Infinity Ward has posted this latest video in their Ghosts Training series; this time they are talking about the Create A Solider feature.

Get your Call of Duty®: Ghosts questions answered straight from the developers! Multiplayer Designer Joseph Cecot and Senior Community Manager Tina Palacios go over some of your questions about the new create-a-soldier feature, as well as many tips to help you maximize your customization. Subscribe to our channel for more helpful videos in the future!

  • Dude Love

    This video was totally helpful….if I never played a second of Ghosts.

  • Korflock

    Ghosts training: Lag

    “Make sure you have a shitty connection. The person with the better internet connection has a strong disadvantage against you.”

    • Bmeowmix

      I have never once experienced any kind of connection problem, nor has anyone I’ve played with. Maybe your connection is at fault?

  • tha_online_gamertz

    The title says Create-A-Solider

  • Kenny Rader

    Most useless video ever. A video with a black screen would be better

  • coilover2005

    Not trying to talk a bunch of shit but this is one of those things I see as kinda useless… This should have been brought to us maybe a week before release. This video seems like it would have been informative at that time. Ghosts has been out for a month now. Am I missing something?

  • L Lawliet

    i am seriously mind boggled why do the last five soldiers cost so much, or do cost go down the more you rank up, someone please help.

    • Juicyjuice

      No, when you rank up the price stays the same, I have unlocked all 10 soldiers, hope that helps!

  • Christian

    When I try to change the camo on my soldier and when I exit the screen the camo goes away and it goes to its original camo