If you didn’t get the Free Fall bonus map preorder offer, but want the map, it’s now possible to get it via a purchase of the Season Pass on the PlayStation. Sony has updated the product description of the Season Pass item on the PSN Store confirming that you will get the Free Fall map with your purchase.

For purchasing the Season Pass you will also receive the Team Leader Digital Pack items unlocked in-game at launch, along with the Free Fall Bonus Map.

The Season Pass costs $49 and gives you access to the four DLC packs set to release in 2014.


  • TheShadowReaper

    i’ll just wait until they make the Free Fall map free. they did the same thing with Nuketown 2025 on BO2 so why not on Ghosts too? patience.

    • ccrows

      Trust me you’re not missing much.

      I love this game and most of the maps, but IMO Free Fall is “Aftermath Jr.” bad… 🙁

      • TheShadowReaper

        Aftermath Jr.? that sounds really bad…

        • thinh

          Yeah his right, that map is like cluttered as fuck and anyone can get there hands on that horrible bonus map.

    • alex

      Free fall is god awful. There is no concept to it. Just random lines of sight thrown together.

  • Joe JD Apsey

    well not for me because the season pass isn’t available on the psn store.

  • Roadripper55

    Cool, just won a season pass, so that’s a bonus 😀

  • Hydrox

    I’m selling a season pass for Xbox 360/One. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Don’t waste your money guys, it sucks just like all the other maps.

    • fires

      If they tinkered the spawns and removed the tube entirely, it would be nice. Anyways, i got it without pre-order, it seems my store buys pre-order versions of games for the first batch, same thing happened with BF4. Its real nice

      • Grigori

        Uhh, every store does that on the first day!?

  • Sam119

    And xbl, well on xbox one anyway.

  • Adam

    Free Fall is one of the worst maps in COD history,

    • Mitch

      True. Spawns are almost as shit as it gets, and all people do is camp at that tube at the side of the map.

    • Sam119

      I don’t agree.

  • Dean

    So much for exclusivity, eh?

    • HenryDF

      You mean Xbox exclusivity? If it matters to you so much then I think you need to get your priorities straight. PS3/PS4 guys don’t go moaning about it anymore when it concerns DLC packs, so it’s a bit pathetic to go moaning about it when it comes to one map and the “other side” is getting it.

      • Dean

        And you’ve missed the mark — I mean exclusivity as in Free Fall exclusivity to preorders, which cost more than it’s worth at this point. You should be the one getting your priorities straight.

        • HenryDF

          There is no pre-order exclusivity though, surely you realised that after last year’s Nuketown 2025? If IW have made the effort to create a “super dynamic” (yet crap) map, Activision aren’t gonna limit it to pre-orders only, are they?

          It was always called a bonus map, the only time it was ever called “exclusive” was when it was being marketed at GameStop and GAME, which in itself meant that it was exclusive to the shop rather than the pre-order copy.

          I have no priorities to get straight, only my interpretations of vague comments 😉

      • You got some haters hehe 😀

        • HenryDF

          I know 😉 I don’t really understand way…after all, there was never any pre-order exclusivity confirmed.

  • CoDforever

    I still dont know how to download it since i preordered ghosts on PSN for ps3 and still dont have it, dont know how to get it

    • Jake

      Go to the playstation store on ps4 and search for free fall dynamic bonus map. It should be available for download. I can confirm this works, but only because I did the digital upgrade from ps3 to ps4 for 10 dollars.


    i loveeee Free Fall(because im a spastic)

  • TheGamerBeast

    this is the Worst Map in Ghosts No one Play this Map, NOTHING LIKE NUKETOWN

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    When will I be able to download the Simon Ghost Riley mask on PS4?

    • someone

      since november 15th

    • Victor Short

      mine doesn’t work since launch day…tells me content cant be accessed at this time..

  • the pope

    I dont see why everyone on here is saying that free fall is a bad map. its actually a better one. its fast paced, easy to play and fun.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Because of all the ledges and broken walls, there are a lot of headglitchers and camping spots.

    • bsktballmsu1

      excactly easy to play. you can just lean in front of your blitz point or camp in the tube and many more prominent camping spots. yes it is fast paced but unlike nuketown, shipment and other fast paced maps there werent nooby spots. so my guess is that you are a camper

      • Trizay

        I disagree. I am not at all a camper and I can easily do well on free fall by rushing. If you have really good gun control then taking out campers isn’t too difficult all of the time. Sure, sometimes a camper will pre-aim at me so I don’t stand a chance but if you aim at areas that an enemy is likely to come from then you have the advantage. Also, I feel as though the biggest advantage you can give yourself in this game is having a nice headset so that you can soundwhore. Trust me, it makes the game so much easier for skilled players.

      • the pope

        no, im not a camper- i like to rush and thats why i said this map was fast paced. and its easy to play as in you don’t need to look for someone half of the game and then get shot in the back. and there will always be nooby spots on this map- my guess is that you’re just bad at ghosts.

      • hshsu

        If u carry a sniper rifle then u need to camp…that’s what snipers do duhhhhhhhh

  • Trizay

    My only problem with free fall is the map-shaking and the tube on the side of the map. I don’t usually get killed by headglitchers/leaners or campers on this map too often. The map isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. It’s not a bad map, it’s just a map for people who can soundwhore and have really good gun-skill.

  • Aaron

    Top 5 WORST Maps in Call of Duty History.

    5. Fallen
    4. Outpost
    3. Downturn
    2/1. Free Fall/Aftermath

    • tha_online_gamertz

      BULLSHIT, the fact that you only name maps from the latest 3 games pretty much tells me you don’t know it’s full history.
      I don’t have an order but these five maps are way more terrible than yours.
      Wetwork, you can’t see shit in that map, it’s way too dark and it also is almost impossible to have a nice flowing match.
      Downfall, someone thought that tanks were a good idea and on top of that they made it extremly big. And on top of that it was a really bad flowing map.
      Parish, this map was unplayable, it was way to small and the spawns were absolutely terrible.
      Array, this map was way to big again, there was just a shitload of unneccesary space that nobody ever used.
      Derail, yet an other way to big map with a load of space that is never used in a regular match.

      • Aaron

        You’re right man. But you’re wrong as well. Those were shirt maps but not as bad as the ones I said besides Array.

  • jordanxbrookes

    The only good thing about Free Fall is the dynamic element to it. But it’s true the spawns are completely screwy and that tube tunnel part of the map is the most annoying camp/head glitch/spawn trap spot I’ve ever come across.

  • Victor Short

    Is anyone else having issues with the ghost riley mask not working…The content is on my ps3 store. I can download it and install it but on my ps4 under my library the icon once I press x tells me content cannot be accessed at this time…I bought the physical copy for my ps4 not the digital upgrade..

  • please help me :)

    I have the season pass on ps3 but i didn’t get the bonus map free-fall, how do i get it?

  • freaky-critical

    i bought the season pass , i downloaded it but i dont find the free fall map ?? help please ?