Infinity Ward is going to be giving a free personalization pack for all fans for the holidays. The pack includes a Christmas camo, patch, background, and more.

Happy holidays from all of us at Infinity Ward! As a thank you for your continued support and in the spirit of the season we’d like to gift everyone a FREE Festive Personalization Pack, featuring a unique “Holiday Sweater” weapon camo, and seasonally themed reticle, player card, background and patch.

Download for free from the in game store, available on Dec 12th on Xbox 360 and PC, and on all other platforms by Dec 18th.

UPDATE: We’ve added video of all the guns with the new Camo courtesy of SoGrimz:

  • TheGamerBeast

    Official release Dates is

    Download for free from the in game store, available on Dec 12th on Xbox 360 and PC, and on all other platforms by Dec 18th.

  • Random Dude

    Infinity Wars lol wut


    God you guys are in such a rush to post first you have typos lol

  • thebulky1cometh

    I applaud this for two reasons:

    1. It’s free
    2. It’s a Christmas theme and not a politically-correct “holidays” theme.

    Well done!

    • HenryDF

      A free, themed, fun personalization pack. Take note Treyarch.

      And by the way, I’m gonna be one of the guys still using this camo next summer JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT.

    • Toxic_Hogwash

      But all I see is “Holiday”… 😛

      • mile104mc

        There’s reindeer.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Yeah, I guess you’re kinda right. I just saw all the red+green and kinda got too excited. Still, I’m so happy it’s free and they’re not pulling the usual attempt to squeeze out another few dimes.

        • Toxic_Hogwash

          But still, the ugly Christmas sweater. I crack up every time. xD It’s just so funny.

    • fires

      fucking PC and Xbox first? What is this shit…

      • Derrick Wingler

        Microsoft pays out, Sony doesn’t.

        • fires

          Just as much, but what about PC? ps support for cod is > than pc support, but i get it if its like the christmas map in cod 4

    • lumps-of-a-god

      it would be nice if they did this for other holidays like easter

    • Travis

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      • ^Stereotypical Republican^

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      • Your Libertarian Friend

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        • senge

          Where did Christian come into play he was talking about Christmas which pretty much has nothing to do with religion anymore its just a family tradition for most people now

          • MonkeyMan

            Christmas has everything to do with religion you moron its the day Jesus Christ was born and another thing romans killed Jesus not the Jews also Jesus was a Jew.

        • senge

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    • GodTookLSD&ThoughtHeWasMe

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  • PC first? Strange, very strange.

  • Grigori

    Awesome! It’s free!! And it looks very nice!

  • Guest

    Happy Holidays Infinity Ward and thank you for the gift! Actually it’s a pretty cool idea and we’re happy it’s FREE. I hope our next present from you is a nurf for those I.E.D’s. Maybe place a Christmas Camo on them too so we can see them 😉

    • djacks

      No nerf needed. They beep when you approach them. Also, sit-rep picks them out very easily. Adapt, don’t cry.

      • Super_Deluxe

        Yeah but by the time you realize it you’re done, unless you’re reflexes are amazing and survive with an injury, but that rarely happens. And also when ur sprinting and run over it, just consider your self dead. So yes it either needs to be bigger and not blend in with the ground or the blinking light needs to be brighter. Can’t imagine how many times I’ve been killed by that stupid thing. Campers abuse it like they abused the target finder in BO2.

        And as for the sit Rep perk. Most people would rather not waste those valuable points for somethingthat is overpowered. I didn’t need to put on engineering to spot Betty’s in BO2 so I shouldn’t have to use sit Rep to spot IEDs.

        • joe

          boohoo just beacuse you dont want to use the perk you have to make up somebullshit on why you shoudlnt need to use the perk. stfu and adjust if you dont like to use sitrep then go ahead and keep dying. cod shouldnt be about making everything noob friendly. they clearly give you perks for certain situations that you can use and just because you dont want to use them you bitch about it. smh thats why you have 5 classes as well start making different for different scenirios.

          • Super_Deluxe

            Make everything noob friendly? Really? The IED is the most noob friendly thing in the game just like the target finder was in BO2 which is why it’s infested. I would’ve used that perk if the the point system was balanced. Most of the good perks are expensive already leaving you no room to add perks you might need. Like why stalker and and quickdraw are 3 points when things like focus and agility are worth only 2. Plus I’ve been play COD since MW2 and always had a KD above 2.0 so I ain’t no noob nor use nooby guns or equipment.

          • xx420xx

            nobody used the target finder you absolute spastic
            go back to tdm and go 5/20 plz

          • Super_Deluxe

            You sound as dumb as any other kid trying to troll on call of duty. Do me a favor and stay in school kid. And while you’re at it, have your parents get your issues checked out. It might help you in the future.

          • Trizay

            Are you fucking stupid?! “nobody used the target finder” I dare you to jump onto a game of BO2 right now and tell me if you want to take that comment back.

          • xx420xx

            i dont play on xbox with fucking retards m8

          • Guest

            It’s just as bad on the ps3 dumbass…

          • xx420xx

            ur literally clueless
            i bet you think everyone uses emps and shotguns right

          • Juicyjuice

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          • xx420xx

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          • DanDustEmOff

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          • coilover2005

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          • Trizay

            I play on playstation currently.

          • xx420xx

            sure u do
            tdm rite

          • Trizay

            Actually free-for-all and ghosts moshpit.

          • Guest

            Now we know that he has woken up in his mom’s basement and out trolling again

          • BigRed229Gaming

            Actually a lot of people used what i like to call the faggot finder.

          • Hoss

            Sure wish I had your spelling and reasoning skills

        • BigRed229Gaming


  • WOW! I have always thought IW would have us pay for a christmas gift…

  • Milt

    wait? only 1 week earlier on xbox? GUYS!!! Maybe the contract with MS changed to 1 week earlier instead of 1 month earlier!! 😀

    • And first on PC aswell.

    • Shardlotte

      I highly doubt that. It’s just free DLC. Terminal was out a week before on 360 than the other platforms, too, despite the contract.

      • nik

        no,terminal was out 1 month after 360 release!

        • Shardlotte

          Ah, you’re correct. I was thinking of the Elite and non-Elite people on 360. Still, I believe it’s going to be a month later. This DLC is being released on other platforms so quickly because in a month’s time, Christmas will already be over. There’d be no point in releasing a festive personal pack in the middle of January.

    • Mitch

      No, as far as contract the old contract still stands. This is probably because it’s Christmas, and if you milk Christmas we all know Obama nukes you.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Well they couldn’t give it in January…

    • fires

      seems that PC also got in this deal, no ps love :C

  • George

    People on Wii U support you, give us personalization packs and DLC too!

    • Jet045

      I’m really hoping for this! We got the game mode updates, which hasn’t happened before, and since this is free and doesn’t affect matchmaking, we should get it.

    • 012345

      Honestly…i wish they’d stop release CoD for the Wii…its like trying to pass off a Pinto as a sports car.

      • George

        what do you mean?

  • jordanxbrookes

    This makes me wonder if IW will make free personalization packs for upcoming events such as: 4th of July, Easter, maybe even one for the FIFA World Cup? Ok maybe not that one but it’s a possibility.

  • officialgmania
    • No

      Fuck off

  • Josh Reichman

    This would have been the only chance to release an exclusive Thanksgivukkah pack. Christmas happens every year. Thanksgivukkah, try over 77,000 years until next time. Even though it technically is a “holiday pack”, it still has a Christmasy feel.

    • Hoss

      You sound like an evolutionist

  • Shardlotte

    What about Xbox One?

    • Josh Reichman

      I’m assuming that goes with all other platforms

      • Shardlotte

        It shouldn’t. Xbox consoles are supposed to get DLC first.

        • Mark Fortin

          the one that’ll get month exclusive dlc is complaning about getting something a week late at least you don’t have to wait a mouth for actual mapacks

          • Paul Thomas



    what about WiiU?

    • Mitch

      Wii U doesn’t have DLC support for CoD.

  • Tony Rambo

    PC getting stuff before XBOX ONE??? Something’s wrong here!! 😀

  • Lorhelm

    I love how the skulls are used in the Snowflakes 😀

  • Andres Alfonso

    Please bring this to Wii U

  • JeFF

    Last week I saw a hacker on PS3 with this camo and reticle and all perks :/

  • adaaam

    But what if you’re jewish ?, can you get a hanukkah camo ?

    • PhenomenalDEATH

      Its not really Christmas themed more-so Winter themed so everyone can use it with out being left out. The only Christmasy this would be the 2 barely noticeable reindeer.

      • 012345

        and even that can be debated as if its really christmas-y

        • PhenomenalDEATH

          Well hey if its too Christmasy for some one to handle then they shouldnt use it. Just that simple.

  • Ryumoau

    Can’t beat free!! Hopefully we’ll get some free outfits for our soliders as well someday. A santa hat would have been great.

  • Let’s hope they do an Easter pack!

    Merry christmas

  • exeterman2

    Slightly off topic but I hate how people call it “Holidays”. There are lots of holidays, this is Christmas; chrimbo; Xmas.

    • xx420xx

      blame the jews m8

  • Josh

    I’m happy to see this – they know how to keep their fans happy. In mw3 they gave us 3 MP maps for free althought one was just a updated map from mw2.

  • hunter ray

    please infinityward give this to wii u.

  • iAmEFFeX

    I have to give Infinity Ward props on this one, pretty cool for the holiday.

    • Mitch

      Definitly 😀

  • Marshall

    I hope they don’t disable it after the holidays. That would be a shame.

  • Bmeowmix

    That will be both the best and worst camo in Ghosts so far

  • xCharbz

    In other platforms does that mean xbox one ?

  • Thanks for free camo, but it looks bad. Texture looks like been drawn in the Paint. Red + Green doesn’t look good together IMO.

    • Assassin5150

      that’s the point it’s an ugly Christmas sweater camo.

  • Xecho

    Thanks IW!

  • oli4029

    IW are the best at giving stuff out for free. In MW3 they gave out terminal, erosion and aground ALL for free. Now they’re giving more stuff away and will give free fall to everyone who doesn’t later on next year. And what did 3arc do? Just Nuketown 2025 later in the year :/

    • Mitch

      It probably isn’t up to IW and Treyarch to determine the price, since it’s Activision’s franchise.

  • good time to release paid content when boost of online gamers with free give away.

  • simon

    i cant download it

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s not out yet.

  • Captain_Planet

    All camos should be free.. Just saying. Shit, let us make our own camo.

    • Asher Smith

      there would be so many pink penis camos but thats a good idea

  • YouHardscope

    Does anyone notice that the snowflake is made up of rifles! BADASS!

  • Penguin-Kun

    Will this be available limited, meaning that can we get it even after Christmas? I don’t have Ghosts yet and this DLC looks really good for a free thing! Good Job, Infinity Ward! I’m glad that it wasn’t a paid DLC when it’s almost Christmas!

  • The king

    Ugly sweater? Fuck yeah!

  • drew

    Can’t download its just sits at loading screen.

  • Sonny James Storie

    Yeah its not fuckin loading up.

  • Sonny James Storie

    It wont let me download the customization pack

  • Christian Nielsen

    why the fuck is it locked??? I’ve downloaded it but it’s locked when I try to change the camo

  • jasonx

    i cant download it all i get is this 4 triangles loading

  • Vanoss

    when do we get it on the wii u i didn’t see it on the 18 december and now its 20 december and still no camo

  • Rodrigo Martins

    i want to get this on ps3 right now D:

  • Juses

    Halo am frum teh future.