Amazon has revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360 was the best selling title for the holiday season. Call of Duty: Ghosts was first, followed by Just Dance 2014, and GTA V.

In regards to next-generation consoles, Amazon has revealed that 1,000 units of XB1 and PS4s were sold per minute.

The new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles were so popular that at the peak of sales for each console, customers bought more than 1,000 units per minute.

SOURCE: Amazon via Polygon

  • Mitch

    I can see that yeah. Played an Infected match today with 8 people lower than level 20… I’ve also seen an increase in Support Streaks spam and campers.

    • HenryDF

      The amount of people using Air Superiority and Ground Jammers because they think they’re good… :/

      • MSTAR020

        They are both pretty useless. lol

      • Mitch

        Yes, the enemy would call an Air Superiority in, and the next second my team starts spamming hinds.

        • fires

          Heyyyy :(, im a big Support fan, but i never ran stealth bomber, emp, that shit back in mw3, Im pretty good at Cod(This is just coming from im top of my team majority of the time, whether we win or lose), but i play objectively and rarely get over a 5 kill streak, i appreciate IW and really only run SATCOM, Ammo Box, and Ballistics.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Surprise, surprise.

  • Guest


  • sss

    yeah and people say COD is dying.
    i dont see any FPS game make this much sales.

    • Michael

      CoD isn’t dying, it’s just getting worse and worse every year. People will play what is easy and what everyone is playing, so CoD just continues getting more and more players.
      Have a look at the poll results (not IGN’s list) and tell me CoD is getting better.

      The reason why other FPS games don’t challenge CoD in sales is because there aren’t many quality FPS’es besides Battlefield 4, which still has a lot of bugs and is not as easy to play

      • sss


        • theTruth

          yeah agreed. Cod used to have that addictive bug, ghosts just doesnt!

      • CoDforever

        Its not getting worse and worse, your just getting sick of it. Take a break and come back, CoD will seem exciting to play again. BF4 isnt a quality FPS, it has a shitty campaign with no co op modes and a problematic MP.

        • Michael

          I took a break and I still hate Ghosts. I actually still enjoy playing the older CoDs. Yeah I agree with you about BF4, although the MP has a lot of potential once it’s fixed.

        • fires

          EXACTLY. This. I took a break from COD, I got really bored of cod because of how much i play it, same went with minecraft, but after half a year, im playing minecraft again, around the 1st DLC ill come back to COD, its good to take a break

        • Jon Cameron

          It’s hard to expect someone with the name “CoDforever” to agree with anything that’s against Call of Duty.

  • I like how it says “WAS” :3

    • Derka

      I think its because it WAS the holiday season, so IS would be innapropriate :3

  • SoulTaker

    COD is dying you guys….guys?

  • John

    It’s actually weird that they say that it’s the most selling game but there’s only about 300.000 people online (summary of all consoles) compared to BO2 where there were 900.000 people only in PS3 😛

    • I♥COD

      yeah sold okay but then everyone realised it was terrible and stopped playing! lowest DLC sales ever?

      • swagg

        I hated the BLOPS2 DLC, yea i bought it, and they were fun, but after the initial playthrough, I hate them. especially how they got away with retextures of maps, I mean, at least, terminal was free.

    • Mitch

      wowwow, 900k on PS3 is kinda bull. I’m a PS3, and the highest I would see was 550k.

      • John

        On PS3 at about 6pm (uk time) there were 900k people online (on the release date)

        • Anonymous….

          But then everyone stopped playing the game cuz they found out it suxz!

          • John

            Agreed 😛

      • Peter

        You’re a PS3? I’m just a PS2, but when I grow up I want to be just like you! 😉

        • Rated-R619

          Don’t become PS4 or many kids will like you ! =D

  • clercq1983

    The campers are stil a issue in this game. But that’s never gonna change. And I guess it’s only going to get worse in each CoD title. I loved MW3 from the beginning and hated BO2 from the start. But after a couple of months playing BO2 I started to enjoy it. But I just don’t understand, we have 2 compagnies who are making CoD titles. Why do they have to be so childish en work against each other instead of working with each other. Why can’t they just grow up and use each other’s idea’s. There are issue’s with both games. Ghosts has spawning prob’s, BO2 had connection prob’s. The one difference is, IW is working these prob’s to fix them, and I didn’t get the feeling 3arc did allot to fix connection prob’s. I could be wrong. So don’t shoot me for this?. The only thing missing in Ghosts is some kind of leageau play. And I do hope they gonna bring that in a near future to Ghosts.

    • CR7CL

      The greates problem is the pride of both studios. You can especially see it in Ghosts:
      BO2 had League Play, Hardpoint, Score Streaks, etc. All new features (to CoD) that earned a lot of positive reputation for 3ARC. But IW obviously wanted to create something on their own (out of pride|Clan vs Clan) and in my opinion that just backfired because it doesn’t reward the player for skill but for playtime. Or better said you are just going on a pub-bashing-adventure with some friends.

      • theTruth

        yeah i feel 3arc do try to embrass the good additions infinty ward make but that respect seems to only go one way. League play was amazing, clan wars just doesnt even compare.

      • fires

        Yea, but you forget that they threw out the strike packages and how IW was the first to reward the player for objective, which the community gave no shits because of the killstreaks in support(Which i agree) but i feel support really does reward good players that cant hold a streak down.( UAV + CUA support over here :D)

  • It’s awesome that IW beat sales again, but I’m getting really tired of these posts.

  • We will never get our good old cod back 🙁 reason:
    respawn entertainment were ex iw (you know, cod 4 days) now they are over at ea making titanfall so no chance of a decent cod for a while.

    unless sledgehammer have majorly improved…

  • john doe

    gotta love the amazon reviews though, majority being 1 star reviews and the game itself is 3 stars XD

    • Mitch

      90% of the 1 stars are just those haters.

      • john doe

        well duh, nobody gives 1 star reviews unless they hate the game because it’s not appealing to them? and actually i’ve read the reviews for 1 stars and they literally are spot on.

  • Roll

    Call of duty is one of the best game ever created, you like it or not. It’s always fun to play and i think that with ghosts IW did a great job this year. The game is balanced, no op guns and even if you think there is one, everybody can buy it, at the beginning i thought the big maps would have helped campers, but they don’t. The connection is ok and compared to the other cods is the best. Once i felt tired of the game but after a year i started playing it again, so where’s the problem? It’s just a game

    • GiveUsOurCodBack

      To be honest it was more than just a game to me, it was what I did! And to me it’s just not fun like other cods

  • TheShadowReaper

    why are comments keep getting deleted even when they arent vulgar at all and just stating opinions? are the admins of this website getting butthurt so easily? stop doing that, your job is to deliver news.

  • King

    CoD might not be dying in sales but is dying in the quality of gameplay

  • Xecho

    Have a good new years eve / day Charlie Intel!

  • I♥COD

    I used to love the 1000 headshot challenges, was really rewarding, like the prestige 1000 kills with kill streaks and getting the cool emblems for putting the work in. what happened to them?

    • Chris Mason

      For some of it, the same thing that happened to a lot of other things in CoD – they listened (like tactical insertions, match ending kill streaks, etc.)

  • PandaMan

    I love Ghosts, I really do, but I can’t play this game without raging. I will go 15 games with only two wins because all the enemy teams do is camp. Some maps I feel were designed by campers. Nevertheless, this game can be fun, and with all the parents getting it for their squeakers it deserves to be the #1 game. NOT HASHTAG YOU NOOBS

  • dtssoft

    Amazon!!! you really don’t care about customers.. I hate Amazon after my last 3 shopping experiences.. In one, item delivered was broken and had deal with their help-desk to return it back.. In my last shopping experience, they claim that item (Order 404-4524779-1660327) was delivered, even though I didn’t receive it.. Delivery is made to someone “Noor Ahmaed”. I filed claim multiple times, but every time it has been turned down.. Very very disappointing..