A new patch, coming in at 779MB, has been released for the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 also received an update today. Both these updates brought the new Festive Camo Pack (which is Free), and the Wolf Skin ($1.99).

The Festive Camo Pack is scheduled to hit PC later today, usually around 1pm ET is when Steam will update. A new patch for PC players was also released today, it came in at 291.5 MB for multiplayer.

Get into the holiday spirit with the Festive Personalization Pack, which comes loaded with a unique, ‘Holiday Sweater’ weapon camo, and seasonally themed reticle, playercard, background and patch.


Transform your Guard Dog into a menacing Wolf in Call of Duty®: Ghosts multiplayer. With this character skin, every time you use the Guard Dog Killstreak in multiplayer, you will be calling in The Wolf to watch your back and take out enemy players.

Title Update: Xbox One, Xbox 360, & PC

Xbox One Update
In addition to the Global Info.

Additional Fixes
Fix for 360 users that were missing Free Fall bonus map once they upgraded to Xbox One.
Fix for store images sometimes not appearing properly in the store.
Fixed a bug where the friends list would not refresh for controllers other than the first slot.

PC Update
In addition to the Global Info.

Fixed PSM crash with smoke grenade.

Additional Fixes
Added warning if video settings are likely to cause game to run low on VRAM resulting in low-res textures.
nVidia hair simulation update.
Fix for inability to bring up friends menu with mouse while in create-a-soldier.
Fix for Private Match showing an empty stats screen after a match.

Global Info (Xbox 360 Update)

Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
Fixed black screen issue that would occasionally occur in clan wars bonus playlist.
Fix for a rare bots crash.
Improved operations functionality.

Weapon Balancing
MSBS Range reduced.
MSBS no longer 2 shot kill to arms and lower legs (rewards accuracy).
Fire rate on MSBS and Burst Fire Attachment reduced.

Additional Fixes
Fix for past title entitlements not appearing properly.
Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
Fixed inconsistencies between SP and MP for a few patches and backgrounds.
Fixed rare issue with blinking objects (IED, SAT COM) if player left shortly after using.
Fix for past title entitlements not appearing properly.
Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
Fixed inconsistencies between SP and MP for a few patches and backgrounds.
Fixed rare issue with blinking objects (IED, SAT COM) if player left shortly after using.
Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
Menu optimization for clan wars.
Fix for going to the store from the create-a-soldier menu.
Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
Fixed bots so they can open doors (Warhawk/Freight).
Fix for splitscreen issue when going to the store.
Blitz bug fixes.
Host migration timer bug fixes.
Fix for potentially not showing the in game “controller removed” popup.
Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
Fixed a couple bugs with the new icon.
Fix to clear unlock data when leaving post game lobbies to prevent seeing online unlock in offline modes and vice versa.
Added scrolling animation to social feed ticker.
Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
Fixed long pause when enabling eSports mode after returning from non-eSports game mode.
Fixed a bug where the bomb planting bar would flash when spectating someone who planted the bomb earlier in the match.
Added icon to indicate bomb carrier on scoreboard in eSports mode.
Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
Fixed animation issue when pressing RT before riotshield was out.
SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • Shardlotte

    I purchased the Wolf skin and downloaded the free Festive pack, but they won’t show up as being purchased in the Create-a-Soldier menu…

    • Tyrant Era

      same here

    • Uzair Chief

      Try restarting your console.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Same and my Guard Dog is not looking like a wolf.

      • Curtis Gould

        You have to select the wolf skin in game after you purchase it. The option is in the customization page, where you change your outfit, at the bottom. Also, you’ll have to do that with each squad member, if you want it on more than one of them.

        • FC

          Thanks for the info! I was going crazy after I purchased the wolf skin and couldn’t figure out why it still looked like the regular dog.

  • FaZe Ninjask


    • Stephen Townsend

      The game is great on high end PC much better than Xbox or PlayStation, have seen them both running on the above systems if you want real game play & better performance buy a high-end PC mine cost £1870 water cooled twin graphic cards 8gb, i7 x6 cores great!

      • XLKILLA

        Games the same on PC as ps4/xbox one I have all three so idk what you’re talking about.

      • Vordb

        Have you actually played it on a high end PC? It’s horribly optimized. You need an absurdly beastly rig just to get it running smoothly on max settings.

  • ccrows

    but the patch is supposed to fix the Operations bug that many users were having.

    ^ 360 user here, and I can confirm that the Operations Bug was not fixed in this update. You drop a token for new operations challenges and the same old ones are still there. (That was the first thing I tested)

    360 users got a 106MB update (along with a separate console update).

    I’m definitely interested in the “Official patch notes” when you guys get them… 🙂

    • Danny Dietz Jr

      But isn’t that why it’ll say something like “new operations available in 14 days 00 hours 00 min?”

      • ccrows

        DBL post. NVD…

      • ccrows

        My reply disappeared, (hopefully this isn’t going to be a double post).

        Anywhoo.. Before you could drop a squad point to get a new set of operations without having to wait for the timer to run out. Now it doesn’t do that anymore.

        ^ Meaning if you drop a squad point now, it resets the timer but you don’t get a new set of operation challenges…

        • Danny Dietz Jr

          Yeah your right

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      PS3 here. Only the ones that I have highlighted stay the same. Most of the rest change.

    • trippycoder

      U click on the operations

      • ccrows

        Sure did, Operations (at least for me) are not fixed yet…


      The ops that are highlighted yellow won’t change when you buy new one so make sure you highlight the ones you want to save before you use that squad point.


    • MythGavin

      Because PC doesn’t have to go through any approval, also the game is probably even more broken than it is on ps3.

    • Zarky

      Xbox/PC >>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • Joseph Lan

        So Xbox/PC is better than nothing? Got it.

        • Zarky

          Clearly you’re not sure what >>>>>>>>>>>> means

          • bob

            The symbol you have put is greater than… witch is you read your post it says xbox / pc is greater than (>) you should put every thing after it… or use the less than symbol (<) it's like 2nd or 3rd grade math. I'm pretty sure they taught it in 9th, 10th and 11th as well.

    • Captain

      Quit crying. At least you won’t have to rebuy the wolf skin if you go from PS3 -> PS4

    • lol @ playing cod on PS

      • Joseph Lan

        It’s funny because Playstation gamers have way better choices than shitty COD.

    • Lawrence John Nisperos

      Its not microsoft its activision

    • mile104mc

      Sony actually got the first few patches first. This is the first time the Xbox 360 got a patch before the PS3.

  • Guest

    Why The F***K the wolf is with 1.99$ why they dont give it for Season Pass free why they Don’t make like DICE in BF4 in Premium

    • bsktballmsu1

      Why can’t you use proper grammar.

    • Curtis Gould

      The season pass is for the 4 planned map packs, nothing more, nothing less


      Season pass is for map packs only it clearly says that when you buy the season pass.

    • ManicRUSH©

      On Black Ops 2 the Season pass rewarded the Peacekeeper gun DLC so I’d think the season pass should provide all additional DLC as well such as the Wolf Skin ;D

      • fires

        Yeah, but there were leaks about 4 Weapon DLC, not just the 1 peacekeeper smg in BLOPS2. The wold skin is OPTIONAL, you dont need it, they said previously that its only for the map packs, dont beg for more than you payed.

      • dat guy

        Because Revolution Pack featured it, no map pack at time features any skin like the wolf

      • mile104mc

        Ghosts is rumored to have 4 gun DLCs that come with the map packs for free for season pass holders.

  • Chrisgrx

    Where u add clan and set character uniform that’s where u select wolf from

  • Matthew

    How come IW never releases the patch notes right away? Treyarch always did.

  • Austin Parker

    the last patch fixed the operations for me not this last one. ????? wutttt

    • ManicRUSH©

      Same. I’ve had no issues whatsoever since the previous update. (Operations)

  • 360 Patch is 106mb!

  • ijdom

    Awe ps owners must feel left behind ROFLMAO!!!!

    • Joseph Lan

      Enjoy your shitty, oversharpened 720p graphics. Lol.

      • ijdom

        LOL silly fan boy… I own both systems and there is a shit stain of a difference between the two. Sad your life when you run your mouth not being able to say you can compare the two systems first hand. It’s okay though maybe you’ll learn one day. Have fun when you get the red line on your PS lol….

        • ManicRUSH©

          Well said ijdom haha

        • fires

          At least ps4 will never be as bad as how shitty the xbox360 release was ROFLMAO!!!

        • dat guy

          don’t forget XBONE features HBAO an little more consistent fps, though both consoles are great and i like them anyways

        • glitchyDLC

          I would just like to thank you as I used to be like you ie a beta tester on xbox 360 (for 6 years actually) and that was the main reason I went to playstation this gen, you can keep your early DLC. I used to think it was good but all we got was glitches and exploits that they let us test before giving PS users a better DLC experience ie less glitches/exploits in DLC. I will take that over early dlc any day.

  • JVM15

    You can’t get the camo in a local match

  • ManicRUSH©

    Surely I’m not the only one to have noticed but it looks like the update made a mistake; Your patch and player card are no longer visible on the Extinction game mode. Instead these have been auto-reset back to ‘Recruit’. Anyone else noticed?

  • idc219

    ever since patch the lag for me makes the game unplayable. Before patch the game was. The only way to have fun now is run around with shoutgun and c4

  • bsktballmsu1

    the only thing left to fix seem to be ieds and spawns but i would rather have the ieds nerfed if i had to choose one

    • Londoner mate

      No if you can’t sacrifice off the grid for sitrep then that’s your problem. Sitrep shows ieds it’s a counter.

      • ManicRUSH©

        Although the ied has been annoying me recently, like Londoner mentioned – there is always a counter…or you could just start looking out for the blinking light found on all ied’s

    • ManicRUSH©

      And the Guard dog killstreak: His lunge needs reducing (To 1 metre) and his patrol needs reducing (To 5 metres from owner).
      And Amplify needs a nerf as Dead Silence can’t seem to counter well enough.

  • K.E.M

    i heard the L115 was patched also? Right?

    • ManicRUSH©

      I only know about the MSBS…which I noticed before I even read the patch notes, I agree it needed doing though

      • K.E.M

        Long wait lol I know. and the L115 was patched,no reload cancelling and more.
        But I hadn’t noticed a difference with the MSBS It’s still OP to me,.