The official Call of Duty App has revealed that the next Clan Wars will commence on Jan 1st. This time, the map will be London within the App.

With the New Year upon us, what better way to celebrate than some friendly competition? To honor the arrival of 2014, we’ll be running our first New Year Clan War from Wednesday, January 1st at 12PM PST through Monday, January 6th at 12PM PST. The destination: London, our first setting in the European continent.

A powerful European stronghold, London’s control over the English Channel and Great Britain cannot be overlooked. A foothold guarantees major influences and transport capabilities. To participate, a Clan size of three or more members is required at the start of each Clan War.

UPDATE: Beachhead has revealed the new achievements that are part of this Clan War.

London introduces the potential to unlock two new pieces of content, including:


Out of Sight, unlocked via the Night Owl Achievement – Finish in the top 3 of the London Clan War


Body Count Uniform, unlocked via the Legendary Achievement – Win 4 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher

Download the official Call of Duty App to use the Clan War map to check your latest Capture Points and standings.

SOURCE: Call of Duty App and Call of Duty

  • Joebiggs

    To easy to take a flag. Needs to be over 60 for every one

  • Moeen

    Ghost is probably the worst game Infinity Ward ever made… Torture to those that have to play it till the next one…

    • longliveCOD

      It’s not their best game, but I enjoy it still and Will continue to play it because it’s still far more better than black ops 2

      • Siftblade of Rivia


        • K.E.M

          Yes because the target finders and the op shotguns where amazing! And the constant host migrations! ghosts may have host migrations,but not constant ones.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I’d rather have host migrations than the connectivity ghosts has. You shoot someone with 3 bullets and they can quickly turn on you and kill you with what seems like one shot. Just watch this, it’s basically Ghosts in a nutshell. Target finders were really dumb, but they weren’t nearly as useful since BO maps were small and everyone rushed. In ghosts, there is the heat seeker shit that makes players glow white, which is basically the same thing, plus the maps are big so it becomes 2x as useful.

          • K.E.M

            oh yeah? play on heavy duty. It’s a playlist with extra health. ok.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I did, it’s the same shit. the health isn’t the problem, it’s the connectivity. What’s the point of the extra health. It takes longer for both of the players to kill eachother. It’s like in math, you can multiply both sides of an equation by 1 and it won’t change it. 2/3=2/3 is the same thing as 4/6=4/6 because I multiplied both sides by 2/2 (which is 1). More health is the same thing. It doesn’t do shit, it just means players need to be a little more accurate to hit that extra bullet before the enemy hits that bullet against you.

          • K.E.M

            You need strategy. Run and gun is also strategy too. You just need to be accurate to run around and kill everybody. I know this myself! I’m deadly accurate,but still i’d like to circle the entire map and shoot from behind.

            PS: the target finder points you out through walls.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I don’t consider it strategy since I don’t really concentrate all too much on the game unless I go tryhard, but yeah, I see how that’s strategy. I usually do the same, that’s why I run silencer and off the grid. And no, the target finder doesn’t point you through walls, unless your head or something is visible.

      • platinumwarrior121

        hell no lol ghost is terrible

    • thinh

      ‘the worst game Infinity Ward ever made’
      So your basically saying mw3 was better than ghosts?
      This game is only fun if your playing with a clan.

      • Xecho

        Or a friend

      • Moeen

        Yea, I rather have a remade version of MW3 instead of ghost, They made an amazing game, but made it a bore to play, I rather be able to rush around the map and get killed by a claymore that is visible, than to die to 30 IEDs as soon as I step out of my spawn. In all honesty I don’t see why MW3 was considered bad anyways.

        • K.E.M

          Dude…look at the perks,there are some perks that make you take less explosive damage! and theres one that highlights them,so you can either avoid or shoot them.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Nobody has to play it.

      • Moeen

        Maybe “have” was the wrong word. More like want to get it over with. I’ve played through all the cods from 4 to ghost, and ghost is the only game that has no fun or fair competition in it. Each to their own opinions though.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I agree with you. I want to go home, relax, and play a stress-free video game after a long day at work. But if I try to play Ghosts, it’s just… frustrating. I mean, you have to concentrate hard and be strategic, play things smart, etc. Unlike BO2, where I could just mindlessly run and gun without a second thought. I own Ghosts, but I’ve played it for about 2 weeks before it got too.. unamusing. Since those 2 weeks after I bought it, all I’ve been playing is GTA, waiting for Watchdogs and Infamous to release.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yeah same here. and its not like the previous CODs didnt need strategy or something, but Ghosts forces you to run on big alleys where ARs and Snipers are boss. run and gunning is out of the question and since this isnt as true as a true COD game, i’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends and Guild Wars 2.

          • Siftblade of Rivia


          • chris

            Guess what no one cares

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Fuck off. There’s a reason everybody hates Chris.

          • SinfulFlame on

            SiftBlade its players like you who make COD a joke. ” I just want to come home and mindlessly run and gun without strategies”. That is an ignorant way of playing and honestly if you had friends you would have come up with stratagies. Lets face it, you are horrible at the game and you are “lacking skill”.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            I play with my friends. When I do, I don’t really pay attention to the game. I’m more focused on the conversation and the laughs that we have. I still play decent by just running up to people and shooting. So what if I don’t coordinatwe with my team and make call outs. Not everyone is competitive. I play the game for fun, not to win or prove to someone that I’m good. I have about a .92 KD and I don’t even pay attention half the time, I run support and I play the objective. How do I ruin the game? In BO2, I got at least 20-30 kills a game, I play domination, and since I play the objective, I’m usually at the top of the leaderboard with like 6 caps.

          • K.E.M

            haha ikr?

            you has won

          • t.bagger76

            Wow! You SAID it! I am a disabled OIF Veteran and I LOVE the Call Of Duty franchise!! But I hated BLOPS 2 for all the run-n-gunners! See…I’m the opposite. I can’t stand those Leroy Jenkins fuckers! Always giving your position away! In real life you don’t respawn. They should take points away for DEATHS and then that would weed out all of the REAL COD fans! I ENJOY concentrating and being strategic and playing as a team and communicating. That is also probably why my K/D went from a .5 in BLOPS 2 to a 1.2 in Ghosts (Hey! I didn’t say I was GOOD! I said I LOVE to play!) Other than the stupid ass respawns, I have no other complaints! I can’t wait to see what the new weopons and camo and maps look like! Peace!

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Try playing S&D, no respawns and it’s all strategic, especially if you have a party or clan that you’re playing with. I don’t give my position away. If anything, I help the team. On al my classes I run off the grid and a silencer, because I like to go into the middle of the action without enemies knowing where I am. For example, in BO2 on Nuketown, I would run to the middle of the map and run around, and since I was silenced, I could pick them off. True COD fans? COD has always been a fast-paced respawn then try again type of game, that’s what it’s known for. If anything, YOU, the strategic, careful playing player, are not true COD fan. Maybe another FPS will satisfy the slow, strategic techniques, like Battlefield. But COD is very fast paced, that’s what it’s always been known for. If you insist on playing COD, then competitive is what you need to play.

          • K.E.M

            “Always giving your position away! In real life you don’t respawn.” stfu,this game isn’t meant to be realistic,fag. if you don’t want respawn then play SnD.

    • platinumwarrior121

      its so sad how they can fall from glory to shame that fast,mw2 was literally the best online experience ever

      • Taylor vvay

        Mw2 was amazing best maps guns everything.. mw3 was good except sitrep fags. Bops2 was decent except lagging, target finders, and bullets never hit when they shouldve.. ghost is decent except spawning, ied’s and radar riot shield c4s. Personally Im a IW fan but they fucked quick scoping in ghost even when treyarch managed to get it right in bops2 i would have preferred if they made mw4 instead.

  • Work Hard, Twerk Harder

    Don’t mind the extra XP bonuses, works out fine for me.

  • Nick

    Can someone explain to me what clan wars is?

    • Basically Leagues from BO2.

      • Shardlotte

        Why does everyone think this? Clan Wars is nothing like League Play. Clan Wars is entirely different. Whenever you win a game of a certain gametype in any war, you earn a win for your clan towards a node. Once you get a certain amount of wins as a clan, you get that node. The more times you capture a node, the more likely it is that you’ll win the Clan War.

    • bsktballmsu1

      clan wars is basically like a new version of the elite competitions for clans. it is not like league play from bo2. however when you play in the 4v4 clan wars playlists you tend to play better people but it is just like the cod elite clan system and you get in game bonuses

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    We won the last clan war in gold division and I didn’t get Body Count (the camo).

    • Bill Richardson

      You have two win three or four at the mininum

      • Bill Richardson



    Anyone have intel on what time EST. next clan war in London begins?!?!?! My Clan is in Platinum Division and we all can’t wait to get bloody!!! w w w. lmsclan .c o m

    • devonwoods

      3 PM EST

    • jaggie

      4 o’clock EST

      • Ed

        lol. 3pm. 12pm pst is 3pm est.

  • Dwayne

    I love clan wars, gives me something to do since there’s hardly any gamemodes I play

  • It’sArobbery

    I don’t get people saying you can’t run and gun I run smg agility marathon and rack up between 30 and 50 kills. A little strategy goes a long way

  • Ben North

    any1 know what time it starts in uk

    • Jon MaClain

      I’m guessing at 8PM

  • LoG NeRo

    Ghosts is only fun if you are part of a clan..
    So join mine!! 😀
    Send me a message on 360 to LoG NeRo

  • Legitchodemaster

    In my opinion, Blops2 is better than ghosts. The connection was worse, but the maps were better, the gunplay better, the equipment less powerful, and the snipers were less powerful than they are in ghosts. League play was huge and tons of fun, and the pick 10 system

  • xbmgixwhtguy87

    DILLIGAF it should be 11am for u but not exactly sure bro

  • Good gamer

    Clearly use r shit at the game

  • stuart

    If I started my clan 3days ago nd have no rank but have 25members y anti the clan war ranked my clan yet nd was time does its start Britain time

    • Jon MaClain

      I’m guessing it will start at 8PM, your time. It starts at 12PM PST for me, which is in California.

  • A-420dude

    Ghosts is awesome! If you like the others keep playing them but when you see the next gen, and can wrap your mind around it, come play with the pros. Ghosts is a far superior game to the others.


    level 25 platinum clan VVyB looking for some no life players message htm-_-leader to get you in right away and start war today.

    • KevinP

      My Xbox One gt is VeryMuchDoge

  • Kyle PDX

    What time does it start on the west coast U.S.? It’s still not up and its 11:00 AM.

    • Jon MaClain

      12PM PST

  • A-Pain

    Gotta fix the wall hack and aim bot tho, like that the unlimited perk shit got fixed

  • lumps-of-a-god

    if only this game had league play with an mlg ruleset their wouldn’t be need to play clan wars

  • 111AlaN111

    I would enjoy more Ghosts if it had some of the BO2 equipment like shock charges. Didnt camp.

  • NattiLightRebel


  • fckyocouch757

    I’d like to say that COD games were ruined once the target finder was introduced. Are you people so terrible that u need something to highlight an enemy so u can shoot him from the corner u r hiding in. And BO2 was a terrible game.MW3 was far superior. Why have 700 different perks? I also love the part where in the description of a sniper rifle it says its deadly from the waist up but I get a hit marker with a face shot in hardcore. working out little dumb stuff like that should probably b at the top of the list. Right up there with the corner camping jerk offs with the 3.00 kdr with 5 average kills. lol.Maybe make them show up on the map if they stay in the same spot too long. But this game here is pretty bad. Indestructible dogs, the vulture sux as a killstreak too. Simple is better in my opinion. They r doing too much now and it is not impressive in the slightest. But still better than anything Treyarch could ever put out. One of the very few positives though….no more death streaks!! Build on that

  • fckyocouch757

    And Clan Wars now has a bunch of cheaters. Teams take an entire game lobby and 6 bail as soon as the game starts and in 20 seconds u have a win. Sat and watched a teams wins in a node shoot up by 6 like every 2 minutes. Hopefully this gets fixed.

  • LMAO_LJE_Shot1

    Why don’t they release this on the Kindle Fire? Me and my friends clan is almost useless without it but we have no compatible devices!