Infinity Ward has tweeted stating that the studio is aware of the issues surrounding eSports and Ghosts. Many issues have taken place this weekend at UMG Philly. Broadcaster Mode has crashed multiple times in the middle of matches, there’s still no kill feed in Broadcaster mode, and the leaderboard doesn’t update fast enough.

Infinity Ward has tweeted saying that more information regarding future eSports updates will be coming next week. We’ll keep you posted on that news as soon as it’s available.

  • Mitch

    I’m pretty sure something else happened in SnD where someone defused a bomb and the defuse was finished at exactly 0.0, but the bomb still detonated. Didn’t watch it, but from what I’ve heard, that also happened. Also the fact that a Domination match has to be played over 2 matches since the game doesn’t support a round switch in Domination sucks.
    However, CoDCaster in BO2 was just so much better, and I can’t wait to see what Treyarch is going to do with that in their next CoD, like League Play.
    League Play, CoDCaster, CTF, Hardpoint, Treyarch just supported eSports way and way better.

    • I much prefer Blitz to CTF, and Domination is fun to play competitively but somewhat boring to watch. I was not as much of a fan of Hardpoint as everyone else.

      • TheShadowReaper

        hardpoint is the evolution of HQ. i mean, everything is better than HQ if you compare the two. i really liked that.

      • TheTruth

        Blitz is terrible! CTF is so much better and difficult

    • MSTAR020
      • Keshav Bhat

        Sadly, that isn’t an eSports specific issue, so not sure if they’re working on that one right now.

      • LunatikToon

        he started the defuse about 7.6 7.7 secs and its a 7.5 defuse time apparently. I would have been so pissed

    • Fest

      The incident you are talking about is Denial vs. nV…it was the last game of the series and round 11 of search (this decided who moved on) so it was a huge game. The guy from Denial killed the last member of nV and should have won the game. The bomb defuse bar, when fully defused turns blue and a +100 Hero text appears on the defusers screen. The bar turned blue and the hero text appeared; however, the bomb still blew up. The question is, how can the bomb be defused and still blow up? I thought you might ask 🙂 . The reason is because Infinity Ward gives 0 shits.

    • AverageJoe

      I hate BF but at least they do multiplayer public beta testing!

  • BigG


  • Super_Deluxe

    Was so close to trading it in today, had no idea what stopped me from going ahead. Hopefully that was a sign that IW was going fix things quickly because many including myself are becoming impatient with all the bs in the game. And yes I can be negative about a product that I bought. And also it’s the Internet where people can say whatever they want, deal with it fanboys.

    • TheShadowReaper

      you’ve been everything BUT negative. i really dont know if i should take you seriously anymore or just laugh at your posts considering them as troll attempts.

      • Super_Deluxe

        No I’m not trolling at all its just how I feel about this game so far. Hate it or love it, this game is bad interms of the pace of matches and as a COD fan I know what to expect. Even MW3 wasn’t this boring so IW did take a step backwards by making the maps bigger.

        • TheShadowReaper

          well i dont want to be completely honest about this cause i’ll become even more negative than you about Ghosts. lets just say that it was a train wreck, an epic fail.

          • Super_Deluxe

            It’s hard not to be negative about it. I’ve tried being positive but I just can’t enjoy the game. It’s either you can’t find anyone in certain maps or almost everyone is sitting in a window or in corner just camping their ass off and not to mention IEDs everywhere that you can barely see and it’s ridiculous that you have to waste 2 points just to be able to spot the damn thing. I’ve tried being positive about the game but I just can’t. I hope they atleast add more health to the heavy duty playlist because taking one extra bullet doesn’t cut it. Atleast that way I won’t have countless bullshit deaths and can run around like you can in previous CODs.

          • AverageJoe

            Think we’re so negative out of frustration! For me I’ve done 30 days on most COD titles but just can’t get into ghosts!? I think the instant deaths is my main gripe

    • SharpShooter

      Im a massive cod fan boy but can’t defend ghosts anymore, it’s quite simply just terrible! And not addictive

  • Dave

    How about a eSports Playlist huh? How about that?

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      They honestly should have just taken League Play. Clan Wars are nowhere near a substitution for it.

      • Aaron V

        Sure, but they will never do something like that no matter what. IW isn’t going to copy n paste such a big feature like League Play exactly from Treyarch and call it the exact same thing. Not even sure if that’s legal.

        • Mitch

          You’re right at IW not wanting to copy, but it’s probably legal since all possible trademarks are with Activision.

          • Josh

            Think of it this way, IW make the game, the title Call Of Duty belongs to Activision. So anything in the game can be used in other COD’S. For example game modes such as kill confirmed was made by IW and was used in BO2 etc. Obviously they do not what to directly copy some aspects from other developers like the pick 10 system from BO2, creating the new create a class system with 30 perks in Ghosts so they don’t get hated on by the community.

      • Shardlotte

        You mean Clan vs. Clan, right? Clan Wars =/= Clan vs. Clan.

      • Joe JD Apsey

        Clan Wars isn’t a substitution for it. It replaces clan ops.

  • They need a 4v4 game mode with eSports maps and modes. That would be all I would play.

    • fires

      remember 3rd person in mw2, that was fun!

      • SonicDash06


    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Right. They don’t even need to go all in and add a ranking system. Just being able to play competitively would be great.

  • ccrows

    You want to fix eSports (or anything else for the tourneys), OK fine no problem.

    If stuff gets nerfed/buffed coming up in pubs because the pros whined too much about it, then yeah I got a problem with that.

    IMO any changes made in pubs should be based from Devs only, while taking “some” community feedback into account…

    • Keshav Bhat

      I don’t think the issue that’s currently happening has anything to do with weapon balancing. The issue currently is that Broadcaster mode keeps crashing at round 4 of 6 for every match, forcing the casters to be “radio commentators.” First person spectator also isn’t working, resulting in free cam viewing. And, pros want more objective based respawn game modes.

      • ccrows

        I’ve been keeping up with some of the stuff that was said recently, and I hope you’re right.

        IMO the only thing that needs work on in pubs is the spawns (put extra if you need to like what Trey did with HJ) and work on closing any remaining hacker exploits…

  • Aaron

    Anyone else getting into Domination matches that last forever?

    • Chris Mason

      Yep. Joined a session where who knows how many KEMs had gone off, score was into the 9-10 thousand range – as far as I could tell no other funny business was happening, but I didn’t want to stay long enough to thoroughly investigate.

  • jrnotaloka

    they need to nerf the knife lunges is 2 OP

    • GinsuVictim

      The animation takes long enough that you are left vulnerable.

    • idc219

      that is another broken mechanic that they have not been able to fix. in bo2 it was a butter knife, and in ghosts the panic knife lunge is ridiculious

  • SkillRex

    How about ya fix the whole game for pc?

  • Brandon

    I don’t post often on this site, but I do visit it daily for new content. Here is my opinion… I think IW knows they dropped the ball on ghosts. As a community we keep tearing it apart daily. Maybe we could harp on the things they did right every once in a while. Is the game bad? We’ll thats subjective, but in terms of COD yes it has several issues that need to be patched asap. No COD has been perfect upon its release, and even though we always look back on the past with rose colored glasses every COD has had it’s issues, whether it be noob tubes, connection, or over powered perks.

    Now whats wrong with ghosts? I.E.D’s yes even if I have to run sit rep it still slows the game down because I have to take the time to shoot it, or in some cases go around it. One spot comes to mind on war hawk the room that has become the campers go to spot. You can’t get into the room even if you flash bang, or shoot the I.E.D its a campers paradise. How did this make it into the game? I have no idea… In Blops2 you at least had the black hat to counter whatever they put in the way. There is no such equipment in the game to prevent that other then sit rep, which only helps you spot it.

    Gun balancing yes the MSBS was op, is the AK12, and the R5? Maybe but they do have slow rates of fire so it demands the opponent be on target. I personally haven’t found a gun thats my go to. I loved the type 25, and the M27 form Blops2 but there really isn’t any other gun that is similar in ghosts, maybe the SC2010, but it feels like it shoots marsh mellows…

    Quickscoping… Yes its in the game, and they said it wouldn’t be that does constitute a lie… But in their defense they did attempt to patch it, and the offered the HD playlist that makes using a sniper irrelevant. Was that good enough well sorta, but I shouldn’t have to play an underpopulated playlist to avoid the quickscoping which wether we wan’t to believe it or not it is cheap… There is no counter other than hoping they miss. You can’t out gun them, and you can’t out maneuver a good quickscoper.

    Spawns… I mean really? Never should anyone spawn behind me, or in front of me if the majority of my team is on one side of the map period. They need to have a safe zone or something that spawns the player away from the opposing team. You shouldn’t have to come out of the spawn with your gun up.

    What they did right: Hit detection, Lag seems to be way better than then previous titles, Customization you can create a soldier any way you want I think this was a great step to offer more unique looking players. Perks you can have as many as you want, or don’t want maybe some are OP but you are free to load up on how many you want, and they are not locked to a slot like 1,2,3. Streaks are not OP like previously you might get 2 or 3 kills with a chopper which is acceptable. There are no OP end the game streaks that cause people to rage quit or feel hopless.

    I think they can fix this game with a lot of patches that are geared toward the communities demands. Now if they refuse to do that then it’s going to be a problem you can’t forget the people who built your franchise. If they do then this game and future COD’s will suffer.

    • Infinity Ward needs to read this. I will say that I don’t mind quickscoping though.

    • thebulky1cometh

      If they gave into the average member of the community’s demands, we’d have at least one highly OP SMG and AR, as well as at least one very OP kill streak (in addition to the IED). The game isn’t horrible- I’d argue way better than MW3 and Blops2- but I agree the spawns are absolute garbage. In fact, after all these years, I’d say these spawns are completely inexcusable at this point. Also, you could “customize” your player way back in blops with the different face paints- this isn’t the same as the uniform options now but I don’t really consider the customization aspect to be a main high point for the game. You nailed it with hit detection and lag- way better than blops2. Overall, I like the game, and I think after a few more major patches (spawns, time of death) it could be a great game.

      • AverageJoe

        Totally agree with both comments. It’s the instant kills and lack of a traditional COD battle though that just makes this not COD or addictive like previous titles.

  • RepG

    I love the complainers. Learn to adapt- the spawns are the only issue that needs to be fixed. The equipment and gun complaints are hilarious- GTFOit. I love the “there is no go to gun” complaint. LMFAO losers

  • Zarky

    This is what confuses me about Game Companys! They’re put too much time into adding more stuff then fixing what they already have…. Ghosts is broken? Fix it then add more stuff.