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2014 Year in Review: We take a look back at 2014 including statistics and answer your most common questions



It’s official everyone, 2014 has finally come to an end. It’s been a big year for Call of Duty, and it’s been an even bigger year for us.

When we first started Charlie INTEL almost 4 years ago, we never thought we’d be tweeting to ~85,000 Twitter followers and generating millions of page views every single month. We thought we’d put together some statistics for this year, answer some questions, and look forward to 2015.

Here’s a few statistics about Charlie INTEL in 2014:

  • We received over 120,000 comments on articles
  • We have posted 743 articles this year
  • May, October and November are the busiest months traffic wise (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • The most comments are posted during the month of October (based on 2013 + 2014)
  • Traffic increases by approximately 100% year on year (since 2012)
  • We attended the Call of Duty: Championship, E3, Gamescom & Eurogamer this year

We see tons of comments and questions in each article, so we thought we’d ‘clear the air’ and answer some common questions and cover misconceptions:

Are you paid by Activision in anyway shape or form?
We’re not paid by Activision whatsoever. We do not receive money from Activision in cash, cheque, bank transfer or any payment method along those lines. We’re invited to events throughout the year – most of which are sponsored/covered by Activision. We’re very lucky and appreciative when invited to such events given they’re normally attended by YouTuber’s.

Why do you favour a certain plaform? (Xbox One/PS4)
We do not favour any platform, whether it be Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or PC. In fact, I (Petey) mostly play on PC, Victor plays between the Xbox One and PlayStation, as does Keshav. Activision and Microsoft favour each other, not us.

How many people work at Charlie INTEL? Is it a full time job? Can I get a job or help out?
3 of us work on Charlie INTEL in total. As much as we’d love for this to be our full time job, unfortunately this website generates very minimal revenue after expenses and therefore it is merely a hobby. Myself and Victor work full time – Keshav is currently in education. We’re not looking to expand our team at the moment.

Why don’t you upload YouTube videos?
You absolutely want to make sure you’re subscribed here (click me). We have big plans for 2015.

What do you think about Advanced Warfare?
The fact of the matter is, you can’t please everyone all of the time. Whether it be next year, or the year after, no Call of Duty game will ever be perfect. Advanced Warfare to us is a great game, a step in the right direction and ultimately enjoyable. There’s no denying it has flaws, but some could say it’s a giant leap from the 2014 title. I (Petey) am having the most fun with Advanced Warfare since my favourite title, Black Ops 1.

Are you annoyed that YouTuber’s rip all of your content and make videos?
We could talk about this subject all day, but we wouldn’t get anywhere. We can’t help it, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have no further comment to make on this subject.

Will you be releasing an iPhone/Android app any time soon?
It’s definitely something we’re working on, but considerable cost is involved. Hopefully we’ll have more news on this subject in the weeks ahead.

What era do we want to see Call of Duty return to?
Victor: Modern
Keshav: Future
Petey: Modern

What is your favourite Call of Duty title to date?
Victor: Modern Warfare 2
Keshav: Call of Duty 4
Petey: Black Ops 1

We’ll have a follow up post tomorrow looking ahead to 2015 including Treyarch’s title in November 2015.

The question for you: What are you wanting to see from Treyarch in 2015?


How to sign up and play the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta

Here’s how you can sign up to the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta and be one of the first to preview Bugie’s new instalment for the franchise.



halo infinite technical preview beta

Following the exciting story and multiplayer reveal, the Halo developers have now released information on how you can be one of the first to experience the game through the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta.

After Halo Infinite‘s highly anticipated story and multiplayer reveal during E3, players are now more hyped than ever to get their hands on a new Halo experience.

For those who can’t wait to get to grips with Master Chief’s arrival on the next generation of consoles, here’s how you can enroll for the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta and experience the game early.

Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta

Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta

The Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta will be a technical test for players outside of the Bungie and 343 Industries studio to give the developers feedback and experience the game before it is launched to the public.

For those confused about what the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta is, this is what Microsoft calls their game’s beta tests.

The first Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta will be starting on July 29, 2021, and will only be available to those who sign up for the Halo Insider Program on the halowaypoint website.

How to sign up

Signing up is simple. All you need to do is head over to the Halo Insider Program hub and click “Sign Up.” You will then be asked to sign in to your Xbox Live account. You also must be 18 years or older to participate in the tests.

You will be told that you will not be able to disclose any information from the tests, which includes any images or videos except when explicitly told it is okay to do so.

Further, you will be asked for personal details like your email, country, and time zone. You will then be asked which previous Halo games you have played, which ones are your favorite, and what kind of modes do you like the most.

The sign-up also requires you to state what platforms and controllers you own, what display settings you have, and what the audio setup is like. You can also opt into PC-specific beta tests on the Halo Insider sign-up page, and you’ll be asked to share your PC specifications and your Steam ID if you have one.

Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta

However, not every single person will be invited to each Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta. 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard recently took to Twitter to give the community an inside look at how the participants for each of these tests are chosen which you can find in this Twitter thread.

Lastly, once you are all signed up, all you need to do is wait until you are called upon for a test. For more on Halo Infinite, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL.

Image Credits: Bungie Inc

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Fortnite Season 7 live event countdown timer: start date & theme

A countdown timer has appeared in the world of Fortnite, and it looks to be counting down the moments until the Season 7 live event.



Fortnite Live Event Countdown Timer

Excitement is at an all-time high in the world of Fortnite regarding Season 7, as a countdown timer has appeared in the popular game and is counting down the moments until the next live event kicks off.

There are many things that have made Fortnite one of the most popular games in the world over the past couple of years, with one of the most important being the exciting live events that Epic Games has pulled off over the course of the game’s many seasons.

These live events have been everything from concerts to giant battles where millions of players have been able to experience the adrenaline-fueled action all at the same time.

While the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7 did not see a live event occur, this does not look to be the case for the end of Season 7 and the start of Season 8, as a Fortnite live event countdown timer has officially appeared in the popular game.

Fortnite live event countdown timer

Fortnite live event countdown timer

This new Fortnite live event countdown timer appeared on July 27, 2021, with the release of the 17.21 update for the fan-favorite game brought exciting items like the new Plasma Cannon.

Players soon noticed this Fortnite live event countdown timer in the game’s sky when they were playing and in the lobby in between matches.

Based on the amount of time this timer began with when it first appeared, it looks as though the highly anticipated live event will occur on August 6, 2021, at 3 PM PST/ 5 PM CST/ 6 PM EST.

It is unknown exactly what will happen when this Fortnite live event countdown timer hits zero on August 6.

However, with this season’s theme being all about an alien invasion, the alien mothership that has been hanging around might likely be ready to make some noise and shake up the Fortnite world in a major way.

An Ariana Grande concert event has also been leaked to be taking place sometime this season, so there is a possibility that this time is counting down until this leaked event. Still, players will have to wait until it hits zero before we officially know or an announcement is made by Epic Games.

For more Fortnite, check out how to complete all of the Season 7 Bounties, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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Battlefield 2042 post-launch content each season will reportedly be massive

It seems Battlefield 2042 will be following the seasonal format that so many games have been taking on, with reports that it could be huge.



Battlefield 2042 seasonal content

Battlefield 2042’s post-launch seasonal content will reportedly be massive, keeping things fresh by giving players an abundance of new content to enjoy.

We have been blessed with lots of information regarding DICE’s upcoming release, especially at the EA Play Live event recently. It seems Battlefield 2042 will be offering a variety of content at launch, with the recent announcement of the Portal mode getting players most excited for its release.

In more recent news, rumors have come out surrounding the post-launch content Battlefield 2042 will offer players, suggesting it may be massive.

Battlefield 2042 seasoncal content

Battlefield 2042 will release October 22, but for those who can’t wait as long as that, be sure to check out the details for the upcoming September Open Beta.

Most recent online-based games have taken the Fortnite formula of seasonal content. This way, the game stays fresh. Instead of releasing a new title annually, players stay engaged through seasonal updates that bring new content to the game.

Battlefield 2042 Seasonal content

Battlefield 2042 will also follow this pattern, with renowned Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson reporting via DualSHOCKERS that Battlefield 2042’s season pass content will be “The Most Extensive in Series History.”

The claim is that Battlefield 2042 will bring new maps, specialists, updates, weapons, vehicles, and battle pass tiers, with some even for each mode.

This means we could potentially be seeing 3 maps per season for both All Out War and the Portal modes, with one of these maps actually being a remaster, which will be great for those dedicated long-standing fans.

Further, the seasonal content will also see new weapons and vehicles for Portal and All Out War, which means we could see between 12-16 new weapons and vehicles per season.

There is no doubt that players will be pleased to see this consistent supply of new content when each new season arrives for Battlefield 2042 if these reports come to fruition. However, these reports have not been confirmed by EA or Dice as of yet, so they should still be taken with a grain of salt at this time.

That’s all on Battlefield 2042’s seasonal content. For more, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the specialists in the game.

Image Credits: DICE

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