As an avid console and PC gamer, I’ve often enjoyed the PC experience of Call of Duty with the use of a keyboard and mouse over the conventional console controller.

With many hours spent playing PC based shooters, I’m well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of PC gaming, and I’m not here to support the ‘PC master race’ notion, far from it in fact – unfortunately. Now, before I continue I just want to clarify a couple of points: I understand a PC gaming environment is completely different to that of a console, player hardware is never the same for anyone and there’s tons of variables when it comes to performance and PC gaming.

PC gaming isn’t perfect, some could even say it’s more expensive, but before the usual trolls come out in force to say “PC sux” and “console is better” – you cannot and never will be able to beat the catalogue of games and the customisation/modification potential on a PC *full stop*. Lastly, I’m not at any point complaining about Call of Duty: Ghosts as a game – in fact I really enjoy it. I’m creating awareness and criticising the experience for PC players instead.

Which brings me on to Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PC. Having played Call of Duty: Ghosts development builds at numerous events including EuroGamer and GamesCom, as well as owning the game on the Xbox 360, I was fairly well accustomed to the smooth experience you come to expect with Call of Duty titles. Expecting the same to be the case with the PC version of Ghosts, I went ahead and parted with my money on Steam and began the ~25GB download for Ghosts Multiplayer.

Having invested in a recently built gaming PC including a Core i7 (Noctua heatsink), ASUS GTX 770, 16GB G-Skill RAM, 2x SSD’s, Windows 8.1, I was playing games comfortably with the likes of Battlefield 4 (no crashes, am I lucky?) running at full 1080p with EVERYTHING on Ultra settings and averaging around 70-80 fps during multiplayer, and never dropping below 60. Having waited patiently for the Ghosts download to finish, I decided to load up the game and jump into a match of TDM.

In terms of the Video Settings I had configured on the game, I made use of Nvidia GeForce Experience to recommend settings based on my hardware, most of which were set to High/Very High and at 1080p. I ensured any unnecessary background programs were closed including Fraps (which is known to cause problems with this game).

Well… where do I start? To begin with, 1080p with the *majority* (not all) of the settings set to High was simply unplayable – I would guesstimate around 30fps at most with framerate drops repeatedly to the point I couldn’t engage in a gunfight with anyone. No aspect of any map was smooth, again it was simply unplayable.
Thinking to myself, have I done something wrong(?) I went ahead and triple checked my Nvidia drivers, uninstalled completely and reinstalled them and gave it a second go – no change. It was obvious 1080p wasn’t going to work out, so I decided to drop the resolution to 720p.

Now running at 720p, I entered another game but this time Blitz on the map Stonehaven, and to my surprise it was an improvement until I left a fairly isolated location – again framerate drops all over the place. Instead of the silky smooth gameplay you see on a console, Ghosts on the PC consistently judders every few moments. Having done some general searches on Google and reading countless forum topics, it’s evident to me that this issue is very widespread, with some users reporting even a GTX Titan can’t hold down a steady framerate on the PC.

Tucked within the Options menu is the ability to set Optimal Video Settings, but all that really does is set everything to low and ultimately output a bad looking version of what should be comparable to the next-gen version as seen on the PS4/Xbox One. At this point I find myself asking why a game like Battlefield 4 looks and runs substantially better when in reality having a more demanding environment in terms of gameplay.

The issues for me didn’t stop there, when it came to recording Call of Duty: Ghosts, it wasn’t short of a nightmare. Fraps, a very well known and compatible program which records gameplay for about 99% of PC games just wouldn’t cooperate with Ghosts, DxTory crashed on startup, and I gave up trying anything else. Luckily the new ShadowPlay ability on Nvidia graphics cards was able to record at a respectable quality.

It is evident that Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PC is very poorly optimised and provides an inferior gaming experience for those who are forking out near-console prices for a badly put together experience. Anti-cheat capability appears to be missing as well as FOV editor, a standard amongst many PC games. Black Ops 2, developed by Treyarch is an entirely different story with great performance and perfectly smooth gameplay at maximum settings, averaging at 100+ fps.

In the ideal world we’d love to see Infinity Ward tackle these issues head on and deliver an improved experience to PC players, and can only hope that is a work in progress.

Let us know how you’ve been getting along with Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PC.

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  • aaa187

    Thank you for bringing up this issue most seem to just let it go. Every game I run I can max it out and get more than 70FPS. Battlefield 4 included.

    Remember the promised dedicated server browsers? LOL…yeah. 100 percent sure they are never coming.

    No FOV sliders and no framerate uncaps either. I’m done with Infinity Ward. This is more of their doing here. How about the hackers? The game is filled with them.

    Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 were both unplayable a few months after they came out because of the hacks. IW never bothered to fix them. Same with Ghosts. It’s just a matter of a time before they leave it behind.

    Treyarch are superior in the PC versions. They actually listen to the PC community and input basic PC settings. Black Ops 2 to this day has never been hacked. They are top notch in their security.

    Next time, I’ll just have to settle for a console version of IW games.

    • fires

      i liked how mw2 had the options for custom texture options like specular maps and map textures/wep textures/etc, blops had none of that, ALOT of people also play mw on pc compared to the other cods

    • I agree with this, have same opinion on it, IW ruined their PC games (MW2,3, Ghosts)

      • manumanu

        hmmm mw1 and mw2 where great pc games … made by the guys who are at respwan now but i agree that mw3 isnt that good (same crap new name just like blops2 its just blop1 crap with new name) one thing i sensed on console is that ghost is way better in terms of hit detection and in terms of connection i dont know if i get into dedicated servers all the time but mostly i dont lag or get turned on by other players because they are laggy. blops2 was horrible for connection and hit detection… thats my two cents …. its a shame they did a pc version of ghost like that though …. cod which is an fps was a pc game at first… just like at the beginning i would never have thought that an fps like call of duty would come to consoles… where you dont have aliasing and where you aim with analog shit … really they even had to implement an aimbot for console players to hit their target….coooooool… or not

  • Darmuh

    You forgot to mention that the game is so unpopular among PC players it’s practically impossible to find a match in a playlist other than TDM or Domination. If you don’t like TDM or Domination you wont be happy playing this game.

    • aaa187

      Yup, and it’s all for the same reason. The community isn’t there because the PC port is crap. Even COD 4 has more players on PC.

      • manumanu

        fuck this im going on call of duty 1 addon united offensive =)

      • TheShadowReaper

        i personally went back to play BO1 again. the game is legendary! too bad we had 2 IW trains wrecks in a row and a mediocre title from 3arc. i hope 3arc makes a comeback this fall.

  • TheShadowReaper

    it runs smoothly for me after the Nvidia driver patch 331.82 everything extra/high etc.

    but its the game itself that is a complete mess and thats why its so unpopular among PC gamers in my opinion. well i’m done, last IW title for me. i’ll wait for the next Treyarch title to come and when an IW title launches i’ll save that money to buy a shirt and a few popcorn packs.

    • HenryDF

      I’d say give IW a chance once they go next-gen only. They had big ideas for Ghosts, you can’t deny that, but for a lot of people they just failed to execute those ideas effectively with the limitations of current-gen.

      There are other issues; maybe they were too ambitious and couldn’t do all they wanted within the development period, maybe they didn’t have enough people to do what they wanted (hence the other devs helping), or maybe they just executed Ghosts really poorly.

      Either way, just give them one more chance when they go next-gen only. That’ll give them the opportunity to spread their wings and fly like fucking maniacs, and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it (though not as much as what Treyarch might have up their sleeves).

      • TheShadowReaper

        you know i said to myself when i played MW3 “this piece of fuck is the last time i buy a game from them” Ghosts seemed to have ambition and a lot of attitude, thus why i bought it. i cant lie to myself a second time. as the saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. i’m done with them and only if a game of IW gets like…i dont know, 90+ out of 100 i’m not buying another game of theirs. and such a high score for an IW game to happen is highly unlikely.

        • HenryDF

          Oh fair enough. 🙂

        • fires

          with how people treat cod games, good or bad, i doubt its gonna get a 90 anytime soon.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i was talking about future IW games. cause no, MW3 and Ghosts are way afar from earning that score.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Treyarch FTW

          • TheShadowReaper

            *3arc bro fist* x)

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I can’t wait to see what zombies will be like on next-gen. It better not turn out like Transhit, that would be disappointing AF.

        • TheShadowReaper

          i just hope one and only one thing. for the game to be next-gen only. no more bullshit from Activision, they need to stop and take this seriously. if it is both gens + PC trying to develop a game for 6 platforms, 2 of them new gen + PC, Xbox360, PS3 and the WiiU is a lot of work and its gonna be a train wreck like Ghosts was. i just hope that doesnt happen and we get it only for gen 8 and PC.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Exactly. A true next gen COD without being limited by the abilities of old gen. Everyone who complains and/or only has old gen needs to get with the times.

  • Dave Johnson

    Put everything on low or off except the “image quality” set on high/ultra. Now you can get your smooth experience in 1080p without decreasing the graphics a lot.

    • HenryDF

      Smooth experience with everything on low or off, and it’ll look good on 1080p? That’s really not how it works. That’s not how it works at all.

      • Dave Johnson

        You probably dont know that shadows and postprocessing bullshit don’t need to be turned on in FPS multiplayer games. I play on max resolution and max image quality, that’s all you need to have.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          The thing is, Ghosts was and it probably will be the worst FPS (mabye even the worst game) that I’ve ever experienced on PC, in terms of optimization. And I’ve experienced A LOT of un-optimized bullshit/games…

          • TheShadowReaper

            well thats to be expected, you’re a BF fanboy. how can this piece of shit game be compared to one of EA’s diamonds right? …*sign* the ignorance…

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Hmm. The only ignorant person here is yourself. Every single person that knows what an optimized game is knows that Ghosts is NOT optimized for PC, I’m sorry to crash your dreams but Infinity Ward never really supported the PC community, and I’m not talking about the “new” IW, I’m talking about the one’s that are over at Respawn Entertainment. A good example is when WE, PC players, asked IW to put a FoV slider in MW2, they responded that we didn’t need , and that they wouldn’t implement it, PERIOD. I hope that they’ve changed their minds about that because Titanfall looks promising.

            P.S. – You caught the me, bf fanboy red handed. –> (I also have CoD 4, MW2 and Black Ops on PC/PS3)

            Also, there’s this
            And if you tell me that only MP1st readers are BF players, you’re completely wrong.
            In 2012, Black Ops 2 won the “MP1st Best Multiplayer of 2012” award.
            Near the end of the post, there’s this written, and I quote: “Congratulations to Treyarch, Gearbox Software and 343 Industries for hitting the top three choices with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, and Halo 4!”
            I also never mentioned BF in my previous comment did I? You could start being a little bit more “professional” because if I’m talking/argumenting about oranges, you shouldn’t start talking about apples.

          • TheShadowReaper

            if it isnt optimized, then how can i run it on full settings with or without the Nvidia optimization settings? i’m not saying it was the best optimized game for PC this year but since i can run it on max settings i believe everyone will be able to run it smoothly. even those who dont have a powerhouse PC on medium to low settings.

            also, features such as the FoV slider isnt considered optimization you dumb fuck. its an in-game feature that just isnt there. ofc i despise IW for not including it, i always play on 90 FoV and now i’m stuck on default 65 but this has nothing to do with the optimization of the game itself. learn how to think, critical thinking comes once or twice in a human’s life so do it sooner than later for your own good.

            btw i could care less about MP1st or any other website. i know when a game has faults, flaws or any variation of the sort, so dont worry i’m not praising Ghosts but talking smack about something for no reason is stupid and just makes you one with the mindless pack.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Wow. Just…
            I won’t even waste anymore time.
            Never said FoV had anything to do with optimization… I just said that IW doesn’t give a shit about the PC community, it never did. And I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but it looks like you can’t see CoD been criticized, because you flip the fuck out. I remember when I shown you a review of the PC version of Ghosts done by TotalBiscuit, and you just said that he was a BF fanboy, which tells me that you aren’t really that professional and that you are one of those persons that let your little “feelings” fuck your career up. I just said that the game is unoptimized for PC, it isn’t “talking smack for no reason”. Mabye you like to pay the same as a console dude and get “anal-fucked” by IW with a clearly inferior version, but I don’t, if you pay the same, you should get a similar version. It’s a fact that the PC version of Ghosts is really unoptimized, every reviewer that I’ve watched said that the PC version isn’t good. Mabye you can run it fine, but most of the people can’t. I, for example, can’t play because when I join a match, my PC start having a seizure. Constant freezes, FPS drops, 25-40 fps, the fact that you can’t have DxTory running because the game crashes, similar happens with FRAPS, random mouse acceleration, not to talk about no FoV slider. The PC version is a $60 joke, at least Black Ops 2 runs perfectly. No PC version of a CoD game was so bad.

            P.S.- I never mentioned that Ghosts sucked, so don’t put words in my mouth. But the PC VERSION, THE PC VERSION is a bad.

          • TheShadowReaper

            well tbh i went and rewatched all of his videos about Ghosts. yeah i’m talking about TB here and i have to say now that i completely agree with him about the game. he is a PC user that he is angry and i am angry too at Ghosts when Treyarch was making so many steps forward only to be demolished by IW this year.

            yeah certain emotions about COD in general are generated since i love the franchise more than anything else and to see it being fucked in the ass by some amateur developers is a big blow mind you. still Ghosts isnt unoptimised. BF4 is unoptimised, Ghosts was poorly optimised before the patch and now is in a healthy state. lets not delude ourselves about that.

            but the damage has been done, even if the game will be able to run in most PCs, people are tired and wont give it a second chance. well it runs perfectly on my PC and i wont give it a second chance, cant blame them.

        • Marvin ‘Peace Ð’ K.

          Well I hope you know that shadows give an exceptional advantage in FPS, so even if I had to turn everything on low, I’d still have shadows turned on…

    • Thanks for your suggestion, going to try those settings and see how it goes. It was more the principle of the situation. Realistically speaking Battlefield 4 is a better looking and more demanding game visually yet can be played at Ultra settings without any problem. I would expect to be able to play Ghosts at near-maximum settings based on my hardware without complication.

      • Dave Johnson

        I must agree with you, bf4 is much more optimized. And btw you can find the FOV changer on mapmodnews website.

    • Ivan Marinov

      I just had to reply, my PC is almost the same as Peter’s and I get 20fps on lowest settings AND resolution, NO settings fix this.

      • Dave Johnson

        Then you are doing something wrong. You can absolutely play this game with a gtx 770.

  • Brandalf

    Me and my friend both uninstalled the game within a month after release. I gave IW time to patch and fix the shitty PC version of the game, but the fixes never came. Ghosts was the last chance I was going to give COD, needless to say I am not going to touch another COD game on PC until I hear from my fellow PC gamers that it’s a return to the good old days of COD2-COD5 on PC. I hated MW3, hated BO2. I love the gameplay, storyline, map design, etc. of Ghosts but the awful PC version is unforgivable, it’s a slap in the face to th entire PC community.

    The fact that the PC playerbase is at 10-15k peak daily is pretty telling. BO2 didn’t drop that low until a good 4-6 months after release. Ghosts started with 50k players at release on MP, so ya the overwhelming majority on PC seems to agree.

    • fires

      also mainly because COD was build with console in mind(and xbox at that too to some extent)

      • Brandalf

        Looking at MW2 or later, you’re right. But COD started on PC and was very PC focused until it took off on console. It’s a shame they decided to bite the hand that fed them for years before COD was the massive franchise it is these days. Without PC COD wouldn’t have sustained for us to see COD4 release.

        • Pablo Hyslop

          PC made up around 3% of total Ghosts sales.. Yea, I was surprised too

          • Brandalf

            Valve doesn’t release sales numbers for Steam, so it’s impossible to pinpoint PC sales since the numbers made public are for retail copies only, not digital. But I don’t doubt Ghosts sold poorly on PC since most PC gamers gave up on COD and/or stuck with COD4/[email protected] COD4 still sees peaks around 100k daily.

          • Pablo Hyslop

            Just quoting these sites, regardless, it’s clear PC is getting forgotten about and is no longer the gaming choice for the next generation of gamers. Unfortunately as that may be, I imagine gaming companies will eventually so making games for PC (tho no time soon, hopefully)
            Less than 3%
            Less then 3%
            1% total

          • Brandalf

            Eh, Steam has more active user accounts than XBL does, so the whole PC is a dying platform is just downright false.


            Also one just needs to judge how many developers have started targeting the PC platform with promises of better support, ports and PC specific features.

            ARMA 3 was projected to drive $800 million in hardware sales, that’s just one game, which is relatively niche aside from DayZ.


            So I don’t think PC is going anywhere for a very long time. Especially with the Steam machines coming to entice console gamers over to the PC platform.

          • Pablo Hyslop

            COD is arguably one of the biggest gaming franchises:
            Average online on PC: 10k*
            Average online on 360: 200k*

            Stream box is for tv, and so is more like a console than a traditional “Personal Computer”.

            I hope PC stays strong, but I’m not seeing any evidence that supports that arguement unfortunately. I feel it’s like BlackBerry.. sure they’re still around, but everyone knows they’re slowly on their way out. But who knows, TitanFall could bring back life to PC, or Destiny, or The Division. It does seem tho hat Les games are being made, that need PC to run. (Some will always be there tho, like StarCraft2, WOW, LOL, DOTA, aka RTS and mmog’s)

            Maybe I’m not seeing the big picture..

            * – Ghosts

          • TheShadowReaper

            no, not at all. its actually the other way around. more and more start leaning towards PC cause they see that the consoles arent the gods of mercy they once thought they were. its just that PC players dont play COD much. and its understandable, they have so many choices on PC exclusives so why waste 50 euros/usd to buy an average fps game? PC community grows bigger by the minute. and thats only on Steam. + the thousands that play WoW, GW2 and all these MMO that arent on Steam. yes you’re not seeing a lot of things, its obvious.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Your last point was spot on the PC community are more into RTS, MMORG, MMO’s and stuff whereas the console community prefer fps, racers and beat em ups.

            “I hope PC stays strong, but I’m not seeing any evidence that supports that arguement unfortunately. I feel it’s like BlackBerry.. sure they’re still around, but everyone knows they’re slowly on their way out.”
            That statement is false, PC gaming is thriving right now the number of Steam users are rapidly climbing and has more than XBL.

          • NO NAME

            so let COD be one of the biggest franchises? so what… that still does not mean PC is dying… if you ask me COD should not have another PC release cause the DEVS, its always a choice of the studio, clearly do not care that much. so be it. but what then? everyone blaming pc has to many cheaters and performance issues. well you think the next gen consoles will not have any issues? all about the tech, more tech = higher possiblilty for issues… and same for cheaters. take PS4 they had already ( or have dunno) performance issues as well and it will continue like that. CHeaters are present on the consoles aswell and if it is dying on pc they will go with the franchise you can bet on that. some of em already admitted cheating on consoles! lets just see how the “lazy” devs keep lying then.just a matter of time.
            PC is not only about COD lol. The Devision even has its own PC development no stinky port. lets see how a console will keep up with that ! they can not! even if the “next gen” consoles are out. look for how long they sucked ppl dry with that crappy utter shit hardware of xbox and ps3 ,amazing …
            pff saying PC is dying cause of COD, anyone who says that has no clue at all.

            do not come with the arguement of upgrading periodically… its bull. look how much you pay on your consoles for freaking game and all that XBL and PSN costs. i get my games 50% cheaper than console games.

            another thing the steam machine is not like a console. wow ok it has the looks but the inside is desktop hardware not some shitty outdated crap (maybe not yet outdated with the “next gen” consoles but in two years it is.)

          • ben wills

            Well something half brilliant you could do is go to leaderboards on multiplayer and see what the bottom number is for something everyone has. This number may be mildly off, but you know its more than that, and that its not far fetched as everyone on Steam has the internet and likely tries out multi. I did it for BO2 and I thought it was around 2 mil a bit ago, can’t remember though.

    • eurorootz

      You are lucky to find 1000 people online now. Pathetic for a game released within the last 4 months.

  • Aside from bad optimization, there are two more big problems – lack of players (obviously) and massive hacking.

  • The comment section ruined my day.

    • TheShadowReaper

      what is it COD dog? dont worry, Ghosts is a bad game but we still love you! 😉 <3

      • and i <3 the Black Reaper 😀

  • yep thats true, I hadnt any problems, thx god, but many friends I know have high-end PC and they have problems with Ghosts but any with Bf4 (set on ultra), I love this game on PC but IW doesnt work on it very well as Treyarch does. IW is ruining this game and patches and updates are very needed, as soon as its possible because thousands of PC players stopped playing it (like in MW3, because IW stopped banning cheaters there, so they left the game)

  • omar_soft

    Optimization wasnt the problem for me. I have an i5, amd radeon HD 6850, 8 gb memory and I can run the game never going under 50 FPS averaging 70. The issue for me is the low player count. It shouldnt take me 10 minutes to get into a TDm. Theers always less then 10k people playing at a time, my friend who has it for X360 says theres never under 50k.

  • DanDustEmOff

    To the author
    I had issues with this game at first too, however you have made some school boy errors. Do not use the settings on Experience, set the settings manually ensuring anything set to auto is changed manually.

    Use windowed (borderless) instead of full screen. Turn off the AA as it adds latency to every frame. This should improve the game and I would suggest using Squads Mode to tweek all the settings. The main issue I had was that the frame rate is capped at 90fps no matter what your GPU is capable of outputting.

    The problem with that is that most monitors refresh at 60, 120 or 144htz rather than 90htz. This creates a very unusual problem where users get stutter and lag that comes with fixing the frame rate (like having V sync on) and tearing due to the frame rate being out of sync with the monitors refresh rate.

    Luckily there are two fixes for this, having a GTX 770 means that you can get a G-sync monitor from Asus that will remove the tearing by dynamically changing the monitors refresh rate to suit the GPU’s frame output. The second fix you do so at your own risk you can download a program called CoD Ghosts FPS unlocker.

    Using this will stop the stutter and input lag you get from having the frames forced to target 90fps. Overall though I agree with your assessment the game should be optimised better, I shouldn’t need to do these things to get the game to run in an acceptable fashion. I can live without a FOV slider, but capping the FPS at 90 is just unacceptable. IDK why IW would do something so idiotic, however I am happy that there is a solution out there.

    It’s also worth noting that the engine has had extensive work done to it and the game is much more graphically demanding than any of its predecessors which is why you have no problem with BO2. BO2 caps the frame rate at a much higher frame rate but it is still capped. I have two GTX 670 cards in sli and if I use both I still get stutter and lag from having the frame rate capped at 2 or 3 hundred fps (can’t remember which one it is).

  • sebastian

    Still, Modern Warfare 2 on PC with max settings is and looks better than any CoD ever made. I am very sad for the PC players.

  • How have I been getting along? By the way of your next to last paragraph – still playing Black Ops 2 which plays smooth as silk and is much better designed for the PC players. I haven’t played Ghosts since November 29th and I have no intention to. Among many other things the lack of my favorite game modes is what makes me stay away from the “next gen” Ghosts garbage the most.

  • Shaun

    While I am both a console and PC gamer, I definitely prefer console gaming. For reasons like above in this story, there seem to be a lot more issues with multiplat games overall that consoles generally don’t have. I love my PC and all of the glorious mods, graphic enhancements, and other treasures it provides that consoles lack. But there is no greater frustration than a CTD or a BSOD, not to mention fiddling with .ini files to account for fps, etc…

  • Antal120

    I haven´t played Ghosts on PC but Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 work fine in this platform. However, MW2 and MW3 are terrible, even MW2 hasn´t had dedicated servers. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the best title on PC.

    • TheShadowReaper

      best COD title on PC after BO1.

  • BHCMax

    And what has @InfinityWard got to say about the pathetic, shambolic state their PC version is in? would be intrested to know their intentions on how they plan to fix it

  • Marvin ‘Peace Ð’ K.

    While I don’t know exact FPS numbers (cuz IW doesn’t want us to-.-), I can run the game completely smoothly on 1080p and maximum settings with my i7 4770k with Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure, 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1600 DDR3 and an Inno3D iChill GTX770… The game is saved on an SSD and I’m running on Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit.

    Having played CoD since CoD4, skipping WaW and after that getting every single game, I have to say that while CoD4 was the best, I had the most fun and spent over 1700 hours in MW2! MW3 didn’t have anything really cool and fresh except Kill Confirmed which just fit better into BO2 with its Scorestreaks.

    Also, levelling in Ghosts is just plain bullshit… you’d need permanent quadra-XP just so that levelling feels usual…

    The worst thing about that game is that there are almost no hardcore modes and no Demolition, nor Headquarters, which is a huge step backwards…

  • Scotty Le

    it is funny that A LOT of people have trouble with Ghosts on PC and i just ran away with it. My Specs are not “On Top Of The World” ,but i run the game more than fine. (i5 3570k, GTX 680, Windows 8.1 Pro)

    The issue with both FRAPS and DxTory can be confirmed, anything that count FPS in the game will result in a constant crash, and i have no idea why, but that doesn’t bother me at most.

    Second, a lot of people make out the Fov Slider to be a big deal / game breaker, i can see the angle where those guys come from , but it doesn’t make the game unplayable. I have been gaming since Doom 3 days and the FOV 65 doesn’t bother me to that certain extent.

    Third, people said about hacking issue, i see the number of hackers about the same with BO2 as for the first 3 months (Treyarch did a good job of cleaning them up, so will see. Since PC Dev from Treyarch was much more vocal so that is why people might be hating IW because they don’t talk much about the banhammer team)

    And Fourth , Ghosts is different, a lot of people get into/get back into CoD with Black Ops 2, and BO2 is designed to be a super-close quarter combat that are best played with SMG, which isn’t my cup of tea at all. Ghosts bring back the critical thinking that i used to apply in all CoD 4 games, and all the win are well deserved in my mind. People seem to hate Ghosts for that reason.

  • Brandalf

    I’m just gonna leave this here, I like to count how many recommendations there are out of the 3k reviews(Spoiler:An extremely small %).

  • Cell

    Ghosts is a waste of time and money in multiplayer. I just uninstalled it. I tried so many combinations of settings. My HD 6870×2 can’t run it, but run Metro 2033, BF3 and much games very fine. It’s not a very old vga but it perfoms well most of games but not the crap Ghosts. I’m still waiting for a decent fix or update.

  • Antonis

    I can run BF4 at ultra with no problems at all and I can’t run Ghosts on low…WOW!!!
    And all of you that say “Just put everything on low”…1st: It still lags 2nd: I bought such a good PC to run everything perfectly on max settings and not on low….this optimization is shit and IW should be ashamed of her work…this year I’ll stick with BF4 which is 100x times better than ghosts and I’ll consider buying a CoD again when they’ll bring something truly good..this is not even “next-gen”…!!!

  • djacks

    COD was developed for consoles. Battlefield was developed for PCs. That’s why COD plays horrible on PC and Battlefield plays horrible on console. Point being, if you like COD, play it on console.

    • TheShadowReaper

      if you think thats the case, you’re being delusional.

  • Vikerii

    THANK GOD I did not buy this. I decided to skip Ghosts and just wait for Titanfall and Treyarch’s next release. PCDev is king and makes the PC experience as smooth and hack-free as possible.

    • TheShadowReaper

      waiting for the next Treyarch game was wise indeed. too bad i was sucked in by Activision’s marketing techniques. as for Titanfall, its an EA game, i dont need to say more. dont buy it.

  • CloudFlash

    I used to love playing COD on PC, and had a blast with Black Ops 2, but Ghosts is just abysmal. Runs like shit, barely any players, and rampant hacking abounds. Worst waste of 60 dollars since the PC port of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It just sits uninstalled in my Steam list.

  • Disappointed Fan

    There is only one conclusion to draw, the fact is devs at IW have zero clue what they are doing.I can’t understand how they release a game like this.We deserve better.Honestly this was the last time i preorder a IW made game.

  • Walter Iego

    It worked OK on my PC, I also have a GeForce 770 card, the controls and the netcode still needs a lot of work.

  • cooter

    Bought PC ghosts on launch. I loaded up the single player campaign and the first problem was actually with the sound. All of the cutscenes would have audio cut-outs that would keep happening sporadically about 10 seconds into the cutscene. The next one was the frame rate. On my $3000 Titan computer I rarely ever see below 60fps but low and behold! 40-50fps in a CoD game. Next was a lighting issue. In the campaign mission where you sneak through the jungle after the plane crash, I met up with the rest of the Ghosts, and we waded through a shimmering river. It was actually very pretty. About halfway upstream, the light reflection got so intense that the entire surface of the water turned into a blinding, static-filled mess that would have made combat impossible. A few missions after that, I discovered the final game-breaking bug. It was in the mission Sin City, the Las Vegas mission. When Rorke ties you up, I was prompted with a Quick-Time event that requires you to mash the F key/X button to nab his holstered gun. The first few tries, I tapped at a moderate pace thinking it was something wrong with my timing. On the fifth try, I mashed the F key like my life depended on it. I tried my Xbox 360 controller, I looked up a tutorial, (yes, a tutorial for a QTE) and there were actually quite a few people on the PC who had this problem. People were spouting “uhuhuh you have to look directly at his gun” and “git gud”, but nothing worked, and I haven’t touched campaign since.

  • KoolAidMan

    It’s really sad to think that Call of Duty satarted on the PC with COD1 and COD 2 and that’s the platform that made COD so popular, without the support of the PC community in the early COD days they wouldnt even be here right now!

  • merri

    It’s hard to even bother with a CoD game with so many other great games releasing so frequently.

  • MightyThorazine

    My review?


  • norm

    Interesting. I hit a steady 90 fps with a 780ti mostly on medium settings @1080p. This still plays like a lagfest because I’m using a 120hz montior (no gsync), so I’m pissed they capped the game @ 90. Maybe there has been some patch release since this article was written I don’t know. Anyway, 90 fps cap take the piss, I wo’nt be buying another COD game after this until I know for sure there is no fps cap below 120.