During the IGN live stream, Infinity Ward has confirmed that Player Customization features will be coming to Extinction mode in the near future. This feature will be similar to the Create-A-Soldier feature in MP, brought over to Extinction.

You can watch the live stream right here.

  • jake from state farm

    Yet they couldn’t have GW?

    • K.E.M

      on next gen they do 😉

      and plus,when you play the game for 5 hours or so,you won’t really notice it’s gone.

  • Ali-a

    Can’t wait to use your info and not give credit again!

    • TmarTn

      Don’t worry my friend you’re not alone! 😉

      • fires

        Tmartn DOES give credit to charlieintel in his descriptions….

        • waters

          So does Ali-A… He has said plenty of times that: ”thank you to charlieintel for this information.” He might not say it all the time but he does so.

    • K.E.M


  • Condemnt

    Honestly, we want dlc but they complain that there is “not enough disk space”. So they take out ground war and theatre mode, so they can add in player customization, which dont get me wrong is cool, but it has to be the biggest waste of time and space because lets be real… During a game are you going to inspect the enemys charachter or are you gonna shoot him?. So lets move to the conclusion, so theyve wasted space putting it in multiplayer, but now there putting it into extinction. Which is gonna waste even more space, and again extinction is fun, but only a fraction of players actuallly play it. Trust me, if infinity ward keeps going on with saying that they took out certain things to make space for new and exciting things, and they dont come through with those new things… They are going to have alot of unhappy call of duty players.

    • fires

      THEATER WAS REMOVED BECAUSE OF LAG, GROUNDWAR WAS REMOVED BECAUSE OF HOW SHIT CONNECTION IT WOULD BE. Customization is awesome, especially since we get stuff like masks and ghillie suits to what ever we want!

      • joe

        groundwar wasnt put in because of character custimization and all the space and memory it took up. with such big maps and 18 soilders running around each unique in their own way then with all the connection in the same match it would cause a lot of frame drops so the gameplay wouldnt be a steady 60fps

      • Cycovision

        Theater mode never affected connectivity to begin with. What do you think Kill cams are? Magic? It’s game recording which is exactly what theater mode was. The reason people THOUGHT connectivity was worse was because Black Ops onward implemented better lag compensation that made the game appear smoother so people wouldn’t be teleport lagging like MW2 and earlier. This leads to some interesting side effects, get shot behind cover, people being ahead of others when going around corners etc… whereas previously a person lagging would literally jump frames which lead to even MORE problems

        Ground War was removed because of RAM limitations.

    • Batman

      Fuck you, current gen shouldnt have got this game, and you have it, so stop complaining, they removed theater because of LAG and that the next gen consoles can record shit, customization is awesome

      • Cycovision

        See my above post with regards to lag, theater more was never the cause of lag

        • Paul Thomas

          It did cause some lag, but the amount of lag it generated was less than 2% of the lag you’d experience.

      • BlueBeard

        1) Get over yourself. You appear to think you are awesome because you bought a next gen, but you aren’t.
        2) 360 has 76 million users, One has maybe 4 mil? If anything, next gen “didn’t deserve” it. Next year’s CoD will be on 360/PS3 also.
        3) You are a terrible person, and probably always will be.

        • ManicRUSH©

          Haha well said

    • K.E.M

      the ammount of fucks i don’t have.
      quit yer bitching eh?

    • HeRoiiK

      There is enough disk space now, considering the 2 discs. Previously everything was on once disc. That second disc opens up between 2-3 GB, if not more

      • thepope

        thats for 360, ps3 never had any problems on disk space because its blu ray

        • I want to hear Activisions excuse when the true next gen Call of Duty’s come out. I bet we’re going to hear “The workload that the next gen consoles has given our studios, we simply didn’t have the manpower to bring (Whatever outrageous thing to be witty) into out next iteration.

      • thepope

        ps3 is just one disk

    • hippo1975

      i think that more people are playing extinction then you think condemnt….and i cant wait having the new extinction dlc! i think squad is more waste of space! A lot my friends and me play extinction so it isnt a waste of space as you like to say!

  • TheGamerBeast


  • K.E.M

    Love it.

  • ip x Warrior

    Max prestige = able to wear a rhino suit (that would be AWESOME)

    • ManicRUSH©

      It would haha but I’m guessing new Dlc brings new boss alien. I’m scared, are you? 0o yikes!

  • lumps-of-a-god

    about fucking time they do this

  • George

    shouldn’t it have started like that?

  • ManicRUSH©

    I sort of guessed at extinction create a class as the update 12/12/13 reset everyone’s extinction player card and patch. Anyone else notice?

  • ManicRUSH©

    Not a huge fan of the create a soldier (personalization) but I think it would probably look awesome wearing the Clan wars ‘Body count’ camo on extinction!