Infinity Ward’s CM has posted a list of improvements coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts in the near future.

Here’s the full overview:

  • Spawning: Spawning is one of the most talked about subjects in Ghosts, and it’s one of the most talked about subjects here at the studio as well. We’ve been addressing bugs with the current spawning system, but feel we can do more to make the experience better. We are currently working on significant changes to the spawning system based off of the learnings and play data that we have gathered over the last 5 weeks. Work is progressing here and we recently had our first internal playtest of this new system. The designers are working feverishly to get it ready to go live and we will keep you up-to-date on our progress.
  • Weapon Balance/Sniper Rifles: We constantly evaluate and re-evaluate weapon balance. Any changes we make have a ripple effect throughout the game so we test things heavily before they go live. After much feedback and many hours of internal testing, we recently made adjustments to the MSBS.
  • Sniper Rifles are something we are also looking into; as we said before, we changed Sniper Rifles from MW3 to Ghosts. Those changes are:
    • No aim assist from the hip, which was a huge part of how Quick Scoping worked in previous games. Players now have to aim unassisted until fully scoped in.
    • Hip fire reticles for Sniper Rifles were removed and hip spread was increased drastically. This reduces the effectiveness of hip firing with a Sniper Rifle.
    • The Quickdraw perk’s Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed scale was reduced significantly for Sniper Rifle.
  • Moving forward, we are testing adjustments to address the Time to Kill for Sniper Rifles versus other weapons. These Sniper Rifle balances include:
    • A reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus perk.
    • An increase in overall ADS time.
    • Sniper Rifles with a silencer are being changed to a chest-up kill instead of a waist-up kill.

We will continue to monitor the data and balance these weapons accordingly.

  • Hacking/Cheating: We have a dedicated Online Security department enforcing our online code of conduct for Call of Duty: Ghosts [click here]. This team is actively banning cheaters, cleaning up the leaderboards, and fixing hacked stats. The development team is fixing hacks and exploits as we find them. Please refer to the patch notes for a list of security fixes we’ve already addressed.
    • And you can help! When you report someone in-game, it goes directly to our Online Security team and they investigate every issue. You can also report issues to Activision Support, either through twitter (@ATVIAssist) or online.
  • Squad Points: We are making a change to the amount of Squad Points your soldiers earn. For ranks 1 – 5, each rank up will now give you 5 squad points (increased from the usual 2 squad points). So each Squad Member that you take to level 5, you’ll get 25 squad points.
  • Operations: We are looking at large, potential changes for Operations. For instance, we are looking into increasing XP rewards for completing operations. More info to come.
  • Infected: We are in the process of adding new loadouts to the Infected playlist. This is currently being tested internally, so be sure to look out for more variety in the future!
  • New game mode: We are in the process of adding a new Heavy Duty playlist that increases player health. We would love to hear your feedback on this new mode, so make sure to try it out.

SOURCE: CallofDuty

  • Adam

    They should add Domination and War

    • Sam119

      Domination is already there.

      • Adam

        I meant Demolition.

        • Bigi345

          That mode makes me sick, all about spawn traps no actual strategy

          • Joeldagod

            It was fun though ever defused a bomb in the last 5 seconds to win a game,, or plant the bomb with 1 sec remaining and won, Its intense also headquarters should be added

        • lumps-of-a-god

          they also should add One flag CTF or CTF because blitz is unplayable.

  • Guest

    Now they make quick scoping fully impossible..

    • Actually quickscoping is still possible. I can still quickscope in the game just fine.

      • Alejandro Sepúlveda

        Actually, i am terrible at quickscoping, and here i can do it consistently.

      • Jeremy Silver

        Well..duh, yes they havent done anything yet to the snipers, they are talking about changes that will happen in the future

      • Cyclone

        I believe this will solve many issues myself and many others have: No sniper lobbies (All other weapons excluding snipers in these lobbies) and a sniper only playlist to keep snipers busy away from me. Another idea is that you keep quick scoping, but ONLY in these sniper lobbies to keep the fan base for sniper lovers and haters happy. Please and Thank you I.W!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zarky

      Good. They said it wasn’t possible at the start and changed their minds like retards…………. Sniping is retarded and people shouldn’t be able to quickscope

      • What the hell does Sniping is retarded mean?

      • PsychOutGaming

        U mad bro

    • jake from state farm

      For all of you wondering, some devs said it was completely removed, some said that it wasn’t completely out:

    • Batman

      Yes that would be awesome

  • Hoss

    Please don’t change the ADS on snipers. We’ve already gotten used to it and we all know how the BLOPS2 sniper change went down. Leave it as is.

    • longliveCOD

      Maybe you should try using a sniper rifle the way it was meant to be used, pick a spot, and hold it down. Shouldn’t be able to be able to ADS faster then me w/o quickdraw, or have the ability to still shoot me while flinching without using the focus perk. Especially if were both running around and I see you first. Assault rifles got a nerf with the MSBS and now it’s the snipers turn.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        I 110% agree!!!! Sniping is for locking down areas far away while being scoped in. Quickscoping in previous COD games ruined the online experience for me. Talk about exploiting the game. That is what quickscoping is all about. Taking advantage of the aim assist. I have no Idea why BO2 went back to that after taking it out in BO1. Earning a little respect IW!!

        • persom5

          so you want people camping on a map like stone haven sniping you as you run around?

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            If I’m constantly running I’m going to make the sniper earn that kill. Besides if that person wants to do that the whole time I’ll make it my mission to dig that person out of that hole they are staying in.

          • Batman

            Yes Im fine with that. Its fun

      • exeterman2

        This is cod, it’s meant to be fun and not all that realistic. QSing is fun, if you disagree then you clearly never did it or just take cod too seriously.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Quickscoping isn’t fun when you run up to an enemy with an SMG at close range and get so called ‘Quickscoped’ by the enemy. Snipers should be used like snipers, END OF!

        • Duke of hazard

          QSing is fun? Lets see you put bullets into a guy only to get qscoped by him and see how you will like it. Lets see you get qscoped from across the map and see how you will like it.

        • DocVape

          You sound like a tool
          If you want to quickscope, don’t moan and complain about SMG ‘ s and shotguns

        • Joeldagod

          I quickscope but instead of complaining I’m welcoming he challenge because I know I have skill for quickscoping, also I can quickscope headshots in battlefield

      • thinh

        Yeah I agree as well, And plus the developers promised that there would be no quick scoping during the reveal event, which there is unfortunately. If they didn’t then they would be considered lying to their customers.

        • …Wut…

          No.. They said QSing wouldn’t work the same. Which it doesn’t. Nobody will ever be happy with snipers anyway. If they rush they’re fag QSers, if they stay in one spot they stupid camping douches. The real solution is to just not offer snipers. End of story. QSing is one of the things that makes CoD what it is. Leave ’em alone, it’s not that big of a deal.

          • yardis

            Actually in one interview a guy from Infinity ward said they completely removed quickscoping.

          • DocVape

            COD doesn’t need quick scoping to survive, that’s just something xxxxgrizzzzxxxxx wanna be’s want you to believe. It’s a niche crowd

          • thinh

            ”’They said QSing wouldn’t work the same”

            No. There was an actual interview with one of the developers where they stated quick scoping would be removed from the game.Here’s the link below.


      • Eldar.

        one assault rifle got a slight nerf, and all the snipers get nerfed.
        1 assault rifle as to 4 sniper rifles, hmm seems fair hey.

        • longliveCOD

          If your complaining about your snipers getting nerfed feel free to send death threats to mark Rubin like they did in blops2, but hey AR’s got the majority of weapon patches in blops1 and 2 even in mw3 , and in ghost in an AR was the first gun patched because they were OVERPOWERED. Snipers getting a complete overhaul was way over due because they’re OVERPOWERED. But hey a few snipers get nerfed compared to chunk of the AR’s throughout CODs history seems fair right…

        • Joeldagod

          now you how we feel , in all other cods the best ars or smgs get nerfed but not snipers

      • person5

        so you want 3-6 people camping on maps like stone haven or other big maps sniping you as you try to run around?

    • Batman

      Quickscope is shit and must be allowed to die

  • Mitch

    The Heavy Duty playlist sounds fun, but I rather see them adding previous game modes back, and add Grind (the mode).

    • Guest

      Grind was a Treyach map so that won’t happen and it was shit anyway.

      • James K

        He’s referring to the game mode, not the actual map.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Grind is also a custom gamemode, like S&D was before they put it into pubs. I’m guessing Grind will be added into pubs in the near future, just like S&D was.

      • Guest

        Grind was also a map.

      • Super_Deluxe

        Grind was a sick DLC map and I do wish IW makes a similar map. Flanking clueless campers was the best!!

        • Batman

          Grind was terrible

      • Mitch

        Yeah I was referring to the private match game mode.

        • bsktballmsu1

          i don’t understand how grind works can you tell me

          • Batman

            Play it for yourself and see
            its on private matches

      • Joeldagod

        can you read

      • Batman

        There is a game mode called grind

      • Jeremy Jackson

        Actually Grind wasn’t a bad map at all.. -.-

    • iKushtyy

      Old game modes need to return. Blitz is a half-arsed attempt to revamp CTF, and it’s worse frankly. S&D is back, at least (thumbs up). Hunted is nowhere near as good as Drop Zone. Demolition, ground war and Headquarters have all gone walkies, with no viable replacements.

      All of the old guard need to come back. But I personally really want my HQ back…

      • mile104mc

        I agree about everything. Ground War is going to be next gen only, so don’t expect to see that.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Hard point. was an unexpected pleasant surprise in blops 2 and ended up being my favorite mode. But, as messed up as the spawns are in ghosts, I could easily see it becoming a total disaster.

        • PsychOutGaming

          Drop Zone wasn’t even in Blops 2, it was in MW3

          • thebulky1cometh

            Ha you’re right- meant hard point.

        • Gary Itkon Drummer Porter

          i loved hardpoint….

      • PsychOutGaming

        I miss sabotage, my favorite gamemode ever made

    • Josh

      “It sounds fun” how? They have not given any details apart from increase health which everyone what’s in normal playlists anyway.

      • mile104mc

        There won’t be anything besides increased health. This playlist is made for everyone who bitches about dying quickly. I list the TTK in Ghosts, but I’ll play this mode too and see if I like it.

  • ThisGuy

    I’m most excited for spawn fixes and infected weapons

    • Joe

      Haha I can’t wait to see what they mean by “spawn fixes”.

      • Joe

        They will ruin the blitz mode if people spawn outside the spawn trap.

        • Joe

          They really need to fix the bullshit Domination spawns. That mode is ruined currently because people just spawn all over the place. The reason people get trapped is because the campers deserve to be trapped.

          • mile104mc

            I’d rather play against campers than spawn trappers.

          • Markkanen_66

            Some Dom spawns I’ve seen (i.e Freight) have caused people to be put in spawn traps. It happened in a scrim between OpTic & nV

        • DanDustEmOff

          No they will ruin it for you and your cheap, dirty tactic, useless no skill spawn trapping mates. Just because you roll as a team doesn’t mean you should have a massive advantage over the random players. Don’t you have enough of an advantage over them as it is, do you really need them to spawn right in front of you with no chance of defending themselves for you to feel like a beast and pad your stats.

  • Make Infection like MW3! add Specialist package, and Different guns!

    • Travis Williams

      They are. That’s why they are adding different loadouts to infected.

    • omg! they listened!

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I hope Heavy duty mode will be as good as i’m hoping. This mode will hopefully make people move around a little more without the fear of dying in 2-3 bullets. It might make using SMG’s relevant again!! Also we will definitely find out who has the skill to keep the guns sights on target(something BO2 made you be good at to succeed). If so they need some of the DLC maps to be a lot smaller like the size of Strikezone. I hope these things are not just words and IW will follow through on. Fingers crossed!!!

    • longliveCOD

      In cod you always died in 2-3 bullets, just that on this cod all of your bullets actually connect instead of shooting 20 bullets and only 3 register. IMO , I believe this mode will eliminate snipers because increase health so very little one shot kills , but giving extra health is just a game mode with everyone spawning with ballistic vest ,but I’m hoping for it to work out. Make more of the cod community happy again!

      • DocVape

        Sorry but I have to disagree. You maybe seeing 3 to 4 bullets going In (I just played Blops 2 recently BTW, same ammount of bullets, not your 20 bullet exaggerated claim) but the person getting shot doesn’t have those first 3 bullets register, you only feel the last one that kills you. They can pump the health up to 5 thousand, if you only feel the last bullet (3-4 hits of damage in one shot basically) you won’t have any reaction time.

        • Bob

          Well me and my friend tried to play on double health and you could really tell the difference. So I’m pretty sure making the health 5 thousand would make it pretty crazy haha.

          • Anvil

            I kinda wish that Old School Mode from Call Of Duty 4 would return. I enjoy that mode a lot when I was replaying the game for first time in 2 years.

    • Bob

      If this happens I will definitely start playing ghosts again. Right now I’m just playing BO2 because I can’t stand dying from some slug camping the whole game putting 2 bullets in you. And I wish they would’ve made smaller maps like Strikezone in the beginning instead of making you pay for it. Small maps force face to face gun battles, which actually take skill to win, not like the bullshit that happens now. So I will have my fingers crossed with you!

    • MSTAR020

      I played in a private match against bots with double health. It wasn’t that great and I think would make SMG even weaker. I presume they would do 1.5x health or so but I am not sold on it yet.

  • Sam Brittenden

    Here comes the twelvies angry about their snipers…

  • patches and patches

    I’ll be happy with the heavy duty playlists, but still glad they are listening unlike treyarch. Treyarch need to actually listen not bring 1 update people like.

    • Jose Martin Gonzalez

      what about the snipocalypse update? that’s a pretty memorable one

  • ip x Warrior

    How about demolition please ?

  • Gc

    This is what i m talking about!

  • Gc

    Also excited for dlc

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    They’ve actually covered everything we wanted. Not sure about how many people are bothered about the infected loadout part but that’s what made MW3’s so good (atleast when they change them frequently).
    Good job at listening to the community IW, look forward to these bits and bobs.

    • Cyclone

      Yes, it appears they are covering most of the things people want, but what about the I.E.D’s?

      • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

        Honestly, I don’t mind them compared to claymores on BO2 and BO1, which is actually why I forgot about that. I reckon a simple half a second delay would definately make the IEDs less useful, but if that doesn’t work then maybe a bigger damage radius but a smaller kill radius, so only ones in obvious places like the floor will be effective.

    • theTtuth

      yeah they have to be fair. interested to see what the heavey duty will play like, maybe just like normal cod!

  • jason

    Am I the only one who misses headquarters? Lol

    • Nope, I don’t even play Ghosts because the included game modes just don’t interest me. Love CTF, HQ, DEM & Hardpoint…

    • GinsuVictim

      It was always one of my favorite modes.

  • louis lorick

    What about fixing the operations where some people can’t access them

  • jordanxbrookes

    If we keep asking for game modes to return, we might just get our wish 🙂

  • Finally they are adding new infected loadouts! I am sick of the bulldog! Hopefully they bring a good gamemode in the future.

  • Drillz93

    Heavy Duty game mode, about time. It might be for the noobs but I’ve been dying for some extra health because core feels alot like hardcore in Ghosts.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’m going to be playing heavy duty quite a bit as well. And only insane people play Hardcore. Seriously, it’s bad enough I die in a millisecond on normal, I don’t need half health.

      • Chris Mason

        Insane? Thank you. That’s the sweetest name I’ve been called all day.

      • Edwin Cortez

        people complain that Ghosts is campy on Core, the real definition of camping is found on Hardcore modes. but some people enjoy it dont know why.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          The biggest problem with Ghosts is that it followed BO2. BO2 was a run & gun, rushing game with small maps. When Ghosts was released, nobody was used to it. Now, the play style seems campy compared to BO2 when it’s really not that campy compared to previous games. I did prefer the run and gun style of BO2, though.

      • TheShadowReaper

        i have to say that i might jump into Ghosts again after the heavy duty playlist patch. it was infuriating not being able to turn and kill someone with a headshot when i was able to do so in COD4, BO and BO2. more than half the times i died in Ghosts cause i was getting shot in the back + so little health – yeah not a good combo.

  • Jesse

    Seriously I cant be the only one that loved Drop Zone from MW3. It was intense, frantic, and extremely fast paced. That is the way COD was meant to be played.

    • Paul Thomas

      Don’t worry I wish it was back too.

    • Guest

      Well Hunted is pretty similar, except you have a default loadout and only your pistol and the drops are guns instead of killstreaks…

    • Travis Williams


    • Batman

      it was fun but shitty at the same time

  • subtek

    Can that new squad point balance please affect all current characters as well? It would suck so much if the Christmas noobs got extra squad points while the people with leveled up characters are stuck with what they have.

    • Pissed Off Gamer

      that would be good, id hate for the fucking noobs to get a bonus of 15 squad points per character just for starting late…

  • regret201

    It’s a video game not real life. If I wanted to I would quickscope and not listen to you people saying it’s an “exploit.” R.I.P to those who have been quickscoped constantly.

  • Bmeowmix

    So it sounds like they aren’t going through with that server browser or mod tools for console in the near future… I always assumed that they weren’t going to be able to go through with it, but it’s still sad not to hear about any verification on whether or not it was going to happen.

  • bsktballmsu1

    all this sounds good except i think they need to nerf ieds

  • Poida stralia

    If they could bring back demolition and hard point that would make this game a lot more fun to play.

  • VipRak10

    They should also fix the store menu on ps4
    We can’t access it and we have problems with downloading season pass and other add ons
    Both infinity ward and sony should fix this.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    aw yiss, this is just full of good news


    check out this thread about what Infinity Ward should fix to help competitive Call of Duty

  • Condemnt

    Lets start off here, they should just take the silencer for snipers out of the game. There gonna ruin it and it will be terrible.

    This whole “internal testing” is bs. The people who develop the game are just good at programming and coding. When it comes to playing, you might as well blindfold them.. It would be the same if they could actually see the screen.

    So they come out thinking, “everyones gonna love us” after we drop these uodates. Unfortunately there wrong. Im pretty sure 75% of players would rather prefer a weapon nerf of the bulldog and a nerf of the dog killstreak. Or maybe even some extra custom classes in multiplayer. But no lets ruin sniping/quickscoping/trickshotting (something we created)

    • Edwin Cortez

      Sniper rifles didnt ruin the game, it was quickscoping that ruined the game.

    • TheShadowReaper

      they didnt ruined sniping, they ruined quickscoping! which is fine, qsing is bullshit and should be removed. and no, this IW didnt created qsing, the old IW did, so they dont care – which is good. what is bullshit has to go for the game to stay healthy and fun.

  • Alber rome

    Why are they messing with the snipers the most

    • GinsuVictim

      Because fuck snipers, that’s why.

  • chris

    nice can’t wait for new infected load outs and heavy duty playlist

  • Aaron

    One of the main reasons why Ghosts is going to get old fast because the lack of gamemodes. They brought back Hardpoint, Demolition, maybe Team Defender, possibly War but that will never happen…

    • ip x Warrior

      Just Hardoint and Demo and it would be enough 🙂

    • Ed

      hardpoint or headquarters, and demolition. get rid of blitz and put in traditional capture the flag. cranked is ok, but blitz is just silly. we already have infected for the silliness.

  • Bigi345

    Add a longer detonation time for IEDs then smaller and more colorful maps in DLCs then i’ll be a happy CoD player

  • Dave Johnson

    And the server list for PC players?

  • evilbustel

    The Helo-scout is extremely OP!!!

  • Hugo Valente

    all this is good and all but were is the support to the PC community ?

    • George

      nowhere, you made a horrible mistake buying it for PC

  • The Swedish Fish

    What about retro squad points for people who have already ranked up some of their characters? Consider this please. 5 sounds a lot better than 2 🙂

  • batmon

    2 more things need to be changed… The fucking invisible I.E.D and the, I don’t know for you guys but my woodland camo doesn’t work(slide kills)

  • Buck

    Please come out with a public game mode with esports rules. Exactly like team tactical but with esports rules enabled. Would make my year.

  • the pope

    Dashing to my console…
    With only one hour to play…
    With my gun I go…
    To blow them all away…

    Noobs on mic’s will sing…
    They can’t put up a fight…
    Oh what joy it will bring…
    To whoop them Christmas night!

    Oh, Christmas noobs… Christmas noobs…
    Coming any day
    Oh what fun it is to hide
    And blow them all away, HEY!.

  • Batman

    There must be CTF, and it must be like BO1 CTF

    • Batman

      And demolition, team defender, and war

  • lumps-of-a-god

    no more annoying sniper bullshit and ballerinas in the game

  • GinsuVictim

    Great list, now re-buff my MSBS.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Great suggestion, now use guns that require skill.

      • GinsuVictim

        It does take skill. You need to be accurate or else you don’t get a second chance.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          That’s how it is now. How it was before (the version that you want, the re-buffed one) takes no skill.

  • George

    Despite all the good news here, I don’t think a Heavy Duty mode would be a good idea. More health isn’t what’s needed to address the currently issues of dying too quickly. Better netcode and spawns as well as a removal of lag compensation is what we really need. Sometimes, it even feels like people already have more health than in previous CoDs.

  • Luis

    I would like them to bring back War! Only problem is it’s from Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward


    am I the only one who thinks getting stabbed by someone running by is bogus? I get it if they like come up and stab me and I die from a melee but not if they are just strolling on by barely notice me and throw out a random stab. and F the dogs in ghosts Ive put 3 sniper shots into a dog (not QS’ing) and the damn thing just rolls around and comes to bite me. They need to fix the dogs its SO annoying when I spray an entire clip into one and it doesn’t die. Also fix the colors, at times I cant even SEE the enemy because everything just looks gray. And another thing, if I can customize an entire soldier, WHY CANT I MAKE MY OWN EMBLEMS OR PATCHES?! Ghosts is the only game that I can honestly say I camp in and Im not even proud of it, But that is the only way I can seem to get a fair kill without the damn lag comp screwing me out of a kill. I WANT THEATER MODE BACK. It was awesome to be able to show friends videos of cool stuff that happened. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back wager matches.

  • Batman

    Patch the IED

  • Dubzyyy

    HAH no more trickshotting!! And QS is getting nerfed! Gooooooodbye FaZe

  • jae

    wheres the fix for sound whoring

  • Emre

    headquarters whould be fun to play or demolition.

  • grumpy man

    HC SnD <— every cod but this one. Sort it out

  • the pope

    Dashing to my console…
    With only one hour to play…
    With my gun I go…
    To blow them all away…

    Noobs on mic’s will sing…
    They can’t put up a fight…
    Oh what joy it will bring…
    To whoop them Christmas night!

    Oh, Christmas noobs… Christmas noobs…
    Coming any day
    Oh what fun it is to hide
    And blow them all away, HEY!

  • Jeremy Jackson

    How about make Dead Silence like MW2 Ninja Pro and immune to amplify, then make amplify cost 3 points.

    Nerf the IED blast radius.

    Make quickdraw and stalker cost 2 so we can have gunskill perks and pick one more protective perk so us people that actually move can have more help against campers and Oracle scrubs

    In Dom give everyone who caps a flag a killstreak point, rather than just the first person that got on it

    Do something to make Thermal scopes garbage or maybe make Incog cost 2 points

    Nerf the dog’s teleport lounge and decrease his health very slightly

    IW has the worst Ideas.. like I truly think most of them don’t even play the game at all.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Spot on.

    • Chris Mason

      If you make Dead Silence immune to Amplify, it should cost 3 points and leave Amplify at 2 points. Just saying.

      Incog does more than protect you from thermal. It should stay 3 points. Add increased recoil to ARs, excessive sway on Snipers and LMGs. (I did love MW3s Thermal L86 until YouTube fucked it up)

      I don’t mind dogs really, but I understand your reasoning.

      Everything else is good.

  • K.E.M

    It sucks that they fuck up the snipers. The ones bitching are the smg and assault rifle guys! Really though, people use snipers for fun,and for the challenge, any idiot can pick up an smg and an AR and do good,all you need to do is go in the back of the map and move.
    With snipers you need to be precise,you only get one or two chances. If you miss,then your dead. With any other guns,you just spray. With K.E.M’s nobody uses a sniper,the smg and AR users bitch because they got owned by a clever sniper.
    I litteraly have 2 accounts, I use one for sniping only (because I can) the sniping only account is a 1.70 and the other where I don’t snipe is a 2.78
    Sniping is the most popular brother while smg and AR sit back in shame. Thats all it is,bitches be hating.

    • George

      And even still sniping is too easy.

      • K.E.M

        I wanna see you try to use them like the moaners say “the right way” withought getting bored.

        • George

          I get bored camping, not sniping.

  • Bad @ss

    Dont waste your time, energy and money on this game. I uninstalled the game last night after what I thought was ample time for those money hungry bastards to fix the game.

    The spawn is awful. One game you could be king of all, the next with exactly the same people and map you could be a nothing nobody.

    Everything about the game is STILL broken

  • Michael

    I don’t think Drop Zone will work in Ghosts as the Killstreaks are horrible!

  • Ryan Clore

    The other night I came across the “trickshot” clan obey alliance streaming SnR on Twitch and all I can say is I will applaud Infinity Ward when this patch goes live.
    For 10 minutes I watched as they would climb to the highest point of the map and then jump spin over and over and over again, trying and failing to land a lucky shot.
    That part was pretty annoying but the ridiculous part is when the opposing players would just stand there or “set up” as a few members put it, obey would complain and berate the person who was setting up and then tell him to play normal. WTF I thought as these obey kids would all run to the same spot and twirl around obviously not playing the game as intended.
    If you are a person who uses a sniper rifle as a support weapon as intended and you are upset about the upcoming patch, don’t blame IW. Blame the “trickshotting” community. They are the reason everyone else hates snipers.

  • Josh

    You stated all this crap saying quick scoping is harder to accomplish due to how you have set up spread from the hip and ads perk isn’t as affective with sniper rifles but you sir are full of garbage. quick scoping is worse than any other game. how about taking aim assist totally out of the picture when a sniper rifle is equipped. Its highly unfair to be out gunned by some kid running around with a sniper rifle. Its clear you designed ghosts to accommodate the players with leas skill. example one is quick scoping. example two is when someone kills you runs around the corner and you magically spawn in front of him for him to have another easy kill. I’ve noticed this happens a lot when the person spawning in this instance is a higher prestige or has a higher k/d. total rig. Also the peir to peir is junk. if I’m 20 and 0 halfway through a game and at the end of the game I end up 22 and 24 then obviously your just trying to control this game to make people with less skill feel good about them selves. Also fix the lag issues. Its no fun running around kicking ass then finding that guy you dump a clip into while he lags out of sight then back just to have really killed you before you even seen him to begin with. Serious work need to be done on a lot of levels.

    • Chris Mason

      Infinity Ward’s CM is a woman, BTW.

  • David

    Why not make more tactical gametypes? Hostage rescue, infiltration, stealth, package retrieval. Thinking-man’s gametypes? You already got the arcade shooter crowd locked on IW, if you just put in a bit of extra effort into your gametypes you could get the tactical shooter community in there too. That’s just more money for you.

    More single elimination gametypes.


    When you know you’ll just come back if you die, it eliminates the need to work tactically with a group. Sure you can have callouts and communication and whatnot, but that’s just one aspect of teamwork. Please IW, more realistic scenarios in the gametypes, no more middle-school custom game scenarios like blitz

  • Velox

    I would like to see a timed only game mode, where there is no score limit. Play a match of domination or KC for an hour or 30 minutes straight. People wouldnt play anything else.

  • JB

    Call of duty ghosts is crap!!!!!! Bring back modern warfare

  • fuck you

    I hope you guys are happy now all snipers will be gone and they will lose alot of money because of it

  • Richard


  • Richard

    Infinity ward I thank you for fixing the operation glitch last that post. Thank you. But know I want you tell you there is this hacker named mallory5 was hacking on ps3. I wouldn’t be saying this if its true because yah can do something about these sorry hacker who can’t play but

  • Richard

    Yea! As I’m saying its was the Sunday 1/1/14 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm last day of clan battle. As my clan and I were playing we meet this hacker named mallory5 . I believed he was using assault support killstreak and they are Helios scout,Loki,juggernaut.etc. I notice that he had 9 or 8 kills and 5 deaths. Somehow he went all out with high killstreak with 9 or 8 kill and 5 deaths on HC Domination and no flag captured. As we lost and my clan backed out, I decide to stay if he was really hacking or not. I stayed on the next match. There he go running around with a gun and goes die like other, but he can’t even get a 3 killstreak at all. As he die spawn and get kill and again then gets a kill, Boom!!! There goes a Helios scout after that he used the rest of the high killstreak. At first I thought it was some lucky carepackage. Then there goes again same killstreak. I was like this guy is really hacking because he wants you to kill hime to have enough for the Helios scout. As the player who played with him was on my team on that match they notice he was hacking. And I told them , that’s what I being trying to tell he was a hacker. As he gets 9 or 8 kills and 5 deaths he start using them high killstreak and gets a lot of kills and goes 60+ kills every game and below 10 deaths, for the last 3 games. And I ask myself? Nobody goes 60+plus kills and below 10 deaths .

  • Richard

    By the way it was on ps3 . Please do something about this mallory5 hacker. Because its starting to get on my nerv.Such as derank him and banned him for two weeks.

  • Hiway

    Yeah they are johnny on the spot cleaning up those leaderboards alright…. Seriously how obvious and easy would this be to do? I really think a 8 year old could figure it out, but I still see obvious score hacks etc in the leaderboards. If anything it screams that the account should be console banned.