Yesterday, Bungie announced that their newest game Destiny will be available on September 9th, 2014. Destiny is a first person shooter, but more dynamic and open world based compared to Call of Duty. Destiny was originally slated to be released in Spring 2014, but now with the push back to fall, that makes the game’s launch even closer to Activision’s other mega-franchise: Call of Duty.

It’s expected that the next Call of Duty game will be releasing in November 2014, and once the holiday season comes around, you’ll have two mega Activision games to choose from: Destiny or Call of Duty. Some will only choose one, while other’s will choose both, but is this what Activision intended? Their two biggest franchise are about to go head on for customer’s purchases in Holiday Season of 2014; however, is it possible that these two games can co-exist peacefully? It definitely it possible, and Activision surely thinks so. Activision CEO has already said that he doesn’t have any problems with these two games competing, and that he believes these two franchises can “peacefully” co-exist. But, some have said Destiny will be the ‘Call of Duty killer’, although thus far, no “direct” FPS franchise has been able to actually do anything to Call of Duty (except GTA V, which dethroned ATVI of the biggest entertainment title name).

If Destiny did launch in Spring 2014, the game would’ve gone head to head against Titanfall, EA’s new big shooter franchise. But now, Titanfall is left to launch in March all by itself, leaving zero competition for Respawn to get a head start.

So, what does this mean for Activision? One things for sure, next holiday season, Activision will generate lots of revenues with having two big franchises on the market. With new Call of Duty, new Skylanders game, and now Destiny all expected in Fall, 2014 will turn out to be one of the biggest years for Activision.

What do you think? Can Call of Duty and Destiny co-exist peacefully?

  • Jamie Hudson

    i’ll stick with cod assuming it has zombies 🙂

  • Hatebreed

    Getting both. (World explodes)

  • Guest

    I believe they can. They’re kinda different genres in my eyes.

  • HenryDF

    I’ve got a feeling that Activision took up Destiny for a few reasons:

    2) Halo/Titanfall contender.
    3) A chance to build a new successful franchise, and to gain credit for it.
    4) A possible successor to CoD?
    5) MORE MONEY.

    I think Activision are aware that CoD isn’t immortal. It will start to die one day, and then it will die. They evidently have huge confidence in CoD, but they need more franchises to just stay safe. Destiny could be the new Halo, and a strong contender to Titanfall, and they’re going to make money from it. Lots of money.

    So when the time comes that CoD starts to make them less money and it starts to look a bit weak and weary, they have Destiny to fall back on and to make successful.

    • bsktballmsu1

      i think it is there for some of the reasons you said because cod will most likely die eventually and activision doesn’t wan’t EA to take the next success in fps weather that is battlefield or titanfall

    • fires

      I think something like COD will be here to stay, and if it was replaced, will have to be something fast-paced and liquid smooth controls, as that is what is what got COD its fame. But i hope activision just doesnt blatantly kill off COD like how EA ditched Medal of honor for BF to take off.(FYI for anyone, MoH was like top FPS and cod was originally named MOW killer to try and topple them).

  • Rated-R619

    Destiny is not relased yet, that game can be good or not, we don’t know. Many gamers like CoD but many others hate that franchise too. So wait & see, see how Activision will enter into the nextg-generation against BF and TF.

  • Sure they can, the only thing in common between them is that they are FPS and by Activision, can’t see much reason why not.
    And Destiny is a much more complicated than CoD considering it’s an open world and is a RPG.

  • ccrows

    Let’s see, Treyarch is making the next game so yeah I’m going with Treyarch.

    I’m sure Destiny will be decent, but I usually play the **** out of Treyarch games, so I probably wouldn’t make time for Destiny anyway.

    Also (for the record) I am a fan of BOTH current IW and Treyarch, I just tend to play Treyarch games a little more…

    • Mitch

      Treyarch is making the next game? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Sledgehammer’s turn.

      • ccrows

        It’s possible, but I doubt it.

        Treyarch usually makes games every other year, and Sledgehammer was brought in to help fill the void that IW needed (since they were running a little low on staff at that time) to make MW3…

        • Mitch

          That’s true, but Sledgehammer has being working on their own CoD project since MW3, they are even still looking for employees. This would give them 3 years (2011-2014) and Treyarch another year for BO3.

          • Michel

            I believe that sledgehammer is making a Call Of Duty with a new engine etc and that it will be released in 2015, other wise treyarch doesn’t have enough time to Implement the engine.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I’m pretty sure Treyarch is making the next game. Sledgehammer might take IW’s place in 2015.

      • ScOott

        You can predict the future !

    • darkstar1105

      IW for life

      • Edwin Cortez

        That IW that most of all used to love is called nowadays Respawn.

      • midl

        IW<Treyarch ,IW Sucks

  • Well considering that one is a fps,open world,rpg, mmo and the other is just your ordinary fps, I would say they can.

  • omar_soft

    I think they should just do it in spring to compete with Titanfall. Competition gives popularity (i mean look at CoD and Battlefield!) so I think it would be sweet to see the two go head to head for Sci Fi shooter!

    • patrickfullofpeterson

      Release a game 6 months earlier than its intended! That won’t lead to broken buggy unfinished games at all. This is what Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Battlefield 4. Don’t release just to compete.

  • I wish

    Well knowing that the gaming community has the most immature, annoying, hateful, little kids..Nah. Soon as Destiny comes they be saying CoD is Dead. Soon as titanfall comes out they say CoD is dead. No game can EVER peacefully co exist with CoD with the community we have.

  • Stick Man

    I strongly believe Destiny will wont deliver what they promise, at least for me. I mean, I’ve played these types of online mmofps games. Let’s look at Firefall, Fallen Earth, etc, etc, I have been disappointed by all. Honestly, I’m more excited for The Division, which I think is doing the mmo open world shooter thing better, but am obviously still skeptical about it. Time will tell. As far as I know, TITANFALL FTW. I couldn’t care less whether it was EA or Activision or Ubisoft or whatever,

  • Rick Kump

    I’m probably done with COD. Got fed up this past summer finally. I leave it in the able hands of 12 year olds everywhere. Destiny is one of three big games I look forward to spending A LOT of time in going forward (BF4 right now and The Division later on). New consoles are a perfect time to change up old, bad habits.

    • fires

      Shame, next year, we get to see COD finally upgrade its engine since next gen will run it at 60fps.

      • Rick Kump

        Not sure what you mean…they upgrade the engine every game. Arguably, they probably need to create an entirely new engine from the ground up to handle the ramped up demands next gen and pc will require going forward. Though, I suppose going on with the same mediocre graphics, limited player counts and regurgitated game modes won’t bother enough players for anything to change.

  • TheShadowReaper

    tbh i dont think that Destiny will affect COD sales at all. its just a new franchise to bring in more money to Activision. since i’m on the PC Destiny isnt an option for me, but even if it was it doesnt look like a game of my tastes. maybe for some other people yes. cant wait for the next Treyarch game. it will be epic and totally kick both Titanfall and BF ass.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel


    • Jon Cameron

      I would be really surprised if any game released at the moment and outsells CoD. It will take either CoD dying down in sales by a lot or a game to be far enough into the series, a good game and worth people’s attention before something “kills” CoD.

      • TheShadowReaper

        well you wanna know my opinion?

        no game will ever kill COD but COD will kill itself at some point. i dont know when but i believe that’s what will happen. its not gonna be a game that outsells COD but COD stop selling. i’m already depressed knowing that this day will come so i just wish it will take more than it i anticipate it to take.

  • Ryumoau

    I never liked Halo so i’m not nearly as excited for Destiny as other people. I also don’t think its similiar enough to call of duty that it will canabolize most of its sales. Call of Duty is usually a close quarters competitive shooter while Destiny looks like an open world shooter with MMO aspects added.

    I don’t see everyone who enjoys CoD jumping to that. The same way people like me will never go to battlefield because the open map play style doesn’t interest me at all.

  • Bmeowmix

    Isn’t comparing Titanfal to CoD like comparing Halo to Battlefield? Assuming that Titanfall is more similar to Halo than CoD in terms of actual gameplay I’m going to say that they coexist. After all, isn’t the fast ttk, fast paced gameplay the reason why people choose CoD anyways?

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    Treyarch next year…nuff said.

    • darkstar1105

      they suck

      • StraightEdgeAtheist


      • Siftblade of Rivia


        • Mitch

          Zombies in BO2 kinda sucked… Got too complicated with all the special zombies, things you have to build, special things you have to do to open up other parts etc. Can we please go back to just normal zombies, 1 switch which activates all perk machines and PaP and the PaP actually being in the map itself?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Zombies in BO2 did suck. The only maps that I liked were Origins and Mob of the Dead. Going back to original zombies would feel lackluster. You really want a small map with no objectives? Back in BO1, it was cool, because compared to WAW everything was so new. But now, if they go back, it won’t be like the old zombies, it won’t have that feeling to it. TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried I didn’t really like. The atmosphere was almost.. childish. Cowboy Zombies, disappointing main characters with really dumb lines (“I need ammo, and cheese!” Seriously, Treyarch?) and no background, and a slow elevator system that made it incredibly tedious to go around the map and buy perks, guns, PAP. TranZit introduced the Bus and buildables. Both good concepts, but implemented badly. The bus would have been okay if it wasn’t almost mandatory, due to the lava and denizens. The buildables were also tedious as you could only carry one piece at a time. Most of the stuff on the map was just annoying and, even though the map was large, the actual playable areas (Town, Bus Depot) were very small. Because of all the hype we had for BO2 zombies, TranZit was most disappointing. The same goes to Die Rise, with the annoying mandatory elevators and tedious buildables. Buried was way too easy, meaning it had low replayablility. Now, MOTD was more like classic zombies than anything else in BO2. There was a dark, creepy atmosphere. The zombies actually looked like they wanted to kill you instead of go bull riding with you. The map was easy to navigate, with an optional lift. They perfected the buildables, making them easy to craft at whatever location you chose. It had a unique wonder weopon that you didn’t have to build and could upgrade into 4 different variants, and it brought new guns as well as returning fan-favorite weapons.And though there was no power switch, it was a hell of a lot more fun strategizing your afterlives (especially solo). There were plenty of side quests that were optional, like the golden spork and the hell’s retriever/redeemer, and the main Easter Egg actually gave players incentive along the way to do it (Which is what a lot of BO2 maps lacked, incentive for easter egg. TranZit gave you a power-up every 10 minutes in the worst location on the map, Die Rise gave all perks, which you can easily achieve, and Buried was alright, but again, to easy. Origins perfected what TranZit tried to introduce, the bus, with an optional tank that seemed useless at first, but actually helps build the staff and protect you from zombies. They also had a different power strategy, which gave incentive to power all 6 generators for a max ammo as well as the pack a punch. The Easter Egg gave incentive throughout as it helped you upgrade your staves and receive that napalm strike, as well as the elemental punch. There were many side things you could do, but that were not necessary to have fun. One thing I will complain about on that map is the mud. The mud combined with that OP Panzer is very annoying. However, if there was no mud, the boss wouldn’t be OP, as it’d be easy to avoid him. In BO3, I’m hoping Treyarch learns from their mistakes and takes a lesson from the Story team, that created the only two good maps on BO2 zombies, and based on the feedback from the community, I think they’ll understand. Sorry for the long post that 99% won’t read, lol.

  • Treyarch 2014

  • Josh

    Destiny will be a threat to COD what are you talking about!?

  • Sentrymann

    Well, I’ve already preached that even Battlefield and Call of Duty are barely similar enough to legitimately be compared to each other, so you can probably imagine what I might have to say about a mulit-planet open world rpg being compared to COD. Yes, people will compare them, I mean to some people a major FPS is a major FPS regardless of genre or developer. I am eagerly awaiting Destiny’s release, as well as any news about what ever the next Call Of Duty game is.

  • Xecho

    I agree with Bweomix it’s like comparing a Futuristic Shooter that is completely different in everything to a modern shooter coughcopyandpasteofbf3coughcough. Destiny will be so much better it’s an MMO shooter like borderlands. It has nothing to compare with BF or CoD for that matter I wouldn’t even worry about it.

  • SgtRetro

    I think you have gamers that enjoy COD and people that will enjoy destiny, but I don’t think the COD fan base will quit and go over to destiny.Destiny is just another FPS that people think will overcome COD just like BF.Callofduty will never be lost in 2014.

  • T.E.D.

    damn.. i wanted activision to beat ea AGAIN

  • BHCMax

    call of duty doesn’t need a “cod killer” on PC, they’re doing a grand job of self implosion on their own.

    • Tony Rambo

      I want to give you a medal

  • Yeezus

    Destiny is looking like the game I could play for the next 5 years. Starting next Sep. of course

  • Cell

    People really don’t understand that CoD is not about big maps (at least it shouldn’t), but Destiny, Battlefield is about this. I really don’t like bigger maps, open world based games. The crowd for both games are different. Perhaps that’s why I hate CoD Ghosts so much.

  • patrickfullofpeterson

    It’s the internet. 2 things will never peacefully coexist.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I tried to think of something to prove you wrong, but I failed. You’re right, nothing coexists on the internet.

  • Carter “Uathuil” Reed

    Destiny or Call of Duty,

    Why not both?

    • Keshav Bhat

      We’re getting both; we just wanted to see what others thought about it too 😀

  • Matthew Del Corso

    By comparing Cod and Destiny, you’re comparing two different idea.

    A) Destiny is a FPS like CoD, but it is much more of an open world game. Much like GTA 5. CoD has attempted to utilise open world style games, with Clan Wars, but it will not come close to Destiny.

    B) If Destiny is going to be a game where you will only get the best out of it by playing with friends, it differs greatly from CoD. CoD has the social features that we love, but the majority if players do not utilise it to the full extent.

    C) Seeing as the game is now being pushed back, we should hopefully expect something greater. This should hopefully allow more time for developers to fine tune anything, giving us all a better gaming experience.

    D) It’s like comparing apples and oranges. They’re both fruits, but they are completely different on the inside and out.

    But games are FPS, but they take on the ideas differently. They both look great, and in the end, I’ll probably end up getting both.

    • Matthew Del Corso

      You are so smart.

  • Condemnt

    Call of duty might not be that great too some people, but nothing can kill it. The fan base is way too large, the only things that will come close are halo and titanfall. Destiny feels more like a crysis 2 tbh.

  • noah

    COD will never die there are too many die hard fans

  • Yes, they can co-exist. They appeal to different audiences. As to whether Destiny will eat up some of Call of Duty’s customers, it’s possible. But the money stays with Activision, so it’s a win-win scenario for the company. Better them cannibalizing themselves than other doing it to them.

  • Epicsand

    CoD will sell more, and the Destiny fan-base will probably complain about it, but I think the series will co-exist.

  • jesse dee

    They’re Def. Not stupid. They’re trying to make a peaceful transition. Destiny will b their new call of duty evolved if u will as plan a. But. They don’t know if it will b strong enough of a following. So. They’re keeping COD as backup for their plan b. They won’t Co exist. Its all so crazy and gotten so bitter. Turf war anyone?

  • Michel

    Going to get titanfall to replace my multiplayer needs, and going to buy Destiny because it’s awesome.
    I will buy the next Call Of Duty to if there are zombies.

  • Chris Mason

    Well yeah, all games can peacefully coexist. Its the sometimes rabid, polarising, immature, loudmouthed, callous communities that have the problem. Money not being an issue Id pick up BF4, CoD, Titanfall and Destiny. So, sure, the games can sit next to each other on a shelf without name calling, racial slurs, and general stupidity. The fans, however…

  • Guest

    why the hell is ghosts on the left if that wont be the game coming out next year…

    • George

      you have a screenshot of the new call of duty you want them to put up? didn’t think so

  • wtflolsmh

    So Destiny in September, Halo 5 in October and Black Ops 3 in November, great.

  • cwatz

    Titanfall is the bigger threat. The game seems to look/feel exactly like cod (except with jetpacks and robots).

    Destiny is something different entirely.
    What is curious is activision releasing the two so close together, and titanfall being half a year apart. Due to that, its possible they will be bigger competitors.

  • jelluh24

    I’ve seen destiny at gamescom and this game is going to be EPIC

  • darkstar1105

    cod is the most fun shooter ive ever played but once destiny comes and titanfall comes to all consoles there fucked

  • George

    Suuuuure, a game barely in the same genre as Call of Duty is going to kill it :/

  • George

    I’d be more inclined to believe you if you said Destiny would kill Halo, as since the game is also made by Bungie (which people seem to forget) is not an out-of-line statement.

  • K.E.M

    It could possibly. Call of Duty will in fact lose sales,and Destiny will gain some till they are both even.
    My guess is,Destiny games will be every two years,and will replace call of duty when or if it dies.

  • Zeezke

    They have different target audiences. If anything, Destiny shares more of an audience with Battlefield in terms of size. So this may be Activisions answer to BF.