LiamFTWinter has posted new gameplay, and sent us new information and screenshots from the China-exclusive Call of Duty Online’s newest mode called Cyborg Zombies. This new mode was revealed a few weeks ago, and has been available for players for about a month. This mode is a remastered version of Black Ops’s zombies mode.

New details:

  • 11 Rounds per game. After 11 rounds are completed you call for evac and escape the map
  • Each character has 3 pieces of special equipment ranging from Gersch Devices to a device that shrinks zombies.
  • Each character has 2 perks that they earn for completing round 3 and round 6.
  • 2 maps available, remakes of Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt
  • Perks available on the maps are speed cola, juggernog, double tap and quick revive
  • During evacuation you are attacked by cyborg dogs as well as zombies
  • When a player dies they drop a dog tag. A player can then run over the dog tag and choose to revive the player. Each player has 3 chances to revive other players.
  • There are collectibles on both maps, they look to be story related but I’m not sure because they’re all in chinese.

New screenshots:

SOURCE: CoD S Gamer via LiamFTWinter

  • GamerSam99

    Can you not ads?

  • HenryDF

    Do Activision realise how successful this game would be if it was released on PS4/Xbox One? A variation of Zombies, a mix of everyone’s favourite maps and features…it’s practically a CoD player’s dream.

    • Allen Greathouse

      Yeah as long as it is not f2p just $40 or so straight up

    • i♥COD

      A COD Classics game is a must!!!!!

    • MeisseN

      I don’t see how a graphically down-scaled (graphics < MW2's), multiple-CoDs combined, Chinese-influenced COD that's intended for 12-18-year-olds would be a hit on next-gen consoles. They reskinned Zombies to have this Cyborg style because the original style is too dark and scaring for this younger audience (and if there are too much gore and violence the Ministry of Culture would certainly ban the game. Heh you know it's China and shit happens). Do you know that you even have to buy a Flashbang or a throwing knife? By saying that, I mean you pay a certain amount of money on a certain amount of equipments, for example, 7 RMB for 200 flashbangs, but not pay or unlock for using them without limit. Do keep in mind that Call of Duty Online is an f2p Online game which means you need to pay real money for superior stuffs like all other online games out there. And Tencent, the biggest money whore of Chinese gaming industry, is the agent of this game.. So you know what happens. P4F, P2Win.

      Maybe you and everyone who wants to get their hands on this game need to live and play games in China like I do to understand…

      BTW the 3rd closed alpha test had ended on 11.27, so this mode was not available to anyone of us, but will be in the next closed test, I presume.

      Anyways I'll keep you guys updated from the perspective of a Chinese player who can actually play this game.

      • HenryDF

        Of course, I expected the graphics etc. to be adapted and upgraded to next gen – which, after thinking about it, might be a little harder than its made out to be.

        I think making it F2P was inevitebly going to turn this gaming into a money machine, but I don’t think (in the case of them releasing this in US etc) Activision would risk such a move for a franchise this big.

  • Ali-A

    thanks for the info ! free money for me muhahahahahah

    • marco almeida

      money whore

    • Tmartn

      LOL Me too!

    • Josh

      Charlieintel I think relyes on donations in order to keep the site up and running, and youtubers just use their information to make money, it’s not really far is it?

  • mile104mc

    I like how bright the map is.

  • SEX

    This looks sick

  • Shardlotte

    While this looks awesome, I’m not too interested. Either bring the people new maps or remake Der Riese! Then I’ll be super interested.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Well this is a remake of Nacht and Verruckt, give them time.

  • JKB98

    I want I want I want I want

  • SoulTaker

    Oh man they are lucky I’d like to play this. :l

  • big boi

    Bring it to the US

  • Ran Foxymagicks Cooper

    please let this be a hint at the next Treyarch game

  • Hassan Hany

    Only on pc but on 2014 well be avialble

  • platinumwarrior121

    They should release this and burn ghost to hell

    • AngryCODFan

      yeah bin that garbage! give us our COD back!

  • Batman

    The remakes look better than the original!

  • SonicDash06


  • Choppabro2psn

    I’ve seen no negative comments on this video….hint hint activision.

  • lumps-of-a-god

    IF this game was out for psn/Xbl/PC on a US version and optimized graphics this would be the funnest cod because its a MIX of the great things in cod.

  • David

    I don’t agree with Meissen because younger that at least 13 should not play this game cuz if there scared just stick to Mario

  • David

    They should bring a new company to make call of duty like one activists ion 1 infinity ward and 1 Chinese based call of dutys translated into English or more languages