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2014 Year in Review: We take a look back at 2014 including statistics and answer your most common questions



It’s official everyone, 2014 has finally come to an end. It’s been a big year for Call of Duty, and it’s been an even bigger year for us.

When we first started Charlie INTEL almost 4 years ago, we never thought we’d be tweeting to ~85,000 Twitter followers and generating millions of page views every single month. We thought we’d put together some statistics for this year, answer some questions, and look forward to 2015.

Here’s a few statistics about Charlie INTEL in 2014:

  • We received over 120,000 comments on articles
  • We have posted 743 articles this year
  • May, October and November are the busiest months traffic wise (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • The most comments are posted during the month of October (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • Traffic increases by approximately 100% year on year (since 2012)
  • We attended the Call of Duty: Championship, E3, Gamescom & Eurogamer this year

We see tons of comments and questions in each article, so we thought we’d ‘clear the air’ and answer some common questions and cover misconceptions:

Are you paid by Activision in anyway shape or form?
We’re not paid by Activision whatsoever. We do not receive money from Activision in cash, cheque, bank transfer or any payment method along those lines. We’re invited to events throughout the year – most of which are sponsored/covered by Activision. We’re very lucky and appreciative when invited to such events given they’re normally attended by YouTuber’s.

Why do you favour a certain plaform? (Xbox One/PS4)
We do not favour any platform, whether it be Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or PC. In fact, I (Petey) mostly play on PC, Victor plays between the Xbox One and PlayStation, as does Keshav. Activision and Microsoft favour each other, not us.

How many people work at Charlie INTEL? Is it a full time job? Can I get a job or help out?
3 of us work on Charlie INTEL in total. As much as we’d love for this to be our full time job, unfortunately this website generates very minimal revenue after expenses and therefore it is merely a hobby. Myself and Victor work full time – Keshav is currently in education. We’re not looking to expand our team at the moment.

Why don’t you upload YouTube videos?
You absolutely want to make sure you’re subscribed here (click me). We have big plans for 2015.

What do you think about Advanced Warfare?
The fact of the matter is, you can’t please everyone all of the time. Whether it be next year, or the year after, no Call of Duty game will ever be perfect. Advanced Warfare to us is a great game, a step in the right direction and ultimately enjoyable. There’s no denying it has flaws, but some could say it’s a giant leap from the 2014 title. I (Petey) am having the most fun with Advanced Warfare since my favourite title, Black Ops 1.

Are you annoyed that YouTuber’s rip all of your content and make videos?
We could talk about this subject all day, but we wouldn’t get anywhere. We can’t help it, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have no further comment to make on this subject.

Will you be releasing an iPhone/Android app any time soon?
It’s definitely something we’re working on, but considerable cost is involved. Hopefully we’ll have more news on this subject in the weeks ahead.

What era do we want to see Call of Duty return to?
Victor: Modern
Keshav: Future
Petey: Modern

What is your favourite Call of Duty title to date?
Victor: Modern Warfare 2
Keshav: Call of Duty 4
Petey: Black Ops 1

We’ll have a follow up post tomorrow looking ahead to 2015 including Treyarch’s title in November 2015.

The question for you: What are you wanting to see from Treyarch in 2015?


Blizzard releases huge update for January 2021

Blizzard has recently released the first major update to the Call of Duty launcher, client for 2021.



Blizzard has released the new client, which brings a slick new interface to Call of Duty, Overwatch, and all of their other games.

Today, January 15, Blizzard announced a huge front-end update to It offers players a cleaner and easier to navigate user interface on the client, with much-needed visual overhauls.

The client update should be releasing periodically across North America, with more regions in the coming weeks.

New Client Features

According to Blizzard, the new improvements are the following:

  • Improved navigation and layout – you can now favorite your games and arrange them for ease of access.
  • A much more expansive layout for news and game content in a full-page view.
  • A revamped social pane so you can better see your friends and what they’re up to on each game tab.
  • Major accessibility improvements—we’ve added the ability to navigate most of the app with your keyboard, increased our screen reader support, and improved the color contrast.
  • A new, consolidated notifications hub for messages and download status.

How to get the update now

If you’re outside of North America and want to get the update now, you can join the beta program for the client. To join, navigate to your settings (click on the logo on the top left) and then click on the beta tab.

From here you can join the beta client. You’ll have to do a small download first. When the full release comes to your region, you can opt-out of the beta client.

Image Credit: Blizzard

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Apex Legends dev explains why Airdrop Escalation won’t be permanent

Respawn Entertainment addressed player concerns that the Airdrop Escalation LTM would be permanent in Apex Legends.



Airdrop Escalation LTM in Apex Legends

The new Airdrop Escalation LTM has brought some changes to the supply drops in Apex Legends. Some players are concerned about how this would affect care packages, so the devs responded.

The new Fight Night Collection Event finally went live on January 5 and brought many changes to Apex Legends Season 7. This includes an heirloom for Gibraltar and a brand new LTM called Airdrop Escalation. 

The LTM has replaced the normal game mode and will provide you with an increased number of supply drops containing different tiers of fully-knitted weapons. This can lead to players receiving extremely powerful gear in the midst of battle.

Some fans were worried that this system may stay in the game for good and cause it to become unbalanced. The developers took notice of this and addressed fan concerns.

Apex Legends supply drop
Respawn Entertainment

The Airdrop Escalation LTM isn’t permanent in Apex Legends

The quality of the gear that you can obtain from the LTM’s supply drops increases later in the match. While you might get something useful early one, the drops will contain Evo Shields and high tier guns that give the wielder a huge advantage during late-game.

This serves as a major change to the loot game of Apex Legends. The LTM will reward players who find supply drops later in the match by making them more powerful than others. While this works as a temporary feature, some players don’t want it to stick around for good.

Reddit user shiba219808 shared a YouTube comment complaining about how Airdrop Escalation “breaks late-game fights,” with the hopes that the developers will take notice. This caught the attention of Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein, who then chimed in.

“We really don’t wanna mess with the loot game of the base BR to this degree permanently,” said Klein. “There are issues that we’re seeing now already around high saturation of red guns deciding late-game fights.”

The devs made it clear that this is not a permanent feature. “The loot game is the beating heart of a BR,” says Daniel. “You better have a really good reason to make a change of this magnitude, and I don’t see one.” 

A few players mentioned that the game mode is still enjoyable, but could use some fine-tuning to improve upon its current issues.

“I actually enjoy the game mode,” said one user, “-but maybe to quell some of the issues you should make it that it only goes up to purple, and then reverts to regular care packages after that round? I feel like early and mid-game it is fine as is, but late game they shouldn’t be dropping.”

Luckily, Respawn Entertainment currently has no plans to shake up the loot game of Apex Legends anytime soon. With Fight Night well underway, we’re getting plenty of close looks at what to expect in the future, such as a new Legend.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Dr Disrespect reveals what Warzone should take from Escape From Tarkov

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect feels that Call of Duty: Warzone should taken notes from Escape From Tarkov.



Dr Disrespect talks about Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has been facing glaring audio issues for a while and Dr Disrespect has weighed in on the matter by making comparisons to how much better it is in Battlestate’s Escape from Tarkov. 

Many different streamers have chimed in to share their thoughts on Escape From Tarkov. The multiplayer shooter has faced varying degrees of popularity over the past year with boosts from players like xQc and Shroud.

YouTube streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, more commonly known as Dr Disrespect, played Escape From Tarkov several times in front of his fans. While it’s not the game he spends the most time on, he still has strong opinions on it.

One feature in EFT impressed him so much that he stated that Call of Duty: Warzone should take a few notes from Battlestate’s shooter title.

Call of Duty: Warzone from Activision.

Dr Disrespect on Warzone audio issues

Dr Disrespect has been playing Warzone for such long a while that the game has become a major part of the Champions Club streams. Despite this, he doesn’t consider it to be perfect, and he voiced his discontent with the game’s audio problems in a recent stream.

Ever since its integration with Black Ops Cold War, we’ve seen a plethora of new content come to Warzone through a few updates. Despite this, the Battle Royale title is still plagued by glaring audio issues.

The streamer was playing Warzone in front of his fans on January 11, and then complained that the game’s audio is so bad that it made it hard for him to tell where his enemies were. They sounded like they were much further away than they actually were.

He said: “A game like Escape from Tarkov, a game that has perfect audio, blows this game’s audio out by 500% – trust me.

“Trust me, any real gamer would say the same thing. It blows this audio out by like a thousand, but the reason why is because it caters to (competitive players). You hear something at a distance, a shot, footstep, you hear it!”

Discussion starts at 1:12:48 in the video below. 

This is an issue that has also been causing trouble for players in other Battle Royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Dr Disrespect has also called out those games for the same reason and it’s understandable why he feels this way.

He hasn’t given as much dedication to Escape From Tarkov as he does Warzone but still enjoys the title quite a bit. The game definitely has certain qualities that he thinks Activision should take note of, such as the clear audio.

The streamer has also offered other advice to improve on Warzone in the past, such as changes in the Gulags. He’s enough of a pro that it’s worth listening to his advice, and hopefully the developers will release a fix for this issue soon.

Image Credits: Activision Blizzard

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