UPDATE: Beachhead has revealed the achievements you can earn by placing certain places in this clan war:

With the Caracas event comes the opportunity to unlock two new pieces of content. Top performing Clans can look forward to:


Folklore Nomore, unlocked via the Rainswept Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Caracas Clan War

For Clans that placed 1st in Gold Division or higher for the previous two Clan Wars, Caracas will be your first chance to unlock another piece of the Body Count armor.


Body Count Reaper, unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement

Win 3 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher

Beachhead Studio has announced that the third Clan War will be starting this Wednesday, December 18th at 12pm PT, and it will end on Monday, Dec. 23rd at 12pm PT.



  • HenryDF

    I wish they’d focus more on an individual “war” system rather than one for clans. League Play was awesome, I don’t see why they didn’t keep something similar to that and run this too.

    • iKushtyy

      League Play was a good idea, but ultimately had flaws. There was no consistency (phrase is used alot for Treyarch products) in the points won/lost per game. Our clan had 3 Masters and 1 Platinum. One time, we come up against a clan of Masters. They barely beat us by 12 points, and we lost -150. Then later on, we won a blowout against the same clan and got +10. Then we beat a bunch if random bronze and silvers, and get +150.

      Good idea, poor execution.

      • HenryDF

        I guess you could say “good idea, poor execution” about many of the features in CoD :/ But yeah, I get where you’re coming from.

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      did you receive something in league play?

      • CoDforever

        You became a better player

        • Jeremy Silver

          Thats not what he was asking, an Item, Emblem, Background, Camo, etc. Stop redirecting the question and you can be a better play in Clan wars too

          • CoDforever

            You get a league emblem

          • CoDforever

            league uses skill based mathmaking, clan wars doesnt

        • Brap Man

          DAMN RIGHT! 😉

  • Dude Love

    For those of us in the lower tiers, I wonder why they don’t have anything for the winners (other than the triad reticle for your first win)?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I think you get patches.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Sorry but Clan Wars is nothing compared to League Play.

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      I wish they went back to the old, ‘Clan Ops’ in MW3 days. Shxt made sense back then. “Clan Ops today is Most Headshots from 2-4p. Period. Your clan was rewarded often with 2, 4, 6, and 24 hours of 2XP, titles, emblems, and your clan title showed of what level you were.

      • HenryDF

        Clan Ops was fun and simple. Nothing properly organised, and nothing that required you to properly check stuff.

      • Andy

        As do I. I loved how it made everyone in your clan actually want to participate for bragging rights against other clan members. “Remember how last clan op I finished first in our clan with domination captures?” “Oh yeah? Remember how I single handedly lead our clan to gold in the headshot op?”. I loved that. Now everyone just says “Aw, do we HAVE to play Hunted to capture this node?”. I like Clan Wars, but Clan Ops were the bomb diggity, yo.

  • Captain_Planet

    How does the game choose what tier our clan is placed in? We were Platinum, then Gold. I like the idea of Clan Wars, but damn it is SO lame not knowing how everything works.

    • Dude Love

      True dat. Seems way too complicated at times. And it seems the only real strategy is to cap nodes as fast a possible so that it takes another clan twice as long to steal it from you.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I believe it’s the clan’s KD.

      • exeterman2

        Really, kd? KD?! That is just stupid from IW. It’s not all about KD.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I know. I would think WL would be better suited.

          • exeterman2

            Agreed. KD is just individual attainment which does not take into account objective play.

      • LongliveCOD

        Not the clan K/D, it’s a mixture of your clan win ratio, and capture points mixed with the size of your clan. K/D has nothing to do with it, my clan has a 2.5 and we’re matched up against 1.0’s and slightly higher,and some slightly lower.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yeah, you’re right. I read somewhere that it was clan KD, I guess it was false info.

  • Bmeowmix

    I wish only platinium division got body count… My clan wrecked gold and got put up to plat and now we have no hope in winning another piece of body count swag. Now small children say that their gold clan is better than my plat clan because theirs has the body count mask and mine does not

    • Cheeseballs

      Gold division or higher so u can get body count in platinum stupid

      • Bmeowmix

        I know that, but what I am saying is that it should be exclusive to platinum division because then clan that are ‘too good’ for gold aren’t held at a disadvantage when going for clan war unlocks. You shouldn’t be penalized for having too much skill.

        • Jack

          Placement is by your clans performance 3 days prior to start of clan war. Your clan must have done well. But like my clan if players don’t put in the time to play then you won’t get rewards

    • isg conejo

      we are in platinum division too and we just go our second head for the body count camo we are just going to win one more to get the last piece of it i am the vp for the clan iSG so u can get it or join up with us we are take in new members and we did get invited up to diamond division just hit me up on xbox live the name is isg conejo

  • King

    I wish there would be elite for ghosts on the computer..

  • Acsparks

    Clan wars ent started :0 whats happing

  • Acsparks

    Is it diffent time in uk ? I dont understand

  • Back 2 basics

    Im number 1 clan platinum division #TFOK we will stay on top

    • Rockstar77

      How many platinum divisions are there?

  • icky

    if your clan was ranked in Silver how do you get into the gold tier?

  • icky

    how do you get your clan from tier to tier

  • Jack

    Getting lobbies on PS4 is a pain for clan wars. And some of the comical game types a waste. Bring back capture the flag, HQ great objective games for clan wars. Give more hardcore game lobbies. 4 game types only is an insult we pay the same $.