Infinity Ward and Treyarch have teamed up to raise funds for Ana Kessel, an artist working at Insomniac Game. Insomniac Games has been responsible for the Resistance series, Ratchet and Clank, and the upcoming Sunset Overdrive game.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch are giving signed Hardened Editions and posters of Call of Duty titles on eBay. All the proceeds will be given to Kessel, so that she can pay her medical bills. Kessel was involved in a hit and run accident. A driver hit her on the road, and drove off; her leg was amputated and she needs help paying her bills.

You can participate in the auction here.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward FB and GameInformer

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Unlucky to hear that, but it did remind me of the days before I ever played CoD4 and was on the first Resistance. I might contribute to this then.

  • TheShadowReaper

    so IW and 3arc doing something on their own without Activision actually being involved? me gusta!

    • Shardlotte

      Well, the username for the auction is “charityauctionsbyactivision” so I’m not so sure.

      • TheShadowReaper

        so that means that Acti is being charitable? must have taken a lot of begging from IW and 3arc’s part to achieve! hehe! 😛

  • ip x Warrior

    IW and 3ARC should really team up and bring a AWESOME COD !

    • TheShadowReaper

      if only ip x Warrior, if only…

    • Mitch

      I wish they would do this, but they probably each have their own visions and you would need to fill the gap.

      • Joeldagod

        One year it can be mostly IW ideas the other it can be treyarchs

        I want

        Treyarch’s health
        Infinity Ward’s balancing
        Treyarch’s Map design, with a little Iw touch on it
        Infinity ward: connection
        Streaks depend on the year
        Infinity Ward’s story
        Treyarch’s gamemodes
        Treyarch Competitive

        • Fire

          So you don’t like IWs base 100 health, and ant 3arcs base 100 health? You’re just not used to being punished for run n gunning.

          • Joeldagod

            No I mean weapon damage but I say health because it’ll be easier for them add health to make it feel like weapons do less damage then to lower the damage of each weapon

        • fsdgasdg

          iw balancing? rly?
          mw2 – ump, acr
          mw3 mp7, acr, type 95
          ghosts – msbs

          • Bigi345

            they have learned their mistake. The MSBS is nerfed now

          • Super_Deluxe

            Idk why everyone was complaining about the MP7 in MW3. It doesn’t kill fast like the ACR, you just need to be very accurate to do some damage. It’s not a spray and pray kinda gun. I’ve used it many times and that’s what it came down to, you need to be very accurate with it in order to do well with it. Idk why everyone complains about that but not the P90 (PP90? Which ever one was the SMG) that things high fire rate made the gun deadly at mid to close range.

          • ip x Warrior

            The MSBS has been nerf few days ago.. calm down

          • Joeldagod

            Those were the best weapons but they didn’t completely dominate the game

          • Chris Mason

            MW2 had no support because of the split. MW3 had weapons less used made more powerful to compete with the mp7, acr and type 95, Ghosts MSBS was nerfed.

            So yes, IWs balance. Or do you want BO1 FAMAS and ak74u?

          • TheShadowReaper

            the ak74u was nerfed and the famas was never OP to start with. so yes 3arc balance for sure. but IW hit dedection for sure too.

        • exeterman2

          I personally prefer treyarch story like in blops and waw because they create a better GAME for singleplayer but IW have better character/player involvement (more connected to characters like ghost)

        • AnarchistZer0

          IW hit detection for sure.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Dude BO1 had the best story, IMO. BO2 was good too. I prefer Treyarch’s story. Don’t get me start on Ghosts’ story.. that was an abomination.

      • Josh

        I agree, I don’t think it would work as they have different ways of thinking and how the game should look and feel, but yes it would be epic if they were to join forces.

    • HenryDF

      No, they’re teaming up for a good, charitable cause. So now show some respect, rather than constantly caring about CoD.

      • ip x Warrior

        I like turtle.

    • I want that Respawn Entertainment and 3ARC team up 😀

      • Joeldagod

        two different publishers

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      No lets not allow IW to ruin Treyarchs great games. HELL NO!

  • Shardlotte

    Wow, definitely going to bid on this. I was a victim of a hit and run a few years back and almost died because of it. I want to contribute for this in any way I can, even if it’s ultimately just to increase the price of items so that they get as much money as possible for the bills. I don’t care if I win the bids or not, as long as the money helps out another person who has went through the same shit I’ve went through.

  • Ryumoau

    This is a great thing they’re doing. 🙂

  • RRR

    and where the hell is PC version ? the platform, where the game is made isn’t supported as consoles..

    • RR

      Vote Down by console retard

  • iKushtyy

    Nice thing to do, but could be even nicer.. Be nice if Acti could just pay the medical bills, instead of parming it off to consumers as a “Charity Auction”. Considering the amount of money that company has, that is quite literally amazing…. Do something for your workers Acti, a little goes a long way.

    • Guest

      “All the proceeds will be given to Kessel…”
      What’s the difference?

      • iKushtyy

        So, you can’t see the difference between Acti selling a bunch of signed memorabilia to us and passing on the proceeds (we pay the bill), and Acti just paying the bill themselves? You thick or something?

  • Josh

    I think it’s great how they are helping others and not keeping all the profits to them-self like the COD endowment