in tdm that prevents camping. maybe using sectors as a way too keep you moving say you stay in a sector more than 20-30 seconds you start losing 100xp a second. If you wanna camp that’s fine you will never unlock a thing or level up or rank up globally. Also make it to where if you have negative xp in a round it pulls from your over all xp and causes you to actually lose unlocks and ranking. To keep people from doing enough to just unlock something then go back to camping make them work to keep it as well.

          • Derrick Wingler

            This is something that has been suggested by people for every cod for as long as i can remember, but the thing is, while camping is an annoying tactic that generally does little to help your team, its not cheating. They can’t directly punish a player for doing something that is a perfectly legitimate strategy and they never will. This is why they made game modes like blitz, kill confirmed, and cranked. They force rushing, because if you camp you’re going to lose and gain almost no points.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Not losing XP. To be honest I never saw a problem with using IEDs. They’re just less visible claymores. And what’s more, they have a very short kill radius. And was it ever that difficult to be a troll and throw in a trophy system?

          • DanDustEmOff

            Or, get this how about a TDM variant where after you get a kill you have a certain amount of time to get another or you die or explode or both. You could call it shanked or cranked like that Jason Statham movie.

        • Alex

          They will nerf it. they nerfed the bouncing bettys in mw3. Just wait, remeber these guys have to fix issues on 6 platforms. IW will start nerfing guns and equipment once they fix the bugs on each platform

          • bsktballmsu1

            i don’t remember IW nerfing the bouncing betty, treyarch did by adding the time that the ied takes to explode and by shortening the radius of the blast. ghosts was fun for the first two weeks then everyone found out about the ied. in black ops 2 it was the same thing with the c4 but at least flak jacket protected you from the c4, blast shield doesn’t do anything just like in previous IW games and there are too many perks that you need to have in order to have sit rep. ready up, stalker, amplify, dead silence( so you are at least quieter), and a couple more perks so unless IW adds league play and nerfs the ied like treyarch did the bouncing betty this game is gonna take before the xmas noobs get the game

      • Assassin5150

        he’s saying he shouldn’t have to change his set up and the way he plays for a few no skill having ass clowns every match because they sit in a room determined not to move because they suck.

        • Thoughtful Discourse

          But isn’t that entire school of thought counter intuitive? The price of having 2 developers and a yearly release is that the game is constantly evolving and we as players are forced to adapt to the current game. They way I played every single COD is different than the last. I was just as frustrated as this guy when I first started playing because I was playing ghosts like BLOPS 2. Once I slowed down and stopped rushing and playing less aggressive I’ve settled it and I’m really enjoying the game.

          I agree with you that IED’s are frustrating, but they aren’t a game breaker for me as I’ve learned how to counter them or play around them.

          • Assassin5150

            I have adapted to ghost very well too. I stay away from camping areas or know what angle to come at them and kill them as well. but it can get annoying when you have whole teams doing it and you have to bring the fight to them the whole match because they wanna trap every where with IED’s and not move. At least with bouncing betty’s you could lay down and avoid them. With IED’s you can’t so it’s the combination of camping and using the IED that is pissing people off.

          • Jacky Liang

            Well, letsee. Claymores could be countered without sitrep because they had red lasers pointing out. If you walk into that, then that’s your fault – I can agree to that. Bouncing betties would spring up and make a loud noise before it blows up. Even with that said, you can go prone and you won’t die.

            IEDs? You can’t fucking see them because they’re so hard to see. You can’t go prone once you hear the sound. The only way to dodge them is immediately stopping after hearing them, which by the time you can even react, it’s too late.

            Fuck IEDs.

          • Thoughtful Discourse

            Like claymores and betties, they are typically used defensively and as such are often times guarding doors, camping sports or heavily traveled lanes. Knowing where they might be helps you be prepared to spot them. But also they have a flashing red light on them. If you aren’t rushing you can see them from a pretty far distance and shoot them.

            This game isn’t a rushing game like BLOPS 2 was. This game will punish you for playing at that speed in all but the smallest levels.

          • Think they should limit the I.E.D’s to objective based game mode, having them in TDM, Cranked, etc. that is just another streak killer, and annoying.

        • Minecraft Greek

          Part of the “Skill” of thiis game is adapting to the ways different enemies play. Having only one loadout being the way you play is a disadvantage. He should have to change classes and adapt. You get 5 loadouts to load up with your favorites, anti-camper, anti-equipment, running, tanking etc.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Well he is wrong, he does have to change his set up if he wants to avoid these noob traps. BO2 was no different. Remember shock charges and betties/claymores? Just run a counter perk and stfu.

        • JohnClark_R6

          People can play the game however they want. You don’t have to change your entire play style, just a few adjustments. I hate campers like that just as much as anyone, but ffs it’s a video game. It has so many options. FMJ with 9 bangs and recon on one class or a Danger Close class usually does the trick for me. So tired of people whining about how others play. If everyone played the same, it would be dumb.

      • Derrick Wingler

        a player shouldn’t have to build his entire setup around not wanting to be constantly screwed over a single overpowered piece of equipment.

        • TheSim

          100% agree and stop adding quickscoping!

          • QS is unstoppable, no matter what they do it will still be there. Heck while BF isn’t known for QS but you can still do it. Any game you can aim a gun in and shoot in a decent amount of time it will be there.

        • guest

          its like a meta, all games have that one item/person that is really good, if everyone starts to use counters, people move on to counter the said counters, eventually we complain one thing to another.

        • DanDustEmOff

          No but using 1 back up class for those situations is smart. Refusing to have one on the principle that they shouldn’t be in the game is retarded.

      • Bmeowmix

        Remember MW3 where you had to run assassin or you’d get messed up by some portable radar wielding douche? Sort of the same concept. I’m fine with “adapting”, not being limited to certain loadouts in order to have a fun, fair game.

      • LunatikToon

        There are counters to everything if you think out the box. I hate IED’s but Amplify?? That’s a whole different story!

        • DanDustEmOff

          F ing hate amplify. Dead silence was meant to counter headsets. I have Astro’s and even i think its op. All people do now is crouch walk everywhere with that damn perk on, now they allow headset users to counter the counter that was brought in to level the playing feild. Still prefer Ghosts and MW3 to BO 1 and 2 though.

      • Yourmomsdildo

        Yea SITREP bunch of whiny little fucking girls good good…..You really think IW gives a fuck about what you think? Dont like the game play something else every cod player is a whiny fucking 14 year old on there period bitch bitch bitch

      • bsktballmsu1

        first of all stalker doesn’t delay that was in mw3, blast shield is shit again just like in every IW game and there are too many perks that you need so you cant run sitrep

      • Chim20

        You don’t even need anything to counter IED, as soon as you hear it beep you can back up and survive everytime. Even if you run straight into it there is still time to back up, you just need to stay aware.

    • Jasy

      If I get killed by an I.E.D, it doesn’t annoy me to the point of rage quitting, but what really annoys me is when someone is continuously camping in the same spot and putting I.E.Ds in the same spot over and over. I only rage when this happens because it ruins the rushing aspect of the game.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Just be greatful that you can’t resupply them from scavenger like you can in BO2 and MW2. Oh and run sit rep it’s two points well spent. If you’re not prepared to run it then it’s your own fault that you keep dying from them, it’s not difficult to counter camping techniques in CoD it never has been. The real problem with this game is amplify.

    • You know what “I.E.D” stands for right?

    • JohnClark_R6

      I run Sit Rep on pretty much all my classes. Allows me to not get killed and gives me an idea of where they are camping. Get over it dude. Campers are part of the game. And not very hard to take care of.

    • Adam

      So you can’t get around an ied? How did you ever play EVERY OTHER CALL OF DUTY GAME EVER? EVERY SINGLE GAME HAD MINES OF SOME KIND. Like really. Throw a grenade in there. Shoot it through the wall. maybe use your brain a bit instead of just crying about campers making you sad. They’re so easy to deal with.

  • Bmeowmix

    No patches that affect the game really. Please do something that players will care about, like nerfing the goddamn C4 and IED

  • platinumwarrior121

    worst cod ever,played it for one day and traded it in smh,and im a huge cod fan but this isn’t the same old IW,i usually liked IW over treyarch games but lately treyarch has been more creative,only thing i dislike about treyarch games is the hit detection,mw2 and mw3 had the best hit detection ever

    • DanDustEmOff

      You mean you made your judgment in one day? Lol, learning new maps takes time. You have to put the effort in to the game to get the joy out of it. Instead of throwing a tantrum because you suck on the first day you play it.

  • Adam

    “-Improved performance issues caused by spamming.” WTF does this even mean?

    • DanDustEmOff

      If you keep backing out of lobbies to find a map and do it in a rapid action the game crashes. It’s refered to as spamming. I found this out trying to find dom matches in squads.

  • Batman

    Ghosts isnt perfect just because it doesnt have CTF an it has the IED

    • DanDustEmOff

      I actually agree I do miss traditional CTF. Blitz is just the easy part of CTF. However because of spawn trappers driving down the player count in CTF lobbies, it was an inevitability. IED’s are easy though Sit rep, stalker and blast sheild are all good counters.

      • bsktballmsu1

        yea in ctf it was the spawn trappers and now in blitz it is the campers at their teleporter but i think ctf was good especially in league play and i think if IW added league play i would enjoy blitz

  • Aaron V

    The two annoying things in this game for me other than the spawning and I.E.D’s is Amplify and the Aim-assist. I still don’t understand why something like being able to hear another players footsteps makes sense for ANY multiplayer game. Why do you want to give players a MAJOR advantage on everyone else by being able to hear everyone easily when you already die so fast in this game.

    For the aim-assist… This is my 7th Call of Duty game and the aim-assist is the strongest it’s ever been in any CoD game. It’s harder for me to lock onto targets in this game because my high sensitivity combined with the stronger aim-assist, it’s trying to do the work for me when aiming which causes me to over shoot my aim on a target. Players with higher sensitivities will notice this more. IW is trying so hard to cater towards new players by making it easy for everyone. I’ve never lost so many gun battles in a CoD game in my life. It’s almost like everyone has auto-aim on now.

    • DanDustEmOff

      You can switch aim assist off I play on an 8 with aim assist off and it is loads better.

  • Felipe Rios

    Hey has anyone noticed if you gain a kill streak point for grabbing tags in kc? I don’t think you do but I’m curious, I wish they would add it in because the extra points for scorestreaks made kc on Black Ops 2 the best game mode ever to rush and have fun. Now there doesn’t seem like there’s a ton or insentive to grab the tags, other than helping your team. Just my two cents.

  • kevinmc

    5 maps are missing from ground war rotation for me on Ps4. Freight, strikezone, flooded, warhawk, and tremor. Anyone notice this too?

  • When i play Ghosts on my Xbox One, anytime I go to change a camo on the multiplayer portion, it goes all black for about 10 seconds, and it gets really annoying, this happening to anyone else?

  • Felipe Rios

    You know, my absolute biggest gripe with this game. Knifing. I hadn’t been panic knifed in all of my Black Ops 2 career. Then IW decided, let’s change the knives! Bring back cammando lunges and panic knifing. I shouldn’t shoot someone point blank three time and get cammando lunged from 3 feet away!!!! Good game over all


    IED’S yhea



    • td90uk