Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz sent a note to investors stating that Activision’s newest Call of Duty game has failed to meet expectations, and continues to show a sharp decline over previous Call of Duty games. Activision CEO already stated that sales for Ghosts are expected to be down over Black Ops II due to the uncertainty of next-gen buyers, but the decline is still continuing – even after next-gen launch.

“We don’t think it is out of the question that the title could wind up comparing down 20 percent to 25 percent year-over-year [to Black Ops II], which is appreciably worse than the down 10 to 15 percent that we think is baked into guidance,” Creutz said.

Call of Duty: Ghosts sales are down 19% compared to last year’s Black Ops II. Compared to Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts is down 36% in sales wise for the month of November.

Even with this being said, Ghosts was still the best selling title for the month of November.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry Biz

  • Well i was hoping for a bigger change…

    • VAQnotVAG

      And that’s where the problem lies.. Change it too much and it’s not “call of duty” anymore, leave it the same and it’s “just like the others”…

      • Chris Mason

        This community is impossible to please at times. Some people wax nostalgic about the “Golden Days” of CoD4. Some people thinks Black Ops 2 was the greatest game to date. Some people loved MW3. Some loved Blops1. Some say Ghosts is the best since COD4. Release any game built solely as the spiritual successor to one of the past games and everyone will still bitch about how much it sucks. I just think Activision, IW, and 3arc (and their other studios) just plan to make a good game that pleases the majority, provide support for inevitable flaws, and ignore people who just don’t like it because CoD4 was better.

  • LOL the biggest reason isn’t the next-gen shit, it’s about how bad Black Ops II was / Ghosts is, why everybody finds no hope for Call of Duty and is switching over to Battlefield…

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      That explains why Ghosts sold more and BO2 sold even more than BF.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      That explains why Ghosts STILL sold more than Battlefield even though most people didn’t like it. And BO2 outsold BF by a longshot, so no, that’s not the reason. Btw, I would like to kindly ask you to get the fuck out, nobody wants you here.

      • Ok, I didn’t know that. And I’m not a Battlefield fan if you thought so, in fact I hate Battlefield. I was just speaking about many people leaving Call of Duty..

  • Manx Mouse

    If call of duty had 3 or 4 years to work on there telling how awesome it would be! I’ve been a fan since MW2 and still a fan of CoD, but they need to take there time like the other games and not rush it for every year…I know ghosts was the best selling title but think about what could happen if they took there time!

    • JuicyJuice

      The problem is actavision isn’t going to wait 3 or 4 years if each game they bring out keeps on making record sales, it’s more $$$ for them

  • Jared

    Sounds like ATVI will just have to remember the absurdly high sales of black ops 1 and modern warfare 3. I think the game is still good but I guess a lot of others don’t.

  • ccrows

    Console transition year, and I expected these sales numbers to happen.

    However there’s over 97,000 people online right now for the 360, which IMO is pretty freaking good for a Tuesday morning on finals week… 🙂

  • StupidDOGY

    Was it really because of the uncertainty and next-gen release , or the players are merely tired of COD games and expect some bigger and practical changes besides those stupid lean feature.

    It’s time for realization and action , Activision , make a new engine and stop releasing them annually.

    • Chris Mason

      Lean isn’t new. Slide is. 😛

  • Uzair Chief

    It is possible that other people have bought other games instead of ghost and are not able to buy ghosts now.

    For example, my friend bought GTA 5, and he wanted to get ghosts but can’t spend a lot of money on games. So, he will get the game later on.

  • uhMayzedHD

    He need wake up people isn’t wasting money on game that fail to improve on the basic stuff people was complaining about for years and trying lie to people just to hype them up for the game it’s no longer works
    If you think sales are down because next gen consoles why they didn’t pick up Ghost for there Xbox one or PS4 it doesn’t make sense have a Xbox One or PS4 if you don’t got games to play on it
    COD is dead I waiting for Destiny I hope Activision don’t make Bungie name turn into a bad name.

  • sb

    I call this a call of duty/battlefield hybrid. Call of duty is known for it running and gunning, kill streak whoring battles. Ghosts is slow and just blahhhhhhhh. So many games going the distance in TDM with scores in the 30’s.

    There are many issues with this game. Spawning is absolutely garbage. The worst I have ever seen in a COD. I can’t tell you how many times I have spawned in front of the other team or on an ied or right. In the path of a dog. That dog is a terminator. QUICKSCOPING. I thought they said no more of that……..?…..?…..

    The maps are garbage. The colors suck. Just help those campers blend in the corners better.

    Inferior Ward has ruined the name with this monstrosity of a game.

    I for one can’t wait till next November. My personal opinion is that treyarch is better developer and I can’t wait till next November.

    I will still continue to play this game because it’s like crack, but I won’t play it for hours on end like previous games.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I said before Ghosts was even revealed or leaked, that the next Call of Duty game was gonna be a great game, and it turned out I was correct. Sure there are annoying spawns, I.E.D.s, Guard Dogs having double the health of a soldier, but overall, Ghosts personally has definitely been a success, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next Call of Duty game, whether it’s Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare 4 or something entirely new.

    • Batman

      Same here

  • Georgebreach

    this game is just broken period. the little things that made previous cods good, infinity ward has taken out. and when I say little things I mean it. for example, in a private match you can’t pick teams until you’re in a game, which makes it hard to determine which side you want for competive. when you start a game and you choose the wrong team your teammate chose, you can’t switch teams because if you do you can’t spawn in first round on the other side without ending the game. it’s took them nearly two months to fix one gun in the game (msbs) and even then it’s still op. the number of glitches and hackers in the name is much more vast than previous games. I can’t tell you how many little bugs I’ve encountered from places I get stuck on in maps, black screens in and out of games, having 60 second ready ups rather than 15. the lack of so many pre-existing necessary features in this game really make it fail as a “next gen” game. not to mention the number one thing which is the fact that your lifespan in this game is so short, you never get a red screen of blood anymore. you just instantaneously die. this game is broken and that’s that.

  • Assassin5150

    My only complaint is that they need a new engine that improves graphics, physics, hit detection and fix the damn head glitching. IW took on too much trying to do ps3, xbox360, ps4, xbox one.

  • UnKnownLeegend

    I’m in the room with people that have played COD since COD4 and I just don’t enjoy Ghosts (COD in general at this point), it has way to many issues, plus I have my PS4 and on Next-Gen Battlefield 4 is so much better.
    I’m not going to buy the next cod either but I hope they can pull it together after a few years.

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      That’s what they all say

      • UnKnownLeegend

        Difference is I didn’t buy Ghosts 😛 and I don’t plan on buying the next, I’ll wait a few years and hope i’ll finally hear good things about a cod game then maybe pick it up.

      • UnKnownLeegend

        Plus look at the article you’re reading lmao, the sales are down by a HUGE amount, so people that are saying they won’t buy the next cod game and are actually sticking to their word.

  • smayo

    The only reason the cod games still sell this good is because it has the brand “call of duty” printed on the box, without it ghosts is nothing more then the next 13 in a dozen mediocre shooter, cod’s heyday’s are long gone, I really hope treyarch steps up next year and delivers a fun old skool call of duty to bring this series back to it’s former self

  • Zaki

    Call Of Duty will never fail.

  • Nick Tialavea

    It could be People getting tired of COD or, They just plainly hate Infinity Ward after MW3.

  • Ryumoau

    hopefully this will inspire activision to let Treyarch actually innovate the series with next year’s game.

  • batman

    Ghosts is my 2nd favorite CoD. The maps are great, stonehaven is a small map, any mw2 or bo1 map is bigger. And if 3arc makes bo3 like bo1 I will get it too

    • MSTAR020

      People that like Ghosts, usually haven’t played since COD4.

  • King

    I feel like infinity ward did fail this year. The game is ok, it’s not the best game of all time, it’s not good, it;s only OK. I mean, when I buy a CoD I expect something new, not things from the previous CoD. And when I say this, I talk about Treyarch, they always try to bring back new things to the game, like guns or maps. If you pay attentions closely, 95% of the guns were in Mw3, just changed a slight bit with the name changed. The Bizon is the pp90m1, or the remington is the M16/CM901. I could go on and on, but you get the point. The maps are huge and that’s the thing I hate the most, especially on a 6v6 and NO ground war, which made it worse. They weren’t creative AT ALL, just the soldiers and that’s about it. This is just me saying the truth, because most people think this game is the “best” CoD, when the guns are the same, maps suck, spawns are the worst of all CoD’s. Haven’t played this game in two weeks and maybe never plan on playing it again. .

  • Adam Ward

    Blimey, can’t people just enjoy the game? Isn’t that what a game is intended to do, give you enjoyment?

    Let’s look at some of the points people have posted on just this thread (and a bit of background about myself – I play hardcore domination, and love this game. Possibly the best CoD since CoD4, although favourite game type ever was MW2’s hardcore HQ – perfect!):

    – Games lasting the whole time length: Play domination. There’s no time length at all. If you want the game to finish faster, then go and cap the other flags.

    – Map sizes: Yes, there are some bigger maps. Adapt your play-style to fit around them. Every CoD I’ve played since MW1 I’ve adapted my play-style to fit the game, and have got as much enjoyment out of each game as possible. Personally, I was crying out for larger maps, harking back to MW2. These maps are a perfect mix of small, medium and large. Something for everyone.

    – Dogs OP: Play hardcore. Three of four bullets and the dog drops. Keep backing away, and pummelling him with bullets will prevent his ridiculous lunge. Sorted.

    – Spawns: Yes, some spawns do suck. Rather badly. But there’s a flip-side to every coin. You spawn directly in front of someone, they shoot you, you spawn elsewhere. You rage. You play another game. You kill someone, they spawn right in front of you, you kill them again, they spawn elsewhere. They rage. Your KDR has balanced out.

    – Game engine: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They’ve done a good job in updating an old engine, to make it playable and enjoyable for many years. Now that next gen are out, there will no doubt be a new engine being built solely for these consoles, and then we can get CoD in a whole new light. And as for graphics – do they really enhance a game? The best game series ever (in my opinion) are the Monkey Island games. 16 bit graphics dating back to the late 80’s, but still the best, most enjoyable games ever. Graphics account for nothing if the game-play grips you. Which is something CoD has done for years on end.

    This leads me to conclude that, if you think the game sucks, or you see problems in it, maybe try and diversify. Play a different game-type. Try a different class load-out. Adapt your play-style to be in keeping with the game. It appears that a lot of CoD players nowadays are very narrow-minded, and not open to experiment somewhat. I started this game trying to run’n’gun, and failed massively. After adapting, learning the maps and trying various load-outs, my game has increased massively, and enjoyment for this game has gone through the roof.

    Please, don’t slate until you have exhausted all possibilities and variations to get enjoyment out of this game. Who knows, you might stumble upon a game-style or load-out you never thought of trying, and you may suddenly have a new favourite game?

    Peace and love.

  • Mr codman1976

    HenryDF I agree with everything you said.

    • Mr codman1976

      Apart from Tina, she is useless so uninspiring for F$£K sake get someone who is super excited, wait a minute “TMART” lol

  • Alex

    2 things will happen

    1, Activision will finally see the shit they have been putting out simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.
    2, Fall deeper into the abyss and DIE.

    Ghosts is a joke !!! I can’t even bring myself to play it and when i do i get over it in 5 minutes .

    I thought BLOPS 2 was rubbish far too cartoony and this going into the future OVER IT at least BO 2 has decent maps.
    But Ghosts has nothing going for it, big maps. poor connection, hit detection sucks the game is just NOT FUN.

    i don’t get it why don’t they keep WHAT THEY DO WELL and add on to that

  • John

    To be fair, I came from the competitive side of CoD and this game is a disgrace to first person shooters. Subs act like assault rifles from almost the entire distance of a map like Sovereign, the killstreaks and maps are absolutely terrible, and in my opinion, there is no fluidity in the game. Let’s also add in that two of the most popular game modes from Black Ops 2, Hardpoint and CTF were both REMOVED ENTIRELY. Hardpoint I will let slide just because it was a Treyarch gametype, but A.) Even Treyarch added in Kill Confirmed to BO2 when it debuted in MW3 and B.) CTF has been a staple in Call of Duty for years now. Might I also add, that the most popular game mode in CoD history wasn’t even in the playlist at launch in Search and Destroy?!

    Now let’s talk about the maps. Why are all of these maps built vertically as opposed to horizontally. It doesn’t promote map movement because all you have to do is get up high and you are set. And then, the sad excuse for killstreaks. At least in Black Ops 2, you had just one big set of killstreaks and it made things a hell of a lot better than using “support” or “assault” while I do like the specialist and think that’s a nice touch (MW3). Throw in the fact that dead silence isn’t even silent, way OP attachments like thermal on an ASSAULT RIFLE that can also switch to a red dot and it’s just an embarrassment to the Call of Duty series and I’m sure at least 90% of the general public will tell you the same thing.

  • @zjanahi

    With all due respect to all, and having played CoD since Modern Warfare, two major flaws affected Ghosts greatly; hackers and miserable matchmaking servers.
    Hackers took away the joy of ranking up, that is in addition to invincibility, cumulative assault streaks and all-perks soldiers.
    Matchmaking servers false algorithms sends players to far away hosts which results in a horrible laggy gameplay, and in return frustration of players.
    IW biggest mistake was that they made their ex-employees become their biggest enemy and they knew when to strike smartly.
    To sum up; bad management + lousy developers = Epic Fail
    Numbers don’t lie, loss of profit and online players radical decrease is bringing IW and CoD down.

  • Alejandro Sepúlveda

    I think activision is right on their beief of uncrtainty on next-gen consoles.

    I mean, i know a lot of peple that loves the franchise, but they are reluctant to buy the game for current gen consoles since they want to buy it for next gen, on the other hand, they don’t have the money or are just waiting for the first price discount or bundle to buy said next gen console.

    It is basically the same issue with BF4, current gen version is so crappy that people is just buying next gen, but not everyone has the money to afford both the console and the game.

  • platinumwarrior121

    Up there with black ops 1 as the worst cod ever,now im even more pissed off titanfall wont be released on sony consoles,we have to wait till titanfall 2 -_-

  • FrustratedCODPlayers

    I know why the sales are down. After 3 years of begging the developers to stop all the hackers/cheaters and making threats we won’t buy the game ever again, we have finally given up and followed through on the threats. Until they allow COD to be played on dedicated servers that we can police ourselves like battlefield allows we won’t buy a COD ever again. ACTIVISION/IW/3ARK IF YOU CANT STOP THE HACKERS OR LET US STOP THEM OURSELVES WITH DEDICATED SERVERS THEN YOUR CASH COW WILL DIE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?