A new patch has been released on the PS4, and the patch has added the FREE Festive camo to the in game store. The camo was set to launch by 12/18, but it appears to have been released earlier.

As of right now, the PSN Store and the in-game store are experiencing issues and won’t load. Until these issues are fixed, the camos won’t be available to be downloaded.

The patch is around 776MB, and the official patch notes haven’t been released yet.


SOURCE: @Hazmat_20

  • Josh

    What about PS3?

    • Uhhgggijyfhu

      Get a next gen console like me 😀

    • Tommy

      same thing. i was trying to get it until it wont load.

  • Jaime M

    Do you have any updates on to whatelse would that high patch would be??? ATVassist wont answer on a timely window.

  • Joe JD Apsey

    is anyone else having the problem where thier in-game store just says fetching store information and won’t load anything?

    • Shane

      It tells you this above buddy

      • Joe JD Apsey

        sorry probably should have read that bit but this has been happening since the 29th of november for me.

        • Shane

          That shouldn’t be happening buddy not for that long, I have had a few issues mainly on weekends/busy times but have accessed it many many times after that date you gave, even last night on PS4. I would say to contact Sony but you might be in for a long wait and I have found the forums to not be very helpful especially with my issue. I have a PS4 and when using it hardwired virginmeadi superhub, I get nat type 3 which is a strict nat but on wifi it’s a 2, now on my previous console it worked the other way around ie had moderate to strict on wifi and open wired. I have been trying to figure it out to no such luck, But if I were you I would try and contact someone but who I don’t know to be honest, but all the best hopefully you will get on asap.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Your nat type should always be open. First reset your router. Then make sure your ethernet cable is in port 1 on the super hub. Call Virgin (you will need a PC).

            Get a new hub from them, I’ve been through 5 of them they are junk. Run some speed tests at http://www.speedtest.net

            You should expect a very low ping (no higher than 50) and a stable bandwith within 20% of your advertised speed.

            If you’re not getting what I described and they can not fix it get an engineer out demand a repull if the engineer can not resolve it.

            It will take time and patience. You will probably have to threaten to leave before getting any action. If they throw the contract bs at you tell them the service is not fit for the intended purpose and you are protected under the sale of goods act.

            Virgin are wankers but when it is sorted its worth it.

        • Cam

          Yeh I’ve had problems from day one, can’t get free fall map, redeem my season pass or get this dlc the game is pretty my broken.

          • Ricky Stearn

            I had this problem but after updating the ps4 system with the latest update it is all good and I have all the season pass content now

          • Joe JD Apsey

            i will try all of this when people can get the camo thx for your help

    • Jonathan Kerr

      it does not come up in the ps store and add ons either

    • shahil


  • Patch is also up for PS3. In the Store I can buy the “Viper Unleashed” playercard for free. (Only available with Monster Energy) Seems like they put in the wrong one in the Store.

  • zezoish

    on PS3 too it came with a viper background

  • Ed

    maybe they could add more players. i can’t find matches half the time except in team death match. i feel like i’m trying to play mw2.

  • Connor Williams

    Everyone but the PS3 now. Nice Activision.

    • Ejeje keen

      Ps4 FTW

  • Jonathan Kerr

    Its not even on the ps4 store

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    I admire how this isn’t getting linked with the 1 month contract thing. Even on BO2 PS3 had to wait for the rubbish like bacon camo (I only say that ’cause I didn’t get it, don’t judge me). Makes me curious whether the contracts ended or Activision is trying to bend the rules due to PS4’s selling very well compared to Xbox Ones. Guess we’ll have to wait and see for the proper DLCs 🙂

  • trendz

    Idk…..wat about ps3 lmfao

  • Fujikid

    I wish you would read the whole article before posting retarded rage messages.
    The DLC will be available to download on the 18th of December, there is no “Error”